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Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:03 am
by Mystes
This is the feedback thread for Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?

Let's see...


Due to his father being transferred to an overseas post, Kōtarō decided to try living by himself. As a poor student(he hopes not to rely on his father's money, though it is not like they are on bad terms, but he just wants to be independent.), he found himself a good 6-tatami apartment costing only 5000-yen. Reason? This room is rumored to be haunted.

Original title: 六畳間の侵略者!?
Author: Takehaya
Illustrator: Poco
Publisher: HJ Bunko
Volumes out: 11

Cover page:


Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:46 pm
by ShadowZeroHeart
I think I had written a blog post on this before?

Anyway, the last bit of the Synopsis is wrong.

Due to his father being transferred to an overseas post, Kotaro decided to try living by himself. As a poor student(he hopes not to rely on his father's money, though it is not like they are on bad terms, but he just wants to be independent.), he found himself a GOOD 6-tatami apartment costing only 5000-yen. Reason? This room is rumored to be haunted.

On the day one, he moved in, having moved his items in with his good friend, and meeting up with the landlady, a girl of their age, he was dead tired, and slept like a log.

Volume 1

Day 1(Sunday): During work, he accidentally stumbled upon something like an altar and met a goddess(?). He lost recollections of the altar and the encounter, but returns home to see a small girl chasing him out of his apartment. With a little time, he came to realize that the girl is actually the rumored ghost, and engages in battle through the night.

Day 2(Monday): He left for school, and returns to combat the ghost once more. However, upon reaching home after work, he noticed his furniture are all placed near the door, "like a fortress", by none other than our cute ghost~ He yells at her, and told her to tidy things up before they resume the battle. After tidying the things, and as the battle continues, another girl came in through the window(breaking it) and rolled until she hit the wall, losing consciousness. They had to thus take care of this girl. With a little time, they came to realize she is a magical shoujo...... Yeah right, how can magical shoujos exist? She must just be a cosplayer! (Magical Shoujo --- "job change" ----> Cosplayer!) She claims that this room is filled with magical powers, and evil magic users will try to take over the room.(Interpretation by others: This room is cheap, and is ideal for cosplaying.) Due to a fear of ghosts, she hid inside the wall cabinet and refuses to move out. Night spent taking care of cosplayer and talking about all these.

Day 3(Tuesday): Just as the cosplayer is being ignored, and the two are going to resume battle over the room, one of the tatamis flipped open(the unfortunate cosplayer rolled across the floor, knocked out again.). Out comes a polite (big-chested) girl. With a little time, they came to realize she and her clan lives underground. It seems they were forced to move underground by humans back then, and upon research over where their ancestral altar is, they located it. It is in the center of this room. To seek their co-operation, she even offered a big chunk of almost pure gold as compensation. Just as Kotaro is about to agree to it, she revealed that once the altar is built, it would collect spiritual energy to mass-produce weapons for taking over the surface world. So, Kotaro has no choice but to disagree and try to stop her. Her invasion, began with helping them cook meals. Her way of invasion is a peaceful, soft-tactic to charm Kotaro into him letting her have the room. While effective, this takes time.

Day 4(Wednesday): Just as Kotaro got home, he heard from the others that just hours before he returned, the wall suddenly began to shine with a mysterious glow. It does not seem to do much, despite its eerie look. Just as he was inspecting the glowing wall(placing his head/face right next to it), a girl came out from it(chest -> wall equation. You got the picture). Having a stranger bury his face in her chest, she was furious, and started attacking the group(partly due to them talking about chests, and that she had the flattest of all, losing even to the ghost girl). While her weapons and forcefield shields are strong, she didn't expect to see a ghost there(can just go through everything) with ease. In her fury, she wanted to use an anti-matter cannon, that can even destroy Earth itself. Fortunately, her servant came to stop her. With some time(repetitive, i know), they came to realize that she is actually the princess of another planet, 7th on the list of enthronement. In order to claim the right to enthronement, she must complete a trial, claiming occupation of a randomly generated location, that so coincidentally, is this room. This would require her making Kotaro submit to her, claiming loyalty towards her. In the end, they decided to fight for the room in the most peaceful manner, by playing a game. However, it led to a draw game(people claim to play each of a game they recommend for fairness, and they win respectively)

Day 5(Thursday): The princess decided to make things a little simpler. Reduce competition. While she requires Kotaro's loyalty, there is no need for her to fool around with the rest. Killing them off allows her to deal with Kotaro and Kotaro only, and thus, a battle engages.

