Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby stellarroze » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:18 am

Zephyrus wrote:I'm always lurking, even though I may not have the time to translate.
May translate more of this when I'm free.

Long time no see and thanks for the translation you done. :D I'll create the teaser page~
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby chancs » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:20 pm

I added the series overview yesterday from Amazon but was not able to find anything about the 9th volume. Is it there? :?

Oh :o I aslo found out that there is a manga for this currently scanlated by village idiots. :D
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby stellarroze » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:47 pm

chancs wrote:I added the series overview yesterday from Amazon but was not able to find anything about the 9th volume. Is it there? :?

Oh :o I aslo found out that there is a manga for this currently scanlated by village idiots. :D

The ninth volume is a short story collection. Here's the Amazon link - . :D
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby Zephyrus » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:57 am

Spoiler! :
The object that looked suspiciously like a chikuwa lied down on the floor without moving.

That might be a low battery electronic co- (barely managed to omit this successfully before saying it out). Well, even though I said omitted some stuff, it seemed like the word count increased dramatically. Even though it wasn’t like I never thought of that before, from my grades in linguistics, such an assentation was already the limit for me. After all, I wrote down ‘the author’s action of self-consolation’ when I was asked to answer the question ‘Condense the main idea of the text into a summary of a hundred words’, and I was the first person to earn a tick that summer. <ref>Ticks are used to mark errors in Japan when the teachers read the paper.</ref> It was a beautiful V with force that pierced through the paper.

“Okay….. It isn’t too messy inside, so please enter. I specially gave the place a clean over yesterday, but it isn’t too big, so please bear with me.”

Aunt Meme waved at me with exaggerated movements as I stood blankly at the entrance. However, my feet were guarded against the object that looked like a trap by the house owner’s feet, and were unwilling to move. The brimming anticipation of the country bumpkin who came to the city dropped continually, and as it dropped, the sense that something was about to break from its shell could be felt.

Most of the upper torso of the object, from the arm to the head, was wrapped in a feather futon blanket, lying unabashedly on the floor. The futon was tied up with a clothesline, while the remaining parts of the body was exposed like burdock in chikuwa. No, this definitely isn’t a normal situation, without a doubt. By the way, the futon was decorated with pictures of calamus. It seems like he knows what he’s fighting against after all! <ref>Calamus is pronounced the same way as fight in Japanese (shoubu).</ref>

The person in the futon blanket should have his field of vision completely obscured. The futon was his whole world. Of course, I did not have any way of seeing his face. His state of not moving seemed to have reached the extent of furniture.

But after a closer look, I could see the small, slender toes moving slightly. A girl…… huh? I noticed a shirt’s hem and a skirt on that person. It seemed like it was a living organism.

Her overall figure was slender that it was overboard. Even if one jokingly gave her a kick, that person would probably be charged with heavy assault.

“Hmm~?” Aunt Meme tilted her head slightly, very deliberately maintaining a cute appearance. Under the influence of her ambiguous smile, a convulsing smile couldn’t help but surface on my face as well.

“Geeeeee, why are you being so modest with me? Acting so unfriendly isn’t good, you know!”

She suddenly said. By the way, those words came with a free wink as well. Dry eye laser attack! Her action that concealed magic seemed to make such a phrase surface in thin air.

“……………………………… Eheha!”

“Oh, doesn’t it suit me?” She asked in fake innocence, without a shred of embarrassment.

“No…… Um……” But if it’s fifteen years before, I probably would have been hooked!

“That’s fine. My aim is to become a character with contrast as my moe selling point. Do you know what is ‘moe’?”

“To have a healthy high school life, I don’t want to know.”

“Say, a person who’s like ‘even though she’s an aunt, she can defeat Rikidouzan<ref>Father of sumo wrestling</ref> empty-handedly!’.”

“That’s not right!” As I did a tsukkomi, I felt that I really was regretful. “So what if you lock on to such a rare attribute…… Isn’t this just like a professional baseballer only wanting to execute ''makyuus''<ref>A killer technique in baseball</ref>?”

