SHISHI NO MON ~Gate of fierce lions~ super violent fighting

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SHISHI NO MON ~Gate of fierce lions~ super violent fighting

Postby ichido » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:37 pm

Title: Shishi no mon (獅子の門 Gate of fierce lions) (18+ novel due to violence and sexual content)

Author:Baku Yumemakura (夢枕 獏

Publisher: Kobunsha publishing

Language: Japanese (日本語)

Volumes: 8 volumes, just finished serialization in 2013

Synopsis: Sourced from Japanese Wikipedia

Shishi no mon (Gate of the fierce lions) is an action novel series by Baku Yumemakura. It appeared serially in the monthly magazine Shousetsu Houseki "Novel Jewel" (Kobunsha Publishing) from 1984. The novel was withheld from publication for a long period, but in recent years has once again been appearing serially. The novel has been tagged as the "super violent novel". The cover art and illustrations are done by the manga artist Keisuke Itagaki. As of 2014, eight books have been published by Kappa Novels (Kobunsha Publishing) finishing serialization.

The story revolves around four young boys who all have strange personalities and come from usual hometowns. They acquire discipline through martial arts and before long get to know each other and are in fierce competition. The main plot is intertwined with several side stories that are driven by sub-characters original to this series. In addition to these original characters the karate practitioner Jyumei Kuga who appears in the manga version called Garouden (Legend of the hungry wolves), also written by Yumemakura and illustrated by Itagaki, has been changed to an original character of the novel and does not practice Karate but an ancient Japanese martial art.

(spoilered for space)
Spoiler! :
Kikuchiyo Akuta
A junior high school student who lives in a town by the seashore with his violent tempered mother. He isn't much of a conversationalist, has an introverted personality and has anthropophobic tendencies. He also has a complex about the fact that his right arm is about 3 cm. longer than his left. Because of this he was often alone, however it was his encounter with the karate practitioner Toshio Narumi that got him started on karate. Despite not having particularly keen motor reflexes or an excellent physique, Kikuchiyo has an extra-ordinary high tolerance to pain. He is unfazed by long periods of practice drills and displays an abnormal toughness even in tournaments. His signature moves are a bevy of blows that break his opponent’s guard and a powerful right straight, which has a longer reach than his left.

Kan Takechi
The lowest member in a yakuza gang, that prowls the nights of Tokyo. In addition to his natural born motor reflexes, Kan uses a peculiar fighting style that he has modified from karate he learned in the past, more geared towards real life fighting. One night whilst making his getaway from a teppodama mission* both he and the members of the rival gang that were chasing him were easily defeated by Hikoroku Hashiba. This encounter changes Kan's fate, as he goes into hiding and roams the world. He returns to Japan having mastered praying mantis style, concealing the once insolent and brutal part of his personality.

(* In these yakuza "teppodama” missions the dispatched member does not return to the gang afterwards. Sometimes they will die during the mission, sometimes they will be arrested, or go into hiding, but they will not return to the gang. Teppodama (鉄砲玉)literally means bullet, so just like a bullet, once the member has been dispatched they cannot return.
**Translators note: Even though they are more easily recognizable terms, I chose not to use suicide or kamikaze mission as in English these words already have fairly entrenched meanings.)

Reiji Shimura
Reiji is a teenager who attends the Matsumoto high school in Shinshuu*. He is an extremely good-looking boy, but has been tagged as a bad egg as he has a violent temperament. Reiji is a dangerous boy who will do anything to win and has absolutely no concern for the harm he may inflict on his opponent. One day by chance he realizes the hidden strength of his classmate Bunpei Kakura. Just like Reiji, Bunpei comes from a poor family, raised by a single-father. Not wanting to lose to Bunpei in a fight, Reiji learns karate at the same dojo as him with the goal of beating him. However one day he loses to Bunpei in kumite**. Realizing that if he continues on this course he won't be able to defeat Bunpei, Reiji eventually becomes a disciple of Jyumei Kuga, a practitioner of an ancient Japanese martial art. Under Jyumei’s tutelage, Reiji's fighting ability grows and he defeats many opponents outwitting them using psychological tactics. His special move is the Phantom kick.

*The former name for Nagano prefecture
** Karate sparring practice or a match

Takeshi Muroto
A young boy who lives alone in Hokkaido. Takeshi has a large build and a strong body. Following the teachings of his father who was a professional wrestler, he never neglects his daily training. Scared of injuring his opponent Takeshi tries to avoid fighting, but joined the Genichi Akaishi professional wrestling group on an impulse. Takeshi acquires even more training and in a spur of the moment decision participates in the tournament held by the Burinkan. In terms of fighting technique and strategy Takeshi is still lacking. However he is believes in victory through a strong body, and a single powerful attack that smashes his opponents’ guard as if it were nothing.

