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ME9: Concerto of Black and White[edit]

Aincrad 3rd Floor, 14th December 2022

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Part 1[edit]

On the first floor of Aincrad, there was no theme, If we really had to say it, it would be «Everything is included». Grasslands, forests, the wilderness, the valley was rich in its variety of terrain. Outside of the main City, there were many small villages, the fantasy RPG had many exciting atmospheres to greet the players that arrived ―― but, under the conditions of a «Death Game», only a few people leisurely enjoyed this scenery.

Then came the second floor, which broke out of the fantasy kitchen sink and formed a theme. The entire floor was changed to a green grass covered layered mountains. The monsters that appeared were now animal based. Perhaps it was because the first floor was difficult, as the difficulty of the second floor did not increase, instead giving off a relaxed feeling, like that of a pasture. But a majority of players called it the «Cow's Floor». There should be no need to explain the reason for this.

And now ―― was the untainted, third floor.

As I climbed up the spiral staircase which linked the second floor's boss area to the third floor's main city, I talked to myself while clenching my right fist.

"In one sense, this can be considered where SAO really starts......"

Although this was just a line to set my mood, a voice whispered in return.

"Really? Why would you say that?"

Right after this question was asked, I scratched my head, and answered.

"Well...... from the third floor on, true humanoid mobs would start to appear. The first floor's Kobold and Taurus were only of the half human, «Demi-Human» class, capable of using simple sword skills, but its external appearance is that of a monster, right? However, from here on, there will be a lot of enemies whose external appearance is no different from a human's. If not for the color cursor, it would be completely impossible to distinguish them. Of course, they are able to hold conversations like NPCs, and their sword skills are also at a very high level. In other words......"

I turned my head, and looked over my shoulder to face the rapier user Asuna, and said.

"...... From this point on, is where the prologue of Sword Art Online ends. The man who locked us in here, Kayaba Akihito, had said in a SAO special edition magazine interview, '«Sword Art Online» is where swords and sword skills intertwine together, writing a melody of light and sound, a Concerto of life and death'......"


Even though she was listening to this sentence which had made me excited a year ago, Asuna didn't even look touched. She used her regular pace to climb the staircase, and gently shrugged, and said something I didn't expect.

"...... Since that interview, Kayaba had already planned this crime......"

"Ei......aa, maaa, of course...... this should be the case."

On a day a month and a week ago, in front of the ten thousand players forced to gather in the central plaza, Kayaba had said this,

"To create and watch this world is the only reason I have created the Nerve Gear and SAO. And now, everything has been realized."

Supposing those words were true, even before Kayaba Akihito had planned SAO, before even outlining the Nerve Gear, he had planned this monstrous crime. Able to impress my young (more accurately, a year ago) heart, in the few interviews he gave, his words had two meanings. Facing me, who had just learnt that fact, Asuna said softly.

"A Concerto of......life and death. Does this truly only refer to players crossing their swords and sword skills against humanoid monsters?"

"Eh...... What do you mean......?"

I shrank my neck. Maintaining my posture of looking backward, as I climbed up the 'stairs between the the labyrinth area and the upper floor'. Because the design of this stairs were mostly the same, including during the beta test, I have climbed up these stairs around ten times. Only the relief on the black walls were different, which, upon closer inspection, implied the theme and landscape of the next floor, but I was too busy focusing on Asuna at the moment.

The rapier user's expression became more serious, and spoke to herself in a quiet voice.

"Perhaps I'm overthinking it...... This Concerto, is not actually music created by a pair of musical instruments. If it is played in pairs, the 'Duet' is more appropriate."

"Then...... the Concerto's, real meaning is......?"

"As time passed by the meaning changed little by little, but basically it is the music of an orchestra, or many instruments accompanying the lead, a lone musical instrument......In other words, it isn't one on one, but one against many, or should I say it's the music from a small group against a large one."

"One against......many......"

I repeated the phrase I was pondering quietly, considering saying, "If it's like this, then isn't it comparable to a player against a group mob?" ―― But, as I opened my mouth to say it, I closed it again.

In this world, a player against many, the scene of being in combat with, for example, ten or more monsters, was impossible. This is because, there was no destructive area of effect magic, and a ranged sword skill could only attack within the weapon's range, therefore, in SAO, being surrounded by monsters meant instant death.

