Magician's Academy

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Magician's Academy

Postby Kemm » Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:19 am

Partially adapted to anime under the title "Macademi Wasshoi!". This is a series from the same author as Hitsugi no Chaica and Scrapped Princess. Completed at 9 volumes.
You can see all covers (and buy an e-book copy) here: ... %E3%81%84/

It goes about a "common and average" higschool student called Hasegawa Takto (official romanization) with a double life as an student of a secret magical academy (and who is also holder of the harem factor, like so many MCs) who by mistake summons (creates) a being on the level of gods and demons, but unaffiliated with either side, that could wreak havoc with the balance of the universe, and that just so happens to be a petite well-endowed tanned hyperactive redhead girl whom he names Tanarot (again official romanization).
The series follows the hijinx that ensues after that imppossible event and the tribulations of Takto, who is accompanied mostly by Tanarot, his cousin Suzuho, (later) the shikigami Faruchie the variable wand (again official romanization)), his sempai Sakuma Ataro (again official romanization) and this last one's familiar Eneus the barghest (again official romanization).

All those I've mentioned as "official romanizations" are the romanizations that appear at the novel's illustrations, as those names are most often seen in English adaptations as "Hasegawa Takuto", "Tanarotte", "Falce/Falche the Variable Wand/Variablewand", "Sakuma Eitaro" and "Eineus the Vergest" (this last one making no sense as a "barghest" is an existant term for a folklorical monster that fits the race of the character while "vergest" is a term someone just came up with when adapting this series).
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