Tokyo Ravens (東京レイヴンズ)

Volume 1

Meh, second time I submit a review. I hope that it’ll be better than the last one. BE CAREFUL FOR THE SPOILERS!


Anyways, Tokyo Ravens is the story about a guy whose name is Tsuchimikado Harutora. This guy is actually in a great prestigious Onmyouji family. The problem is that he doesn’t have any powers or so, since he isn’t from the main family. His cousin though, Tsuchimkado Natsume, who’s the heir to the Tsuchimikado house, has strong powers and has some Onmyouji powers. The only thing Harutora (called Bakatora by his close friends) does is to hang around with his friends, Hokuto, a girl, and Toji, a boy. These two actually hope that Harutora become an Onmyouji, though Harutora doesn’t wish to become one anymore because he can’t. It is strongly hinted that he would have loved to become one….

The ‘event’ that started this plot is probably a quarrel between Harutora and Hokuto. Hokuto has been seen wishing for Harutora becoming an Onmyouji in a shrine. Our protagonist got mad, and Hokuto ran away crying. After that, others thing happen. I won’t explain it; it isn’t worth it. The only other thing I’ll say is that Harutora becomes Natsume’s shikigami.


Overall, I think it is a promising series. Of course, when I say promising, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be a top hit, though it’s possible. Tokyo Ravens is a fairly new series, with the first volume published only a year before. I can’t say much about the latest volumes (I can only read the Chinese version), though I guess it’s the kind of romantic/action LN. In volume, 1, there were some touching moments sometimes. However, I do not expect these moments to be numerous. Try imagining a guy and his tsundere childhood friend sharing some romantic moments mixed with some (in V2 and maybe afterwards) school life and such. Add to that the Onmyouji theme and you get the picture.

The two main characters (also contains spoilers):

Tsuchimikado Harutora: Boy from a Tsuchimikado branch family, he later becomes Natsume’s shikigami. Pretty much the typic main character. Also has a shikigami, though he is one too. Attends a school for Onmyoujis in Tokyo after, with Natsume.

Tsuchimikado Natsume: From the Tsuchimikado main family, she apparently has a crush on Harutora and makes him into her shikigami. Ended up joined by Harutora and Toji at the Onmyouji school she was attending in Tokyo.


I liked Tokyo Ravens; yes, I actually love every novel I read. Though I really think that this would be liked by the people who love reading some light-hearted stories. The plot is a bit ‘mainstream’ for a LN if you take out the Onmyouji part, but it’s descent and fairly good. The characters setting is just as good as any mainstream LN characters. Tokyo Ravens uses some relatively easy vocabulary. Also, there’s a manga version for this.

Then here it is! And I wish you guys a great summer!

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  1. good luck for u. i can’t read japanese so i can’t read this tokyo ravens. but i read manga , this is mastepiece & i want to read light novel version too.

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