Of course, the game design mirrored this fact, as most of the mobs were on their own, or at most two or three would appear at once. Unless they were intentionally brought together, or the player accidentally stepped on a trap, a situation where one player fought against many would never happen...... what's more, even if they did, they would be attempting to escape with all their might.

"......If this is the case, a Concerto like battle would never occur in this world. If you want to insist on it, it would be limited to the boss battle...... but, that would be a boss battle, meant for a raid group."

As Asuna looked at me who shrugged and gave a forced smile, she looked as though she wanted to say something, but did not open her mouth. After a beat, she broke out into a smile and nodded.

"Yes, maybe I'm overthinking it......we shouldn't raise this topic right, Kirito-kun?"

"Eh? What?"

"......Nothing, it's already over."

After listening to this, my head which was still facing backwards, hit the top of the thick stone door.


Making a noise which people wouldn't think I was the type to make it, I waved my arms at the same time to prevent falling down due to a misstep, as I had climbed a stair that wasn't there. However, I did not regain my balance, and at this moment, rather than falling forward and hitting Asuna, why not fall backward?

At that moment, as I tried to lean on the door which had been unknowingly opened, I cried "Waaaa" as I went out of the large door, and beautifully fell down on the moss covered rock floor on my butt. This became the untainted floor's memorable first imprint.

Aincrad, Third Floor.

This floor's designed theme was «Forest». However, unlike the first floor's Hornca village's surroundings, and the southern region of the second floor's forest, the scale was completely different. This was because even the smallest tree had a trunk diameter of one meter and the shortest trees were thirty metres tall. Using large trees to describe them were inappropriate, as the ancient trees could be seen to stretch out to the skies without limits. The golden rays coming from between the overlapping leaves and branches illuminated the land, looking like a land of fantasy.


Beside me, enduring the pain in my tailbone, Asuna cheered in a happy tone and rushed out of the door. I turned eighty degrees while still on the ground, as my eyes followed her figure. Asuna stopped in a place not too far away, and spun round and round under the slender rays of the sun, looking as though she was extremely fond of the scenery of this forest that seemed to extend out forever.

"This is great......Just seeing this scenery makes me feel as though the hard work of climbing up here is not wasted."

The rapier user normally equipped with a hooded cape had her hood down, so the rays of the sun were reflected dazzlingly off her beautiful, glossy, long, smooth, thin, chestnut hair into my eyes. Her slim build, in addition to her cool beauty, made players think that she wasn't a player, but a fairy of the forest.

"......It truly is not wasted."

After quietly saying these words, I stood up. Taking off my leather coat, I lazily stretched. I have no idea whether it was an illusion or not, but the air was filled with a sweet scent. The essence of large numbers of plants.....perhaps this was the cause.

Glancing behind me, circled by the roots of a gigantic tree, was a stone structure. We had just climbed out of its black opening. The others raiders would probably come up here in about ten minutes.


Although we were on the third floor ―― our actions from here on have yet to be determined. Of course, on a new floor we would still do things we did in the previous floor, which was to go to the main city to shop for items, get quests, and fight to increase our level. However, before that, I had a matter to confirm.

After deciding that, I moved to Asuna's side, and since she was still enjoying the scenery, gave off an initial light cough to alert her to my presence, and opened my mouth.

"Hey, I'm sorry to disturb your mood.,....."

"......? What?"

The rapier user gave me a rare smile, so I raised my right hand and extended my forefinger to guide her line of sight toward the north. Extending from the stone structure behind us was an ancient road, which had a Y junction in the middle of the path about twenty meters away.

"Going along the road to the right will quickly lead you to the main city. Going along the left is a forest that, after some time, will lead to this floor's first labyrinth."


"Generally speaking, we should head for the main city to activate the transition gate, but let's leave that task to Lynd's and Kibaou's group who are hot on our heels."


"The reason is, I don't want to meet them, as well as I have a quest I must complete in the forest to the left. However, both of these are personal reasons......"

At this point, the rapier user's smile gradually faded. Inversely, her pupils gave off a ray of dangerous light. From this point on, if I said the wrong thing, Asuna's mood would sour, and even though I could perceive this, I still couldn't work out a theory to avoid it.


At the urging of this grim voice, I continued while facing downward in fear and trepidation.

"...That... We probably need to resupply and maintain our weapons, if Asuna wants to aim for the main city, I think we can disband our party...... Of course, if you are willing to come with me to finish what I need to do in the forest, I don't......mind......"

"Don't-wan-na, I didn't have the intention of not disbanding the party anyway. You and I are both solo players, right?"


