Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Volume 4 The Homoge Club

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The Homoge Club

One day after school, I entered the clubroom to find Sena, Yukimura, and a girl who I didn't know.

It was a small girl with semi-long hair, wearing a white lab coat ―― wait a minute.

"The heck, it's just Rika..."

"That's the first thing you say after looking at Rika!?"

Rika raised her voice in protest.

By the way, the reason I couldn't tell who it was right away, was because Rika let down the ponytail she usually wears, and didn't have her glasses on either.

I saw her with her hair down over summer break too, but this is the first time I've ever seen her without glasses.

"Where are your glasses?"

"Rika didn't bring them today. Rika figured it'd be nice to try not wearing them for once, sort of like giving Rika a new image."

Rika casually said, and to be honest, Rika actually does look pretty cute with her hair down and no glasses. I'd say her new image was a success, but...

"You said you'd try not wearing glasses for once... Does that mean you have contacts in right now?"

Rika tilted her head sideways, and said,

"Didn't you know? They were just for show."


I honestly shook from the shock.

"Yes, Rika's eyesight isn't particularly bad."

"Seriously...? Why were you wearing them then?"

"Well, they're for show, so obviously to be fashionable."

"...Never thought I'd hear the word 'fashionable' come out of your mouth."

"You could say Rika was trying to look her part."

"Ah, now that makes sense."

"...It's kind of irritating how easily you accepted that."

Rika pursed her lips in displeasure.

"So, what do you think, Senpai? How does Rika look? Nnnnn~?"

Rika put an impish smile on her face as she ran one hand through the hair running down her back.

She didn't have that cool feel Yozora did before she cut her hair, and she wasn't going to be turning any heads like Sena, but unlike those two, who are so perfect it's almost hard to approach them, she had a much more friendly cuteness to her.

It makes me wonder if a girl like her would be more popular with guys than some kind of super popular school idol.

Rika's always had a slightly childish face, but when you take away the ponytail and glasses, it really emphasizes that simple yet alluring charm of hers.

A good way to put it would be to say that she has the beauty of a lone flower blooming atop a hill.

And if I had to say whether I like it or not, honestly, it's right in my strike zone.

"A good way to put it would be to say that she has the beauty of a lone flower blooming atop a hill―― and if I had to say whether I liked it or not, honestly, it's right in my strike zone..."


In an instant, Rika's face turned bright red .


"W-w-w-w-w-w-what are you saying all of a sudden, Senpai!?"

Rika protested with her face still beet red.

"Wait... did I say that out loud?"

"You did!"


That's a little embarrassing then.



Yozora, who was standing next to me, for some reason dug her heel into my foot all of a sudden.

And damn, did it hurt.

"What the hell did you do that for!?"

"...No reason."

Yozora said with an expression so mysterious I had absolutely no idea what she was thinking.

"...Why don't you just go and die." "Aniki..."

Sena gave me a cold stare, and Yukimura looked like he was about to cry.

"Rika never thought Kodaka-senpai had such strong sexual feelings for Rika...! Let's go do some naughty things together, Senpai! Let's do it right now!"

"Are you retarded!?"

"Oh, that's right. Rika supposes that was a bit too vulgar for a beautiful girl, wasn't it...? Rika has to talk properly here... Would you care to join Rika in some acts of a naughty nature, Senpai?"


A feeling of disappointment swept over my heart as I let out a deep sigh.

"Damn it... Why do you have to be Rika?―― If only you weren't Rika... Damn it, is there no God in this world...!?"

Just to reiterate, that look of hers is right in my strike zone.

Which is exactly why this is so... so very...

"You hate Rika's personality enough to grind your teeth with a face that looks like you despise the entire world!? Rika's the one who wants to cry here!!"

Rika complained, with an upset looking sullen expression on her face.

Haa, no matter how good she looks, it's still Rika...

"Haa... Maybe I'll study or something."

"Y-you hurt Rika's heart so badly, yet you don't even try to act nice...!? That's so terrible of you, Senpai... On the other hand, though... Rika wishes she didn't, but Rika feels something from it...!"

I took my notebook and textbook out of my bag while watching Rika with her head hung down, with what looked like conflicting emotions, out of the corner of my eye.

But still, there's Kobato changing her clothes for summer, Yozora cutting her hair, and now this. It's like all of our club members are tossing out their old symbolic traits.

