Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?

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Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?

Postby Whitecloud » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:10 am


Summary :

Namidare Rekka has a very unusual birthright. After his 16th birthday, he will be drawn into many different stories. Each story has a heroine, and each story depends on him to be the hero. On his first day of high school, a strange uniformed girl that only he can see shows up. She claims to be from the future, and claims that his rescuing of many heroines is going to cause serious trouble for the future.

It's not long after this encounter that his troubles begin. His childhood friend Satsuki invites him somewhere, possibly to confess her feelings for him. However, before she can, she's kidnapped! Rekka wants desperately to help her, but he finds himself being tossed into various sci-fi and fantasy worlds, each with their own heroines in trouble. Will he be able to get back to Satsuki? Will he be able to save all the others? How can he really tell the consequences of his well-meaning actions?

Proloque : (thanks to nagiamatsu from Jc***)

Spoiler! :
Prologue 01 -Ootomo Satsuki-

High Magic of Origin.

The magic which is considered a rumor from long time ago in the world of magic.

Accessing "The Origin of All Thing" that is written down in Akashic Record, to understand of all principle in this world is what this magic capable of.

If this magic is realized, it is said that either saving, destroying, or even ruling the world can be done with it.

And then, there is a certain household of magician that inherit High Magic of Origin for generations, and it seems that they are still exist even now......

A young girl of that household which keeps protecting the High Magic, is currently troubled.

That girl name is Ootomo Satsuki. Tomorrow, she will turn 16.

16 years old is, the age in which she will carry the big significance of her family.

The Household that has been inheriting High Magic of Origin from it's older generation to it's child and to it's child again, because of that special charateristic, put a certain protection from any attempt to exterminate it's bloodline.

That is something called The Pact of the Origin.

In the name of the Pact, Satsuki and the person whom she will exchange lips with, will become her lifetime partner.

To put it in a straight words, a magical pact for the sake of, and with certainty, leaving behind a descendant.

If it's only just that--- but the rest of it is a big problem.

If you ask why, it's because the person that engage in Pact of the Origin, will be able to use High Magic of Origin just like Satsuki.

The practitioner of such important pact has to be at least 16 years old and reach the point of being able to exchange love.

As mentioned above, High Magic of Origin is a double edged sword.

If the person that she engaged with the pact of the origin make a wrong choice, worst possible, the world would be destroyed.

Nevertheless wicked souls trying to abuse the High Magic of Origin are constantly appearing over the ages......

In order to protect the High magic from that kind of people, Satsuki family since olden days had disguised heavily several thousand times, and willingly conceal their presence, hiding their own true identity.

However, just recently someone had break their disguise, by the appearance of a man who managed to locate the hiding place of the High Magic of Origin.

That man name is Messiah Candystraps. Presently the strongest magic user.

Even more so than having mighty magic power, is the rumour of this man carrying the notion of being extremely very greedy craving towards power and knowledge.

If that man managed to lay his hand on the High Magic of Origin of course that would be a very troublesome thing.

Both of Satsuki parent in order to protect their daughter and the Magic of High Origin, went to attack Messiah.

But against opponent like Messiah even just buying time certainly is something not possible to do.

Satsuki too in preparation of this kind of situation other than transfering, wandering, is focusing to memorize magic for running away.

But, the fundamental amount of magical power between Satsuki and Messiah is in a different league that, even if she managed to take the initiative and in instant getaway, prolonging the escape is something that cannot be granted. At the most one to two day is the limit.

From the moment of Satsuki birth, both of her parents had their daughter inherit everything of High Magic of Origin, currently the ability to access this world Akashic Record is possessed by her only. The seat for contract partner, are also only one.

If it is just to sit on that seat, there's no mistaking it that Messiah would do whatever it takes achieve it. To be referred in the name of the pact, if it is magic user like Messiah there will always be method to do it.

The only choice that Satsuki have is, quickly before he arrive, engage in the pact with someone else, there is no other way than that.


unintentionally tears coming out right after, and Satsuki wipe it from the corner of her eyes.

If possible, wanted to be loved properly. going with a proper order, nurturing love, and in the end confessing the secret, wanted to be accepted by "Him".

However, there is no time left. Messiah won't wait.

Tears spilled out atop the paper......Satsuki rewrite another letter.

(If things would turn out like this, I would have quickly confessed to him back in the middle school.)

Remembering it now after all this time, the pen in Satsuki's hand run.

No matter how many words are written, after that, another writing paper would be prepared again......

At dawn, the letter is finally done, Satsuki then write "His" name at the front of the envelope.

it's --- "Namidare Rekka"

Prologue 02 -Iris Pheneritas Psyfacor-

「Mouu! After all the trouble escaping into this rural planet!」

While looking to her behind, Iris spat out insult towards them.

Moving from roof of the building to another roof. The silhouette that jumps just like Superman is a her and including people that chasing her from behind that would be three person.

two people who is chasing from behind are pursuer from planet Phenerita.

They put on sunglasses and dressed in black tuxedo, that in first glance resembled so much like the natives of this planet --- people of Earth. However, from their rear stick out animal tail like that of horse, which truth to be told is an indication of them as Extraterrestrial Lifeform.

Of course Iris with silver tail growing out from her buttocks are also alien of the same race.

On the contrary what lead to Iris current situation is , She is in fact daughter of the most influential person on planet Phenerita, however at present is someone who is in the course of running away from home.

The reason is simple, she doesn't want to accept engagement arranged by her father. Judging exactly from his expression, the marriage is most likely to be political marriage, or possibly as a tribute to large country would be more fitting. Anyway, it was as if her decision in the marriage talk is disregarded.

That is absolutely a-no, is what Iris was thinking.

That's why using Random Warp of my own personal spaceship, I've escaped into this very distant planet. But pursuers quickly chasing in no time. It looks like her father had seen through Iris shallow thinking.

But, to be caught quietly is unthinkable.

Iris is running away.

running away as if her life depend on it.

Then, in a moment of a hurry her feet treading through a deterioriating roof of an old building.


The impact from falling down are making tremendous amount of soil turned dust fluttering, both Iris and the pursuers lost sight of each other.

To be covered in large amount of dust, is the worst, is what Iris was thinking.

Immediately after that, she met a single young man.

「This way! Let's make a run!」


That person who doesn't like hit 17 yet in the midst of cloud of dust, grasp Iris hand tightly and started to run.

Iris who obviously confused, as if being charmed by that person hand make an escape from that building.

It looks like that young man is a person from Earth.

And then, somehow it looks like he is helping Iris.

(Wh, what is......by the way, hand......)

Although he an Alien, the first experience with a man hand would unexpectedly be so reassuring, makes Iris cheek turned hot from blushing.

Even when one should say gratitude for being saved, but holding hand like this is so embarassing, that the voice that came out asking for his name is unintentionally so brusque.

「H, hey, what's your name?」

To Iris question, that man answer is Namidare Rekka.

Prologue 03 -Harissa Hope-

Seventh Demon King Punitive Force that is organized to defeat revived several hundred years-old demon king, ended in a failure just like punitive force before it.

People, bow, magic, no matter how hard they smashed the barrier that concealed demon king castle behind it, they would soon be overrun by demon which is summoned from the demon realm.

Due to demon king army frequent infestion in various place, the power of the nation are decreasing rapidly, to the point of this country no longer have any remaining strength left to defeat the demon king.

For this very reason everyone are waiting anxiously.

For the handed down tradition of Hero's return.

「......T-t-t-then, right now I will commence the Boundary Cross Summoning Technique!」

With an absurdly excited voice, is declaration by female magician who wears robe, Harissa.

In front of her is the king and prime minister, and to their sides are reserved by other chief vassals and Higher-ups of Military.

After this in front of them, Harissa must be success in performing the great sorcery.

Traditional ritual that had been handed down in royal family --- that is the great sorcery of summoning hero from another dimension.

(A-a-a, absolutely must be a success......!)

Harissa with both hand had been holding a staff from the start, starting to pour green-colored magical power into the magic circle.

Here when the magic power had reached it's critical state, Hero from another world that is capable of defeating the demon lord will materialize --- or it supposed to be.

The tradition of royal family is not wrong, if there is something wrong, that would be the competency of Harrisa which is not sufficient.

Nevertheless, there is no room for any failure. Because the circumstances didn't allow Harissa for a failure.

However, if the tradition in itself is just a nonsense, then there is nothing that can be done.

(Auu~~ Gradually I can feel that it would not ended in a success~~~)

Gradually Harissa become timid. But the hand that had been pouring magical power didn't rest.

Eventually, Magic circle that had absorbed lots of magic power started to change it's radiance.

The flickering green colored flame of the magical power, turned into white light that dazzling the eyes, filling the throne room.

「Wha, what is happening!?」

「What have you done, Harissa Hope!」

「I, I'm just doing what is being instructed to me~」

Bellowing roar and complaint are flying around for about dozens of second.

Light which has released itself from the magic circle started to cease.

Aside from the people circling around there whose eyes are dazzled too much by the light, basically there is no change to the magic circle that had been shined like before, or any change to the state of the room.

The only change that happen is --- in the central of the magic circle, appeared a single young man.

「Eh? What? What happened? Where is this?」

With expressions of bewilderment floated in his face, he restlessly started to wander around.

The clothes that man wear, is one of mysterious kind that is never ever be seen anywhere in the entire continent.

From the place where all important figures are currently present , varied speculation and question marks are being exchanged.

「Foreigner?」 「Youngster?」 「Never seen him anywhere though?」 「From another world?」 「Summoned?」 「Succeed?」

Gradually everyone thought arrived at one conclusion, leading to one answer.

........................ 「Hero?」


The person who leap faster than anyone else is, the summoner who summon him herself, Harissa.

She rush over to the man who had been perplexed up until now, just like that with full force hugging him.

Consequently from Harissa round eyes are tears of joy, her expression become intoxicated from watching that man intently from up close. That man face feature are considerably ordinary, but reflected in that girl eyes are a young man with peerless handsome face.

「Eh? Wh, why are you crying?」

「Hero-sama! what thou dost called with?」

Interrupting the man voice, Harrisa asked with a voice like that of a maiden yearning for her prince in white horse.

Awed by the girl state, while overwhelmed he answered.

「It's Namidare Rekka by the way......hey, what is this place?」

Prologue 1 -Starting from today I am-

Today is my 16th birthday.

It also coincidentally to be the opening ceremony day of high-school.

I'm currently in the midst of the ceremony. 30 minutes has just passed since the start of the ceremony. Just like as in the middle school the ceremony is extremely boring, nevertheless on the surface I still keeps my appearance, my conduct is that of a very honest and diligent like student.

A girl with shoulder length blue hair appeared just a moment ago in front of the eyes of such me.

It's a girl with petite build and considerably childish face. wondering if she a first year, I looked a bit more to below her. wearing that of a Japanese Army uniform one would find in the textbook, without laughing she keeps staring at me--- while floating upside down in the air.

「Are you by any chance Namidare Rekka-sama?」

For unknown reason why does that girl know my name?


Who the hell is this kid? speaking of which, why is she floating?

I waved both of my arm meaninglessly in panic and then move over from my seat, the glasses guy who sit right beside me has a puzzled expression on his face. It appears only I can see and hear that girl.

「My official name is R. simply adding "-chan" is also okay you know?」

That girl started to introduce herself by her own accord. Moreover she is doubtfully being over-familiar.

I mean, hey let's be calm first. Me and you and general common sense.

Question, this girl --- R, what is she?

My hallucination? delusion? Or it can't be...... a ghost?

I don't want to see any of it, and being seen are also bothersome!

For one thing I might having a problem in my head, but this is still in the midle of school entrance ceremony. Even if it's unpleasant if I don't straighten up my back and putting up a serious face that would not do. Otherwise it would be too stand out.

I hate being in the center of attention. My favorite motto is "ordinary".

To be ordinary is really fine, it's peaceful.

There are many people who said it's boring, but those people really don't understand what being ordinary is.. Among people who live ordinarily, like devoting themselves to their hobby, or playing around with friends, such fun things like that are also included in them. Is there any person who said they don't want to play with a friend? If you're thinking about turning into weird person or doing something unusual, surely you would lose that important things.

In the end, to be ordinary is the best happiness thing.

「Excu-se me, can you hear me?」

And then, the existence that completely destoryed my important ordinariness, from some time ago had flutteringly waving her hand in front of my eyes but...

「O-i, Namidare-sama? Is my way of calling too stiff? Rekka-? still not good huh」

wait wait, suddenly calling me by my name, is already gentle enough. It's not I'm not listening to you bt ignoring you. that being said, why so friendly?

「Then, Shitty bug-, can you hear me-? answer me will ya?」

who you called shitty bug? what's with the sudden rank down. Did I do something? Or did you just wanted to call me a shitty bug? as if-!

No good. Hang on me......! If you yell that would be doing what she wanted to.

「A, there is nose hair coming out」, said R while pointing to my nose.

Eh? Really?

Reflexively I put my hand to the nose.

「Not right. but left, left.」

So it's left, left it is. If I don't do something to it secretly someone would seen......eh? There is nothing?

「It's a lie. You're being deceived」

「Are you picking for a fight!?」

「So you did hear me」

「......a」 busted.

「Hey, freshman student over there. Who do you having a quarrel with?」

Moreover the final blow. The gaze from principal and every students are focused on me, not to mention from other parents as well.

「N-no, nothing」

「Quickly sit back」


Their gaze is painful.Right now I just feel like to die from embarassment. Rather I want to die. My head feels boiling.

「Well, I already know that you can hear me from the moment you put your hand on the nose」

Don't try as if nothing happened, this damn brat......!

Unintentionally I want to yell again at her but frantically trying to hold myself in.

「To make sure it's safely success I'll go straight for a fast contact to the main problem, is that okay?」

Completely not okay, however if ignored again I don't know what she will do to me.

Is there a way for me to speak with her without making it conspicuos......n? That's right.

I take out mobile phone from my pocket, and then open up the mailscreen.


「What are you?」

After inputting the sentence, I make a gesture prompting R to see it.

She wrapped posture in the air changing her place, and peer at my hand.

「This is quite an old type of communication tool doesn't it」

old type? as far as it goes though, this is the newest that I got to replace my old one.

「But that's to be expected. I have come from the future after all」


「Just now, did you just say the future?」

「That's correct. I'm a person from the future」

From the future......seriously?

Putting aside my bewilderment, I barraged her with questions in succession.

