Novel Review : Rakuin no Monsho vol 1

Some of you probably never heard of this series, and from what I read on the net, I also doesn’t found much about this light novel which indicate it seems this series isn’t that popular even in Japan(not even in top 50 of Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2011). This is also the reason why I decided to review this novel, because I think this novel deserves more love from the impression I get after reading the first volume.

First a little background story. Rakuin no Monsho(roughly translated as crest of stigma) is a light novel series by Tomonari Sugihara. First published in May 2008, although this series isn’t the big break that Tomonari-sensei hoped he’ll gets, it seems this series is good enough to get continued into its 8th volume. The illustrator for the light novels is made by an artist with a pen-name of 3.

Well, enough with the novel’s background, let’s on with the first novel’s story synopsis. In a fantasy continent where dragon lives along with advanced technology such as flying ships, the continent is divided into several regions. In this first volume, the story focused in one of the country in the central regions of the continent, the Mephius Empire.  The Mephius Empire has been long in war with its neighboring country, the Kingdom of Garbera. After a long time of strained relationship between the two country, the current ruler of both nations decide to deal a peace treaty by marrying the third princess of Garbera Kingdom with the only prince of Mephius Empire. The only problem is, the third princess of Garbera Kingdom, Villina, is a tomboyish girl while the only prince of Mephius Empire, Gill Mephius,  is a good for nothing hedonist and he gets ridiculed a lot about this marriage to the amazon princess of Garbera much to his chargrin. (more…)

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Mayo Chiki! (まよチキ!)

Two reviews done in less than one week. Well, I kinda went pretty inactive during the past months for translating, and I piled up a great number of novels…

That aside, let’s introduce an animated-to-be novel, with a rare kind of ‘main theme’. It’s called genderbending.

Wow, before you folks actually stop reading because of the theme, calm down. It’s neither a BL story, nor yuri. The story’s genderbending female protagonist is probably in love with a boy. And it shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the kind of story is Mayo Chiki.




One of the female leads, Konoe Subaru, 17, is a classmate of the protagonist, Sakamachi Kinjirou, and also the butler of Suzutsuki Kanade, a rich lady in school….


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Tokyo Ravens (東京レイヴンズ)

Volume 1

Meh, second time I submit a review. I hope that it’ll be better than the last one. BE CAREFUL FOR THE SPOILERS!


Anyways, Tokyo Ravens is the story about a guy whose name is Tsuchimikado Harutora. This guy is actually in a great prestigious Onmyouji family. The problem is that he doesn’t have any powers or so, since he isn’t from the main family. His cousin though, Tsuchimkado Natsume, who’s the heir to the Tsuchimikado house, has strong powers and has some Onmyouji powers. The only thing Harutora (called Bakatora by his close friends) does is to hang around with his friends, Hokuto, a girl, and Toji, a boy. These two actually hope that Harutora become an Onmyouji, though Harutora doesn’t wish to become one anymore because he can’t. It is strongly hinted that he would have loved to become one….

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In memory of Akinari Matsuno-sensei : MM!(えむえむっ!) review

Some of you might have probably heard about this news, the author of MM! light novel series passed away 18th April 2011. In commemoration of him, I’ve decided to make a review of this series as a whole. I have never made this kind of review before because I prefer the format of synopsis of the story followed by the good and bad part of the writings, which fit volume review better than series review. Even so, considering this is a special occasion, I’m going to give this a try and hope the result is satisfying.

Warning!!! This review will contain spoiler so everyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled and only want to see what I think about this series as a whole can jump straight to the end part…


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Review: Sayonara Piano Sonata

Title: Sayonara Piano Sonata さよならピアノソナタ

Writer/Artist: 杉井光 / 植田亮


ShadowZeroHeart reporting for duty!! Sorry for the long delay, one being my exams, the other being that there was another novel I was interested to read and review, but they were out of stock, so in the end, I finally read this novel I borrowed from my friend, and read it!!


This novel is again, by the very same author as Kami-sama no memochou. Yes, I know, if you are a fan, you probably would be wondering the same thing as me… JUST HOW MANY NOVELS DOES HE WANNA WRITE??? But oh well, we will never know. Besides, we should be happy that he brings us such fantastic works. However, I must admit, after reading volume 1, I am not exactly thrilled by this one, I shall talk about it in a moment…


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Review: Sakura Familia

This is ShadowZeroHeart reporting in on more of the series by the same author as Kami-sama no memochou, which is my favorite series. This author writes several other series, some of which I have had encounters with. This is one of them. NOTE: This series is NOT meant for Christians. True Christian believers are warned to NOT touch this series, as you may feel offended by it!

Title: Sakura Familia!