Hikoroku Hashiba
Hikoroku is an expert marital artist of unknown age, with an unknown history, who appears here and there. Although he mostly uses Chinese Kempo, his array of attacks such as using pebbles as weapons, and breaking his opponents’ arms in an instant is unfathomable. Hikoroku is one of the strongest fighters in the series. He only uses weapons and bone breaking attacks against worthy opponents. Against opponents who are clearly not on the same level as him, he tends to hold back merely using attacks such as strikes to the jaw to cause a concussion or aiming for pressure points rendering opponents unable to move. He often appears in scenes where the main characters are fighting. He is acquainted with nearly all the characters in the story.

Jyumei Kuga
Jyumei is a practitioner of Hagio ryuu, an ancient Japanese martial art. His body is completely black from head to toe. He's described as an iron man and is also known as "the hidden weapon". Jyumei is the only character in the series that is capable of fighting evenly with Hikoroku Hashiba. However unlike Hikoroku, Jyumei will not pull his punches no matter whom he is fighting and will aim for the body's vital points and attack a fallen opponent without hesitation. Jyumei is targeting Hikoroku who defeated both his master Oiyama Hagio and his older brother Ikichi. However it isn't through ill will, but rather his desire for a strong opponent. Jyumei himself claims, "If Hikoroku hadn't defeated my master I would have done it myself.” For the time being Jyumei is acting as Reiji Shimura's teacher, but uses outlandish forms of mental training. "Keep hitting that tree with your bare fists until they Bleed!!" "Kill your dog with your own hands!!" "poke that woman in front of me!!"

First Edition Covers:



Introduction and Prologue:
Spoiler! :


It would be easy to make a novel of "good guys against bad guys" but you'll know how it ends, but how do we define the "good" from the "bad guys"? are the bad always bad? what if the bad guys are amazing martial artist and we can help but admire their core and arts?

Well my dear reader, this novel doesn't have any of that, there isn't a clear "hero" or "nemesis" as you might have figured out, we have five main characters and we have no idea how their paths will cross, five unusually strong and talented guys by the name of Kikuchiyo Akuta, Kan Takechi, Reiji Shimura, Bunpei Kakura and Takeshi Muroto.

You can pick your favorite from the group and cheer for him, but ultimately all of them will meet with one man, Hikoroku Hashiba, the one that is the image of strength in this series, a man that you'd probably would confuse for a mountain climber, a hick, a grizzled hunter but the last thing in your mind would be that he'd be a seasoned fighting master, because he doesn't show it, because he doesn't want you to see it.

They will meet him, they will compete, they will fight against each other, they will improve their skill and eventually the five stories will become one, come to enjoy the stories of men that are looking forward to discover themselves in the heat of battle, to challenge the strongest fighters around, let's the lions get loose in a paradise of fierce fighting.

Yumemakura Baku.



The wind was blowing everywhere, sweeping the prairie relentlessly,
making that wet atmosphere seemed like the wind turned somehow into a green color.
The majestic sky with a gray blanket of solid gray let a few thunders slide and slowly, a shade of light opened its way, bigger and bigger, as if the mighty force of light erased the gray across the sky. The blue sky opened a greater space as if a strong force behind it was pulling the strings, pushing the clouds away to fade into the horizon.

Like a fierce hammer striking down from the sky onto the land, the sun's rays landed into the prairie, but this didn't stop the rain to keep pouring on the land, one strike of sunlight, one stride of rain, the wind is still green and still wet on the ground. A sea of daisies and green lilies waving furiously that were waist-high; it would appear as you could sink within them. The wind drove all this green vegetation left and right, through all directions, you couldn't miss it, the wind was visible wherever you looked.


It was here where Hikoroku Hashiba was facing one of the most intimidating men he has ever met.
This man across Hikoroku had sharp crescent eyes, and by the look on his face, one could estimate that he was in his forties, most likely forty-three or forty-four-years-old.

What was a little startling about him was the color of skin he had, it was almost like a dark solid iron color and, combined with his iron-sharp glance as if a million needles were launched to Hikoroku just by staring at him; there was no doubt that this encounter was going to end violently.

Everything the man was wearing was black: his shoes, his long pants and a shirt with long sleeves, both men were soaking wet and Hikoroku, wearing just a pair of comfy jeans and a cotton shirt, felt as if he wasn't really wearing anything on his chest. The shirt was stuck on his skin and was showing the form of his abs and the color of his skin; water was sliding down from each end of both men's long strings of hair.

"I heard master Rosen has passed away"
Hikoroku spoke with a soft tone.