「You cannot be seen other than me?」

「That's right. Only Rekka-san who can see me and touch me」

「I can touch you?」

「Yes. conversely I cannot talk or touch with other people nor thing except for Rekka-san. It's called semi-entity existence, would you like a difficult explanation?」


「I think it's okay if you don't type every 「......」」

Ignoring her retort to trivial things, I ask her the most essential question.

「What business does a person from the future have with me?」

「I have come to save the future. To change the messed up future caused by your [Namidare Bloodline]」

As I thought R didn't hesitate answering.

Messed up because of me?

I cannot imagine that me who is planning to live ordinarily, would somehow put an end to the world of the future.

However, I do happen to know just a little bit of something.

[Namidare Bloodline] --- regarding the [blood] that is flowing inside of me, I have heard about it from old man.

That event happened just yesterday.


The sound of cracker echoed in the evening of Namidare house.

「Happy birthday Rekka- Yahoo-!」

「Don't point the cracker to people. And don't say yahoo, old man」

「Buu-, Rekka-chan so bori-ng」

This idiot who is puffing his cheek not appropriate to his age is my old man, Namidare Jigen. regrettably he is a house-husband who fit wearing apron and lazy beard. Delicious aroma that wafting from the cooking on the dining table are also his works. Even the cake is handmade that honestly makes me think awesome. Though if possible I would like him to stop writing [Rekka-chan I love you] on the choco.

「Then, let's have eat」

「Mum still not home yet right?」

「Mama still busy to prepare for tomorrow. So she said it's fine to eat first.」

「Oh, okay」

About mother's preparation for tomorrow perhaps it's about her job transfer.

Mother is a skilled career woman that , at this time it looks like it's already decided she is to be promoted to main office overseas and accept it happily. And then there is old man who is dead worried about mother who unable to do house chores so he will accompany her abroad, however I wanted to remain in Japan because I'm comfortable here. Partly also because I wanted to try living alone. Fortunately, both of them acknowledge it.

Actually my birthday is tomorrow, but the reason for celebration to be today is because of reason above.

「Rekka-chan do you want to set up the candle on your cake?」

「There is no need」

It's because blowing the candle on birthday cake, is kind of childish.

That being said, congratulated on birthday by only your family is kind dull doesn't it-

「That reminds me, You're not inviting Satsuki this year?」

「Un. This year I have something important to talk to Rekka-chan, sorry but it's dismissed」


「Are~, is Rekka-chan lonely because there is no Satsuki-chan?」

「Nna!? It's not like that! It's just that every year we always celebrate it together, if there's no her next to me as usual, I just cannot settle down」

In addition since childhood we would celebrate it together for ten years. Obviously there would be uneasy feeling.


「Shut it-, stop that grinning. I'll punch you」

「All right, all right. Forgive me-」

Why does my old man would always be this frivolous. It's not like I hate my own old man, but for that part please be a little bit more adultlike.

But then again, the thing that came out from old man mouth about [something important thing], are somewhat makes me curious.

「So, what is this "important thing" you want to talk about?」

「U-n, that's right. Let's talk about it」

After putting parsley inside his mouth, Old man started to talk about this important thing.

「Actually there is something special with the blood that runs in the vein of male member of our Namidare household」

「Special blood?」

「Right, it's called as [Namidare Bloodline] though. When the male of Namidare household turn 16, their genetic make-up or characteristic, well they will become "that" is something which a little bit different from human」

「This the first time I hear about that...... that being said about the special blood that flows within, it almost looks like protagonist from manga or light novel」

「Rekka-chan is sharp huh-」

What surprised me is why does I'm being praised instead. What is that sharp?

「What I mean by [That special genetic make-up] is, Rekka-chan will turn into something similar to protagonist in manga and light novel」

「......You mean I'll be able to go into world of two-dimension?」

「I would love to go there once in a lifetime. However I would not be able to go back though」

「My head hurts......」

At this point of time, I concluded this as just another old man mischievous joke or idle gossip.

「So what is this [Bloodline] to be specific?」

After this my intention is to properly ignore this talk, I urge him to continue. In here not flat out interrupting a talk is a knack of keeping this house harmony.

「Even if you say in specific, explaining about it would be difficult nya-」

「Don't put -nya in the end of your sentence. It's gross」

「Gross and cute is what I aimed for. So, back to the talk...... that's right, manga or light novel are also good, but how about for example imagine it as [Story] of prince who is going to save the kidnapped princess by the devil king?」

Story] then will drag the male member of Namidare household. Well it's just a what if talk though, but the point of the [Story] is, we will be involved with event or inexplicable thing」

however] is in my head.

Even if for example it is true, if it's me than I will just run away and leave that [Story] be. [To be dragged], that means regarding that [Story], basically I would be burdened with anything that has nothing to do with me, right? If it is then, let me say that there is no obligation nor reason to do so. That being said, I don;t wnat that setting.

「Bothersome ain't it, our family lineage」

「Hahaha, Rekka-chan doesn't believe it at all huh」

「You mean about the nonsense talk just now? That being said even if that talk is real, then up until this time you not doing some service for the peace of the world would be weird right?」

Looking at Old man stuffing his cheek with a robust chicken wing no matter how do you look at it he's just a house-husband.

「There is differences between each person but, if you're looking to just the document of our great ancestor, it is said that once they turn into adult, they would not be involved in any [Story]」

「Actually you conveniently have arranged a good setting right-」

「you really don't have faith huh-. Well, that's fine」

Practically I cannot believe it about being involved in a [Story] ------ Old man then add something in the end.

「Well, for that reason Rekka-chan should get ready for tomorrow」

「Right, right」

Finally the idle gossip done huh.

Well, thinking that it would be bustling in my birthday is so-so in my opinion.

「Aa, that's right, there is something I forgot to tell you」

「There is still more?」

「Un. Because it's an important thing」

Suddenly old man put down his chopstick.

Wondering what kind of expression would floated, what lies after that is a surprisingly earnest and serious expression of old man staring at me, reflexively making me straighten my back.

「From now on I think Rekka-chan will go through very difficult things. We are in fact just a human being after all, not like a real hero who can solve just anything. It is okay to run when you feel your life is in a danger...... however, I hope you don't easily abandon the [Story] that you have involed with. Will you promise this to dad?」

This kind of serious expression from old man, it's been a long time since I last seen it.

It's when I was still a little boy ------ It's when I found a cat inside a cardboard box to be swept away by the increasing water of streaming river.

Taking of his clothes, in my amazement he jump in. After that the weak cat is carried to the veterinarian, after the cat is healthy we run here and there looking for someone who would adopt it. Old man from that time, in the eyes of the young me is like a real hero.

「Aa, I understand. I don't know if I'm fit to be a hero though」

Dunno if it is because remembering old man of that time, I just nodded.

What a strangely weird talk of [Bloodline], it should be just old man made-up fiction story though.

At that time, seemed like had finished packing of for tomorrow mum appeared in the dining room.

「Sorry for the wait-」

Even though her voice is that of a boy she is splendidly a beautiful woman, there are many that said she look younger 10 years than her actual age.

「Mama is so late-. The food will cry-. Eventhough I have cooking it wholeheartedly」

「It's because I have to pack Jigen-san share isn't it」

「Isn't it mama herself that said will pack my share」

「If entrusted to Jigen-san then the baggage wouldn't be sorted in one trunk」

「Hahaha-, sorry-」

Whenever mum start taking a seat the happy circle would start, Starting from tomorrow we will be living separately, therefore we talked alot of things. And then inside of me, the talk of [Namidare Bloodline] from before completely chased away to the corner of my head------.


------Why does the talk about [Blood] come out from R mouth instead?

「How do you know the talk about my [Bloodline] ?」

「Rekka-san is a very important figure of [All of War]. About your personal information, naturally it is arranged investigatively in complete information related to Lineage of Namidare household」

My privacy is non-existent huh. No, apart from that.

「What is [All of War] ?」

「Literally it is [The war involving everything]. I can't tell you all except one part」


「That is deeply related to my mission」

「about saving the future huh」

「It is. Last night you have received the explanation about [Namidare Bloodline] from your father, Namidare Jigen right?」

「I have」

「At this point, you should still be half-convinced about it. Nevertheless, now those information generally has a grain of truth that can be recognized so please listen to it」

R take the seiza posture in the air. Is that is done so the athsmosphere would turn serious?

「Regarding the future where I came from, Namidare Rekka actually involved in many [Story], and indeed saved many [Heroine]」

「What do you mean by [Heroine] ?」

「A princess from a certain kingdom, or an mysterious beautiful transfer student, or something like that. [Heroine] is an essential part in every [Story] right?」

Well if you put it like that, I guess that would be right

「By the way Rekka-san」


「You're presistently indecisive and awkward when it comes to girl right?」


What are you talking about so suddenly. Making me spat unintentionally. Ah, no, don't make a face like that Glasses-kun.

「W, well it's true that I can't make any girlfriend......but how is that supposed to be related?」

「Of course it is. Rekka-san of the future had saved [Heroine] as many as the stars in sky, however not once did you raised a flag with them ------ and then neglected all of them even after you die they start to be ticked off, the outbreak of great war concerning Rekka-san of the future called [All of War] started」


「I'm serious. If not then I would not be here right now, and the [All of War] would not happen」

「Wait a sec! I heard that once I've become an adult, I will not be involved anymore to any [Story] !?」

「Even If you are not involved in [Story] anymore, doesn't mean that every [Heroine] that you have saved would also disappear right? As a matter of fact, that include their feelings as well. Not considering up to that extent, your good fortune of being born as a male must have been used up」


「Like I said there is no need to type 「......」」

I'm shaken to the point of unable to think what to say anymore. Symphatize please, to my delicate commoner heart.

「No, that being said, why does that great war has to happen? Since it would be girls first war isn't it? In the first place why does it developed into war-scale?」

「Your thinking is too soft. The remaining documents stated that the number of [Heroine] and [Story] that Rekka-san saved climbed to several hundred. Like I said from before I cannot tell you the detail, but what are you saved are manga and light novel type of [Story]. Try to imagine it. Characters from various setting and world view that manga and light novel has, are gathering atop the same ring and start to fight each other, what would you think of that?」

「It's just a slight imagination but even if Earth has 10 lives there will be no trace to it」

「Well it started to become a little Apocalypse, right」

Of course. if we're talking about assumption that everything is related. If that is true...... I don't want to experience through that.

However, currently R is in front of me.

「Just in case I want to make sure that you're not some trick created by three-dimensional vision. Is it okay to touch you?」

「It's fine. Feel free to touch in any place you like.」

as been said, R nonchalantly stick out her chest. You mean touch there?

「Just handshake is fine」

「Indeed then」

Nigi nigi.

Certainly I can touch her. the thing about R who is cannot be seen and touch other than me, her voice who is cannot be heard other than me are true. Then the talks about [All of War] or [Namidare Bloodline] are also true......?

「My mission is for Rekka-san perfectly and have you be intimate with any of the [Heroine] so that the [All of War] would be prevented. Starting from now until the completion of the mission I will always be observing Rekka-san, let's quickly persuade someone to do it」

「Oi, what do you mean by persuading!」

Overwhelmed by R who indifferently blurting out such an outrageous thing, spontaneously again I let out my voice.

There is no need to say that the pain from the gaze of megane-kun, or of teacher doesn't mind me anymore.


With the exception of me making some shameful disturbance, the school entrance ceremony come to a close with no hindrance, after new freshman start to move to their class respectively where they get through with homeroom included with introduction session, just like that come home from school.

「By the way before you did say that the future me had already saved too much [Story] right? In other word if by any chance there is no way for me to die a worst death when I'm involved in weird event」

「Rekka-san is stupid huh」

R being disappointed let out a sigh towards the back of my head. By all means it looks like she designed to not be separated more than 5 meter from me, that wherever I go she would follow me by floating. What about at school or at toilet?

「I believe I did explained before that I came to change the future didn't I? With me just being in the past is enough to change the future. As stated in the history in the future, I no longer know if you will be able to resolve the encountered [Story]」

「Wait. Isn't that just saying that I have a considerable disadvantage in terms of information?」

「Well, in case of person from the future, Rekka-san is the perpetrator of the messy future, then that means you deserved to be called not the type of person to die carelessly?」

「......For some reason I feel like losing the motivation to try my best for all of you」

From this day as a 16 years old high-school student I will live alone......So, if I'm unable not to try my best for the sake of saving the future, there is too many needless options that I think of. The enhancement of tension to the new life before that is just falling down.

「That being said, Rekka-san really don't have any ambition huh in comparison to your name. Your face feature are also ordinary, the reason why everyone managed to be captured by you is completely below my comprehension」

「Don't say it」

R words sometimes are mixed with thorns. Is that just her personality or...

「As I thought about me, you too hate me to the point of thinking that I better be off dead huh?」

「Now, who knows? I'm just an artificial life-form that is merely created for the sake of the mission. I can say that I do hold the information about the world of future, however I don't have actual feeling」

「Artifial life-form, huh」

「By the way I'm 2 years old. If Rekka-san lay his hand on me, it is decided that you're a pedophilia」

「You mean a brat who hasn't came off of her diaper and acting inappropriately for her age」

「Such disrespect. My outward appearance may be in unpolished form like this, but inside the underwear is unexpectedly sexy. Do you want to see?」

「Don't want to」

But her true age is 2 huh. Is her lack of expression and lack of intonation tone are caused by that?

some part of R unbalanced attitude somehow could be understood.

「Oh? Rekka-san, what is that thing?」

After abruptly forced my head to look away, she pointed at front of small electric appliances shop in shopping district. what is displayed in showcase at the front of that electric appliances shop is large television arranged neatly. Just in time for the afternoon news to be broadcasted.

「That is a television」

「I already know that information. Not that, it's the subject that is being broadcasted」

「Nn? [A big lightning bold in xxx city, there are witnesses to the lightning that abruptly falling down on cloudless sky] is what was said」

「I also know that just from listening to the voice. By any chance, is that what is called as a news programme?」

「Eh, you mean that? ......well, you can call that as a news programme」

I did not expect that she would ask not the content of the programme but the genre of the programme.

「hee-, so it really is...... Rekka-san, please come closer」

As instructed, I move closer to the television. There R started to peek from the left and right of the television.

「Are there no television in the future?」

「How rude. There is. It's just that even if I do know what television is, in truth this is the first time I see it. Because it's unimportant to my mission」

「......I see」

Until some time ago R who is staring at the television with sparkling eyes, suddenly became similar to a children. I don't know much a thing about artificial intelligence, but surely somewhere inside there is something resembling a normal girl.