"Senpai, you seem so cold today... Fine, Rika doesn't care anymore. Rika will flee into the 2D world to heal her heart."

Rika said, sulking, before taking a square, plastic package out of her bag.

She opened up the package, and grabbed the disc inside.

"Sena-senpai, can I use the TV?"

"Sure, I don't mind."

Rika turned on the TV after getting Sena's permission, and went on to turn on the PS3 connected to it too.

By the way, that PS3 is the one that Rika won at the shooting gallery from that summer festival we went to.

"You're gonna play a game?"

"It's an anime. Amazones just delivered the blu-ray to Rika yesterday."

Rika stuck the blu-ray disc into the PS3.

After a short while, the studio's logo came up on screen.

"What anime is it?" asked Sena, to which Rika replied,

"The Homoge Club Movie."[1]


Yozora smacked Rika on the head with her flyswatter the second she answered.

"What kind of shameless filth are you trying to watch in our clubroom!?"

"You know about it?" I asked.

"N-no, of course I don't know about it. But just from hearing that title you can tell it's going to be that kind of movie!"

In a strong voice, Rika objected to the shouting Yozora, whose face was deep red, .

"There's nothing shameless about it! It's true that the original work is an 18+ BL game from MF Soft-KHiRAL, but the anime didn't include any of the extreme scenes, so that even a little kid could enjoy it! There are a few sexy parts in the movie, but it's not a porno. It's a normal movie through and through!"

"Who cares? Like that even matters!"

"It does matter! Here, take a goooood look! It's not there, is it!? There's no 18+ mark, is there!?"

Rika shoved the disc case into Yozora's face.

Drawn on the cover, aside from the title that read "The Homoge Club Movie", there was a well-built pretty boy with an innocent face and pink hair, and another macho looking pretty boy with green hair and a sleek appearance (there should be limits to how stupidly macho one guy can be), who were smiling as they rested their shoulders on each other.

Only the upper halves of their bodies were drawn, so you couldn't tell, but they were probably supposed to be naked.

"D-don't shove that thing in my face! Even if it's not an 18+ movie, with a title and case like that, how could it possibly be any good?"

"Rika thinks you shouldn't go around judging a book by its cover!"

"I-I told you to stay away from meeee!"

Yozora let out a scream, as Rika continued to push the case at her.

As they continued their scuffle,

"She's got a point. You shouldn't judge something you don't know anything about other than how it looks."

I said in a fairly serious tone of voice.

Yozora yelled, "Kodaka!?" with a look of shock on her face, and Rika yelled, "Kodaka-senpai!" with an expression so bright it was glowing.

It's true, I think that what Rika's saying is right.

For someone like me, who's spent his whole life having people judge him just because of how he looks, there's just no way I can ignore someone trying to do just that.

"Even if you end up not changing your opinion, I still think you should at least watch it first. Saying something's bad just because of what it looks like... isn't fair..."

"Mu...! Fine, if you say so, then I'll..."

Yozora said, with a clearly disappointed voice.

"That's Rika's Kodaka-senpai. Ok then, let's watch 'The Homoge Club' together, Yozora-senpai. It's mostly a retelling of the TV series with a bunch of new scenes, so you should be alright even though you've never seen it before!"

Rika said, full of vigor, but Yozora simply reluctantly nodded and sat down next to her as the movie started playing.

"...Hmph, why do I have to..."

"Come on, don't say that. Rika's sure even you'll be moved by this wonderful and corrupt friendship among men, hehehe......"

"......A wonderful friendship, huh... Hrm..."

Yozora whispered with a meek look on her face.

I think she missed part of what Rika said, but... Well, whatever.

Just after that, the studio's logo faded off the screen, and the actual movie began.

I sat myself down next to Yozora.

I'm the one who told her to watch it before she judged it, so of course I have to watch it too.

"The Homoge Club Movie ~Our True Future Awaits~"

A picture of a school came up on screen, along with the title and the sound of a chime ringing.

The general plot of the movie is as follows:

An incredibly average high schooler, Fumio Kusakabe (the one with the pink hair on the case), has just transferred into a certain all boys school. He originally planned on joining the football team, but sadly the club was abolished last year.