Power level:
Princess > Underground Girl > Magical Shoujo > Ghost Girl(Psychic powers) = Kotaro

While the underground girl has problems fighting back, just defending allows her to buy some time. Kotaro decides to enlist the help of the princess's servant to stop the rampaging princess. After some time, the battle gets really messy... Underground girl uses Kotaro as a shield, as the princess needs his loyalty, thus cannot attack with full force with Kotaro around. Ghost girl on the other hand, doesn't like how underground girl's breasts is pressing against Kotaro's back. Cosplayer girl forgotten.

The landlady came in, and defeated each one of them, princess, underground girl, ghost girl, kotaro, each with a single hit. The group was terrified by the landlady. They then were forced to sign a treaty to not conduct battle in her house, and to fight for the room through peaceful means.

Just after the treaty, just as Kotaro stands up, he felt dizzy and collapsed(he had minimum sleep, and he was so busy with everything).

Due to the sudden change of events, all the girls worked together to take care of him. Perhaps they ain't as bad as they seem? And perhaps despite the arguments, they can indeed get along after all?

And so, Kotaro's life with these "invaders" began.

Edit: Forgot the magical shoujo in the power balance... Shes easily forgotten.

Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:17 pm
by ShadowZeroHeart
Double postings rox!! Just kidding. The above is the synopsis. Here is my comments and some things about what happens in future volumes.

The first volume is rather messy and all, but it is in order to introduce in all the necessary characters. All future characters will revolve around the characters that appeared in volume 1, mainly their enemies. Ghost hunters that wants to catch and sell the ghost girl, enemy princess trying to prevent the princess's trial, or killing her off in the process, enemy magical shoujo... I mean, enemy cosplayer appearing, a group like power rangers(totally useless and worthless) trying to hunt underground people etc.

Despite the mess in volume 1, this is actually a fantastic novel. While covering the battles and events, each of the girls let you in into their feelings and emotions, and their lives.

Ghost girl: Needs the room to wait for her parents. While she grows attached to Kotaro(as a brother? or...?) and became a possessive spirit for Kotaro(she was originally confined to her room, as a land spirit). She found herself helpless, not being able to help handle Kotaro's burden such as working to buy in cash, perhaps have a happy life with a family, as she is a spirit without a body.

Underground girl(Kirika?): Needs the battle to drag on, as she is the more peaceful side of the clan. Should she win occupation, it might lead to the aggressive side to claim that they have enough power to take over the surface and attacks, similarly it would be threatening if they can't win occupation, and might also lead to a desperate attack. Her ideals would be for her clan to blend into the neighborhood and world, so as peaceful and innocent members of the community, the government and people will come to accept them, and not label them as invaders hoping to take over their land. This is necessary as the number of people underground is rather small, and a full-scale war may lead to them dying off. On a personal note, she wants to look for her first love, whom she met back when she was a kid and sneaked to the surface.

Princess(Tia?): Needs the throne to protect her mother. In royal families, rivalries ain't uncommon, and she needs power to protect her mother. On the other hand, her servant hopes that the fight over the room drags on, as only on Earth is the princess at ease without worries about such rivalries, and "be a girl", and be her true self. She eventually falls in love with Kotaro, but later realized that this is an impossible dream. Even if Kotaro does agree to return with her, to her planet, even if they eventually fall in love, they cannot start a family, as despite how similar they look in appearance, they are aliens in species.

..............Just realized I forgot someone... Sorry Yurika...