And yet R doesn't have any friend to play with or even does she have any experience of wanting to do something for her sake.

What's with that, is what I was thinking.

Up until now it is still hard to believe but even if it is me the perpetrator that mess with the future......Why does adult from the future, dispatched such a small child and fully entrusted her to the origin me? She did say she is created for that reason, but that is not normal. Or else the strange thing is, the future already become so distorted?

such thing as obtaining responsibilites from me who doesn't even know how or why about the future is not tempting.

However, for that very reason R is being sent back to the past, somehow it's because of my fault. In the end if there is no people who R can touch, or to talk to other than me ------ In case she needs help there would be no other than me ------ well, abandoning is out of the question right. She may have a sharp tongue, if I were to think of it as very cheeky children then that's just her charm.

「In my house there is also a television, when we get home you can watch it as much as you like. If it's some movies or some dorama, we can rent from the rental shop」

Up until know R who is sticking to the television screen, make a response to my words and slowly turn around.

「......Is that okay?」

R who tilted her small head is like always didn't have any expression on her face, and yet is it just my self-satisfaction that makes her looked happy?

Thinking let it be for now, I nodded my head.

「Since currently I'm living alone, for the celebration of that let's make it a petit party. But you cannot eat any pastry huh. Then for your share let's increase the number of DVD to rent」

For student who doesn't know any part-time jobs. I intend to say it as a considerably generous offer, however for some reason R is star~~ing at me with a doubtful look.

「I will say it in advance though, I'm not included in your capture target you know?」

That was the first since birthtime such foolishly reaction is being made, for me.

「Don't say such an useless thing. C'mon let's go」

Cracking jokes, I pulled R hand and continue walking.

The world of the future and so on and special bloodline and so on, lots of troublesome things keep piling up, but that's still a long way off. Right now apart from that thinking of what to do with suddenly appearing peculiar lodger that will be living together from now on, it appears to be the most important subject.

Well that's the meeting between me and R.
Although reluctantly, It's a moment where I unusually thrust one of my feet into.

......It's already been a long time since my head is soaked deep in a bog, but I decided not wanted to remember it anymore.

many of you may already read it, many may dont, this light novel already out in the form of manga , and one that is those interesting one, i hope there is a translator that could translate it....this is a teaser...i will post chapter 1 and 2 in the next post for more encouragement....
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