"However, the thing you just mentioned, should be «The one who finishes first gets an advantage» right? Then, I'll go with you, as I hate low efficiency. Of course, if you want to disband the party and throw me aside, monopolizing all the benefits for yourself, I can only agree with you."

"I-I wouldn't dare, I never thought of monopolizing, not even a little. In fact, more people would be more efficient."

"In that case let's hurry along. It won't matter if we resupply and maintain our equipment later."

"Yes, ok."

The rapier user turned, and made a patapata sound as she started to walk, I followed to catch up to her back, feeling in my heart a mysterious «Barely passed» feeling . I didn't even understand the requirements to «Pass»

Really, If I knew this would happen, I would have had more interaction with the girls in my class...... as I thought until this point, I snorted in denial. If I had such an ability during middle school, I would not have snuck into SAO five seconds after the game's official launch. In other words, this kind of situation, walking together with a temperamental rapier user, would not occur, I reasoned.

―― Having said that, I suddenly had this thought.

Thinking back about the past month being imprisoned in this game, In order to survive......that is, to continuously rush and strengthen myself, have I ever regretted being in this VRMMO called SAO?

Most people would regret it, not regretting it was an abnormal ability. However, no matter how I searched my past own feelings, although I easily found fear and homesickness, I couldn't find regret.

Perhaps I was an abnormal person, or perhaps I was in so grim a situation that there was no time for remorse. If the latter was the case, the cause of this state was without a doubt the valiant rapier user walking three meters in front of me. It was because this sword user always made a racket that I am able to feel regret, as all the other negative emotions were pushed to the back of my mind......

―― No-no-no, even in my mind I wouldn't thank her.

Having determined this resolutely, I increased my pace to catch up to my party member, and walked by her side.

Part 2[edit]

Based on my beta testing experience, after players defeated the floor boss, going up the stairs onto a new floor and into a new district, within the thirty minutes for activating the transition gate, the monster POP was controlled to a low value.

It was probably like this in order for the players who had come up to the new floor just after being worn out from fighting the boss to not be exterminated by small fry mobs, but unfortunately this grace was only limited to the nearby surroundings of the city.

Just after walking along the forest trail for five minutes, we had to increase our pace in order to keep up with our enemies' searching ability. I could feel the changes to the surrounding air. The happifying and beautiful fantasy forest, step by step changed into a cold and hostile «outsider» feeling.

"Asuna, the enemy spawning here has strength similar to those guys on the second floor labyrinth. Because a majority of them are animal and plant based monsters, they will not use sword skills."

After listening to my words, the rapier user silently nodded.

"However, based on the mobs general prewritten battle movements, they will unceasingly bring us deeper into the forest. Once the monsters spot any mistakes we make, they will launch ambushes, and even if we defeat it successfully, we may end up lost."

"However, as long as we look at the map, we should be able to find our way out, right?"

"About that............"

I swung my right hand forward, and quickly opened the map window, hastily inputting commands to switch it to public viewing mode, and then showed it to Asuna.

"Ah......The color is very faint."

Exactly as she said, the majority of the map appeared like misty ash, and according to the general situation, the places which we have explored would emerge in a 3D view, however, because the map for this place was extremely faded, even if we were very attentive we could not see the path.

"This region is called the «Misty Forest», the map colour becomes faint in addition to the strong fog, which will really cause people to get lost. Therefore, even if we're in the middle of battle you absolutely must not leave your party or the path. This point is very important."

"Understood. ......Then you should quickly show me a demonstration."


"What, just look clearly. Right behind you."

At the end of her words, I gingerly looked behind, and just a little off the forest's stone path...... Lets just say a withered tree grew there. Its pale yellow trunk had a diameter of fifteen centimeters, and it was only two meters high, much smaller than the trees which surrounded it. However, situated at the side of the three trunk were two holes close together, emitting a light like that of eyes. To its left and right were claw like branches swaying constantly.

Although the dead tree and I only crossed eyes for a split second, its roots on its right side began emitting a creaking sound, as it left the floor, taking a step forward. It was followed by the roots on its left. As it moved forward swaying unstably, it suddenly changed into a sprint. A third hole opened beneath the other two, and from it a "Moroooooo!" roar was issued.

The withered tree changed into the plant type mob «Treant Sapling», possessing many special abilities, one of which was, while embedded in the ground, a player's enemy searching ability would not get a reaction from it. It looks like the Treant had walked next to me while I was lost in thought giving the explanation.

