Guidelines for Project Petition ~Essential Read~

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Guidelines for Project Petition ~Essential Read~

Postby onizuka-gto » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:18 pm

1) All new request must now have a discussion thread opened in the "Future Projects" forum, with the name of the novel (series) in the title.

2) In the request thread you must have a poll open, asking the public:

"Do you wish to see this Novel (series) Translated?"

giving the public these options:

"I might try translating this"


"Not Really (Please give a reason)"

"No (Please give a reason)"

3) The Novel (Series) must be unlicensed for any official English publisher.

If possible have a Baka-Tsuki Staff Member verify it.

You must clearly show that this is true, failure to do so could mean that alot of effort would be put into it only for it to be pulled away. A very sad and unfortunate situation, that we really don't want to happen. So please please please check.

4) You must have the raw and also state the language it is in, so you are able to pass it on to a Translator. You are required to find that "translator" yourself.

5) The must important point, you MUST have a willing Translator who must register on this forum, and verify in a written post.

Verified Baka-Tsuki Translator will only have to post a confirmation

6) After you have fulfil the above points, you must contact a Wiki Supervisor by Email and P.M (optional) with a link to the Forum post of the requested Series.

Wiki Supervisors:


Vaelis (FR)


Darkoneko (FR)

Macko Darlack (ES)



Darklor (DE)

Teh_Ping (CN)


Nera Sleith


Kira0802 (FR)

Misogi (FR)

Arczyx (ID)

Tony Yon (ID)

Simon (RU)

Sharkrahs (RU)






It is heavily advised that you contact ALL the above mention.

Please wait for a reply.

7) Finally, When you do receive confirmation, you must POST the name of the Supervisor who approved you, to ensure all Baka-Tsuki Staff Members are aware of it.

If you follow all the above you will have no problem of having your project approved.

:: Note to Supervisors: Please send a copy of your Email approval with the original request to the Big Boss (thelastguardian) to inform him of the new project. Thank you ::

From there on you will be allowed to create a new project page for it, and with help of a Wiki Supervisor/Editor they will place a link to the project on the Sidebar and Main Page.

To see the procedures required for a new project, please refer to the All Project Start-Up Guidelines

I hope users & Baka-Tsuki Staff Members who wish to see new projects here, to please heed these guidelines and to help anyone who has any further questions.

Best regards,

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