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Chapter 1 (thanks again to nagiamatsu) taken straight from his post, which seems to be from pastebin...bear with me...
Spoiler! :
1 Chapter One -Multiple Startline-
4 1 - 1 Calling my childhood friend by letter.
6 When I take out the newspaper that I forgot to pick up this morning in the mailbox, Inside is a letter slid in between.
8 「Eh?」
10 「Is something happened?」
12 「Nothing, it's just a letter addressed to me......wait, there is no stamp?」
14 Is the sender personally come to send the letter himself? Who in the world?
16 「E-mm, The sender is......? what, it's only Satsuki」
18 「Your acquintance?」
20 「Childhood friend. That being said, she also did not come to the entrance ceremony, what is she doing?」
22 Considering it's childhood friend whom I know well, her behaviour is rather baffling.
24 While playing around with the letter in my hand I go into the entranceway, then I take off my shoes.
26 「That person called Satsuki-san, is she like some delinquent girl skipping school entrance ceremony?」
28 「Nah, rather no way. In Middle school, among other things she become President of the Student Council」
30 「Hee-...... now that certainly is strange」
32 「You say strange as if in suggestive meaning?」
34 「I don't mean it like that you know」
36 Either way it's still bothering me......well first let's just do something with this letter.
38 When I entered the living room I throw my bag to the sofa and then open the envelope. From inside several dust from rubber eraser spilled over like a crumbs.
40 Carefully opening the folded paper, then what appeared is Satsuki's writing which I'm familiar with.
42 [To Namidare Rekka-sama
44 There is something Important I would like to discuss. Initially I thought of writing it in this letter, but, as I thought, I really want to talk everything about it personally. I will be waiting for the rest of the day today, at the place where both of us often played in the past.
46 From
47 Ootomo Satsuki]
49 The writing is lovely as always.
51 There is no trace of being erased in this letter yet there are eraser dusts inside the envelope, just how many letters had go wrong that makes her have to rewrite it? it's not like her usual punctual way at all.
53 「Considerably outlined content huh. The essential thing is not even written down」
55 Before I know it, R has already beside me taking a peek at my hand and commented about it.
57 「For that I'm about to find out by meeting her.」
59 「You're going out right now?」
61 「Since the letter said she will be waiting for the rest of the day. Unexpectedly she has a stubborn side to her, so if I really leave her alone she will really wait for 1 day full」
63 「But Rekka-san is also tired from school entrance ceremony right? Resting a little bit would......」
65 What's with her? suddenly blurted out worries about me......a.
67 「Don't tell me, you really looking forward to watching television that much?」
69 「......Particularly I believe I didn't say anything about that」
71 「Sorry but next time. I'll keep you company till I drop dead this weekend」
73 「Like I said you don't have to worry about that」
75 「Then don't fret」
77 「No one is booing you」
79 Even if she said that, as I thought she looked sullen.
81 Can't be helped, let's keep her company all nighter in the weekend.
83 While thinking about lineup of DVD I should rent, together with R, we goes out from the house.
85 ---------
87 Speaking of the place where me and Satsuki often played with in the past, It's the inoperative factory over the slightly elevated hill which could be reached by bicycle for approx 15 minutes.
89 Upon arriving I checked the time on the wristwatch, it's just right about time.
91 「......speaking of which what is the business Satsuki want to talk about?」
93 「wondering it just right now eh. I mean, hence we're going to ask about it, it's Rekka-san who said so himself isn't it」
95 「That's certainly true. But what I wonder is, that she want talk about why she skip the school entrance ceremony」
97 「Haa-, my goodness. Rekka-san really is thickheaded huh-」
99 「What is it, saying people thickheaded」
101 「A dullard is what I mean. A girl who is an intimate friend specially using letter to call a boy to the place where they have their memories, such like that, decisively there is only one answer that could be concluded from all of that ------ It's a confession」
103 「Ha?」
105 「Uwa-, what an impolite face you make there. In regards to such a reputed reasoning」
107 「Which one is a reputed reasoning you idiot」
109 There is no way something like that could happen between me and Satsuki.
111 「Me and her have been childhood friend for around 10 years you know? Almost like a family in fact」
113 「......Suddenly I can feel an anxiety rapidly increasing, I don't know whether I can finish my mission or not」
115 「Why? ......Well whatever, let's go」
117 After putting a lock on my bicycle, I head straight to the backdoor of the factory.
119 Actually since childhood I've always been prohibited from entering this worn-out factory, but there is only one place where the lock is broken down, which I've always been entering from.
121 Just as I thought, the lock still broken, after a long time I enter the place where I used to play when I was a child.
123 「The inside sure is dark」
125 「You also know the feeling of darkness huh?」
127 「My five senses is normal just like that of human」
129 「Hee-, I thought that your eyes would shine in the darkness」
131 「About that, I don't look like that at all, do I」
133 Well that's true.
135 For the time being, we waited for our eyes to grow accustomed to the darkness before we continue our way to the inner part. Where me and Satsuki play is always the inner spacious room, which must be accessed by walking through a dust-covered passageway. Maybe it's because I haven't come for a long time, while going through I noticed it's deteriorating since my childhood.
137 Even though my memories about that place are a bit fuzzy but I'm sure we finally managed to reach the objective which is the spacious room with no problem. Originally this is the factory belt conveyor where in this room lots of huge machinery are placed however everything had been demolished, after that, all that remained is a room used only as a gymnasium.
139 There is another passage to go to this room which is through the window, the sunlight that comes in from there is quite bright. Even with that this place is still dim, but having found a girl in the center of the room whose her back is directed toward here is enough.
141 「Satsuki」
143 Hearing my call, she responded with a slight twitch, she then turn around.
145 Wearing a plain everyday clothes, her flowing long straight black hair which is not bleached nor using any perm flowed down. You can say that she is a childhood friend who is not fond of cosmetics and poor at dressing stylishly, but I know that she secretly prided herself in her beautiful long hair which she tends to everyday.
147 Satsuki is like always, flashed a gentle smile at me.
149 「Good morning Rekka」
151 「Ou, morning......hey, it's already afternoon though? Why didn't you attend the school entrance ceremony...... aa, that's right, this year we're also in the same class」
153 「Is that so, like always, right」
155 「Can't think of somebody that would make it like this huh......that being said, since when have you been waiting?」
157 「Since morning」
159 「I knew it!」
161 See! If I leave her just like this, she will really wait for the entire day
163 「Sorry. This morning I forgot to check the inside of the mailbox」
165 「If you found it this morning, will you come right away?」
167 「Obviously」
169 「I see. Thank goodness」
171 「Ha?」
173 Oioi, that much is natural right. Why are you so relieved like that?
175 The athmosphere......kind of strange.
177 「So......about the talk, what is it?」
179 「Un......It might be an unbelievable talk but......actually, I'm......」
181 What is going to be said by Satsuki is cut short, she is strangely becoming too nervous. I don't know why.
183 R is just silent, there is no indication from her mouth which mean no comment.
185 And then, finally when she resolved herself to say something ------ The building vibrate violently.
187 「「「!?」」」
189 Everyone on that place simultaneously gulp, at the same time the windowspane around that place are shattered.
191 The vibration itself quickly ended, again the factory become silent. The dusts whirled up fairly high, but the ceiling does not seems to be falling off just yet......no, wait a sec.
193 「Seems like it's not an earthquake, just now.....huh, uwawawawa!」
195 When I realized it, I had embraced Satsuki closely to protect her head. Looks like my mind unsconciously try to cover her.
197 「Satsuki, you all right?」
199 For the time being, let's try to say something in this awkward situation.
201 There is no answer.
203 This is bad. I should have apologize instead for hugging so suddenly huh......that, secretly I take a look to examine Satsuki expression,
205 「......」
207 Even in the darkness, It is clearly visible enough to say that she had a pale face.
209 clattering with fear, yet her teeth did not make clamped.
211 「Oi, Satsuki? What's wrong?」
213 I clap Satsuki shoulder when...
215 「Can I have you not to touch that girl, boy?」
217 A clear voice like reading out loud speech from a script interrupt him.
219 When I turn my head around, a man with blonde hair and blue eyes stands there, wearing a high-class clothes, and putting on a mantle as if drenched in the color of wine and darkness.
221 It's like...... he has a unpleasant impression to him. That being said, since when did he appeared there.
223 Spontaneously I positioned Satsuki to be concealed behind my back, while glaring at the man.
225 「You, who are you?」
227 「You yourself, who are you? before I've come to greet her, I have properly studied this country civilization so I know. Before you ask for your enemy name, first you should give yours, right?」
229 「Namidare Rekka. I'm Satsuki childhood friend」
231 「hou......」
233 while nodding that man voice was as if he was in an act.
235 「Next is your turn right?」
237 「My my, quite hostile aren't you? I didn't even do anything though」
239 「It's because Satsuki are scared like this」
241 「Isn't it just her own accord to be scared. I don't want to do anything that would hurt her, maybe it's because she is my important bride?」
243 「Hah? What did you say?」
245 「Bride ------ like that. That girl will become the bride for I, Messiah Candystraps, for she is the single being that will bestow to me the almighty wisdom」
247 ......Half of what he said does not make any sense to me at all.
249 At that time, something falls down from above to that man shoulder as fallen apart fragment.
251 「......?」
253 A hole, in the ceiling?
255 On the ceiling of the factory that is made from concrete several newly cracks could be seen running, and in the center of it is a hole that is big enough for an adult to go through, slowly opening. The hole is just right above the man who called himself as Messiah, as if he's the one who had opened the hole, by jumping through there.
257 ......What an idiot. If poorly falling down from that place and suffered a serious injury, well sorry to say, that would be my condolences. In the first place, with no tool around, how in the hell did he made such a hole in the ceiling?
259 However this man who had just appeared like a string puppet or the wrong thinking of him as just unrelated buddy, are facts.
261 「......At least, he's not an ordinary guy huh」
263 What the hell is happening ------ when I thought about it, in my mind the talk from before suddenly resurfaced back.
265 [Namidare Bloodline].
267 It's like what old man and R said before, the special blood that flowed within me.
269 This and that thing is unrelated is just a wishful thinking.
271 「Well then, the introduction are also finished. would you please quietly step aside from there, boy」
273 「I refuse」
275 「Hou, why?」
277 「Don't make me repeat the same thing. You, you're scaring Satsuki. Why does Satsuki had to be your bride?」
279 「She is the one who is going to be my bride, it has nothing to do with you right?」
281 「Of course it has anything to do with me, you damn Itsuki. She is my childhood friend. Both of us know how many mole does each other has, you see? If you're going to make Satsuki happy than that's a different thing, however It doesn't look like that at all. If Satsuki refused and you're going to force yourself on him, then me protecting her is a natural thing to do」
283 「Rekka......」
285 Behind my back Satsuki muttered my name with a small voice. Her teeth are not clattering anymore.
287 「......Boy. You're such a nuisance」
289 Suu, like that Messiah thrust his index finger toward me.
291 「------ Messiah!」
293 Unexpectedly, Satsuki while trying to check the situation shout out that man name.
295 At the same time, an impact from the side assaulted my body.
297 Like that I was send flying horizontally in the air, crashing into the dirty wall of the factory.
299 「Gufuu!」
301 While feeling the blow on my back, the impact had forced out oxygen from my lung.
303 「Rekka!」
305 「Don't you dare move, Maiden of the Creation」
307 Satsuki who try to rush over to me is stopped by Messiah. Maiden of Creation?
309 「U......gu......so it really is not ordinary after all」
311 The back and half left of my body become dull from the pain, weird numbness start to spread to the rest of my body, and the muscles start to convulse.
313 I don't get it......what did he do?
315 「Oh oh my my, are you okay Rekka-san?」
317 「R......」
319 Come to think of it I did remember she cannot be separated more than 5 meter from me. When I was blown off, she also is pulled together with me huh.
321 「Oi, just what Messiah did to me?」
323 「From my perspective, there is program inside of me that treats all of [Heroine] with fairness. If I support any of them, the future will greatly change. As a matter of course, regarding [Story] too, I will not lend any hand」
325 「......that rejection to comply means, so this is what old man is saying about person who is involved into [Story]」
327 「Oh my, what a cunning way to collect an information. Rekka-san is stupid after all and yet unexpectedly stubborn...... Certainly according to the circumstances of my mission, whether Rekka-san is involved in a [Story] or not, I can make a distinction」
329 「Will you think about it then?」
331 「As long as it's not in the scope of affecting [Story Solution]」
333 It looks like I can't hope much help from R. If it goes like this, seems like I had to think the meaning of [Maiden of Creation].
335 But, what is that before? don't touch her, it feels like what devil king would say, no, that being said, perhaps, he is truly......a devil king?
337 If true than this really feels like in manga or light novel, old man. Suddenly a magic-user came out.
339 Using magic is a foul play right. There is no need for any explanation, isn't this a perfectly extraordinary event. Completely destroying each and every ordinary life that I treasure like you pleased......poking shit.
341 「Oya, you're going to stand up?」
343 「It's obvious I would stand again right. If not Satsuki is going to be assaulted」
345 To be honest all of my body are seriously tired, however with just will I move both arms and legs to stand out and support my body.
347 「Why I'm still standing up is something even I still don't understand, however if Satsuki is in danger, then there is no reason for me not to help」
349 「......hee-」
351 Not knowing if it's a shock, or if it's an amazement while listening to R sigh, one way or another I managed to get up.
353 「Oi, stand there. you son of a b*tch!」
355 At the time I stand up I pick up lying pipe, and with all of my strength throw it toward Messiah. However, just before it hit the magic-user, with a smack, something repel it away.
357 「Hou, quite durable aren't you」
359 Messiah who look over his shoulder, mutter praise with a tone as if praising an infant standing.
361 「Well that's supposed to be my line」
363 「It's because I've always had protection barrier on my entire body. Something like that will not hurt me」
365 「That's cheating too much......」
367 I may managed to crack a jokes, to be honest thought I don't have any composure at all. The other side must have found out too.
369 「Rekka!」
371 Shouting my name, Satsuki fling a something flat toward here.
373 When I see what I received, it's her mobile phone.
375 「Take it and run away! I'll be fine」
377 「Don't say such stupid thing!」
379 Is this phone is substitution for a memento? You who is bad at sport against Messiah who is a magic-user, there is no way you would be fine.
381 Messiah lower his laughter when he sees me and Satsuki arguing.
383 「As I thought you're trying to stand in my way obtaining her, you're being exceedingly nuisance existence aren't you. I'm planning not to take away your life, but just to be sure, let's remove you」
385 When Messiah slowly raise his hand over his head, the air suddenly tremble, crackling spark starts to zap. Before long the small spark growth into something called as a lightning, turning into wriggling snake that starts to dance in the air. Snake to Sphere of Lightning Serpent.
387 In addition not knowing what to say that is, how it grow in a blink of an eye. moreover to that extent in a blink of an eye, One person alone is being engulfed lightly in a light.
389 「Please rest assured that there will be no trace. There will be no one who will see your unsightly corpse」
391 「That's unnecesary consideration, oi......」
393 Though he is serious, so Messiah truly is a magic-user.
395 My instinct screamed to me to run. If asking whetherI'm scared or not, then of course I would say I'm scared. If swallowed by that I will certainly be dead. No matter what I will surely dead
397 But abandoning Satsuki to survive, in that case how am I supposed to live with head held high from now on......!
399 Controling my trembling leg, I stood my ground.
401 Good grief, [Namidare Bloodline] or whatever I don't know, suddenly confronting me with a test is too much you know.
403 Just when I'm complaining to the god ------ at that time,
405 「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」
407 What even more puzzling than the situation is that "something" is falling down.
411 1 - 2 Girl who is falling down from the sky.
413 That "something" is a large quantity of debris falling down in a big lump. seems like that because of the deterioriation, the ceiling become fragile and "something" drive through the rooftop. One of the 4 part of the ceiling collapse, most of the part are raining down to Messiah who is right below it. At the same time, the piled up dust on the floor all at once whirled up, the whole room is covered up with it that it creates several curtain of dust.
415 「Kuu! What is happening?」
417 Messiah angry voice could be heard from inside the curtain. Even after receiving a direct hit from the debris he still did not die huh......
419 However, this is the perfect chance to run!
421 Putting Satsuki phone into my pocket, and then immediately begin my action.
423 While the air is covered in dust, I move to where Satsuki was standing by relying on my intuition. The field of vision the worst that I can't even find 170cm girl, but somehow I managed to find a silhouette of a girl.
425 「This way! Let's make a run!」
427 「Eh?」
429 She looks like she wanted to say something, however listening to my hurried step is enough to make her run to the backdoor of the factory. while bumping here and there we managed to escape from the building, running down the hill at full speed without looking back.
431 「I will definitely protect you!」
433 I shouted those words to her while gasping for breath. Perhaps half of it is done to divert my terror. If I don't do that I wouldn't be able to run. On the way though I remembered about the bicycle, but there is no way to go back and pick it up now, furthermore I cannot stop my running legs.
435 For how long I will have to run in this trance.
437 While running, for several times I keep throwing words of encouragement towards her.
439 Because there is no one other than me who can give her peace of mind.
441 We had run to the place where we cannot even see the hill of the factory, before finally I had reached my limit.
443 「Ze------ze------」
445 Inside my mouth is sand. I need water.
447 For now, since Messiah didn't look like he is chasing, it appears we safely escapes.
449 At that time, [Satsuki] who had followed me obediently to this place,
451 「H, hey, what's your name?」
453 Talked to me with a voice that I don't recognize.
455 「Eh?」
457 Turning my head surprisingly, standing there is an entirely unknown girl holding my hand.
459 「heey, your name, n-a-m-e. tell me already」
461 「N......Namidare......Rekka」
463 「Namidare Rekka......Rekka huh」
465 For some reason the mysterious girl musing my name happily.
467 ......Wait a minute. Why things turn out like this?
469 Looking for help, I send a glance to R who is following me as usual.
471 「In the midst of the cloud Rekka-san took the wrong hand-」
473 Seriously? But where this girl is coming from......I see, it's when that "something" is falling down from the ceiling.
475 Come to think of it, before that "something" falls down, I think I hear a girl scream.
477 「......hey------hey? Hey, did you hear me?」
479 「eh? nope, what is it?」
481 「Geez! After I have especially giving you my name, hear it properly will you」
483 as she expressed her anger, her silver twintails that reached to the ground sways.
485 And then, placing her hand on her chest dressed in mysteriously designed fluttering dress, proudly throw out her chest.
487 「My name is Iris Pheneritas Psyfacor. The only daughter of President of [Auralia], the Supreme Council of planet Phenerita. The truth is, I make a contact with a native of this secluded planet who seems to not having a good social status, that's why think of it as a honor」
489 「eh? ah, sorry!」
491 「Geez! After I have especially giving you my name, hear it properly will you」
493 Noticed that I have been holding tightly to her hand, in a hurry I let go of her hand.
495 「stupid huh. I told you it's an honor, right. This time I'll specially forgive you」