The odds would definitely be terribly low. If so, he would definitely be fired, putting an end to his dreams.

Now that things already came to this, I pretended not to see the object wrapped in a futon as well. “Wow, what a '''beautiful house'''<ref>Makoto pronounced this in English in the original text. After this, words in English will be bolded</ref>.” While exclaiming energetically, I walked through the wooden corridor. “Wow, what '''exotic glass''' windows!” I extended my hands to touch it.

The glass faintly reflected my facial features. My eyelids looked rather heavy.

“Your room is on the first floor. You’ll see two rooms after going upstairs, yours is the nearer one.”

“Understood.” I looked back at the entrance while listening at the same time. Object X was still lying there without moving. If she was just a relative who wanted to be funny by ambushing me at the entrance while wearing that sort of fifth-rate costume, it was more plausible for her to give chase due to being ignored, but there wasn’t any such reaction at all. Speaking of which, my parents did tell me that Aunt Meme is living alone. What’s happening here?

Due to various reasons and circumstances, the seeds of ''Seishun'' Points that I am trying to cultivate with the living conditions might actually lose its light.

“Just tell me if there’s anything bothering you.”

Can I really say it? I want to omit the honorifics and speak on in a rapid-fire manner!

“No, I’m already happy that I’m able to stay here.”

I forced through by giving a bright, polite answer, as though hiding the commotion in my heart.

In the end, I walked upstairs in a vague manner, not even glancing backwards.

A bad premonition extended from the entrance like a shadow, wrapping itself on myself.

After that, I slept for about two hours in the room with a pile of unopened boxes.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t mindful of the futon girl, who was like an asparagus bacon roll, but after deciding not to care about it, the confrontational spirit of ‘I want to lie in blankets as well!’ burned in me as well, and I sank into dreamland.

The process and results weren’t particularly wrong. I just feel somewhat sorrowful about this.

The degree of discomfort of the bed (just slightly softer wood at the current stage) and my degree of queasiness was directly proportional— extremely terrible. The repeated light sleep even caused a headache. When I walked back to the ground floor while lazily wiping away the cold sweat on my forehead, dinner was just served.

…… However, something else seemed to be well prepared as well.

“I’ve showed my skills today!” The thirty-nine year old female pranced before the plethora of dishes.

“…… Wow.” I sneaked a peek at my right.

“After all, from tomorrow onwards, we won’t have many opportunities to have dinner together. Makoto-kun, can you cook?”

“Um, I do know a little of those dishes that won’t need the use of the knife……” Cold sweat trickled down.

“Ahaha, as expected of a boy.”

She clapped her hands twice. Although the reason was unknown, my answer seemed to contain elements of her fancy.

“Why are you keep looking around? Are you feeling mindful of something?” Might you perhaps be Buddha, as you are so unmindful? How many times of enlightenment and repeated molting would one have to go through to be able to be so indifferent to the world to this extent? Such a person won’t be able to live in reality anymore!

The futon just now turned from horizontal to vertical, while the exposed carbohydrates knelt by the dining table in a posture for females.

“ShouldntIseeitshouldn’tIseeit? There’s something on the right making me feel troubled about this question.”

“It seems that the so-called spirits are supposed to always appear on the right!”

“I don’t want to have the topic of the borderlines of science and supernatural as a side dish for dinner…… I get it now. I’m not good at going in circles, so let me go straight to the point.”

“Ah, you’re proposing already?”

“Who’s talking about bulbs of hyacinths<ref>The Japanese pronunciation of bulbs and proposing is the same.</ref>!”

I raged deliberately, forcibly changing the words. I wasn’t called here just to become a son-in-law, was I? I flung away my slight doubts and released my legs that were in a seiza:

“Aunt, you lied to me.”

I rudely spoke while pointing at my elder with my index finger. Is it possible that I was deceived? Flames of fury blazed on in my heart, as though I was a college student introduced to a condominium with two rooms and a living room with a rent of only thirty seven thousand yen by a real estate agency, but realized when I happily went to look at the condominium that the location was as desolate as a cliff, causing me to prioritize a rude attitude.