Magical shou---- Cosplayer(Yurika): The previous magical shoujo in combat, sacrificed herself into releasing all her magical powers, in order to protect Yurika, this current magical shoujo. (interpretation: A cosplayer senpai gave her a cosplaying stick, and she wants to thus live her life just like this senpai) So despite how incapable she is, she wants to fulfill her role. She later came to realize how unsuitable she is, as a magical shoujo. Even so, she tries hard to tell others that she is a magical shoujo. However, when the evil magical shoujo came to attack, she stood up and protected another girl, thus gaining Kotaro's respect and trust. Kotaro then told her his true feelings towards her, and his thoughts about "Magical Shoujo". He had once thought that he could graduate with Yurika from school, as unlike others, she was a normal girl just like him, unlike the other invaders that would leave once their goals are achieved, and that he didn't think battle suited Yurika. Also, he indirectly told Yurika what it meant to be a magical shoujo. Despite all the times that she asks people to treat her like a magical shoujo, she has never proven it, nor done anything like a magical shoujo. Compared to a girl with magical powers and yet do nothing, he would rather accept a normal girl without magical powers that does her best as a magical shoujo. However, he lost his memories about this incident later. Later on, Kotaro asks Yurika once more, as to whether she wants him to treat her as a magical shoujo, her answer was a "no", requesting him to treat her as mere Yurika, thus making her become a true magical shoujo fighting behind the scenes.

The interactions among the people are very natural, and brings out their thoughts and characters very well. When someone is in danger, you see all of them standing up for each other, working together to overcome trials... The personalities of the characters are very distinct and clear, most of which have reasons to those as well. For example, Tia's strong-headed and aggressive personality is to protect her mother. Eventually, Kotaro is dragged into a series of events, that perhaps led to the way things went, or perhaps even to the way things began. A very heart-warming and interesting read.

Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:42 am
by Mystes
I think I had written a blog post on this before?

Unfortunately, I didn't find it...

Wow, I never thought that you'd write so much, Shadow. :D

What's exactly happening after Volume 2? Is it turning into a fantasy novel?

Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:34 am
by ShadowZeroHeart
Kira0802 wrote:
I think I had written a blog post on this before?

Unfortunately, I didn't find it...

Wow, I never thought that you'd write so much, Shadow. :D

What's exactly happening after Volume 2? Is it turning into a fantasy novel?

Kira0802 wrote:
I think I had written a blog post on this before?

Unfortunately, I didn't find it...

Wow, I never thought that you'd write so much, Shadow. :D

What's exactly happening after Volume 2? Is it turning into a fantasy novel?

It is a fantasy novel to begin with?

They are rather peaceful invaders, and after signing the treaty, they decided to separate the room into 5 zones. 1 Tatami is needed to place furniture(table), leaving 5 tatamis. The one with the entrance underground belongs to the girl underground, the tatami with the glowing door(teleportation door) belongs to the princess, the one leading to the wall cabinet(Yurika's bed. Lovely Magical Shoujo isn't it? What a habitat!) belongs to Yurika, with the remaining left for Kotaro and the ghost girl. 1 tatami is worth 180 points, and whoever loses all their points is kicked out(though it seems far from happening.)

Vol 2: Everyone's episode/Yurika Episode(?)
Spoiler! :
They decided to take part in a sports meet, where curriculum groups/societies will determine their placing, and the losers have to hand some points to the winners. Kotaro talks to the Cosplay society regarding Yurika's cosplay activities causing problems for others, and thus they forcefully took Yurika into the group. The underground girl joins female track and field, whereas Tia joins/brainwashes the male cheerleading(?) group. Kotaro has already signed up for a knitting society in volume 1, so he just asked his senpai to join with him. Ghost girl can't participate, but is allowed to bet on one member, taking the same placing as that person.

While Kotaro is the only male, with not bad fitness, Tia is armed with weapons and treachery, and Kirika is up to no good with her sly ideas(she bribed the front row people to "fall down" giving her a major leeway into the competition when it first started for example.)

Yurika comes into minor contact with the true powers the occupants of the room are blessed with.

Vol 3: Ghost girl Episode
Spoiler! :
The gang won a prize to a seaside inn. Little do they know, it was a trap by ghost hunters, intending to catch the ghost girl and sell her for 100billion dollars. However, their attempts were met with disasters, catching the wrong people(Tia for example), and suffering major attacks by the unearthly group.

Lucy, Tia's servant, gets a great hatred towards beetles, as Kotaro hugged her in his sleep, yet dreamed of beetles, thus making her think that Kotaro would rather choose a beetle than her.