497 However, Iris quickly rejoint our hand, showing me a smile.
499 Once again putting fairly bit of strength to the holding hand, this time it looks like there is no intention to let it go, by the way it hurts. But at the same time feeling the softness of girls hand, unconsciously making me nervous.
501 「W, why this time is special?」
503 「Isn't it Rekka who had saved me from my pursuer」
505 「......ha?」
507 What is she talking about?
509 「If going by the flow of the talk, doesn't that mean Iris-san are also being chased? And then in the middle of escaping, she stomped on the rooftop of the factory. That's where Rekka-san took her hand and run away together, you want to say that she made a misunderstanding of saving herself?」
511 R kindly gives explanation to me, who is breaking down from having a teething-fever face.
513 「We, well I'm......」
515 「Moreover, saying I'll definitely protect you, it's......kyaaa!!! I really never thought there would be a man who would say that lines~」
517 Iris placed her hand that didn't hold my hand on her cheek, bernding her body loseely back and forth while being embarassed. Looks like R guess are hit-on the mark.
519 「ha, hahaha」
521 There seems to be misunderstandings in many ways but, I can't seize the mood for correcting it.
523 Still, accidentally leaving Satsuki behind, if it comes to this I have to quickly get back to the factory.
525 When I thought of quickly brought her along due with this state in mind, Iris in other hand continued to being excited on her own.
527 「Un! It's decided! Rekka------I'm going to make you as my lover」
529 「Dafuqqqqq!?」
531 Isn't that in many ways just skipping the step too much!?
533 「If I bring a lover to papa, surely that stupid talk about getting married would have to be canceled. All right, if it's already been decided then let's immediately a go!」
535 The young lady who hastily decided the talks on her own accord, is taking out a mysterious item from inside the bag hanging on her shoulder. After opening the cover of that compact cosmetics design-like thing, several buttons are lined inside. Only one from the inside which she pressed with her slender fingertip.
537 And then, when I thought our surroundings become dark so suddenly, a flying object appeared just above our heads.
539 「U, U......!」
541 Instead of me who is unable to stand due to big shock, R just calmly commented on it.
543 When Iris pressed another button, this time a mysterious light from the alien spaceship fall toward us------ just like that, being sucked by the light, our bodies lifted up.
545 Is this Cattle Mutilations!? eh, moreover I just realized it when we floated in the air, but isn't that a tail sticking out from Iris bottom!? e, no way, it can't be that she's an Alien!?
547 「W, wait a sec-! My purpose here-!?」
549 「You said you definitely going to protect me, right-? Your role as my lover, will you please hold on to it?」
551 「In many ways that's too much of a misundertsanding-!」
553 My scream together with my body is swallowed into the spaceship.
555 ---------
557 「......nn」
559 「Oh, are you awake?」
561 Am I, losing consciousness? Since when I'm in an unknown room? for some reason it resembled that of a cockpit, after that is the dull silver colors of the ceiling and the bed, if else it's a small room with only two small windows. It looks like I'm sleeping in the bed.
563 「Geez really, you scared me you know. You earthling, sure is weak to the G change huh. After you lie down messily, while at it I have cleaned your body and your clothes」
565 Am I, losing consciousness? Since when I'm in an unknown room? for some reason it resembled that of a cockpit, after that is the dull silver colors of the ceiling and the bed, if else it's a small room with only two small windows. It looks like I'm sleeping in the bed.
567 Iris pleasant smile face, why it feels like close...... I mean, considering it's the bed I'm sleeping in why it feels like my head and my back feels surprisingly soft......?
569 「U, uwaa!」
571 「What-? Is my Lap pillow is that unpleasant?」
573 La, la, Lap pillow!? That legendary thing!?
575 While I can feel my face turning bright red, unintentionally my line of sight is drawn to Iris thights. On top of that exposed thights, my head is......uuh.
577 Reflexively in my eyes, her swaying pitter-patter tail is reflected on. Resembling like that of rustling horse hair, it's a tail that has the same color as her beautiful hair. Her appearance has that cute feels to it, but at the same time there is also that non-earthling like swaying proof.
579 「No, I mean where is this place!?」
581 retorted me at this late of time.
583 「This is Inside the spaceship」
585 「Is not what I mean! Where's this spaceship is currently!?」
587 Sticking to the spaceship's window, I confirm the stuation outside.
589 Outside the window is, seven-colored space streaming softly from ahead to the back.
591 「We're in, the space...?」
593 「It's the warp space. Right now we're heading to planet Phenerita. I think it's 3 hourse before we arrive there」
595 「Three hours!? That would be troubling! Please turn back to the Earth now!」
597 Satsuki is in danger. I have to save her right away!
599 「It's impossible」
601 However, the response is it's impossible to go back.
603 「Fundamentally the warp space is one-way traffic. Once in, until we arrive at the destination place we cannot get out from it. To go back, after we arrive there we have to resume the warp once again」
605 「No, no way......」
607 I lose my strength and dropped at that place.
609 「Wait a sec, what is it?」
611 It's not what is it! ......The feeling of wanting to shout back is very high, but I can't put any strength to my abdomen due to exhaustion.
613 In the first place, if I didn't mistake Satsuki for Iris at that time......haa.
615 Sighing would not help in any way. While praying for Satsuki safety I'll wait for the warp to finish, after that I'll have to ask Iris to return back.
617 But no matter how hurried we be, it would take at least 6 hours to return to Earth...... The future looks so bleak front ahead.
619 Looking at me like that, Iris started to expressed her anger again.
621 「Geez, get ahold of yourself already! If you make that kind of face then I would not be able to introduce you to Papa!」
623 「Ha? Papa? Introduction?」
625 「That's right. While Rekka and me pretending as a Lover, I will introduce you to Papa」
627 「......Why doing that kind of thing?」
629 「It's to make Papa give up in marrying me to Great King of Satamonia」
631 「Why?」
633 Being asked again in return, Iris put on a resentment on her face.
635 「Nobody told me that I have to be married! It's a one-sided marriage proposal from that disgustingly great king of planet Satamonia. And then, because Papa doesn't want to anger him, he told me to submit myself. It's for the sake of foul political marriage. uun, It's like I'm going to be sacrificed!」
637 「Nobody told me that I have to be married! It's a one-sided marriage proposal from that disgustingly great king of planet Satamonia. And then, because Papa doesn't want to anger him, he told me to submit myself. It's for the sake of foul political marriage. uun, It's like I'm going to be sacrificed!」
639 「Certainly it's a nasty talk but, that Satamonia Great king, is it really scary to anger him?」
641 「Very extremely. The Great Galaxy Union.....Rekka would not know huh. Well, It's like a space government. From each galaxies, 72 planets will be chosen to be the representatives of administration. By the way, my home planet Phenerita, is one of those 72 within the inner seat, but as expected it's because of politic that there are rank and faction」
643 「The planet where Satamonia Great King belong to, it must be very high ranking in within is what you say」
645 「Right. Weak headed and violent anarchist also the frontmost chief of Armed Faction. As result, lots of dark rumors did not cease to spread. For example dispatching troops to the remote region as he please, even hearing it already put me in a awful mood」
647 If that is true then this Satamonia Great King is the lowest Itsuki.
649 「Anyway, I don't want that! being married tothat kind of guy!」
651 「Uwaa!」
653 Why do you have to cling so close to me like that!?
655 「So - that's- why, I made Rekka as my lover, to make every~thing comes to nothing」
657 Her soft, coaxing voice makes my ear ticklish. Furthermore those soft twin mounds that touches my back are......Puddings! I disturb my train of thoughts.
659 「No wait, why me...」
661 「Because you will help me right? Besides, when Rekka pulled my hand tightly, you look a little bit cooler there. Even if it's just a fake to be my acting lover, It's special you know, special」
663 「I, I got it please let go......already」
665 「? Why?」
667 It seemed that she didn't placed it on purpose, as Iris tilted her head to the side with smile on her face.
669 But, please don't rub those soft mounds against my back like that!
671 Eh? What? Is there no other way for me to help prevent the political marriage by becoming Iris fake lover? Wait, but I have to save Satsuki who is being targeted by Messiah, I mean since some time ago, her bouncy bouncy are rubbing rubbing and......a-, I can't collect my thoughts-!
673 For now let's ask her to let go, if not there would be no time for thinking.
675 「Sorry to ask this. Is there anything to drink here? My throat is parched from before」
677 「Ah, Now that you mention it, we have run to a great extent. Wait here, I'll bring it for you」
679 After saying that Iris separated herself from me, passing through the sliding door and goes to the next room to take drinks.
681 「......Now, R」
683 「What is it?」
685 R who has been going along with the mood silently is answering while saluting.
687 「Let's have you answer one question」
689 「I don't mind. as long as it doesn't had anything to do with [Story Solution]」
691 「Then I'll be straight......Right now, whose [Story] does I'm involved with?」
693 「Of course It's Iris-san」
695 「Then what about Satsuki? Is she safe?」
697 「I cannot answer whether se is safe or not. However, even now Rekka-san is still involved with Satsuki-san [Story], thus if that's the question then the answer is yes」
699 Shit, so it really comes to this after all.
701 「So you mean I'm currently involved with Satsuki's and Iris's [Story] at [the same time]」
703 「Rekka-san sure is popular huh. Demanded a lot by many kind of [Story]」
705 「Don't say it lightly like that!」
707 Childhood friend and princess of space, have to save both at the same times is just too harsh!
709 「Well from my perspective, Rekka-san is being awkward and flustered to the company of the [Heroine], If a person able to properly react like that then I think it's a relieved thing to know」
711 Uh......If I think about it closely like lap pillow from before or when I'm being hugged, R has seen everything all of it.
713 「At any rate Rekka-san. Don't you think it's a little bit too flustered?」
715 「If it's things like that, any man would also react as much as I do!」
717 Seeing me frantically trying to justify it, R just responded with a "hee-" while smirking.
719 「Geez...... What do you think about Iris then?」
721 「I'm not into Yuri-ism you know?」
723 「That's not what I meant!」
725 「Just kidding. concerning her isn't it? now that you ask it, say yes to things she fond of, and then say no to things she dislike, she truly has a very frank personality is what I thought. She can also be said as selfish, childish. There also a little bit of spontaneity side to her.」
727 fumu, generally it's the same as my impression.
729 「Childish in a good way and also a bad way right?」
731 「But her body is not that of a child」
733 「Who cares!」
735 「However laying eyes on that breasts really help your curiosity right?」
737 「It's not like that!」
739 「However laying eyes on that breasts really help your curiosity right?」
741 Unintentionally the moment I let out rebuttal in a big voice, Iris had returned from the sliding door.
743 「What is not like what?」
745 「No, there's nothing!」
747 Since Iris cannot see R I have to gloss over it.
749 「Here. It's juice」
751 The orange liquid which she brought over, has the taste resembling that of a sport drink. It quickly spread to the throat, and in a blink of an eye the thirst is already quenched.
753 「In a way, it's really tasty」
755 「Is that so? I'm glad」
757 To my honest impression, Iris floated a smile on her face.
759 Frankly speaking I was charmed again.
761 「? Is there something?」
763 「No, there's nothing!」
765 「You have also said it earlier」
767 Kugh, although up until yesterday I have lived the life with no relationship to other girls with the exception of Satsuki and mum, suddenly the encounter rate rise too much! After all I don't have any immunities to this!
769 To me who is trying to hide my blushing face by gulping down the juice in one go, Iris move closely glued with one move. Her breasts touched my back again, almost making me spew out my juice.
771 「Hey, are you free?」
773 「Eh? ah, I'm free but, umm can you let go......」
775 I was going to escape by twisting my body in a casual manner, but the hand which is placed on my shoulder did not loosen one bit. Is People of Phenerita are far more stronger than people of Earth?
777 「Then I'm going to take you for a tour inside the ship. Rekka's planet------Earth wasn't it? there is not much of a technology over there. So I'm sure you will enjoy it」
779 「I got it. I got it already so please let go of it......」
781 For a short time, Iris did let me go however, slowly little by little she changed it by showing me around onboard the ship.
783 It looks like the only excessively robot-like structure is just the cockpit area, room other than that is coated in soft colors like pink, or milky white. half of things aboard are machinery that I don't know, but the rest half of it are just fancy goods that girls would take interest in. These kinds of hobby adn preferences are not that different from earthling.
785 And like that the last thing she showed me, is the small room at the end of the ship.
787 「This place is?」
789 「N-, you can say it's something close to a storage room-」
791 With the distinctive sound of door sliding over swiftly, we enter the inside of the room.
793 Just like the name implied, there are lots of things placed inside.
795 Almost everything is unknown to me even to their usage, but there are also several items which stir up my interest.
797 「This is?」
799 「It's a Warp Watch. It's called Compact Hyperspace Transfer Device」
801 「Hee-」
803 Just as Warp Watch name implies, it has the form of a normal wristwatch.
805 「Do you want to try equip it?」
807 「Is it okay?」
809 After I got the permission from Iris I put on the Warp Watch. The way to put it on is just the same as normal wristwatch.
811 N? If I use it then does that mean I can return to Earth......
813 「Hey, how do you use this Warp Watch」
815 「It's easy. If you press the side button the terminal will be displayed, then you just have to input the coordinate to where you want to be warped to」
817 「Coordinate?」
819 「The coordinate axis space between own point to the target point is what I'm talking about」
821 ..........................................I'm extremely bad at calculation though.
823 「Since it's compact, it's movement distance is limited to only several hundreds kilo. The mass that can be transferred are also around one to two person at most, plus hand luggage I guess」
825 In that case, either way I see, returning to Earth would be impossible.
827 I secretly let out a sigh, then shortly I pick up something similar to a gun.
829 「This one is?」
831 「......It's a Laser Gun.」
833 Just as I thought. It design is like that I have seen in SF movie. It's somewhat cool.
835 While I'm feeling a light excitement by the existence of the Laser Gun, Iris is angrily puffing her cheeks at my side. Did I do something bad?
837 「Err......for some reason you look like in a bad mood, is something on your mind?」
839 「......That, I hate it. It is made in Satamonia after all. But it's performance is excellent, it might be dangerous for use at uncivilized planet......」
841 「Aa, I see」
843 She really hates the Great King of Satamonia, huh.
845 Getting married to that kind of fellow, certainly it's pitiable.
847 But you know......if compared to Satsuki who currently is in a pinch, in the end no matter what, I feel that it's not a very urgent problem after all. At least if I don't do something about Messiah, I will not have any time to plunge into Iris problem.
849 「......」
851 I take out Satsuki cellphone from inside the pocket.
853 I don't want to take this as a memento.
855 I want to save my childhood friend first------just when I want to talk about it, suddenly green flames start to flare up inside the room.
857 「Uwaaa!?」
859 「Eh! What is this? Wha, Rekka!」
861 While backing down in surprised, Iris called out to my name.
863 「Wha, what the hell is this?」
865 In one moment, when I thought it's a flame......It's not hot?
867 The unidentified flame (?) steadily burst up until my body completely swallowed, furthermore it also swallows up R who is floating in the air.
869 「R!」
871 「Oh my- it looks very problematic indeed」
873 You're going to be carefree just like that huh! please be a little bit irritated like me!
875 Unknown what it's going to do, the green flames started to change into a white light.
877 Enormous quantity of light fill the room, I was then taken away into the world of bright light.
879 「Rekka-!」
881 Lastly Iris voice could be heard.
883 And then, together with the strange sensation of floating I passed through the boundary of "something".
887 1 - 3 Summoned to another world.
889 For a short while, I closed my eyes but, suddenly the feeling of light passed throug the eyelids die out, the strange sensation of floating also disappear.
891 That means, This strange phenomenon should have been ended right?
893 Timidly I open my eyelids------wondering how many times today that I have taste the sense of shock.
895 The scenery that is reflected in my eyes is, changed from the futuristic indoor of spaceship, to the ancient spacious room made of stone.
897 The room are filled with elegant ornaments everywhere, complete with very long carpet spread out. However, the floor I'm sitting in is the only one not covered with the carpet, sketched with geometrical pattern that I don't know what it's mean.
899 And then there are peoples like old man or uncle who is wearing clothes bearing the image of Middle-ages europe-ish style, surrounding and staring intently at me. What's with this situation?
901 「Who is that?」 「He is wearing clothes I never seen before」
903 「Is it a success?」 「You don't say!」
905 「But there isn't anything else. It's a success」 「But from what I see he's just a boy」
907 「Age has nothing to with being a Hero」 「Then he really is the Hero?」
909 「Hero......」 「Hero......」
911 Just what did they talk about whisperingly? Somewhat I can hear one word that often came out in game.
913 「Hero-sama!」
915 At that moment, together with the loudest voice there, one girl leaped in to my chest. her age must be around 13, or 14 at least. Her small body is covered entirely with the robe she wear, with a slightly dark gold hair rubbing and pushing herself to my chest with a force.
917 The clinging girl in a flash raised her face. Looking at her face, I was startled.
919 For some reason, she shed large drop of tears from her eyes.
921 「Eh? Wh, why are you crying?」
923 「Hero-sama! what thou dost called with?」
925 Interrupting my words, conversely she asked me. By listening it's an energetic voice.
927 Apparently she is not crying of sadness but rather crying of happiness. I feel relieved at once.
929 「It's Namidare Rekka by the way......hey, what is this place?」
931 Answering her question first, I asked her back.
933 「Namidare Rekka......The name of which Hero-sama is called is Rekka-sama!」
935 「I am......Hero?」
937 Hero? Is that tasty? I mean, like I said where is this!?
939 Like that, while being panicked I mercilessly shower question after question to reality.
941 「Your Highness! It is said that Hero-sama name is Namidare Rekka-sama!」
943 「Eh? Your Highness?」
945 Reflexively I turn around and followed the girl line of sight......there it is. Over there is a king who give a vibes of being a show-off sitting on an extremely magnificent throne. A crown, that is a must-have Item for a king.
947 「Oo, oo......It turns out that the Legend passed down in Royal family is a truth」
949 The king is somewhat deeply moved. I really cannot follow these talks. But I know that I have a bad premonition.
951 「It's a Hero coming from another world! Somehow we are given the chance to defeat the Demon King that threatened our Kingdom of Abraham!」
953 ......Ah, thank you very much for the finishing speech. I finally able to guess, what is going around here.
955 「I see. This time it's the [Story] about Hero and Demon King that you're involved with-」
957 It looks like that is the case. Even though I had enough with Magic-user and Alien, finally it seemed like that I've been transferred to another world. Give me a break.
959 「Well, keep at it」
961 While I struggling with the headache in my head, R manner who sit cross-legged in the air is somehow carefree. Regarding my troubles or something like that, she treats it like she is outside the mosquito net.
963 But, It looks like I cannot proceed to anywhere. Anyway there are at least not less than 100 people to surround me, with expressions of fright or delight floated in their face and then slowly......slowly......getting closer. With a poor mimicry, everyone has difficulty trying to embrace me like this girl. Among other things are uncle which resembled Muscled Daruma, seriously I want to be spared from that.
965 「Harissa. Is something happened to Hero-sama?」
967 Considering that I have been silent all this time, The king asked that question to the girl.
969 The girl------who is called Harissa----- who has been clinging to me is looking up here with upturned eyes. It was a pretty blue eyes.
971 「Hero-sama. If there is anything please just ask right away」
973 「By anything, you mean I can ask anything I want?」
975 「Yes!」
977 Then, there is only one desire that I want.
979 「I beg of you.....let me rest for a bit. Please」
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