Aunt Meme placed the chopsticks that she just picked up back on the chopstick stand, changed the usage of her facial muscles and gave a smile:

“Lie? ‘Makoto-kun exposes a lie’, that sounds quite cool!”

“Ah, indeed.” The atmosphere almost grew harmonious once again. The role of a detective might actually be suitable for me…… Wait.

“Aunt, you are not living alone.”

“Wha- Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” Her expression of shock was extremely superficial.

“What is the meaning of this? Even though I’m hungry, I’m so annoyed that it somewhat exceeded my limits.”

“Oh, you are just having the results of effort that is so strong that it almost caused a stomach cramp!”

Aunt Meme shattered my words on the floor with her answer that contained not a shred of seriousness.

No, I didn’t actually express regret in an extremely solemn manner anyway.

“Do you have evidence of my lies?”

“Evidence……?” I hit the futon with a backhand punch. “This is the evidence.”

Ka-bam! The futon blanket obediently fell backwards like a sandbag, and immediately applied force on its toes to balance itself, and its back straightened once more. It seemed like she wasn’t a relative of tortoises.

“Oh my,” Aunt said faintly after looking at the evidence’s movements.

“I’m not good at going in circles, so what in the world is this thing?”

“To explain this point, we have to go in circles!”

Being able to make a joke out of things even after she heard my accusations gave me the illusion that I was being provoked. But my timid manner was probably due to the fact that ‘the opponent was a girl, so I couldn’t help but feel like expressing a forceful attitude’. How sorrowful.

If the person who was looking a fight with me was called ‘Gyuu Saburou’, a muscular thug whose physique fitted his name <ref>Gyuu = cow. Meaning, a person strong as an ox. </ref>(But secretly had the setting of liking dolls or something similar), I would probably avert my gaze while smiling, repeating the words “Sorry, I’m really sorry”, claiming the name of the Wimpy King in the class.

“Fine, then please provide an explanation regarding this object.”

I tried to tap the futon lightly. This time, the futon did not fall down, but its contents still did not give any reaction, so it might contain something like a dummy.

If so, I couldn’t help but doubt Aunt’s sense of interior furnishing.

On the other hand, my ‘life of living alone’ would turn into a ‘wonderful family life’ of living dim, lightless days just like the world after surviving a nuclear war. The daily expenditure of the points would definitely be more than double of that of the past.

“At the start of the 20th century, a certain cloud-like object appeared at a certain village in America……” Aunt cleared her throat and started. “If you omit such an opening, how long would it take for you to finish?” I immediately requested omission. “Youth sure is nice—” Aunt Meme was completely unwavering.

“Even when one had a short fuse, you could explain his behavior in better light with just the word ‘youth’, unlike me. If I try hard to buy discounted merchandise at a supermarket by squeezing into a crowd, I’d get frowned on.”

“Isn’t the main problem the difference of the numbers of blood laces in the eye……?” As she looked far away, I took the role of siding with her instead for some reason. No, we’re starting to go off topic again. What a structure that cuts corners so easily!

“Anyway, no matter if the fifteen yen per sack asparagus or minced meat sold at a special price for a limited time that made you happy, all of those are completely unrelated to the issue. My question is this……” I knocked on the futon blanket like I was pounding on the washroom door.

“Ah, the dishes will get cold! Id won’d do if Makkyun doeshn’t eat~”

“Shut up! And what’s up with the latter sentence!”

I pounded on the futon blanket! Pounded the futon blanket! An action that replaced the movement of slapping the table with my palm.

It almost turned into a way of releasing tension. I even jubilantly tried adding a tempo to it.

Thus, the futon blanket immediately countered.

“Ouch! Ugh!” Someone attacked my calf from the bottom of the table with a violent kick. My knee that sprang up rammed into the table. I shifted my body to the back and bent down to check out the real identity of the culprit.

“Ack!” I dodged to the back. A leg flew in my way in an attempt to kick my forehead. I realized that they were legs from the futon, and understood that it was an intentional counter.