The ghost hunters eventually succeeded when Kotaro had an argument with the ghost, saying "We are enemies to begin with anyway". After hearing words from his senpai, he understood that his words were wrong, and hurting, as he no longer saw her as an enemy. He then set off to save the ghost, and the others, upon hearing the situation, ran on a rampage to save their ghostly comrade.

At the end of the battle, Kotaro threw a talisman(ghosts will explode in contact with these) at the evil spirits that betrayed their employer and tried to devour their ghost girl. However, despite having purified the other ghosts, the ghost girl was unaffected. This was due to the talisman being a "Safety to the family" talisman, meaning that Kotaro sees the ghost girl as part of the "family", and thus this became her beloved treasure.

P.S. "Evil spirits begone" still explodes on her. She is just an evil spirit of the room!

Vol 4: Tia's episode
Spoiler! :
The school festival is coming along, and Kotaro's friend, a member of the drama club, mocks Kotaro, claiming that he can never get a good script. He then offers tatami points to the occupants, requesting they join with a script, to take revenge. Unexpectedly, Tia's script won. Tia's script is based on a legend of "The blue knight" in her home planet, which is also her ideal knight. This script consists of part 1 of the legend. Due to a series of events, Kotaro became the lead actor, acting as "The blue knight" himself. However, just as everyoneis getting ready, the radars detected the intrusion of a spaceship. While hidden, they have vaguely guessed the one responsible. However, that person(Lanka? Not too sure about name translations) took no action.

On a sidenote, Yurika was (thanks to the kind cosplayer society) left to take care of a beetle. And Lucy goes berserk when she found out what beetles are. But, its not an important detail.

As Kotaro knows Tia's true identity, and that Tia claims that he will be her underling someday, she prepares a hellish training for him to learn etiquette, culture, sword wielding and all. Lanka, also a fan of "the blue knight" becomes angered and tries to attack the night before the performance. Kotaro fought back and won, but in turn caused Lanka's hatred to transfer upon himself. After the battle, the radar picked up another signal, signifying the leaving of Lanka's spaceship.

Vol 5: Yurika's episode
Spoiler! :
Yurika's enemy transfers in! Upon seeing her enemy appear, Yurika is shocked... And so she...

Happily welcomes her enemy... Holding her hand, asking her why she took so long to appear...

... Err... yes, they are enemies. Yurika believes the appearance of her enemy would give everyone a chance to believe that she is a real magical shoujo. Unexpectedly, the enemy believes it is someone's sinister plot to use cosplay society as a cover so as to use magical powers formally and openly. She then claims to also be a cosplayer, much to Yurika's surprise.

She also believes that Yurika is too dumb to come up with these tricks, and believes that someone is helping her. She then tries to dig this person out.

While the two are in battle, Kotaro and the ghost girl thinks something is amiss(Yurika being too late, and the diligent looking transfer student skipping school), and goes to look for them. With the ghost girl's ghostly senses, they located Yurika and her enemy despite the barriers they placed. This caused the enemy to believe Kotaro is Yurika's helper. She then uses Kotaro's senpai, who is also Yurika's friend, as a hostage. She sets a blazing fireball at the hostage, and Yurika uses a teleportation spell to take the spell in the hostage's place. This is perhaps the first time she has done something Magical Shoujo-like.

Despite the injuries, they must return to the room to stop the enemy from taking the magical powers away and misusing it. They travelled back, and fought, but is too weak to win. Just as all hopes are lost, their allies came by. Even armed with the powers of the room... A satellite laser attack from space(Tia of course. She started having feelings for Kotaro, and seeing him get beaten up... You know, girls can be mighty scary~) is a little hard to defend against... If you know what I mean.

Despite her loss, she hates Kotaro, as she is misled to thinking he is a powerful mage. Before she runs, she sacrifices her wand to make everyone forget about the encounters. Kotaro thus forgot Yurika as a Magical Shoujo once more. Despite Yurika being unhappy about it, she began to think that perhaps it is best that way.

Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:13 am
by ShadowZeroHeart
This is near the top of my novel list. In fact, its one of the few novel series that I read several times over. It is simple and peaceful, and very interesting to boot. If you want action and all, this is not really the novel. But its heart-warming and nice, with really nice thoughts into the different people and their standings. The character development is great, with the plot going well. This is a novel series where you need two volumes to begin seeing its true worth, since volume 1 was too messy.