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Chapter 2 (same guy)

Spoiler! :
Chapter 2 -I'm just a Level 1 Villager but I had to defeat the Demon King already?-

4 I don't know if my serious wish are heard or not, but they did lend me a very big parlor with canopied-bed.
6 I sit down with a thud on the bed and sighed to my heart content.
8 「Hero-sama! Is there any other request that you wish for?」
10 Contrasted with me who is like that, Harissa asked that question with so much energy.
12 「No, It's enough already. Would you please not let any people in for a while?」
14 「Understood!」
16 Energetically answering, Harissa went out to the corridor and deliver my words to the maids who are waiting there.
18 Looking at her back like that, I expressed my impression something like "how energetic~" slovenly like an old man.
20 「Do you like that sort of naive type of girl?」
22 「No comment」
24 Shoving aside R question, I reviewed my own situation......I hold my head.
26 [Magic user] [Alien] [People of Another world], dealing with any one of them is big trouble already and yet three at the same time! What can I do alone?
28 Including R who is [Person of Future] it's 4 but, since [All of War] is a future talk, it currently has nothing to do at all with these occurences. That alone is a relief.
30 「Aa—...... good grief, What should I do?」
32 「We have come to the another world. First let's resolve this [Story]」
34 「Like there is time. Even I wouldn't stick my head to another world problem. Even at this time, Satsuki is encountering a danger. If I don't quickly go back to the original world......」
36 Since I've been thrown out to this another world, the hand of wristwatch didn't increase it's speed one bit, 2 hours should have passed right now in Earth. Arriving at abandoned factory should be around 1 hour earlier, then that means it should have been about 1 hour since Messiah appeared before Satsuki.
38 Since Messiah wanted to make Satsuki his bride, there's no way Satsuki would be killed or be hurt, however....... If possible I have to return to the Original World quickly.
40 But, in regard to me who is in a hurry, for some reason R bend her head slightly to the side.
42 「By returning to the original world, you mean you're going to just let this world die?」
44 「It can't be helped after all, right? All I have is just this [Lineage], I don't have any special ability, there's no way I'm that special of an existence. I just can't help anything about that」
46 「Is that really okay?」, further asked R insistently.
48 「Perhaps you're condemning me?」
50 「It's not that. However, if Rekka-san abandon this [Story] then......」
52 Just when she wanted to continued to say something, Harissa had just come back from the corridor and the talk had to be interrupted.
54 「Hero-sama? Just now who did you talk to with?」
56 「Nope, isn't it just your imagination?」
58 「Then it must be my mishearing! Due to my excessive mishearing, there was a case when I was sleeping, I mistook grandma snore as a dragon warcry, then the village falls into a big chaos」
60 Is that something to be said energetically?
62 Harissa trotted to this way, and then sit at my side. Too, too close......
64 「Hero-sama! Is there something that I can do for you?」
66 「Nothing in particular though」
68 「No need to be reserved! Me, I was instructed by His Highness to aid Hero-sama. Anything is fine, all you need is just ask!」
70 「......then, can I have you to sit a little bit far away from me?」
72 「I'm, I'm sorry! I got excited so much that I get this close to Hero-sama! I, must be smelly right?」
74 Harissa whose face turned red, leapt aside a bit away from me.
76 「It's not like I told you to get away because of your smell so......」
78 「No, I understand! Since I'm a commoner, naturally this place is not for someone like me. That's why I must be reek of commoner! Like my armpits for example! Just from talking with Hero-sama, I, started to sweat!」
80 ......Probably this world doesn't have any deodorant spray, huh?
82 Leaving that aside, it looks like this girl——Harissa is the one who summoned me to this world.
84 「Say, I have something to request though」
86 「Yes! Hero-sama, what is it!」
88 with that sparkling eyes directed towards me, makes me hard to say it but......Can't be helped.
90 「Please return me back to my world」
92 「.....................Eh?」
94 Aah, the response really turns out like that.
96 「There's no way I would be able to defeat the Demon King. I'm not a Hero or something」
98 That's right, I'm just an ordinary person. If I say it in a game terms, I'm no different than mob-chara like villagers.
100 「......B, but but! You are called to this place by the Ritual handed down in Abraham Kingdom, you know? It is said that, together with the blinding light, the person who is appropriate to be a Hero will appear......」
102 「I'm sorry but, I merely just involved in all of this because of this cheap disposition of mine. Please find another Hero」
104 「That......that must be lies...」
106 「It's not a lie」
108 「No, it must be, lie......Rekka-sama is the Hero. It's decided that you're the Hero. If not then, I will be troubled」
110 「.........」
112 To be honest, it's painful to say it.
114 It just, I also have something to protect.
116 「Your situation had nothing to do with me. There is no time. Please return me to my original world!」
118 「Hii......!」
120 Unintentionally got caught up in my own emotion, I shouted at Harrisa who in turn catched her breath.
122 As if what was once a bright smile got cracked, tears started to well up in her eyes.
124 「~~~Earim・Nekram!」
126 While trembling she moved her lips, chanting something.
128 After that abruptly, Harissa figure disappeared in a flash.
130 「Huh? Harissa?」
132 Even if her form cannot be seen, only the pitter-patter sound of footsteps could be heard. Considering that despite there's no one, the door arbitrarily opened by itself, and just like that, the sound of footsteps went out toward the corridor.
134 「......Could it be she used magic to make herself transparent?」
136 「Who knows?」
138 With only her head showing on the floor while doing 「Fresh head~」 or something like that, R bluntly answered me.
140 With no way left I asked her.
142 「Do you know a method to go back to the original world?」
144 「Of course I can't answer that as well」
146 「Thought you say that......」
148 「I already heard it before but, do you really intended to return to the original world?」
150 「I already answered it before but, I intented to return to the original world as fast as possible」
152 What happened? R has been awfully persistent all this time.
154 「If I return, is something going to happen?」
156 「It's not like nothing will happened. If Rekka-san were to leave, this world will end」
158 Without hesitation, R said something unexpected.
160 「......Ended?」
162 「If you think about it normally you will soon understand」 continued R who is creeping out from the floor. 「A [Story abandoned by a Protagonist], things like that will only lead to nothing but destruction. Practically there are also one of your ancestors who abandoned a ruined country. So to speak, the people of Namidare is like a last hope to the [Story]」
164 There is no lie from that eyes under the military cap.
166 「......Old man never said anything like that though?」
168 「That's what we called as parental love. If abandoned that [Story] will end, If that were to be said, Rekka-san might do something rash. Just like what Rekka-san had said himself earlier, you yourself are just a normal human after all」
170 Certainly old man had said as not to abandon it.
172 In actuality, maybe what he had said is to save it no matter what. For example if he had said that......clearly the reason he cannot said that, as R had just saidit's because Old man is the parental type.
174 However, If I know that then what should I do?
176 In my hand I've only got the Laser Gun and Warp Watch I received from the spaceship, in my pocket there is only cellphone which I was told to keep from Satsuki. I also want to save the girls of the [Story] who own these things.
178 There are three girls, there are three [Story] as well——In other hand, there is only one protagonist which is me.
181 Can I really save anyone?
184 「Rekka-sa~n, in the end what will you do?」 asked R.
186 「Just as what was on my mind. It's your fault that I'm wavering right now」
188 「Apart from helping Rekka-san with the solution of [Story], to have you get a good relationship with [Heroine], no matter how long time will pass I will accomplish my mission」
190 「......Don't tell me you, above making me understand Old man true feelings and so on, talking of it fluently all are for your own convenience?」
192 「Of course」
194 「Don't joke with me~」
196 「umimimimi」
198 Venting my anger, I pulled R cheeks to it's limit.
200 Either way I have to make my decision. It's no use standing here thinking hesitantly.
202 Thinking of going to wander a little bit in the vicinity, I get up from the bed. Leaving behind the Laser Gun would be dangerous so I wear it on the belt.
204 「Where are you going?」
206 「Strolling」
208 「What about going back to your original world?」
210 「Postponed. I'll think about it while walking」
212 「Is that so」
214 Together with R who is following involuntarily we wander around about the inner part of the castle. Walking inside the corridor constructed from stone, for some reason it feels like I've become characters from some RPG game.
216 「......I feel I'm being stared excessively from some time ago」
218 「You don't say」
220 What I wear is just a senior high-school uniform, however, consequently on this world it's an unusual appearance, considerably quite stand out.
222 Because of that I've been stared at intently by various people, and I cannot concentrate to my deep thought.
224 「If it's like this, I guess it would be better to quietly stay in the room, huh?」
226 「No, the sole of feet has a stimulus effect to the brain, whenever you're in a dead-end of thinking, it's better to walk」
228 「Hee. You're quite knowledgeable」
230 「Ehen. At least I'm far more knowledgeable than Rekka-san」
232 At least please tell me if you're just being haughty or you're just abusing me.
234 「Oya? Something smells good isn't it?」
236 「N? you're right」
238 R is swimming unsteadily in the air, I too soon follow her.
240 And then we finally arrive at the room where the good smell wafting from.
242 「Apparently it looks like this is a kitchen」
244 「Rather are you hungry?」
246 「Nope. But since I have this sense of smell, I thought that it seemed delicious, like that」
248 「I see. I'm seriously really hungry though」
250 Now that I think of it, aside from bread for breakfast, I haven't eat anything today.
252 Thinking of having something to eat, I pass through the door and enter the kitchen.
254 「Uum~ excuse me」
256 「Yes? eh, uwaa! You startled me, isn't it Hero-sama himself.」
257 //This auntie here speaks in an dwarve'ish accent, but I'm not familiar much with that so I translate it normally, will redo it later.
259 Greeting me with high-tension, it looks like this auntie is the person in charge of the kitchen.
261 「Dear me, having Hero-sama come to this place really helps a lot. Finally our country's gonna be at peace again」
263 I'm not a Hero though......to decide whether I should be heading back or not, maybe I should listen for a bit of talk.
265 「I, have only just come here so I don't know much about this world, is it okay if I have you tell me more about this kingdom?」
267 「What, His Highness and Harrisa-chan hadn't told you anything? That's not good, when you're going to save us here. All right, if you're fine with me, I'll answer anything」
269 「Then, first, it's about the Demon King.....」
271 After that I heard about demon king and it's army from the auntie.
273 The continuously sealed demon king for several hundred years ago are resurrected two years earlier.
275 Demon King army summoned by the Demon King, started to appear everywhere around the country, to finish their violent act and send them back to the hell, the attack commencement from this side are taken, the battles had always been one-sided though.
277 On the contrary, except the Demon King, the defeated Demon King army are never to appeared again for the second time, however, the solitary island where the Demon King castle resided are enclosed by a very powerful barrier, preventing everyone from tresspassing.
279 「So far no matter how many punitive forces are send to smash the barrier, no matter what it won't smashed, as result we're on standstill, and in the end get kicked on our ass by the summoned Demon King army」
281 「If that barrier are that great, then it's no use even if I'm here wouldn't it?」
283 「Nah, it would be okay!」
285 「Why?」
287 「In the basement of this castle lies the sealed [The Hero's Sword] that can only be pulled out by the Hero」 said auntie with great excitement. 「It is said that within the [The Hero's Sword], dwells a mysterious power that can cut off any kind of magic. The barrier of Demon King will also be done in one shot」
289 I see. So that's the reason why people of this country rely so much to the Hero.
291 Auntie let out a grand sigh of relief.
293 「Thank goodness~. With this the kingdom will be saved, Harissa-chan will also be saved as well」
295 「?」
297 What does she mean by Harrissa [as well]?
299 When I was going to ask her about that thing, from the outside of the kitchen, a face of a man peeking in asking for a help transporting ingredients with a big voice.
301 「Upss, Have to do my job」
303 Auntie lowered her head apologetically to me.
305 「I'm really sorry but I have to go. If there is anything else you would like to hear, just ask Harissa-chan. That child must be in the Reference room」
307 「Reference room?」
309 「It's in the top floor of west tower」
311 「Understood. I'll check it later」
313 Actually because I had yelled at her it's kind of hard to see her face, still, I still have to make my decision, definitely I have to ask again once more. What auntie said before also bugged me.
315 「Thank you very much. Well then, it would be bad for me to further disturb your job......」
317 「Ah, please wait」
319 When I was going to leave, this time it's auntie who stopped me in my track.
321 「It's about Harissa-chan」
323 「?」
325 「I come from the same village as her, so I know a lot about her. Actually she is a timid child enlisted as a military magician. But it's because in time like this, she is recruited half-forcedly by the kingdom」
327 It's the first time I heard that Harissa is enlisted in military service, but, certainly she doesn't look like one.
329 「In any way Hero-sama, please be kind to that child」
331 Leaving only that words, auntie went outside the kitchen.
333 「......Let's go see Harissa」
335 As been told by auntie, me and R went toward the top floor of the west tower.
337 「Huff~, Huff~, how many steps does this stairway have?」
339 「It's 256 steps」
341 「I shouldn't have asked」
343 「It's pleasant for me to fly in the air」
345 She quickly dodged the chop I give to her, missing my target my hand falls to the floor instead.
347 While continuing that kind of conversational exchange, we finally arrived at the reference room.
349 「There's sounds coming out from inside?」
351 「It looks like to be a crying voice」
353 「Wonder if it's Harissa......」
355 「Seems like it」
357 It feels heavy......trying not to make any sound I opened the door stealthily.
359 Called precisely as a reference room, inside are lines of bookshelves containing books and scrolls, even on the floor are large number of piled bundled papers. It looks like if an earthquake happened, you would be buried alive in no time. Because of these mountain of books there are many blind spots, Harrisa figure could not be seen from the entrance of the door.
361 By relying on the source of the voice, I found the figure of a girl wearing a robe, curled up in the corner of the room crying.
363 「Harissa」
365 「Haa! .....He, Hero-sama! eeearim・Nekra......」
367 「Wait! please don't run」
369 I grabbed hold of her hand to stop Harissa while she trying to make herself transparent to run.
371 After that, Harissa frantically swing her grabbed hand.
373 「D, Dont! If Hero-sama touched my hand, you will get dirty」
374 //Harissa will sometimes speak in a dwarv'ish accent whenever she is excited or flustered, the same as above, I'll translate it normally.
376 Somewhat her way of speech is like that of auntie from before, isn't it? which reminds me she did say that they are from the same village. Rather that would be tha case here.
378 「No way that will happen, calm down」
380 「I won't! I'm, just by being hold on my hand by Hero-sama, my palms got really sweaty!」
382 Certainly it's a slowly getting sweaty, for now let's leave that aside.
384 When Harissa disagreeably continued to let go of her sticky hand, her face rapidly become redder.
386 「Pupupupushu~~~~!」
388 Before long something is overheating, and Harissa losing her strength falls down.
390 「Rekka-san, please demonstrate those forced action somewhere else」
392 For some reason R is complaining, but let's ignore it for now.
394 「Well then......」
396 After managed to catch Harissa, I continued to ask her about the talk with person-in-charge auntie from before.
398 「——Say I heard it before, but, what does "Harissa will be saved [as well]" means?」
400 「......I, actually was going to be sentenced to death」
402 In a moment, I catched my breath.
404 「W, why is that?」
406 「......I'm, tentatively is a magician specialized in summoning arts」
408 Bit by bit, Harissa started to speak.
410 「My summoning arts is summoning a spirit from the spirit world. However, Spirits are usually moody, so it depends on the summoner to actually command them. When failed, the spirits will go berserk, doing outrageous mischief and just like that went back」
412 「That's a mistake you wouldn't want to make, huh...」
414 「Yes. And yet, I made an outrageous mistake」
416 「When?」
418 「......It's when I participated in the Seventh Demon King Punitive Force」
420 「Geh!」
422 That's just nothing but what you would said as such timing.
424 「When I was going to intercept the demons summoned by the Demon King...... I, cannot control it......」
426 While speaking, Harissa's voice gradually turns into that of a tearful voice.
428 「The formation, was put in disorder......just like that, after they issued the Seventh Punitive Force to retreat...... I was to take the responsibility for annihilation of main formation, by death sentence......! ......but, there aren't any summoner left except for me.....and because of that, if I'm able to summon the Hero by means of Royal Family's Ritual, I will be given an amnesty by His Highness」
430 「I see」
432 That's why at that time, she said that she would be troubled if I'm not the Hero.
434 「...............But, It's alright already」
436 Suddenly, Harissa smiled as if she's going to be dead.
438 It's nothing but a resigned face......maybe it's suitable to call it that. This is the first time since I was born that I would see this way of smile.
440 My left chest suddenly gets really tight.
442 Itr's hard for me who had spend his life normally like a normal person to understand, however, I do understand if it's just the feelings of having a very tremendous despair, or else concerning the Demon King in this world, does everyone wear that kind of face? Therefore will I still not save Harissa and everyone else? Just because this world is already hopeless to begin with......?
444 「Someone like me, is a dullard anyway, a crybaby, the number one useless person in the village who cannot even do farm work......When I was told that I have a magical capabilities on my conscription tests, I was really happy, but in the end it was for naught」
446 Harissa covered her face in her covered by robe kneecap.
448 There is not one person in this world that would make that dark depressed face like her.
450 「At best I'm just a jinx to everyone else. well-liked by misfortune...... It's better, if I just died earlier......」
452 Having said that Harissa laughed. Wanted to be saved by anyone, wishing to understand that she laughed.
454 ......Wrong, it's not that. There's no way that would be the case.
456 There's no way there is people who would accept their death easily. Certainly Harissa reached out her hand. hoping to be saved, towards [Hero] who had come from another world, frantically reaching out her hand——and the one who shake it off, was me.
458 Neither Harissa wanted to died, nor that she's a enlightened hermit.
460 Don't want to be dead, of course wanted to be saved, that kind of ordinary girl.
462 That's why, I'm,
464 「That's not true」
466 Her hand which was once shaken off, this time are clasped tightly.
468 Harissa raised her face. that face which is disheveled by tears, stares back to my face.
470 「Do not call yourself well-liked by misfortune」
472 「Hero......-sama?」
474 「That's the same thing as saying it's normal to be like that——That kind of thing, who would endure that」
476 I like being ordinary. Love it. That's because it's the best happiness for me.
478 Nevertheless Harissa said the opposite thing to me.
480 Don't say that being unfortunate is normal.
482 There's no way......I would sit still.
484 「......Aaaaah~~~ darn it! Can't be helped then!」
486 Reflexively scratching my head, Harissa looked at that me with a flabbergasted looks on her face.
488 「Sorry, Satsuki. I'll be back right away, so please wait for me」
490 I apologized to Satsuki who is currently in earth.
492 I do understand that there's no time for a detour......But you know, there's no way.
494 None other than me that have to help this [Story], as well as this poor girl.
496 If that's the case...... going to save is just normal right?
498 「I will kill the Demon King」
501 ——————
504 Harissa had said that the first thing a Hero should do is to draw [The Hero's Sword], and then assembling companions at the bar. But unfortunately I don't have any spare time for that......
506 「B-b-b-but but! You're going to kill the Demon King just like this?」
508 「Like I care. After this I have to deal with a magic user and Great King of Space」
510 There's no time for that kind of tutorial game-like.
512 「Right now, it's two and a half, huh」
514 When I come to this world it's around one and a half. since it is said that it took three hours for Iris spaceship to finish it's warp, if possible I want to be back to the original world around that time.
516 「Uhm, Hero-sama. From some time ago you have staring intently at that thing, if I may ask what is that thing?」
518 「This? this is called a wristwatch, it can tell you which time is it right now」
520 「Hee~. What a convenient thing. Then, it's that also a wristwatch?」
522 Harissa pointed to the different wrist which is wrapped by a Warp Watch.
524 「This one is different. This is called a Warp Watch」
526 「Waapu wachi? What is that?」
528 「If a calculated coordinates is inputted, it will be able to move to the said place passing through airspace」
530 Well, I can't calculate the coordinates so I can't use it anyway though. If I can used this, then maybe I can go pass through the barrier and enter the Demon King castle in one go.
532 When I let out a sigh due to that regrettable thought, Harissa timidly raised her hand.
534 「If it's coordinates calculation, then I should be able to do it」
536 「Seriously!?」
538 「Y-yes. In Summoning arts, coordinates calculation is required after all to designate the summon position」
540 「Yesh! Then, with no delay can I have you to input the coordinates? The needed things are the axis point of the place we are right now and the coordinates of the Demon King castle」
542 Informing the main point, I hand over the Warp Watch to Harissa.
