Seiken no Sword Labyrinth (Natsuki Mamiya)

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Seiken no Sword Labyrinth (Natsuki Mamiya)

Postby Kuro Hoshikuzu » Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:23 am

Publication Info:
TItle: Seiken no Sword Labyrinth (聖剣のソードラビリンス) [TL: Sword Labyrinth of Sacred-sword]
Publisher: Dengeki Bunko
Volumes: 1 (as of June 2016, maybe its a oneshot)
Illustrator: Kei Takanashi
Genre: Fantasy

Well, sadly I couldn't find any Synopsis out there, so I'll just explain, why I want this Novel to be translated: It's from Natsuki Mamiya, the guy who made Gekkou. I really liked it, so I want to read his other novels too! Sadly I'm not able to translate from the japanese language, so if anyone has interest, please pick it up.
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