Vol6: Kirika Episode
Spoiler! :
Kotaro and gang sees Kirika and underground men cleaning up the neighborhood. Curious about why, he asks her about it. She explains that war will not save her clan, and by blending in, the government cannot take forceful measures against them, while at the same time giving them space to move in permanently eventually.

While explaining the situation, Kirika asks Kotaro out for a date, and he gladly agreed. Kirika began letting Kotaro in on her thoughts and feelings. Kirika is still in love with the man she met when she was a child. She received a beetle card from him, which is her bookmark and treasure. She tells Kotaro that if possible, she hopes to meet him again someday, even if he probably would be old and perhaps married. (In volume 4, Kirika was very surprised as "The blue knight"'s script has him saying "I came from the other end, millions of miles away, milleniums apart"(bad translation of the words, sorry >"< ) which she heard him say as well.

The two while having fun, met with the aggressive members of the underground men. They engaged in combat, and eventually managed to contain the situation.

Just as they were about to end the date with Kirika's final regret as a child(roller coasters do not let kids under certain height enter), Kotaro told her to end the day just like this, as her memorable first roller coaster ride should be with the man she waited for all these years.

Vol7: Tia's episode
Spoiler! :
Lanka strikes back! Despite her spaceship returning to their home planet, it was actually a decoy! She hid on Earth, ploting revenge against the evil Kotaro. Coincidentally, or perhaps fate has it, due to the high popularity of part one of the legend, the school decided to continue on with part two of the legend of the blue knight! The hellish training commences for Kotaro!

Lucy tries to enlist Kotaro as Tia's servant, even if they fail to get the room in the end, as Tia needs someone she can trust by her side, and Kotaro has earned that trust since the time they have been together.

During the actual performance of the second part of the legend, Lanka came to assassinate Kotaro, which would allow her to get her revenge as well as ruin Tia's show and trial. Kotaro puts up a good fight, and finally defeats Lanka. In her final desperate attack, she summons her small shuttle to launch a dimensional missile.

Kotaro for some reason knew the devastating effects of the missile, and sets off alone, slashing it, causing the damage to be contained, but sending him and Lanka out of the universe...

Everyone was despaired over the loss of Kotaro...

Only to see him return in a couple of minutes in the shuttle, with Lanka and him acting as buddies... What happened during these few minutes?

Vol 8: Yukari episode
Spoiler! :
Yukari's enemy finally created a new wand, and is back for revenge! Kotaro on the other hand, got his hands on a magic wand, and gives it to Yukari(because she has always WANTED TO BE a magical shoujo), bringing tears to Yukari(tears of misery, but tears of joy in the eyes of others). However, due to this wand, Yukari is now allowed to use magic in front of everyone(claiming it is due to this wand, whereas actually it is her original wand).

Yukari's enemy embarks on a quest to find and hopefully capture a powerful monster to use as a tsukaima. However, the monster seemed panicky and is incapable of proper conversation, attacking her. Yukari and Kotaro arrived at the scene amidst the battle. The monster then froze Yukari in a pillar of ice, while leaving the bad magical shoujo injured. Kotaro saves the girl(doesnt know about magical shoujos) and became friends with her. They then formed a rescue party to save Yukari.

Much to their surprise, the two got along so well, it was as if they could read each other's minds! The two won the battle against the monster with ease, and saved Yukari.

Yukari wakes up, to see her rival getting along like buddies with Kotaro... What happened during this short period of time? Strangely enough, the enemy even suggested to work together so as to leave Kotaro out of the rivalry between Magical Shoujos. Yukari can't help but agree.

Vol 7.5+8.5: ??? Episode
Spoiler! :
In volume 4 and 7, Tia's scripts, making up the entire "The Blue Knight" legend were played. These two volumes are about the legend, in its true state, revealing a lot of secrets to the story. At the end of Vol7, Kotaro was sent out of space, with Lanka. They were out of the universe, not only in space, but also in time. They went to before the world was born.