As he was looking around for a different club, he found a poster showing two muscular men, covered in sweat, tightly grasping each other's shoulders.

As Fumio stood there captivated by the poster, a green-haired pretty boy (the other macho guy on the cover), named Koyomi Fujioka, called out to him.

"Wanna join our club?"


Fumio immediately agreed to join the club for men who love games about romance between men beyond all else, aka the "Homoge Club".

Fumio didn't know anything about homoge at first, but after playing some of the homoge and reading some BL manga his fellow club members recommended to him, and then talking about them, he gradually grew more and more immersed in the world of homoge.

At first I thought the story was ridiculous, and yelled in my head "Why the hell are they all so ripped when all they do is read!?", but I eventually lost myself in the strange, yet fun days they spent together.

They were exactly like what I imagined a group of normals to be like. They played their games together, had discussions about which ones they liked, sometimes took things too far and got into a fight, and even sung homoge theme songs at a karaoke bar.

I wanted to live a life like that...

I actually felt happy when they finally managed to finish their first doujin game together, and felt just as sad when they weren't able to sell a single copy at the doujin event they went to.

I was really moved by how much Fumio had grown when he said, "Let's give it all we've got at the next event too!" and got everyone to focus on making the next game too.

The climax of the movie focused on one teacher who didn't like the Homoge Club and was trying to destroy it. I seriously almost let a few tears slip at the part when Fumio and Koyomi went in front of the whole school and started telling everyone how much they loved homoge.

Taking a peek at Yozora sitting next to me, I could see that her eyes were watery.

"Hehe, so? How was it, Yozora-senpai?"

Asked Rika with a triumphant look on her face after she noticed Yozora's tears with her eagle-eyes.

In a hurry, Yozora wiped her tears, and said,

"H-hmph... It was OK..."

In a quiet voice, trying to hide her face by looking at the screen.

The bonds of the club members, especially between Fumio and Koyomi, became much stronger after overcoming the greatest threat to their club they'd ever seen.

Then, the scene changed to Koyomi's room.

"You're the first one I've ever invited into my room."

Koyomi told Fumio, seemingly a little embarrassed.

Koyomi then began to talk about himself.

Koyomi, who was able to easily get along with anyone he met, actually had a tragic past, and as a result, was left unable to get any closer than absolutely necessary to other people.

"Thanks for telling me about all that, Koyomi."

Fumio smiled with tears in his eyes after hearing about Koyomi's past.

Koyomi smiled too.

They moved closer to each other, hugged each other, and pressed their lips together in a passio―――― Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!?????

It was obviously not the kind of kiss a foreigner might give as a greeting. It was a long, deep, French kiss, followed by a close-up of their faces and the screen going black.

"Hn... Hmm... Nn, ah-... Hmm... Nnn♥"

The music of a guy singing a majestic ballad started to play along with their heavy breathing and other noises as the credits began to roll.

I just stared at the screen for a while, utterly lost for words, but Yozora gasped and looked at Rika.

"Phew... It's already been two hours, hasn't it...?"

Rika let a sigh of ecstasy leak out of her mouth.

"I'm glad I was able to view such a splendid work of art."

Said Yukimura, who was standing behind me.

I didn't notice him there at all, but I guess he must've joined us a while ago.


As for Yozora, she had a scowl on her face that said she wasn't sure how to react, as she glared at the screen in front of her.

"...Rika. I want to ask you something," Yozora curtly stated.

"What is it, Senpai?"

"...A-at the end... w-why did Fumio and Koyomi, um... k-kiss each other?"

Yozora asked, her face red with embarrassment.

"You want to know why they kissed?"


"Well, it's normal for people to kiss, when they have such strong feelings for each other."

Yozora got even more flustered in response to Rika's matter-of-fact answer.

"B-but! They were friends, right!? C-can friends... really do that?"

"They can. Kissing each other after having your feelings aroused is what humans do."

"B-but still, how could friends have... such a passionate..."

Yozora must've remembered that last French kiss scene, because her face went an even deeper shade of red.

"Rather, it's because they were friends that they were able to have such a passionate kiss! You heard the sounds they made, right!?"

"B-but isn't that weird!?"

"It's not weird in the least! It's not odd at all for two people who've grown close after overcoming great difficulties to start longing for each other's bodies! In fact, it's perfectly natural! It doesn't matter if you're friends, or both guys, or whatever! Wanting to kiss and have sex with the person you love is the law of nature itself!"

