Yuusha to Tantei no Game

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Yuusha to Tantei no Game

Postby douota » Sun May 31, 2015 11:46 am

Here's a 261-page single volume sci-fi light novel created by the same duo behind Bokurano Alternative (And I don't mean the taka-waku fanfic), published two years following the release of Bokurano Alternative, in 2009.
Writer: Renji Ohki
Illustrator: Mohiro Kitoh

Large scan of the cover (click on it to see the front and back)
Spoiler! :

Here's a rough translation of the summary on the back:
This isn't something like a story. Absolutely not.

The "Apparatus for Intervening and Transforming Symbols of Japan's Problems" creates and sends out stories, one by one, into town. That mad town, overflowing with invasions and locked-room murders. And so, everything about that incident that occurred was a symbol of Japan's problems. In repelling the enormous invading saucer, the defense system is maintained by the hero. In solving the case of a murdered pregnant woman, the detective increases the birth rate. However, in this city covered with cliched spectacles, what befell her was "just an accident" that had nothing to do with the story.

Such a charming place; serious, yet strangely goofy.

The last line in red I hadn't translated yet. It's something about "Her only person in the world had nothing to do with the story" I think.

Amazon Page

I own two copies of the book but I can't read it myself. Naturally I can provide any assistance and resources if a translator decides to pick this up. Just DM or email me.
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Re: Yuusha to Tantei no Game

Postby WakuKun » Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:06 am

Started to translate the series on my homepage.
It can be found by the name "Game of Hero and Detective" since I don't like the Japanese title.

(I liked TW's fanfic btw. XD)
Just watch, I'll do it!
Currently working on a translation for 「ぼくらの ~alternative~」
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