Must not be careless! I told myself, at the same time my right hand reached to the back and pulled out my «Anneal Blade+7», making a loud sound.

As the branches to the left and right were cut, and its opened mouth was drilled by Asuna's «Wind Fleuret+5», the Treant gave a "Moroooo!" sorrowful cry as it shattered into polygons with the sound of breaking glass. The battle only lasted three minutes.

Asuna and I gently bumped our left fists to celebrate our victory, sheathing our swords at the same time. Although we were careful, the Treant's «Changing the body's front and back direction» skill was meant to confuse us, and we had moved five meters away from the path of the forest. At this degree it was still easy to go back to the path. In heavier mist, leaving ten meters from the path would be trouble.

While moving along the trail, Asuna said.

"I keep getting...... an extremely evil feeling"


"Because, that ghost tree just now, it was a still growing sapling, right? Chopping it down makes me feel not environmentally friendly"

"This, like this, well, this is so......but, I think if anyone who has seen the «Elder Treant» monster, will think "Must destroy it while it is in the sapling stage"."

"......There is no need to talk like that. One Kibaou is enough."

As we were joking away, we returned to the path, and heaved a long sigh. The golden rays that came from the roof of our heads came down at a greatly changed angle, it looks like night was falling soon.

"......Continue. What did we come to this area to do......"

"To do......I say, that. It's what Kirito-kun said earlier, "I have a quest I must complete."."

"It's that. That said, It was only possible for a quest...... the quest starting NPC is in a random place. Asuna, are you confident in your ears?"

As I said this, I calmly looked away, as if nothing happened in the past, and saw the rapier user cover her cherry red ears with her hands and retreating a step back for some reason..

"......Kirito-kun, do you have an interest in that aspect? Do you have an ear fetish?"

"Ce-ce-certainly not! In this situation, I am obviously not talking about the shape, but the hearing ability......"

"I'm just joking. Besides, it doesn't matter how good our hearing is. We are not even listening to the sound using the vibration of the membranes, its just the stimulation of the brain."

"......I see, it's like this. Then let's look for it together. If we rely on our hearing ability it will be a lot easier......"

I straightened my back, despite knowing that it made little sense, I still put my hands behind my ear, and Asuna imitated me, saying,

"Looking together is fine, but what kind of sound is it? Don't tell me it's the sound of leaves dropping."

"Of course I won't. It's not a natural sound, but a metallic noise......More specifically, the sound of swords colliding with each other."

At these words, Asuna gave a dubious look, but quickly said "understood".

Standing in the center of the path, Asuna and I put our backs together, using a total of four ears to launch an all around search. Generally speaking, the community would miss it, but because this was the virtual reality, there were various skills in existence to detect various noises in the surroundings. The chirping of the wind, the leaves rubbing together, an animal's footsteps behind us, the call of the birds...... I took all these noises and filtered them out of my mind, looking for the stiff quality of a man made noise......


Asuna and I who were leaning on each other, trembled at the same time. I faced right, while Asuna turned to the left, to look in the same direction......the south-west direction. Although it was quite subtle, there were indeed sounds of sword skills coming from that direction.

"Let's go."

Asuna pulled on my coat as I walked a step forward.

"But, I thought we shouldn't go into the forest?"

"No problems, as long as you accept the quest you can return to the road."

"......And if you don't accept?"

"It's really not a problem, camping equipments are already laid out! Let's hurry!"

Advancing toward our target within the forest at a high speed, I heard a "Yaa......!" reminiscing sound, but it was quickly covered by the footsteps behind me.

Leaving the stone path, I ignored the moss covering the earth surface which gave off a relaxing sensation to the soles of my feet. Avoiding the gigantic trees' dry branches, we dashed towards the source of the noise. If we encountered a mob it would be very troublesome, so I took advantage of my mob searching ability to look for color cursors. Finding a Treant growing out of the ground was difficult, but fortunately I didn't encounter one.

After five minutes, the steel sounds became louder, and accompanying the fencing sounds at the same time were yells. In the center of our view, two NPC cursors appeared, and then I saw the reflected light effect off a tree trunk.

Going around that tree would allow us to reach the battlefield we were aiming for ―― at this time I stopped my feet, and stretched out my right hand to stop Asuna. I made a gesture with my index finger to tell her to be quiet, then the two of us hid together behind a tree trunk, sneaking peeks past the edge of the tree, at the battlefield.