“No……” Not a dummy. As it didn’t look like a human from the skin color, it made me careless.

“Der wyr for adems ad kodad jast now, devenz machenzm adibate!”

“Ah?” Sounds of mumbling came from the futon blanket. To be frank, the main structure of the Japanese sentence was overly simplified.

“'''Pardon'''?” I leaned my ears closer to the source of the vague voice, hoping for her to repeat her words.

“Der wyr……” “Oh, never mind.” I gave up. Anyway, words that one spoke while kicking someone else would probably be meaningless. The main point was just understanding that ‘this guy was talking’.

Under the table, the legs were like a pirate ship in a certain dreamy them park located in Chiba, angrily waving like a pendulum. Probably because her gaze was blocked, she could only attack while locking on to an approximate direction. Including her life, there were just too many things that she missed out on.

“Miffing oud onn dings isov myon wish obserbadions cannot adak me.”

I couldn’t understand. Before even talking about the contents, I didn’t even know what she was talking about. Although people had the freedom to talk through a futon blanket, I really wished she would remember to translate it through a translator. Here, have a ''konnyaku''<ref>One of Doraemon’s tool that allowed one to speak to another person whose language is incomprehensible.</ref>!

“Der owijinar dagedz wyr der potein aggegates hoo laust resbonzipility, which woluld be you all.”


I gazed at the futon blanket, my originally abated headache surging above from my neck. I gave up. If I thought about it seriously, my (somewhat) bright frontal cortex would probably be butchered mysteriously by aliens.

“Excuse me, please translate for me.”

I asked for help from my reliable, beautiful aunt (formed by three desirable key words).

“She’s saying ‘Nice to meet you’. She’s my daughter— Touwa Erio.”

With the pre-requisite of not listening to other people, your ability of translation is professional level!

“…… Daughter?” Blood relative, family, not single.

My emotion was like having someone draw a bunch of black dots with black marker pen on a watercolor drawing of the sky. I spoke with my fist trembling uncontrollably:

“What is a daughter!”

“'''My daughter'''.”

“It’s hard to do a tsukkomi like this, so can you increase the word count a bit?” The agenda is wrong!

“And '''you are''' a virgin.”

“Shut up!” There aren’t many chances in the country, I didn’t want this as well!

Although it was just an excuse!

“What is the meaning of the aforementioned life of living alone!” I asked her to give a detailed explanation regarding the key part that I dreamt of, in a menacing manner.

“Didn’t I show the manner of someone living alone ever since I met Makoto-kun?”

Completely unabashed, but not showing any mischievous smiles, she answered coolly.

“Ah, um……” I was at a loss of words in an instant. Aunt Meme easily broke the flow of the atmosphere and gave chase:

“Do you have anything you are unsatisfied with?”

“No, well…… For example, why are you ignoring……. Argh, you’re really annoying!”

The self-made security system that was more unreliable than using a plastic bottle to chase away cats was still functioning under the table. I pressed the futon blanket along with the leg with my palm, causing it to fall backwards, showing its panties as well.

However, I did not feel moved at all. As a high schooler, I couldn’t stand even seeing the pinkish lingerie on dummies in lingerie counters, but seeing panties of a futon blanket would only make me feel that it was just another piece of cloth. The panties were sunshine yellow.

However, what appeared before my eyes were just cobalt cyan (I remembered this as it sounded like the name for a killer technique).

“Tof *muffle* *muffle*” The futon blanket that fell down, which would be Touwa Erio, mumbled something. I was completely befuddled, as the noise was exactly the same as the fragmented tantrum of a child whose parents wouldn’t buy toys for him.

“Darn…… No, there appears to be something wrong~” ''Dreams would only seem beautiful when one looked at it from afar'', a voice told me by my ears, blowing the presence of despair into my eardrums. ''Seishun'' Points, minus two.

My unsteady upper torso felt like it would fall down on the table at any time. My solitary life shouldn’t be so hectic, right? No, I am not alone. I couldn’t help but remember such lyrics and nearly sang it out loud. But I couldn’t remember the lyrics after that, and it would probably turn into hums, so I gave up on the idea.

