Novel Review: Dress na Boku ga Yangotonaki Katagata no Katei Kyoushi-sama na Kudan

Dress review cover

Dress na Boku ga Yangotonaki Katagata no Katei Kyoushi-sama na Kudan (ドレスな僕がやんごとなき 方々の家庭教師様な件) also known as, I’m a Royal Tutor in My Sister’s Dress


Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: comedy, harem, parody, Hideyoshi


Yeah, I listed Hideyoshi as a genre. It’s the central theme of this story.

You know that I did a review for Kyuuketsuki, something that was more serious and dramatic? This one is the complete opposite from the same author.

Apparently, during her college days, Mizuki Nomura wrote this story when she was bored. This story is currently edited and published, but honestly, I wonder what happened to her marbles. Also, did I say that I have a murderous vendetta against lolis?

Why am I doing this review when the lead heroine’s a 9-year-old loli? WHELPS!

Anyway, as I noted on BT back then, our readers are mostly lolicons and trap lovers, given that the two most liked posts are one of AnchoR, and one of Hideyoshi (in a sailor girls uniform, of course). This series is definitely going to cater to both groups.

There is no real underlying plot going on for a few volumes. In fact, the story is pretty episodic per chapter, inching closer to finding Glinda. Unfortunately for Prince RyuZU (okay, different spelling, whatever), it appears that the habit of crossdressing is infectious.



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Novel Review: Heavy Object

Heavy Object v01 cover

Heavy Object (ヘヴィーオブジェクト)


Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: comedy, harem (thanks Qwenthur), slapstick sci-fi, mecha, action, military


Sometimes, I really do wonder how authors name their stuff.

Take Kamachi.exe for example. Yeah sure, characters like Crowley are based on actual historical people, but some names like Stephanie Gorgeouspalace or Saflee Opendays really do leave me having a headscratcher. As a translator, without a context to follow when it comes to names, you just have to wing it somehow. So, Qwenthur and Havia (Heavier) it is, or however it works.

I have to admit, as a reader, this is not supposed to be a serious read. Not at all. The typical Kamachi.exe story for me is that each volume is episodic in nature, and while there might be an overhanging arc, these events don’t really tie in until some point later in the story.

Of course, this isn’t just what Heavy Object is about. Think of it as a military version of the Buddy Cop Show, with a sadistic (and sexy) commander (as someone who went through his National Service, I can tell you that that typically is a lie. If there’s really a sexy lady working in the military…things will be as effective as Roy Mustang’s tiny miniskirt proposal). Again, I repeat, this isn’t a serious read. You want something serious with lolis getting butchered left and right, please go support Yen Press (and I must say though, murder and horror are my preferred genres. Too bad I hardly get the chance to do them)



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Novel Review: Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima v01 cover

Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔, The Familiar of Zero)


Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: Romcom, harem, slapstick (bring in the whip), historical fiction, fantasy


If I have to mention beforehand, it is that, thanks to this series (or rather, the author’s death), I do feel twice shy about MF Bunko J. So near to the end, but never made it.

This series was one of the pioneers that kickstarted the first wave of massive interest in LN to anime adaptations (along with Haruhi, Shana, and to a lesser extent, Index, which only took off much later in my opinion). The main charm of this series, of course, is that Japan LOVES their loli flat-chested tsunderes.

However, the reason I chose a dead author’s work as review this time is because while it may or

may not continue, I do wish to make a recommendation of this series. (I can see the ending). It’s like doing a little bit of a walk down memory lane, and with all the stories about reincarnating into an alternative world, I do want to add another into that category

Well, this being me, I’ll try my best to abstain from the snark when making the recommendation.



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Novel Review: Kyuuketsuki ni Natta Kimi wa Eien no Ai wo Hajimeru


Kyuuketsuki ni Natta Kimi wa Eien no Ai wo Hajimeru (吸血鬼になったキミは永遠の愛をはじめる, You Who Became a Vampire Begin an Eternal Love)


Series review by 恋愛_ing


Before I start with this, allow me to state that I’ll add some references here and there to spice up the book review, because honestly, I won’t be able to get a lot of my thoughts out of the way.

You know, when this series was first hinted at in the Hikaru afterword, I was getting a little worried. I really do not like stories about vampires…after one classmate showed me a book and got me to read through it 9 years ago. It was Twilight. (Cut it with the sympathies).

I have browsed through some of the author works (at a second-hand bookshop in Japan), and before Book Girl, she typically indulged in romcom stuff. Still, given that I (and most probably many) consider Book Girl to be her Magnum Opus, I do suppose that she does write better when given a fixed theme (an opinion reinforced by the contrast between her next two series, Hikaru and Dress), and a theme of vampires would allow more focus.

Now, onto the three main categories: Synopsis, Characters and Personal Opinions


From the beginning, you know the end.

Or at least, that is how the Foreword reveals.

As I would note, a story starting with the protagonist dying and forced to make a contract certainly is a typical cliche, but there are millions of permutations as to how the story would continue, and I do know of at least one story that starts with such a cliche that ended up being a whirlwind of emotions. Meanwhile, some fans will be hoping they wouldn’t have to make a magical contract and end up as witches, but this is a story involving vampires, so we’ll take the Arararararagi-san route. (and you know how that’ll end up)

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Happy 9th Anniversary Baka-Tsuki!

Nine years!!! Can you believe it?! Almost a decade! (Before you ask, It’s already the 15th on this eastern half of the globe. )

So after such a long time, I am once again back on the blog!  And what would you know? It’s another anniversary!  I would like to say that i left the blog for better people and that I took my sweet time to type out a post or two…

The real reason was that i forgot my password and i couldn’t retrieve it  ….(  ._.)…. haha.
But you know? It was in the process of writing this post that the reflection of the long years that i have toiled here, that have given me an opportunity to ponder the meaning of Baka-Tsuki and to reflect on the past, present and ultimately, the future. So forgive me for the rambling of an old man, but perhaps you can indulge me for a moment? haha.


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NOTICE: Policy Update (External Translation Groups)

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