"It was because of you!! It's your fault!!"
The man replied with a strident voice.

"My fault? How can it be?"

"You challenged him and soon after that he died from his wounds"

"That's very unfortunate, I never intended for that to happen."

"Tell your excuses to someone who cares."


Swiftly, the man took a stance and slowly started moving towards Hikoroku, effectively closing the distance between them.

"Wait!!" Hikoroku yelled at the man.

"I won't..." the man replied...

"I waited for this moment for the last three years, this will be settled today..."

He was ready to spring at him, lowering his waist, the opening attack would be swift and unpredictable.
A moment of silence, both men standing still while a thick sun ray illuminated both of them, their space and then it kept moving towards the wet and green prairie.
Soon enough, the rain eased up a bit, still frozen in the moment, both men were staring at each other until a move broke the silence, it was a sound, a scary sound, but not a loud or a startling sound.

It was a breath....


The man took a deep breath and when the glance in his eyes turned deadly, he dashed across towards Hikoroku.




~ACT 1

He was just a kid walking down an asphalt road in the streets outside of town, he was dressed with a simple pair of short pants and a long t-shirt, skinny as he was, it was noticeable that his chest was very small.
The sleeves of his big T-shirt were very loose because of the skinny arms of this kid, if by a joke we were to fit two or three more kids inside this shirt, they would have fit without a problem.

The legs that were visible from the pants also lacked big muscles, however, every time the kid walked, the fragile leg muscles hardened under his tanned skin.
His sneakers were muddy, this was because he loved to use them without wearing socks and the mud was still wet, fresh and shiny, making funny sounds every time he walked as the mud climbed up to his shins, he didn't care much about it anyway.

The mud on his knees was almost dry, his pants were pretty wet around his waist and a big, black stain was visible, he must have been playing or exploring around water somewhere probably.
In his left hand, he was carrying a blue plastic bucket and in his right hand he was carrying a half-torn net that had a bamboo handle, a few plastic bags and some other small items.

Materials on Hand: 8 volumes in paper, first volume scanned. Prologue and First chapter translated and rewritten, second chapter translations ready but waiting to be rewritten.

Notes, Thoughts, and Background: This is a project that has been in my mind for a long time, I own a private group of manga and fighting novel enthusiasts and we all chip in to make projects like this to see the day of light, because of the popularity of the manga series from Itagaki Keisuke "Garouden" (available everywhere thank to us) we are continuing the story in novel form but there was a popular character there "Jyumei Kuga" and we decided to translate the novels to discover his background.

This is my first attempt to do a novel project and even though, my English skill is at a considerate level, I want to solicit proofreaders, editors and whoever is interested in this novel series to help me release a decent English version, the content is extreme (but not a the point of being gross or porn) I do not care if this title doesn't make it to the wiki, I just want to see it done and I already have taken steps to see it get into completion, our translators are working slowly on this and I would love to see more people working on this project that are familiar with Japanese terms and English street lingo "AKA american") to give it a revision that would read and reach its intended audience.

What I intend to do is to give it a pace of release of one chapter every 3 months, and completing one volume a year for 8 years, for that I want to reach to baka-tsuki community to see if there's any interest in supporting this project of mine, This project has already started and has supporters, but not on the staff department but mostly on the translation and funding department, so Whoever thinks they can be a nice addition to this novel project, please let me know.
Again, this project has already started and it has translators and funding for the future, it only need more people willing to read it, modify it and make suggestions depending on the original version on the novels. Volunteer translators would be appreciated but they aren't necessarily a key factor for completing the project.
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Needing a prof reader for corrections on my project

Postby ichido » Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:37 am

Hi, I am working on a super violent martial arts novel translation (Shishi no mon) and I would like to find someone that can proofread, make corrections and catch mistakes, I have finished the first chapter and I'm looking to do another one every 3 months or so, please email me at [email protected] or PM me, thanks.
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Re: SHISHI NO MON ~Gate of fierce lions~ super violent fight

Postby Darklor » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:22 pm

Added the necessary poll.
Please don't mind my bad english since I'm german.


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Re: SHISHI NO MON ~Gate of fierce lions~ super violent fight

Postby Magamed » Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:36 am

Where can i read this novel?
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Re: SHISHI NO MON ~Gate of fierce lions~ super violent fight

Postby Lunar Vitae » Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:42 pm

I'm not sure how I missed this the first time I read your post, but:

I do not care if this title doesn't make it to the wiki

That's entirely up to you. You're the translator; if it's your work, put it up. It will be a teaser until a full volume is uploaded, but that's just the process. Once on the wiki, you may very well attract editors since they'll have text in front of them.
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