“Say~ Makoto-chi.” What chi……” It will be better if you stop creating moe selling points of contrast, it’s so forced that your muscles are going to be strained soon!

“Can I continue?” “On what?”

I’m not a figure printed on bank notes, so it’s impossible for me to totally remember this kind of brainless topic<ref>The figure mentioned is Prince Shoutoku, who is said to be able to remember all of the requests of ten people, giving the correct answer for them.</ref> . Instead of saying that she was discussing, it was more like she was tossing out topics.

“The missing husband was called George, while the wife was Maria.<ref>Along with the text of ‘At the start of the 20th century…… a certain village in America’, these are scenes in the Nintendo game MOTHER, which contains elements of searching for aliens.</ref>”

“Stop nonchalantly spinning a story like what Yaoi Jun’ichi-san would say.<ref>Japanese television director, an enthusiast of supernatural phenomenon.</ref>”

“Eh, so people of Makoto-kun’s generation already don’t know about this game?”

'' ‘Don’t assume that people with a difference of above 12 years can have a common topic!’ '' ← True thoughts.

“Probably.” ← What I said.

That couldn’t be helped as well, since this place is Japan.

Seeing my look of abandonment, Aunt Meme’s smile turned even more dazzling, while her eyes looked 30% whiter.

Her teeth still had the beauty of a twenty year old, I thought honestly. Although that’s quite irrelevant to the matter.

“Aha, only the first day, and Makoto-kun’s already successfully mingled with me.”

“How true!” My thought of using honorifics was completely vanquished, and only the main structure of the language was left.

“*muffle muffle muffle*” That girl whose legs flailed frantically with the target of number one in backstroke in the world (as she was my aunt’s daughter, does it mean she’s my cousin?), her service of showing her panties to her new housemate was just too overboard.

However, she was a futon blanket, and was thus unable to speed up people’s hearts, having dangerous comments as well. It was similar with the current situation, as the words that she said containing nuclear, essence and whatnots could faintly be heard. Just confusing contents that wouldn’t be able to be identified through the words alone.

“From now on, let the family of two live on happily ever after!” I really wonder what Aunt Meme’s brain is thinking about.

“Please explain how you calculate people.”

I was unable to deal with the limitlessly expanding questions and contradictions, and just responded to the newest confusion that passed by my eyes, just like a frog awaiting the passing by of bugs. Although my headache got better inexplicably, it was like I had scorching hot sand dumped into my throat as I shouted too much.

“Basically, that thing that looks like a screw bread, um…… is your daughter, right?”

“Yep…… Ah, you’re talking about that? Counting that is unnecessary.” She rebuked with a radiant smile.

What kind of mother-daughter relationship is this! Even if I ask, she would probably brush it past with a ‘Don’t mind, don’t mind’, so I never tried to mention it. A daughter unknown by any of the relatives, doesn’t that sound rather fishy? Why did she hide this from even my parents? Such a question continually expanded.

“Ah, then is Uncle here too?” I turned around to look all around.

“Oh, my husband is George.” When did you become Maria again?

“Self-center and desire comdable *muffle muffle* pogam inishalise.”

Like a bug crawling on the floor with its cilia, the futon girl moved her whole body to approach and wave her legs. Seeing the completely meaningless air pedals attack, Aunt Meme and I gazed at the futon girl playing the role of a person embarrassing herself with a pitying gaze. I thoroughly understood how a pilot must feel when he was bombing villagers from above.

“Dake dat—” However, there was a sudden change in condition when the futon girl’s toes reached the table and raised it forcefully.

She looked so much like she was fishing alone that I almost saw hallucinations of water droplets.

Sigh, this isn’t the time to talk about this. I can only part with this.

The evolution of organisms sprouted just to go against gravity.

Each of the dishes that Aunt Meme made grew incomplete wings and flew towards the sky.

After that, the fated fall.

Plates broke on the floor, making a noise even noisier than the meaningless tinkling of wind chimes hanging at the entrance of a restaurant in summer, causing a shrill noise.

“KYOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” My aunt made a mysterious shriek, witnessing the truth of the plates falling.

The defense mechanism of the futon blanket was completely uncomprehending of what it had just kicked, as it was rolling on the floor in pain due to the fact that it snubbed its toes.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” She struggled while making noises of pain as though she was acting.

I sincerely hoped that someone would pull down the curtains, turning this world dark.

I did not have any subsequent memories that day.

Most probably, an excellent scientist erased my brain cells with a machine. I explained the situation with illogical delusions. I felt somewhat sorrowful as around three Points were mysteriously deducted.

Even though there were still too many unsolved problems, I had to start school from the next day, becoming a transfer student.

I did not need any flames, and had no mystery. I’ll just be a bright nice guy! <ref>Reference to a manga and a teenage novel, ‘Honoo no Tenkousei’ and ‘The Mysterious Transfer Student’(no idea how this is pronounced in Japanese).</ref>

After giving up on my virtual solitary life, I only have a healthy, complete high school life left.

Compared with this house, at least I have more chances of getting Points at school.

I first wore a T-shirt, and then put on a new uniform prepared by Aunt Meme. The shirt was slightly long, perhaps expectations for me in my puberty?

I lightly corrected the collar and grabbed my brand new bag. The new bag shone softly, but there was only the opening ceremony that day, so it was still flat. I would have to confirm with the class teacher regarding the problem of the textbooks.

I clamped my bag under my armpit and looked around the room. My original plan of starting to pack up my luggage the day before was not completed, and even the casual clothes for holidays weren’t completely tidied up.

“…… Let’s forget about what happened yesterday!” At the same time, I resealed my expectations for a solitary life.

Let’s fix my hairstyle! I walked out the room while having expectations for new encounters. Walking past the corridor with fir floorboards, I glanced towards the room at the left before walking down the stairs. The door was not closed.

“…… Waa—“

A handmade planetarium was displayed on the table, while there was an expensive-looking telescope at a corner of the room. A room where a universe-loving boy expanded before my eyes. Ah…… How shocking, there’s a ball chair as well! It was the first time I saw the real thing, but doesn’t a thing like this cost tens of thousands of yen?

Speaking of which, I originally imagined that this would be a room lacking girliness, and instead, having smell of incense or similar smoke circulating the room, but it was rather out of my expectations.

However, the books arranged on the bookrack, such as ‘Law of Fluctuations’, ‘Essence of the Sub consciousness’ and so on, had contents extremely distant with daily life, and fanned my queasiness. Only the map of a certain city was hung on the wall behind. At least there weren’t anything regarding a new religion.

And of course, the girl with a futon blanket covering her was lying on the floorboards.

Like a deep-sea eel living in a corpse, the organism with its upper torso stuffed in a futon blanket daringly exposed the bottom of its feel without moving.

However, the clothes on her already changed from god knows when, as the pajamas with purple spots covered her legs. Personally, I felt like laughing maniacally, tying a rope on the faintly seen toes, punishing her with a penalty of parading her through the streets, but since feminist organizations would probably protest, I had no choice but to give up. Speaking of which, it’s rather hard to distinguish the gender when observing this fellow from afar in this state.

The pattern on the futon blanket changed subtly from calamus to plum and orioles.

How old is she? Doesn’t she need to go to school? There were freshly ironed uniforms on the wall as well. Whatever, this isn’t important.

“Hmm……” If I calmly evaluate the situation, I AM living under the same roof as a girl.

From a certain aspect, this is the terminus of the imagination of a boy in adolescence. After all, it was much more realistic than the delusion of having a girl fall down from the sky, so it was rather troublesome. I was unable to give up on the thought completely, and it stuck to my brain severely.

“However……” According to the situation, wanting to increase my Points was quite hard. Well, there aren’t any male or female chikuwas after all! Although I didn’t know the ingredients for chikua, wahaha…… Let’s go. If I continue to make fun of the futon girl, I might accidentally wake her up.