An entity was born due to this encounter, and became conscious and aware, and thus started creating the world. "Let's start with a planet as blue as the armor that he was wearing." That was what the entity said, as she sent the two "where they belong" as indicated by her future self.

They went to Tia's home planet, many many years ago, when the legend is just starting... And thus, the legend began!!

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:37 am
by Mystes
Wait, so the 6-mins animation where they play poker is to gain points too?

I thought it was just messing around. :lol:

Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:15 pm
by ShadowZeroHeart
Kira0802 wrote:Wait, so the 6-mins animation where they play poker is to gain points too?

I thought it was just messing around. :lol:

Not sure which animation you mean, but yes.

In volume 1, they wanted to decide the victor with the simplest game for all invaders(different cultures), card game. Kirika also mentioned how strategy works out, which is also a vital part of an invader, rather than just attacking brainlessly with force. They agreed then, but each person played their own game to ensure fairness, but resulted in a draw game(each winning their own game).

This was eventually used later after the treaty. Most of the time, after dinner, they would take the table out and play poker to continue the invasion. Some other games used in the novel so far includes something like UNO-Stacko, where they remove and stack pieces(chat during this period of time to make opponent lose concentration), Game-Of-Life where they each have a game life that also represents their own.

Out of the invaders, Yukari has the worst scoring, and was among the first to drop out, until she "awakened" as a magical shoujo in volume 5 and began to get some luck to start winning some points.

Tia on the other hand, while she is among the top scorers, she does not need the scores. She once mentioned that there is no harm in paying Kotaro some tatami points, as even if Kotaro wins total possession of the room, having his loyalty would make her both owner of the room and owner of Kotaro, thus fulfilling her trial requirements.

Next on the list would naturally be Kirika, who is sly as a fox. Should she really want to, she would have taken over the room long ago. While Tia has more offensive power, she is a little too direct, leaving areas for the fox to sneak in.

There is an interesting balance, in terms of power, intentions and interactions, making the novel blend in well. Despite their differences and needs, you can see them caring for each other, put aside their differences in times of need, and working together as a "family", becoming more accustomed to the life of "invaders".

From Vol 3, by Kirika:
Ghost Hunter 1(they caught the ghost girl): "So tell me, what have we done wrong?"

Ghost Hunter 1: "Very sorry, but nothing we did broke the law. Charge us for kidnapping a ghost? I would like to ask everyone here, which law restricts us from kidnapping a ghost?"

Ghost Hunter 2: "And this is our base, we bought it with money! You are the ones that are trespassing!"

Ghost Hunter 1: "And did the ghost ask you for help? No. So you are trespassing bearing unrighteous intentions!"

Ghost Hunter 2: "Police-san, Help~~!"

Ghost Hunter 1: "Hohoho...... The law is on our side, we are the true members of justice!"

Kotaro: "Mmmm......"

Kirika: "Are you done? It seems you still don't get the situation."

Ghost Hunter 1: "Wha, what do you want to do!?"

Kirika: "What do I want to do? Fine, I will tell you."

Kirika's smile vanishes from her face. Seeing her brows go down, her eyes like lightning, it is frightening, her cold tone all the more makes the two ghost hunters shake in fear.

Angry Kirika: "We are invaders, and are never restricted by the law. Evil villians? To us, that is the best compliment one can get. We plunder as we wish, destroy and pillage, without a care for others! You two members of justice, give her back to us now!"

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:39 pm
by ShadowZeroHeart
Scenes for Kotaro:

With his senpai(Volume 1, regarding how he joined the knitting society):
The senpai is alone and shy, so hardly getting attention.
Senpai: "K, knitting society...... I, is anyone interested in joining the knitting society......?"

Senpai: "P, please listen to me? P, please, hear me introduce about the knitting society!"

Guy: "If I join the society, would you be my girlfriend?"

Senpai: "S, sorry, er...... No......"

Kotaro: "......Hmm?"

Kotaro notices the scene.

Senpai: "P, please stop that, please let me go!"

Guy: "Isn't that just nice? You need a new member, and I need a girlfriend. Each of us gets what we want, no one makes any loss."

Senpai: "Knit...... Knitting society is not a place for you to look for a relationship!"

Guy: "Face reality, aren't you lacking in members?"