In a slightly larger clearing, two silhouettes were in a fierce battle.

One of them was a tall male with shining gold and green armor. In his right hand was a long sword, while his left held a round shield, and at a glance you would know that they were high grade goods. The hair on his head was a beautiful platinum, and his external appearance made one think of a handsome Scandinavian actor from Hollywood.

The other person, had armor which was in a contrast to the first, as it was purple and black. The somewhat curved saber and small kite shield used were both of a gloomy dark colour, but their quality was just as good as the first person's. The short dark purple hair, and dark skinned face appeared to possess a high level of good looks. Beautiful red lips and a slightly bulging bosom indicated that that this black swordsman was female.


The platinum haired male gave a fierce roar, at the same time swinging down the sword in his right hand.


The purple haired female countered with her saber. *Clang* a crisp metallic sound resounded, and created a bright light that illuminated the dark forest.

"......Are, are these really NPCs......?"

Underneath me, Asuna did not dare to believe those words. I understood her feelings. Their bodies' movements and vivid expressions completely did not look as though they were controlled by a system, like a soulless virtual body. However ――

"Look at their ears."

"Ei......Ah! Both of them ......sharp. This is......"

"The male is a «Forest Elf», while the female is a «Dark Elf». One more thing, look at the top of their heads."

At his words, Asuna's line of sight was drawn slightly upward. She once again gave off an "ah" sound.

Both of the fiercely battling warriors had a «!» sign above their heads. It was the proof that they were the starting point of an NPC quest. Normally, if you get close to them and speak, the quest would start immediately. However ――

"Both of them have a quest, and they are both still fighting, what is the problem here?"

"To put it briefly, you can only accept one quest. ―― I leave this important decision to you, Asuna."

At my words, the rapier user's line of sight left the Elves, as she raised her head to look at me.


"Yup. The quest they give, is not a single nor consecutive type of quest. It is the first of a large scale mission-type quest. It will start from this floor until the ninth floor"


Ninth Floor!? Asuna quickly covered her mouth before saying these words, but her hazel eyes were enlarged in surprise. Looking at her like this, I became very happy, and added even more astonishing information.

"In addition to that, if you made a mistake you are not allowed to restart. Of course, you can't take the opposite route either. The route chosen here, must be continued until the ninth floor."

"I say......you should have told me of this matter earlier......"

The angry expression Asuna had, suddenly gave way to a suspicious one.

"......Opposing routes? In other words, those two Elves......"

"I see. Who to help, and who to fight. Black or white, which do you choose?"

Listening to the question I raised, for some reason Asuna stared at me.

"......This, there's no alternative option right? It's fine in an ordinary game, but we are currently in SAO. It's not like you can't go along the route you went along as a beta tester. That ......I, have complete confidence in whatever your choice is."

Uuu. It was my turn to fall silent. Asuna's eyes became indifferent, and she used a resolute tone to assert.

"――The lady Dark Elf . Didn't you?"

"Y-Yes, I doい、イエスアイドゥー[1]......But, but not because she was a girl, but because she was dark skinned."

――An excuse like that should not have worked, and I only saw Asuna standing still, her head was turned to a side.

"Maa, this is fine. I didn't want to join the male to cut down the female one anyway. Let's join the black elf and defeat the white one. Let's go."

After speaking these words very quickly, Asuna got ready to get out of her hiding spot, and I quickly held on to her hood.

"Wait, wait. There is another important thing."

"Which is?"

"That is.... How to say, even if you chose to aid the black side, we can't defeat the white Elf, regretfully."


In order to keep the wide eyed Asuna calm, I rested my hand on her slender shoulders before continuing.

"I can see from their valiant equipment, the white Elf is a Forest Elf, the black Elf is a Dark Elf, and they are originally from the seventh floor, and are in fact the elite mob there. No matter what methods to ensure our safety while we fight, they are not opponents that people like us who just came to the third floor can handle."

"Th-Then......What should we do? After all......If we die......"

"Relax, even if we lose we don't die. When our HP gauge is reduced to half, we can join her party and she will use powerful skills, that will be the time we can overpower the opponent. What we have to do is, don't panic as we defend as much as possible, and wait for assistance. The greatest danger is if we panic and escape, as the other monsters would be drawn out and cause trouble."

"............I understand."


I pat Asuna on her back, then removed my hand.

