Shakugan no Shana:Volume5 Interlude2

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Interlude 2

The Flame Haze recalled.

In the swirling torrents of the battlefield, the woman clad in black clothes spoke slowly.

“This is good enough. Alastor and I will do the rest."

Stepping on corpses from which sparks scattered, the woman holding the Sword of Crimson FlamesGuren no Ooken and a shield shook her head.

"From now on, being together is meaningless.... You know this too; this isn't like you. Since when have you become so involved with other people? Both of that fellow's wings have been lost.... This time I will finish it."

Standing on the shaking land, the woman who led the crimson army shrugged her shoulders.

"Fufu, isn't this okay? Even I think those were cruel words, but he will definitely honor his oath. Besides, our real target is that fellow.... right?"

Facing the upcoming destruction, with her flaming hair fluttering, the woman laughed.

"Eh, you? It really isn't like you... Right, I wouldn't be this strict with anyone else, but please find a new Flame Haze for this irresistibly kind and lovely Demon God."

Whilst stepping forwards, the woman, whose flaming eyes shone, laughed even more heartily.

"Please, for this fine man, find a suitable and perfect Flame Haze, who, when faced with situations like this, will definitely not stumble nor give up. This is the last wish of... the woman who left the man to die."

And then, the woman, the "Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed HunterEnpatsu Shakugan no Uchite"...

"I leave my back to you, for you two are the comrades I can trust the most. Goodbye, Wilhelmina, Tiamat. Thanks for everything... I wish you both the best luck."

Whilst immersed in the memories of being called by her name, the Flame Haze exited Palace of SvargaTendōkyū into the outer world.