Senpai: "Stop! Let me go!"

The guy made Kotaro angry.

Kotaro(Not a member yet):"Welcome welcome~~ Huh? This classmate sure looks handsome~~"

Kotaro hugs the guy from the back, and using a strange female accent like some comedy show.

Guy:"W, what are you doing!"

Kotaro:"Aren't you here to join our society? Great~ I just love handsome guys like you! Mmm~~"

Guy:"L, let me go! You sick Itsuki!"

Kotaro: "Strange, didn't you want a girlfriend?"

Guy: "W, who the hell wants to go out with you!"

Kotaro: "Isn't it just nice? You want to go out with someone, and I need a boyfriend. Each one of us gets what we want, no one makes any loss."

Guy: "No loss my foot! Let go, you pervert!"

Kotaro: "How cruel, yada!"

Naturally, the guy runs off...

Scene with Tia, borrowing script from "The blue knight":

Tia tries to call her weapon from her spaceship, but an intervene caused an explosion, injuring her, and thus Kotaro is furious seeing the blood on her hand.

The rest of the gang arrives at that moment.
Kotaro: "......You guys protect the princess."

Tia: "Huh?"

Ghost: "W, what do you mean?"

Kotaro: "That's what I mean. Tia can't protect herself now, so please!"

Tia: "W, wait, Kotaro! It is too dangerous for you to go alone, I am coming along!"

Kotaro(borrowing from script): "Your highness, please halt. It is the duty of the knight to fight, even if you are a princess, you are not allowed to defile this sacred field."

Tia: "B, but------"

Kotaro(borrowing from script): "Should you not have faith in me, then who in this world would believe in my victory?"

Kotaro(borrowing from script): "I am your knight, princess."

At this moment, all Tia could do is to believe, and believe.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:09 pm
by Mystes
ShadowZeroHeart wrote:Not sure which animation you mean, but yes.

Here's the PV:

Re: Roku-Jōma no Shinryakusha!?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:43 pm
by ShadowZeroHeart
Nice, just that they look too moe-fied...

Yurika's voice is strange. She may be a fool, but she isn't like a kindergarden child, just a fearful girl... Just a fearful, useless girl...

Kirika looks more mature in the novel, like a big sister/mother. Similarly for Kotaro, who should look a little more mature and muscular. He isn't a wimp like other protagonists, having to fight and take the role of big brother/father in several cases.

They changed the events in the novel as well.

Tulip(Tia, as her skirt is flipped up) reveals a teddy bear amidst the fight. And the only one capable of doing so is the ghost, as Tia has a forcefield to protect her, which is one of the reasons why the skirt maintains up(It was a hilarious scene when Kotaro approaches Kirika at this moment, saying "I know its a life and death situation, but what I see is...", Kirika answers "...... Yeah, I agree. To see a teddy bear at such a critical moment......"). They never really went into the gaming before the big fight, since Tia was clever enough to notice that she only needs to win Kotaro, the legal occupant of the room, and refuses to take a 20% chance as compared to a 50% chance of winning.

The "war" actually began, almost ruining the entire room, which is why the landlady is so angry/fierce. And she totally owned Kotaro, the ghost, the underground girl and the alien girl, which is why they are so afraid they signed the treaty.

P.S. Yurika is not left out on the list by mistake. She was knocked out on her own. Before signing the treaty, the landlady once threatened the people to "work out a peaceful solution", and everyone was terrified, except Yurika, who was silent. When Kotaro tells her that its not risking her life at it, he noticed. She was so afraid of the landlady she sat there, unconscious... The landlady did not even lift a finger at her... So much for a magical shoujo...

Tia, when signing the treaty:
Tia: "This is so humiliating to have to sign this. To want me to sign on this document is as good as killing me..."

Lucy: "Bear with it your highness."

Landlady: "You don't have to sign it."

Tia: "For real?"

Landlady: "Of course. But if you don't sign it now, you probably have no chance to from now on."

Crackle, crackle(Cracking knuckles).

Tia: "E, even though it is a big humiliation, but I still agree to the peace treaty!"

Ghost girl on the other hand should float more...