"Then, dash out when I count to three. The quest will start by itself once we are close, so you just need to stay beside me."

The rapier user nodded as she walked to my side, and when I counted down starting from three, in my heart I gave a brief apology.

Actually, I had left out some information which I didn't tell Asuna. Which was, the one we were preparing to assist ......the Dark Elf lady named «Kizmer», in order to help us to suppress the Forest Elf, after using her forbidden skill, she would sacrifice herself to take down her enemy along with her. Even if we took the other path, which was to join the Forest Elf to fight the Dark Elf, the end result was the same. No matter which path we chose, these two Elves would die here, and will soon be followed by a long military campaign......No, it was a story about to unfold.

"......Two, One, Zero!"

As I finished counting down aloud, Asuna and I flew out to the open space. The two elves in battle both looked at us at the same time, and fiercely jumped back to put some distance between them. At the same time, the «!» sign on both of their heads turned into «?».

"What are you humans doing in this forest?" the Forest Elf said.

"Don't come here and disturb us! leave us immediately!" These words were said by miss Dark Elf.

Of course, we could also leave at this time. But then the quest would not begin. Asuna and I exchanged glances, then unsheathed our swords together ―― and pointed the tip at the shiny breastplate belonging to the Forest Elf.

The handsome face gradually grew fierce. The NPC's yellow cursor, began to flicker and was on the verge of becoming red.

"You're incredibly stupid...... you want to join the Dark Elves, so you want to become the rust on my blade?"


"Yes, but the one to disappear is this DV guy!"

After saying out his resolute lines, in front of me, who did not know why he referred to me as DV, the Forest Elf's cursor changed. From light yellow ―― it became a bright red. Woah real strong, and at this moment, a beautiful and ruthless smile emerged on his handsome face.

"All right, then I shall destroy you, human."

Shalaa! I concentrated to position my long sword, and at the same time told Asuna,

"That's good, focus on defence."

―― Although this was the case, we still needed to hold out for three minutes. I added in my heart, from the side of Asuna's face, I saw a certain expression, and the disturbing feeling vanished. Because this expression ―― only the rapier user Asuna in a serious mode would come up with it, I found this out after having went adventuring with her a few times.

"That, defence...... focus......"

"I got it."

She whispered this, but her actions were the opposite, the rapier in the rapier user's right hand suddenly gave off a fierce ray of light.

Twenty minutes later

"H......How is this possible............"

Leaving this words, the Forest Elf fell with a *pa* on the floor, and as I continued to look at the situation before my eyes, I said the same thing.

"H......How is this possible............"

No matter how many times we checked the enemy's HP gauge, it was truly at zero. Opposite him, Asuna and I had both lost half our HP, entering the yellow zone. During the beta period, a four man party including me fought the Forest Elf, but we were defeated in two minutes.

"......What, as long as you put your mind to it, you can do it!"

At these words I turned my head, and an extremely tired looking yet straight backed and hands aloft Asuna's eyes finally met mine. Then our eyes shifted about a meter to the left. Standing there and holding a black saber, was the Dark Elf looking at the floor.

Miss, isn't it time you died, this unclear line came to my mind. Looking at the Dark Elf knight Kizmer, I saw her slowly raise her head, looking at me.

Her agate eyes was full of surprise and doubt, the expression in her eyes seemed as though it was asking me, "What am I supposed to do now?". However, this should be my imagination.

I hope that it is my imagination.

(To be continued)


Good day everyone, I am Kunori Fumio. Thanks for reading «Material Edition 9».

This doujinshi contains the first chapter of «Sword Art Online Third floor raid». However......in January 2012, the first part of «Second floor raid chapters» had ended, and the second floor's boss name did not even appear......(sweat). regarding those reading the serialized series, you might feel there is an error with regards to the timing, but you can read this story independently. If this thin and small less than thirty pages book is able to bring joy to all of you, then I am really honoured.

This year there is an important matter, which is «Sword Art Online» and «Accel world» is going to be animated and shown on television. I will put great effort in every aspect (of course including my colleagues), so I hope that everyone can support these two works as well!

Copyright records

Magazine Name: Sword Art Online Material Edition 9

Published Date: 5 February 2012

Issued: WordGear


  1. Asuna's question "didn't you?" is written in English in the Japanese light novel while Kirito's answer is written in Katakana although it's also in English (with a grammar mistake). It might be hinting that Asuna is fluent in English while Kirito isn't.
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