Rika declared that crazy idea of hers, full of confidence.

She seriously just called that a law of nature.

I took a glance behind me, and could tell Yukimura was fiercely shaking his head up and down.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Vol4 Ch06 Img01.jpg

"...Don't go saying 'it doesn't matter if you're both guys' like it's no big deal..."

I told Rika with a look of disdain in my eyes, but she ignored me, as if that were the natural thing to do.

Yozora, on the other hand, looked like she was deep in thought.

Then her lips began to move slightly.

"...I see... so friends can kiss too."

After whispering something I couldn't really hear, the corners of Yozora's mouth started to twitch before a smile of relief broke out on her face for some reason.

"...Hmph, well, that's fine I suppose."

Yozora regained her usual sullen expression.

Mind telling me what's "fine" exactly?

"Well, um... It seems like it was wrong for me to judge it just by appearances after all."

"Ohh! So does this mean you've awakened to the path of the fujoshi as well, Yozora-senpai!?"

"Idio- T-that's not what I meant! I was just trying to say that "The Homoge Club" wasn't too bad... That's it!"

Yozora then looked away from Rika, and said,

"...If you have any other good movies you can bring them too."


Rika happily nodded, but not before murmuring something with a creepy smile on her face.

"Hehe, Rika's finally found a comrade... However, it'll all have been for naught if you don't pick the next one carefully! Calm yourself, Rika Shiguma...! "My Penis Can't Possibly be This Cute" is really good, but it being 18+ is a bit of a problem... "Haiyottekita yo! Nyaru Otoko-san" has tentacles come up all of a sudden, so that's out... Rika needs something softer, something a general audience would like... "Waruburu Kids" might be right up Yozora-senpai's alley..."

"...I'll pass on anything too weird."

"Hold it right there, Yozora!"

It was none other than Sena, who'd been sitting in a corner playing her own game as we talked about "The Homoge Club", who raised that voice of complaint.

"What, Meat?"

"Don't 'what' me, idiot! You always make fun of me for playing galge in the clubroom, so why is Rika's homo anime ok!? It's not fair!!"

However, Yozora simply went, "Hmph." in return, and then said,

"Because it is a work of art depicting a noble friendship between men, and is in line with our club's goals. Don't think you can put your weird games where you do indecent things with a bunch of weird women on the same level, you stupid piece of meat."

"T-they're not weird games! You better take that back!"

"Hmph, then why don't you try reading the scene you're on right now out loud."


Yozora looked like she just said what came to mind, but Sena's face completely cramped up.

"Hah. Judging from your reaction, it must be another shameless scene nobody would want to actually read out loud, or am I wrong?"

"I-it's not, but the scene I'm on right now just happens to be... one of those scenes, so..."

"Just so you know, I'd be fine reading any scene from "The Homoge Club" out loud. Want to know why? Because it's a noble work of art, not a shameless video game like what you have there!"

Said Yozora, with her chest puffed out in pride. "Gnn..." Sena groaned in response, and said,

"F-fine, then go ahead and try! And no cheating with a poem from some textbook this time either!"

"Fine with me. Go ahead and pick out any scene you want," Yozora casually said.

"Eh, r-really?"

"Of course. I'll show you that I can read any line from 'The Homoge Club' out loud."

"O-ok, but you better not regret this later!"

Sena fiddled with the PS3 and went to a random scene.

"Hmph, this one, huh... I remember it."

"Good, then here goes, ok?"

Sena hit the play button, and the characters all began to passionately speak their lines once again.

Yozora matched them and started talking as well.

""I'll protect you, even if the whole world becomes my enemy!" - "Hmph, that's my line. We'll both fight, together, for the sake of what we hold dear!""

"Uu...! Why did I have to a pick a scene with a cool line like that!?"

Sena moaned in frustration after hearing Yozora say the lines in a voice full of emotion.

By the way, that scene was the one were Fumio and Koyomi resolve themselves to protect the Homoge Club from being disbanded.

That was pretty amazing of Yozora to remember the lines perfectly too...

"Ghh... T-try a different one!"

Sena hit skip a bunch of times, and flew off to another scene.

"No matter what obstacles lay in my path, not a single one can stop me!"