544 「Ehm, there should be a map of this continent in this room, I'll search it for a bit」
546 Having said that Harissa with a pitter-patter charged toward the mountain books of reference room.
548 「With this the transport is taken care of. The problem is, weapon」
550 Talking about the object then first the foremost [The Hero's Sword] floated through my mind.
552 「There this talk that it can cut off any kind of magic, however, can it be used to defeat the Demon King......?」
554 「Before that, have you ever taken a lesson in fencing before?」
556 「......ah」
558 That's right. Even if there is a weapon, if you cannot use it then there's no meaning to it. For example even if I wield [The Hero's Sword], since I'm an amateur then there's no way I will be able to use it.
560 If it's the usual Hero then he should be able to earn experiences point just by fighting a slime, steadily train his swordmanship repeatedly to challenge the Demon King, for me I just don't have the time to do that.
562 「How heart-wrenching......」
564 Then Harissa come back running with the same pitter-patter as she go before.
566 「Hero-sama~. Coordinates calculation, is finished~」
568 「Really? That's really fast」
570 「I've tried my best~. With this, you should be able to fly to the heart of the island, kyaa!?」
572 In the middle of talking, Harissa is tripped down by a falling document.
574 Promptly extended my hand, I caught hold of her body.
576 「You all right?」
578 「I-I-I-I'm fwine!」
580 For some reason, Harissa while being panicked separated her body from me.
582 Somehow her face is red......did she rammed her nose to my chest?
584 「Rekka-san, How is it?」
586 Said R who suddenly peered through other people face, and "what do you mean by how?" said my eyes back to her.
588 「I'm asking about the breast, AKA bust, or tits. Just now there's chance to feel it right?」
590 「I'm not feeling anything!」
592 Unintentionally raising my voice, I surprised Harissa who is near there.
594 「H, Hero-sama!?」
596 「Sorry, my bad. It's nothing」
598 Sh*t, since R cannot be seen by others she just said anything she please.
600 After cursing in my mind, I picked up the Warp Watch which is dropped by Harissa.
602 At that time——The crystal display of Warp Watch giving a reaction of light.
606 「Wa,wait a sec——」
608 What's this, did it just activated? Did the switch turned on from the shock of the fall?
610 Unfortunately, I didn't hear the method to cancel it from Iris. While the Time count continued to progress hastily, seems like there's no time to check it.
612 「This is not a joke! If it's like this then let's go!」
614 If let aside the Warp Watch will only warp by itself to the Demon King castle. And if it's like that, then there is no way to return to the original world before the day is over.
616 Deciding that it's all or nothing, I equipped the Warp Watch to my wrist.
618 Then, Harissa suddenly grasped that hand.
620 「I, I'll also go!」
622 「Idiot! Let go......!」
624 In a panic when I was going to shake her off, not making it in time, the count already went to [0].
629 ——————
632 The next moment, I arrived randomly at a cold place.
634 「U......uuh?」
636 My head feels dizzy. Is it the after-effect of the warp?
638 For now I'll check my surrounding. By touching the floor I know that it's the same as the stone constructed indoor of the royal castle, but, it's strangely dark. With lights only comes from the hanging torchlights, I can se that it's a spacious room with only nothing but walls illuminated by torch flames. There aren't any windows so that the sunlight cannot go through, the air is chilly as well...... what's with this defective building, call the architect here.
640 「Auu, where is this place?」
642 to my side is Harissa's voice, and the sluggish sound of scraping robe. Eventually, she did come along after all.
644 「Harissa! Why do you follow along?」
646 「Be-be-be-because! I can't just allow Hero-sama to go alone by himself!」
648 「Why? Isn't it for that very sake I was summoned here?」
650 「At first, it was true......But, after Hero-sama had said that our circumstances has nothing to do with you, I've always thought about it」
652 Gradually the eyes started to grow accustomed inside the darkness, I can feel that Harissa is casting her eyes down.
654 「What Hero-sama had said is plausible. This world, has nothing to do at all with Hero-sama who lived in another world. Nevertheless, to solve our own problem, we had to depend on to Hero-sama. From His Highness, Generals, everyone, and then me too, everyone are doing selfishly」
656 Harissa hugged her staff closely to her chest.
658 「But even so, Rekka-sama said he is going to go to fight for us. Even if it has nothing to do with you, for the sake of this world. Me who is only thinking about my ownself are ashamed......That's why at least, please let me fight together with you」
660 Harissa decision is so painful that it's passed along to me.
662 「Don't misunderstand me」
664 However, let me correct one thing.
666 「When I decided to defeat the Demon King, what was on my mind was for Harissa sake」
668 「F-f-f-for me!?」
670 「Obviously」
672 You're already pitiful enough, maybe it's too rude to say so I omit it.
674 「For my, sake......」
676 「? What's wrong, Harissa? Your face turning red, you know?」
678 Being able to know distinctly what happen inside the darkness, her cheeks are blushed.
680 「N-nothing-! There's nothing really is!」
682 「W, well of there's nothing then it's fine......」
684 Abruptly before long a strange voice could be heard......well let's put that aside.
686 「By the way, I don't want you to go through danger. I'll fight the Demon King by myself」
688 「B-b-b-but!」
690 「Seems like it's useless to say it. I'll lend you the Warp Watch, with this, quickly return to the castle」
692 「Don't want to! If I said I want to fight then I want to fight!」
694 It's useless. Somewhat her tone started to change into that of a spoiled brat throwing tantrum.
696 When I was wondering on how to persuade her,
698 「Oi......」
700 Suddenly, a third voice cutted in.
702 That low, heavy voice which trembles the entire room, are coming from the particularly dark inner part of the room.
704 「What are you two doing making an uproar in my lair......?」
706 In front of my eyes which already accustomed completely with the darkness, the owner of that voice could be seen clearly.
708 The first thing that came into vision is a giant bed which could let around 50 people to sleep there. From that every tip of it sprouted out tail like that of a log and wings like that of a sail of a large boat, moreover to counterbalance it's big frame. It has four solid limbs. sharps claw. Tough looking scales. Fangs. it's eyes glint red brightly inside the darkness. The crest like things prodding from that carnivorous lizard further increase it's atrocious looks. What kinds of creature that is, I've already seen it numerous time inside games.
710 「D, Dragon-!?」
712 「De-de-de-Demon King-!?」
714 Me and Harissa screamed simultaneously at the same time.
716 Dark green scaled dragon——The Demon King annoyedly narrowed it's eyes.
718 「What is the meaning of this......It's a decaying corpse, but it sure has a clean body isn't it?」
720 「T-t-that decaying corpse are one kind of d-d-d-demon」
722 Thank you for honestly explaining it, Harissa. But that's not what I want to know right now. What I want to know is, this situation.
724 As usual, I send my line of sight to R asking for an explanation. How many times today I have done this kind of exchange?
726 「The coordinates which Harissa-san had inputed is the central part of the island. If the central of the island is the same as the Demon King castle, then that means the pinpointed location is the Demon King lair isn't it?」
728 Ugaa! What's with that eye of a needle accuracy, wrong, bad luck.
730 「You have done it. It's a bullseye, as expected from Rekka-san」
732 「So noisy!」
734 Even if I yell at the carefree R the situation in it's entirety would not change for the better.
736 First let's stand to conceal Harissa location behind my back, confronting the Demon King directly. Chance of success? Nay!
738 The Demon King while scratching it's jaw with it's fat finger as big as me, tilted it's head in puzzlement.
740 「It looks like from some time ago that girl had called you Hero. But the barrier had not been destroyed......」
742 「Th, that's right! There's no way I'm a Hero right!」
744 Somehow I managed to go along with Demon King talk, it's head nodded in agreement.
746 「But even if you're not a Hero, what are you to be exact?」
748 「Who, who knows-?」
750 「I do not interested in foolish conversations」
752 「I, I was lost!」
754 「I said that I'm not interested」
756 Just by opening it's mouth the entire room tremble, and the floors made of stone creaks. to that very extent, it shows how overwhelming the Demon King presence was. I'll say it up front that I don't feel like I stand any chance.
758 Panicked on my face, I can't even produce any words. I can't thought of any clever lies to get past through this situation......! If things goes like this with no way out it will be a sudden game over.
760 No good. Calm down, me. Look for a breakthrough solution......!
762 Not holding anything, I rummaged through all part of my body.
764 And then, my finger pulled something that was worn on my belt......this is.
766 「U......understand. I'll say it honestly」
768 Mustering any courage that I had left, my resolution is determined.
770 「Hou, and what is it?」
772 The thing that I wore on my belt——I pulled the Laser Gun, and shoot it right away.
774 「Go to helllll!」
778 As consequences from being negligence, the Demon King directly received my extremely clumsy but very underhanded preemptive strike.
780 「Wha, wha, what the hell is this!?」
782 I mean, the laser is too big! Rather than a Laser Gun, isn't this is more like a Laser Cannon!
784 The stream of devastating light similar to a flash of flood swallowed down the upper body of the Demon King in one breath.
786 And then......after the intense light ceased, it drew a tunnel to the outside, turning the upper body of the Demon King into black cinder next to where the rest of it's body still remained.
788 ......W, well, it was a completely foul technique, but if the Demon King is defeated then the outcome is all right.
790 I was not fully satisfied, however as for Harissa, her eyes sparkling with a big excitement.
792 「A-a-a-amazing! Even though the Art of light magic should have been lost for more than several hundred years! As I thought, Rekka-sama is truly the legendary Hero-sama!」
794 「No, errm, I guess......」
796 It's not magic or something like that though...... guess there is no need for correcting that.
798 Rather than doing that, since the Demon King is defeated, it's better to quickly return. There are still many matters that have to be dealt with......
800 「Ku ku ku...... not bad at all, you」
802 At that time, for the second time the heavy low voice which shake the athmosphere echoed inside the room.
804 「The, The Demon King!?」
806 「Those humans thought of using the light magic in order to defeat me. I was surprised that the user still exist」
808 The Demon King voice could be heard clearly in my ears. That means, it's not a hallucination. The Demon King is still alive.
810 「However, this is not my true power yet」
812 At that moment, the remained lower part is pulsing greatly. At the same time the cindered upper part floated, adn from it a new upper half grow. It's atrocious glint shooting eyes multiplied into 4, all of it's pupil narrowed tightly. It's hands forked another two splits from the elbow down, it's forearm part and it's claws on it's hands multiplied twice. The color of it's scales glows golden brightly, shortly thereafter the scales of the lower part tears off in large drops, turning into the same color as the upper part.
814 「Oi, Harissa......the hell is that?」
816 「I-I-I-I don't know? The documents didn't describe a-a-a-any of this」
818 After answering, Harissa for the second time unable to stand up due to fear.
820 「During several hundred years of sealing, do you think I would pass the time in idleness?」
822 The Demon King who transformed into a golden dragon is laughing in a lower voice. It's pointy sharp fangs sticks out.
824 「In this second form, no longer will your attack works on me」
826 「Wha!? Seriously?」
828 If it's true then I have no way left. Despite the victory almost close even if just a fluke.
830 Looking at our flustered mind, the Demon King face crooked sadistically.
832 「In the last battle there are two things that could inflict pain on me. One is the light magic. And the other one was [The Hero's Sword] which could render any magic on this world ineffective. But when I ventured into the hint found from [The Hero's Sword], at the end of very long research I successfully obtained the same power as [The Hero's Sword]」
834 「N, no way, so that means!」
836 From my side, Harissa raised her voice in a desperation.
838 「T, that means......what does it mean!?」
840 Not understanding even one bit, at the same time I yelled as well.
842 The Demon King floated an increasingly cruel smile, niii......like that bares it's fangs.
844 「In other words, it means that in this second form the light magic from before will not apply to me」
846 「Uuuu......Such, thing......」
848 Harissa voice is trembling as if she is going to cry soon.
850 Magic will not have any effect——that means for a magician like her, no, probably for all humans on this planet, that's equivalent to losing the only method to oppose the Demon King.
852 However, I just 「Oya?」and tilted my head to the side.
854 「Now, you humans who's good at despairing. Prostrate yourself before the embodiment of ruin which you try to avo......」
856 「Ei」
858 Before the Demon King even finished it's speech, I pulled the trigger on the Laser Gun.
862 The Demon King turned into cinders and shrieked similarly like before. The room turned back into silence.
864 「......Just as I thought」
866 Confirming the reasoning that I just thought of, I nodded.
868 「Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?」
870 Late just one beat, Harissa screamed. How do I explain it, if I have to say it in my own words then it's more like a shocked face.
872 「W-w-w-w-what is happening here? W-w-why Hero-sama's light magic is effective to the Demon King?」
874 「S, stop shaking me. That just......」
876 When I was going to start explaining, once again the Demon King is resurrected.
878 This time the lower body turns into that of a Centaurus, it's limbs also grows into 4 long limbs. It's stature stretched twice, it's head merely just grow past through the ceiling of the lair.
880 「Brat! What in the world did you just do!? No magic should have any effect on me......」
882 「It's simple. This gun that I hold is not a magic, it's power of science」
884 To be exact, it's the science of alien though.
886 「S, science you say?」
888 「That's why you just drop dead already!」
892 It's already bothersome accompanying this Demon King in a dialogue. Not to mention the Demon King basis is just too long.
894 By the way the Demon King still resurrect back again and again.
896 「You listen to what people have to say- GYAAAAAAAAAAAA!」
902 ......So persistent.
904 「How many forms you will be able to transform into?」
906 「Watch your tone brat. The more I transform the more pwer up I will get. Nevertheless there remained only two forms left」
908 「If it's only two shots left then it's fine」
912 Like this, the Demon King with its whole body turned pitch black is defeated. Just like what It has said about being powered up, at the end, it's body didn't turned into cinders, in exchange it turned into dragone meat barbeque. Somewhat a good smell is wafting.
914 「「「......」」」
916 The cruel athmosphere of not being able to say anything fall upon us.
918 Well if we're talking about the legend of Hero from a certain inhabitants of a certain world, not in their wildest dream that they would think of defeating the Demon King equally in this way. But it's all right, isn't it? in the end the Demon King is defeated after all.
920 And then I learned one thing from this.
922 If for today I was "only" involved in this [Story], probably as a Hero I will just normally draw out [The Hero's Sword] and travel to defeat the Demon King. For sure I will go to the bar to gather companions, level up my swordsmanship and my magic skill by defeating generic monsters, and supposedly I will fight the Demon King.
924 However, if things did really turn out that way, the fight with the second form of Demon King which become immune to magic will be ridiculously hard for sure. But, I was involved in three [Story] at the same time. Which means for the common sense of one [Story]——The very said rules of that world——are not necessarily need to be adhered.
926 This might be a very useful information for resolving the [Story] of Satsuki and Iris. I'll surely drive this things inside my head firmly.
928 「......Now that I think about it, there is no need to saty in here any longer, let's quickly return to the castle」
930 「R, right......」
932 The supposedly formidable Demon King, was defeated with the incomprehensible power of science, resulted in Harissa nodding with an unsatisfied expression.
935 ——————
938 And then, we used the Warp Watch for the second time to go back to the reference room of Royal Castle, yet
940 「Then please immediately return me to the original world」
942 「You're going back already!?」
944 「Aa」
946 I've said it many times already that I don't have any time left to be at leisure.
948 To get me back to the original world, It appears that I have to be send back by the summoner who summoned me to Abraham——in other words by Harissa with the Summoning Arts. It's quite simple.
950 「Well then, please」
952 「......You really going to go back already?」
954 Well, Like I said before though......
956 Why is Harissa hesitating to send me back? After all the trouble of calling the Hero (And what I mean by that is me) to finally defeat the Demon King. All that left is to report to the King and then receiving acquittal, so even if there is no me it should be fine.
958 「Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......」
960 For some reason R too, while letting out the sound effect by herself, is staring at me fixatedly.
962 I, I don't know why.
964 For now, I'll try to persuade Harissa.
966 「Why I shouldn't be going back?」
968 「That's, um...............You haven't even report back to, His Highness......Since you really defeated the Demon King, then I think surely you will be rewarded. T, that's why, if Hero-sama did not appear then......」
970 「Nah, I did not defeat the Demon King fair and square, reward or else, I don't need it. And I really want to go back to the original world」
972 「......Is someone waiting for Hero-sama in the original world」
974 「Eh? well, yes」
976 I think Satsuki and Iris is waiting for me to save them.
978 「Is that so......」
980 Eh? Why Harissa is making such a sad face after hearing that?
982 「Jesus......」
984 For some reason R is writhing about in the air. That action is kind of similar to when Old man stiffened whenever he opened the mail cover.
986 「I understand. I'll return you back to the original world」
988 「Ooh, I'm counting on you」
990 「Before that, this......please accept this」
992 Having said that, Harissa handed a ring thoroughly woven in red string to me.
994 「Red Missanga?」
996 「This is a tool charged with a magic called as Red Thread. If you do it like this......」
998 Having said that, Harissa pulled out one line of string from the Red Thread, tying it to her own pinky.
1000 「This Red Thread hold the power to form a link between two people. With this, if Hero-sama strongly wishes while putting this Red Thread, anytime, you will be brought back by this string to Abraham」
1002 「Fu-n」
1004 So it's a one-way ticket to another world.
1006 「Why do you give this thing to me?」
1008 「In the end, despite going to defeat the Demon King, I didn't do anything at all. But, If after returning to the original world Hero-sama is troubled by something, for sure at that time I'll lend my strength」
1010 「Harissa already helped me a lot enough. So there's really no need to worry about that」
1012 「What are you saying!」
1014 To me who thoughtlessly laughed it off as something not to be worried about, Harissa shouted in a large voice.
1016 I realized that this is the first time I ever seen Harissa's angry face.
1018 「Hero-sama, you don't know how much gratitude I have to you! If you're not there, then I should already been executed. Standing-in for the miserable me, you fought the Demon King. No matter how many is returned it will never be enough to pay for it all, that kind of debt I'll take it」
1020 Pressed by Harissa angry look, I nodded at every moment.
1022 Letting out too big of a voice her tears came out as well, she then wiped her eyes.
1024 「If that time comes, please absolutely use this Red Thread. I will always lend you my strength」
1026 「......Understood. Thank you」
1028 As expected if she said it like this, it would be absurd to reject this Red Thread. Obediently accepting it, I said my thanks.
1030 Harissa draw the geometrical pattern of the magic circle on the floor of reference room. The meaning of what was drawn inside the pattern is mysterious to me, however, at least it's big enough of a circle for one person to stand in.
1032 「Compared to before, it's quite small, huh?」
1034 「Summoning by the Summoning Arts is very difficult, but sending them back is relatively simple」
1036 「Fu-n......so the most important thing of Summoning Arts is the summoning part」
1038 Having hearing that, I asked what I've been thinking all this time.
1040 「Harissa, you actually has a very great capabilities as a magician isn't it?」
1042 「Eh? I-I-I, I'm not like that at all. I'm a dunce magician after all......」
1044 「You sure? but you've performed that Ritual of Royal Family, using that kind of magic to call me to this world must be a terribly difficult thing, right?」
1046 「Err, that is well......」
1048 「Hey. Maybe, Harissa has a prominent ability in summoning Spirits or anything like that. To get the summoned spirits to obey you, the requirement is just shout and spirit right? I don't know but......that's why, I think what Harissa lacks is just a self-confidence」
1050 「Self, confidence?」
1052 「That's right. How should I say it, since you're the sole magician in the party of Hero to defeat the Demon King. From now on have more confidence in yourself, things like yourself being a dunce, don't give up like that」
1054 U-n, why does I spontaneusly wanted to speak like I'm giving a preach?
1056 Thinking about it in that way, I understand that it's the truth that I had conveyed what I really think.
1058 The real reason why I decided to defeat the Demon King, that is because I wanted to have the will to fight that she have. Before giving up and thinking that everything must be caused by misfortune, you have to believe in your heart that you're figthing so that you yourself will be happy——If you have just that, then you wouldn't have to pass your normal life negatively.
1060 From now on, Harissa will wish to hold on to happiness without giving up......like that maybe I'm just showing off too much? Well because soon I wouldn't be able to see her anymore. A little bit embarrassing speech as a parting gift is okay I think.
1062 The magic circle is engulfed with light——as it is, just before I was sent back,
1064 「......If there is another chance, let us meet again. My dear Hero」
1066 Is, what I feel Harissa is saying mutteringly.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby ghost013 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:34 pm

