Toaru Majutsu no Index:Volume22 War Report 4

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War Report[edit]

Fiamma of the Right’s plan had finally truly begun.

He started by gathering the parts he needed from Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals from across the world in order to construct the fortress he needed for his ceremony.

Kamijou Touma was scooped up by the rising fortress and heard his archenemy’s voice.

“I suppose I should welcome you to my castle, the Star of Bethlehem.”

That fortress was not the only threat.

Fiamma had a further trump card.

“Head out, Archangel Gabriel. Blow them all away.”

Hamazura Shiage made it to a field hospital in the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations where the magician Elizalina succeeded in removing as many as possible of the negative effects of the Body Crystal eating into Takitsubo Rikou’s body.

However, Hamazura and Takitsubo read the Kremlin Report document that was sent to the Alliance and learned of the Russian military’s preparations to carry out a special mission.

It was a manual for the defense of the nuclear launching facilities using a bacteriological weapon. The planned area for that heartless operation was near the village where Digurv and the others lived.

“I didn’t get to talk with anyone in that village, but I remember what they did for me. I want to fight for them, too.”

Accelerator was also staying in the Elizalina Alliance, but even with Elizalina’s detox techniques, Last Order could not be saved.

To save her, he had to decipher the parchments.

As Accelerator thought that, he had received a warning from Elizalina.

“Run away!! If you do not leave this place now, they will come here. If they seriously invade, we cannot stop them! They are after the parchments you have!!”

The power of an archangel attacked Russia.

However, Misha Kreutzev was not the only being there that could be referred to as an angel.

There had been one more.

Kazakiri Hyouka, the being created scientifically with AIM diffusion fields, had faced the water angel.

“…If you are going to hurt my precious friends for that, then I will use all the power at my disposal to stop you.”

In a different place, a different battle was unfolding.

In the Vatican, Matthai Reese, a man who had cast off his position as the pope and had decided to fight as a mere follower of the Christian Church, confronted Cardinal Pietro Yogdis.

“This is a fight to make sure you survive, so make sure not to die before this war is over.”

In a Russian palace, Bishop Nikolai Tolstoy had been cast from the plan, so his body trembled in rage.

“Bring out the ‘reserves’. Blow that fortress away!! Now!!”

And Misaka Mikoto, who had arrived in Russia, learned of an independent Russian unit’s movements from a Sister.

“Nu-AD1967. They are preparing a former Soviet Union strategic nuclear warhead, reports Misaka explaining the contents of the transmission.”

Different battles occurred in different places.

They did not know it, but many different people gathered together to defeat the Archangel Misha Kreutzev.

Accelerator cut between Misha and Kazakiri.

Acqua of the Back used their common command over water in order to forcibly strip the archangel’s power by guiding the Telesma making up Misha’s body into his own body.

Kamijou Touma destroyed the ceremony room on the Star of Bethlehem in order to damage the archangel.

As a result…

“…Do you really think it’ll go that easily? Misha is gone. I’m not really sure why things have gone so well, but we humans won against an archangel. The scales have clearly tipped in our favor.”

But it was not over.

Even if he had lost the huge power of the archangel, Fiamma was not mentally shaken in the slightest as he faced off against Kamijou on the Star of Bethlehem.

“Misha Kreutzev’s role ended once the sky had been turned to this night sky I wanted. The first stage is over, but that comes with a nice benefit for me.”

Two right arms were about to clash.

Fiamma of the Right merely spoke.

“Proper power cannot be perfectly used except for in a proper world. Now I will show you what proper power is.”

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