Synopsis: The story begins where the protagonist’s father, tells him that he is the recarnation of Judas, and disappears with a huge debt left for him. He felt weird, but did not believe in his father’s words(naturally). However, all kinds of people started appearing around him, twin sisters(one a tsundere, the other a loving girl), being Jesus’ recarnation(In the novel, Jesus is a female, and all her 12 disciples are actually formed like a fan-club for her, all but Judas), separated into two, his left and his right side(The tsundere is a tsundere because only one side of Jesus was kissed in the past, can’t recall which one), with the abilities to wield a holy spear for one, and a barrier of thorns for the other, and following that, a big-breasted angel that spreads of LOVE(SEX) and a loli that came in through delivery in a box, being Lucifer, but with her powers taken away. ALL of them are in heavy debt(Other than Lucifer I think?), in fact, even the almighty GOD is in heavy debts, all under a certain organisation, called the 30 silver pieces finance. If you know the bible(you probably shouldn’t read this) you would know the relevance of this name. Yes, Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 silver pieces, which is where everything started…


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Novel Review : Kami-sama no Memo-chou 1

Kami-sama no Memo-chou(literally translated to God’s notebook) is a unique detective mystery light novel by Sugii Hikaru. First published in 2007, this novel has not gained that much recognition yet, but that could change with the airing of the anime version.

Now, we all know Japanese doesn’t use old, ex-police detective character in their story. They use loli-character(Gosick), genius high-school boy(Kindaichi, Conan), or even when they use a well-known detective character such as Sherlock Holmes, they will turn them into either a pretty girl or a bishie. I know the lots of you might think the concept ridiculous(a high school boy/girl who doesn’t even flinch looking at decapitated body?) but as long as it keep us entertained, I guess it works. Beside, who would prefer a fat or skinny old people to a teenage girl full of pheromone in a story?

Okay, joking aside, what’s different about this detective story? Here,  we’re introduced to a new kind of detective, a NEET detective…

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Novel Review: Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

Densetsu wa! Firstly, this is my first time writing a light novel review, and pardon me if it might sound a little biased (well, there’s no perfect objectivity anyway). Secondly, I have to say that I am a sucker for epic fantasies. If you hate fantasies, then there’s no further need to read on.

The light novel I’m introducing to you is Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, in short Denyuuden, or in English, The Legend of The Legendary Heroes, in short LOLH. Initially, it might sound like a parody series but nothing can be further from the truth than that! To start off, I came across episode one of the anime of Denyuuden in July 2010. Well there’s nothing special really, but being an old school Dungeons & Dragons (pencil-and-paper type) player and by transitivity rule a sucker for fantasies, I was intrigued and went to wiki it (in Japanese of course). The content of the spoilerific wiki (incidentally, I was NOT the one who did the English one, which is too spoilerific D:) not only blew my mind apart but upon knowing that Denyuuden is merely a prologue that the author, Kagami Takaya, had decided as an afterthought when what he really had wanted to write was Daiden (Dai Denyuuden), I just have to absolutely get hold of the series as I can smell a good fantasy story a million light years away. After getting hold of it, I did something unthinkable. I finished 19 volumes (including Daiden) in a mere 3 months. Well, though I have to admit that I had to sleep less and gloss over descriptions of scenery and some actions and repetitive flashbacks and focused on the juice to achieve such a feat. Well enough of that, and on to the review.

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Novel Review : Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 1

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu(roughly translated as : Stupid and Test and Summon Beast). What comes through your mind when you read the title describe very well what this Light Novel is all about, Stupidity.

This series is a comedic gold which has won several awards. It’s ranked no. 3 on Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi(a guidebook which rank what light novel is the most popular along with the most popular character) 2009 edition, no.1 in the 2010 edition, and no.3 again in the 2011 edition. Not to mention a new kind of gender that become pretty popular to anime/manga/light novel lover, Hideyoshi.

First, a little synopsis :

The story is set at Fumizuki Academy, a high-school which run a new trial education system. In this new education system, each year, the student is divided into 6 class based on their mark in a test. The class is numbered from A to F. Class A is filled with valedictorian, the smartest of the smart, and it’s scaled down until class F, which is filled with the dumbest of the dumb.

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Bungaku Shoujo 5 – The Wailing Pilgrim



Some spoilers below

After the events of Volume 4, Nanase has finally found the courage to confess her long unrequired love for Konoha, though Konoha has yet to respond, but decides to let things “flow along” by agreeing to watch a movie with her.

However, Nanase someone had an “accident” and end up being hospitalized. And when Konoha went to visit her in hospital, he met the person he least expected to meet:

Asakura Miu – his oft-mentioned ex-girlfriend, who is alive and well, despite leaping off from a building, and has since been in rehab all this time.

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