I fully support this project. I can't read Japanese, but anything else that doesn't require a knowledge of japanese, I'm willing to help.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby Litisun » Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:00 am


I am just starting to learn the language, so I cannot translate the novel.

I can proofread and would be willing to support the project in that manner.

I also cannot find any evidence of this being licensed for English translation.
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Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?

Postby BakaGrappler » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:14 pm

I'd like to suggest this series of Light Novels for Translation.

Ore ga Heroine wo Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?
AKA: Our Heroine is Saved So Much that the World Becomes a Little Apocalypse!?

The plot synopsis is that there is the family line of Namidare, who are destined to be... the stand-in heroes of history.

Yeah, not very exciting a description, but that makes their lot all the more troublesome and complex. Being the stand-in hero means that should there be a story going on in the multi-verse, the universe, or around the corner at the grocery store that is in need of a Main-Character/Hero to swoop in and save the day, Namidare Rekka, the only currently active Namidare will have his peaceful(?) daily life interrupted in order for him to be forcibly put into the role of hero and savior to bring that story to a positive conclusion. And if he does nothing, then the story has no hero and the villains win and the heroines suffer.

Unfortunately, Namidare Rekka is TOO good at being the leading man, and unconsciously causes the Heroines to unfailingly fall in love with him. So much so that a Time Traveling Mascot entity comes back from the future to warn him that if he just chickens out on choosing one girl to be his love interest right away, the number of love interests will skyrocket, and they will spark off a world wide war for the possession of Rekka that will turn Earth into an apocalyptic wasteland, causing the "Stand-In Hero" Namidare Rekka to be the most reviled and destructive man in the history of the planet, and the time traveler that only Rekka can see is charged with trying to avoid that fate for humanity. The Mascot-like time traveler does this by constantly mocking Rekka, and trying to get him to choose a bride at the age of 16 years old... or to just take in all the heroines and form a massive Harem.

The story lines are intertwined as multiple "Save the Heroine" stories are going on at once, and our regular guy hero saves the day by overlapping the plotlines to use one to cancel out the other, and is thus an excise in turning old tropes on their heads and then smashing them into one another in a form of controlled chaos and exploiting loopholes in the plot structures.

BUT the manga ends at about the end of the second Light Novel, which means that if the novels themselves are not translated we will never see a continuation of the story. I do hope this project catches the eye of a skilled Translator, because even though this series seems to be light on fan service than some of the other titles on BakaTsuki, it is filled with intelligent and entertaining writing.

At this point, there appear to be about 23 love rivals vying to take the leading man for themselves, with more to come in the future. The story is completely batty, and I would love to read it in Print to completion.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby imercenary » Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:39 pm

First post!

But I came here looking to see if there was any work done on the light novels. I'd like to read the light novels in their full, but the lack of existing work for it already makes me wonder: is there no interest in the series or are the light novels simply not good?

If its the latter, less said, the better.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby RikiNutcase » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:12 am

Get rid of the raw links. it's against the rules
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby cautr » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:45 am

The batoto link? Well, I'll remove it just for the heck of it.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby BakaGrappler » Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:33 am

Now, see, when I read the rules of submission, I thought I had read that as the submitter of a project request it was preferred that I do some leg work and locate RAWs for translators to find/use. Sorry for doing ti wrong, but I really was working to try and do it right.

So links are absolutely outlawed, then? Anyway, if a translator is looking for info on finding the RAWs I can supply it to them. And I really do hope a Translator takes an interest in this work. Thanks for reading this thread so far.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby KuroiHikari » Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:00 am

Topics merged.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby BakaGrappler » Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:36 pm

You know, looking at this, we have the prologue, chapter one, and chapter 2 translated and sitting here (what with the combining of threads).

Any chance we can make a Teaser Project out of them? Madan no Ou to Vanadis started as one and now it's one of the top 20 on the site, so it's not impossible a Translator would be attracted by the creation of a Teaser Project.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby Shuiko » Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:45 am

hmmm did this not get looked over? sadface all around.
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby RikiNutcase » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:39 pm

There is a poll for this in face book b-T soo.. go vote
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Re: Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushirok

Postby Darklor » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:03 pm

BakaGrappler wrote:You know, looking at this, we have the prologue, chapter one, and chapter 2 translated and sitting here (what with the combining of threads).

Any chance we can make a Teaser Project out of them? Madan no Ou to Vanadis started as one and now it's one of the top 20 on the site, so it's not impossible a Translator would be attracted by the creation of a Teaser Project.

The problem could have been, that Whitecloud wasnt the translator of the stuff posted...
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