"Gahh! Not another cool line!"

Sena let out another complaint.

"Ahh, come on! Why are there so many cool lines when it has a title like 'The Homoge Club'!?"

"Well, it was a pretty action-oriented movie..." I said.

Rika said that the movie version was a condensed version of the TV anime, but it still had tons of cool lines and highlights, with a good scene every few minutes.

Of course, it wasn't all cool one-liners. It had slice of life and gags too, but I don't think it had anything somebody would be embarrassed to say out loud (aside from that last scene with the heavy breathing maybe).

"If you can't say you love the things you love, then is it not the world that is wrong!?"

Yozora continued on, this time reading a line from the Homoge Club President - Misao Asakura.

"Gugyahh! Another cool one! You stupid ball of muscle!"

"Hmph... You'd be wise not to underestimate Misao."

A sadistic smile rose to Yozora's face as she watched Sena groan in frustration.

"I think that's enough for me. It's your turn now, Meat."


"What's wrong, Meat? If there really isn't anything to be embarrassed about in that game of yours, then read the scene you're at right now out loud! Do it!"

Yozora kept on pushing Sena to read the line.


"Do it!"


Sena had tears in the corners of her eyes as she roared, and then glared at Yozora.

"Fine! Fine, I'll do it! That guy in your homo anime just said it too! If you can't say you love the things you love, then it's the world that is wrong! If I have to, I'll fight the whole world to protect the honor of my eroge - 'I Got A New Twintail Little Sister All of a Sudden One Day and I Can't Hold Back Anymore'!"

...What the hell kinda title is that?

Sena faced her computer with an awe-inspiring expression on her face.

"I-I'm gonna read it. O... Onii-chan, take your big, hot di... di..."


Sena's face went beet red, and her shoulders were shaking from the humiliation.

"O-Onii-chan, t-take your big, hot... di..."

"I can't hear you! Put some emotion into it!"


Sena ground her teeth together after having Yozora yell at her.

She then took a deep breath, and then,

"Onii-chan, take your big, hot di*k,

ram it into my tight little pus*y,

and fill me up with...

all the di*k milk you've got!!"

S-she said it...!

She really said it...!


The stunned gazes of the rest of the club were firmly glued to Sena.

"H-hehehe... Don't think you'll always beat me!"

There was something sad about the smile on Sena's face. "...I-I thought it'd be something shameless, but I never thought it'd be so..."

Yozora mumbled, her face deep red.

Sena then said to Yozora, while breathing wildly,

"Hehe, H-h-how was that...!? See!? I said it!! Now do you get that there's nothing embarrassing about this game at all!?"

"Eh, y-yeah... sure... It's my loss. You win."

"Don't look away when you say it!"

Yozora fiddled with her bangs as she awkwardly turned her face away, while Sena yelled, half in tears.

"Ahh... Even Rika wouldn't be able to do that one~... It feels like Rika would lose something important as a person if Rika did."

"I am stricken with awe. I had no idea Sena-anego was such a perverted woman."

Rika and Yukimura stood there in shock.

Yozora, with her face still turned away from the awkwardness, then said,

"...Well, um... I definitely see how important that game is to you now... I'm sorry for making fun of it..."

Yozora gave an honest apology, but Sena, who was technically the winner, started trembling all over, and then,


"Yozora, you homoge obsessed perverttttt~~!"

Sena flew out of the clubroom, half in tears, leaving her computer behind.

"...It's not like I'm obsessed, and I'm not a pervert either," Yozora quietly said.

But, well, that certainly was some bad timing for Sena...

I'm sure that even an eroge has some cool lines here and there that wouldn't be embarrassing to read out loud.

While thinking that to myself, I happened to glance down at the screen of the computer Sena left behind.

There was an image of the protagonist doing... that kind of thing to a blonde twintail little girl with one red and one blue eye.

...I turned it off by reflex, without bothering to save or anything.

Results of today's activities with the Neighbors Club:

Yozora realized something after watching a BL anime, and Sena lost something important as a person, but managed to protect something important to her in exchange.

Also, Rika changed her hairstyle, but that doesn't really matter.

I want to believe it was just a coincidence that the girl in Sena's eroge looked like Kobato.

Translation Notes:

  1. Homoge is short for homo game, similar to eroge being short for erotic game.

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