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「About Roy Maddock 」

Words of Fred, a doctor living in New York.

Just what kind of guy is Roy? Hmph, if we use the simplest way to describe him in human language, nothing suits him better than ‘human reject’.

I’m not looking down on him, but when it’s just one person who’s taking drugs, society can’t help but judge him in that way, right? But it isn’t even that--- he’s also a fellow who isn’t in sync with society.

He’s been assailed by illnesses and injuries ever since he was young, so he frequently rotates between the doctors around this area. But the majority of those injuries are self-inflicted.

Roy’s been a reckless guy since early on, and never thinks about consequences of his actions. How should I put it? While shouting that it was cold, he lit a fire at home, resulting in a fire he almost died in… That’s the kind of unimaginable person he is. I just hope that above example is an extreme case.

He definitely belongs to the category of people known as ‘human scum’--- but it seems he still hasn’t quite fallen into such a state. It’s just that he frequently jumps into action before considering the rights and wrongs, pros and cons of things, that’s all. I fear he’s no longer capable of doing so. He’s just a being that’s often passively affected by his surroundings… I’ve always felt that way.

Like a character in a bad movie, his mind is fixated only on the ‘scene’ at that moment in time. The past and future don’t exist there. Just that moment of glory is enough, that’s how he is.

Can he still turn over a new leaf? That’s not something I’m capable of knowing, nor is it something I’m interested about.

However, this is just what I heard from my helper— if we treat him as a character in a movie, then there must exist a lover who can become his only ‘audience’ and also ‘co-actor’. If he meets this special person who can understand this, maybe then--

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