After all, I was thrown out by a mad mother yesterday, being shot to the door as an artificial rocket, and was forced to undergo training similar to that of sumo wrestlers, where their foreheads bumped onto another chest. So tired…… Uh oh, my memory is awakening. Let’s dispose of those imaginary delusions, since they are things on a different dimension as me.

Simply said, the difference between fiction and non-fiction was different as 3D and 2D. The banging, clanging ruckus yesterday (I described the insane commotion yesterday with the two sound effects I heard the most yesterday) was like I watched about three pages of a third-rate comedy novel, making me and my wonderful imagination create colors of delusions in my mind, and was successfully cut short after being played happily for five minutes as an animation.

I quickly escaped from the futon girl’s room and walked down the stairs, jumping down the last two steps, making a rather loud noise. The house shrouded in silence chewed on the fresh vibration, its glass doors sighing slightly.

If Aunt Meme was at home, I wanted to greet her before washing my hands, so I searched for her in the house. First stop, kitchen. To be frank, I just wanted to have breakfast, so I tried to clutch at straws.

However, the kitchen still maintained its look of being ravaged by a red hurricane. It was a mess inside. If I walked inside, I would probably be asked for an entry pass by thugs guarding the area. Where did the time for cleaning up disappear to?

At the center of the table, there was a space forcibly cleared away by pushing away the remains of the cooking and dishes, and two memo papers were frolicking with a paperweight there. Although I felt somewhat bad for troubling their playtime, I still took out the memo papers from under the paperweight and scanned through the paper.

One of them was a map to the school from here. There weren’t any symbols on the memo paper. The roads were all expressed in words. It looked rather fresh. She wrote ‘Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long’, trying to visually express the straight road near the house. The extent of navigational activities was slightly more useful than unfriendly RPGs.

After that, the other had frighteningly stiff handwriting (extremely straight), and was probably a message to me.

Take care of your own meals and cleaning. Work hard today as well to become the cornerstone of world peace~ ★

I gripped the memo paper to pieces, using it to test my grip. As expected of Aunt Meme, what reasonable actions!

“She really didn’t just waste her years of living!”

As I had no intention of paving the way for love with her, it’s about time for her to appear less.

Okay, to sculpt a better first impression before my classmates and other people, let’s struggle before the mirror for some time!

“Hmm…” This should be average…… Above average. I stood before the mirror and evaluated my appearance.

If that was the result of an objective judgment, it would be quite nice, but my own opinions were probably mixed inside it.

In those seven minutes and thirty seconds, I continually fixed my bangs, frantically trying to hide my pimples that looked slightly swollen to recover the calmness of when I was in first year of high school.

In accordance with Aunt Meme’s directions, I dragged the unlocked bike stuffed in the small scaffolding outside and patted away the dust. Various parts of the bike was rusted as though it was once soaked in water. When I rang the bell, crowds of bugs surged out of the cracks like sea maggots from a rocky shore. Ugh… I averted my gaze.

The bike might have been used by that futon girl.

“…… Hmm?” However, I seemed to have seen this bike somewhere before…… For say, the white and red paint covered by the rust. Hmm…… Whatever, it’s probably nothing anyway!

I sat on it for a while. After confirming that the two wheels were barely spinning, I started to pedal without having many expectations. Basically, I’ve already realized from the start that the reality will be worse off as your expectations rise. Being too impulsive isn’t a good thing, so let’s just be shortsighted! Just living a dismal, gloomy life of liking mushrooms. That’s all.

Around 1/3 of the chapter
Posting this here as it'll probably be some time until I start doing this again~
Erio's alien-talk is a huge headache to translate......
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby Darklor » Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:53 am

Which Chapter is it? Can it be added to the teaser project until it is completed?
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby Zephyrus » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:43 am

2nd chapter of the first volume, and yes.
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby yawgse » Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:50 am

Just wanted to say thanks for picking up this novel, Zephyrus.
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Re: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Postby Vindex101 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:12 am

yeaaaaah, so is this a dead thread now or is someone still translating this novel?? and if so, I would REEEEAAAALLY appreciate it if someone posted a pdf download link for it

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