P.S. Never knew how the dolls of Kirika looks like, always thought they were cuter, the novel had mentioned that their body and limps can move as they want them to, without looking all mechanical. Similarly, Kirika seems like she does magic, but no, she doesn't, she has higher technology than people of the surface, but cannot be compared towards Tia, but their spiritual technology is more superior than Tia(Allows people to do similar things like ghost girl).

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by ShadowZeroHeart
Seems I pressed the wrong button(quote -> edit) on my previous post earlier, explains why there was no reply...

Anyway, for all you Magical Shoujo lovers out there! Heres an extract from the novel, talking about the lifestyle of a magical shoujo! and a quote that one should remember!! THAT IS WHAT MAGICAL SHOUJOS ARE LIKE!!

Life of a magical shoujo(from vol 2. She lives in the wall cabinet, forgotten. Just like a Magical shoujo, always behind the scenes):

The following are all said by her, some descriptions are left out.
"I, I, l'm late!"

From the upper section of the wall cabinet is a girl with teary eyes, with a set of cotton bed.

"W, why didn't anyone wake me up...... Wait, why is there no one in the house!!!"

The girl is called Yurika, a Cosplayer in the eyes of others. What Kotaro forgot about before leaving the house, is actually to wake Yurika up.

"Ahhhhhh! Ten consecutive lates in a row! I will definitely be screamed at by the teacher! Everyone is so bad, knowing that I am always late, and yet still leave me here, going off on their own!"

Yurika hides in the upper section of the wall cabinet, hurriedly taking off her pajamas and changing into her uniform. In fact, tis small upper section of the wall cabinet has been turned into Yurika's all-in-one compact living space.

"Clothes changed! If I hurry up, I might still make it for my first lesson!"

Yurika who has changed into her uniform grabs her schoolbag and hurriedly jumps down from the wall cabinet.


Just as her legs land, the sound of something being smashed can be heard.


Yurika is shocked, and looks down at the white plastic bag that she is stepping on.

"N, no way......"

A chill is sent down from the bottom of her feet all the way to her head. Even though she is in a rush, the astonished Yurika still slowly raised her leg up. If things were as she immagined, this is something over a hundred times more severe than being late for school.

"N, nooooooo-------!"

Sadly, her worries are true. The stuff under her feet, is the cup noodles she rely on for her survival. The hop down the wall cabinet is not too small, over a dozen cup noodles are smashed in an instant.

"W, why are they here? Didn't I place them on the other side yesterday? Why did this happen?" [Translator: Her memories are correct. Just that she placed it above Kirika's hole. When Kirika came up, she "returned" the items back to Yurika, placing them at the wall cabinet.]

Yurika is angry and anxious, almost driven mad.

In these bad times, the price of cup noodles are still high, with no signs of falling, even on sales in a supermarket, it costs 98yen. To have six of such precious rations squashed is equivalent to two days worth perishing instantly under her feet.

"I, If I pick the remains up, they are probably still edible?"

Yurika crawls onto the floor, staring at the broken fragments on the tatami.

"......N, No! I can't do such a thing! Eating things from the ground would give me a tummyache!"

Yurika wants to pick the fragments of noodles up, but her pride forbids her. Her current financial condition and her reliance on cup noodles, against her last shred of pride, and so a massive battle began.

"But..... if I don't collect the fragments, I will definitely have to starve for two days. Ahh~~ But......! I am a human after all, how can I pick things up from the floor to eat...... But, but...... Two days without food...... Ahhhh!"

Yurika is in a struggle.

Actually her choices are very limited, either to pick the fragments up to throw away, or to use as her meals. The question requiring a choice out of two seems simple, but it means a lot to her. To save the food for survival, or to throw them away for pride? Yurika is faced with a great test.

"...... Give up my pride and I can fill my stomach! That's right Yurika! A human can only have pride when they are alive, filling the stomach definitely comes first! I must live on, before I can maintain my pride as a human!"

After a struggle, Yurika decides to give up her pride. She is unwilling to part with the noodles, the taste of the chemical packaging and overcooked noodles' unique texture has became memorable to her.

"Respect life, treasure your food! As a Magical Shoujo, we must let children understand the meaning of treasuring what we have, I must live as an example!"[Translator: Children, you should treasure what you have, but please do not eat things from the ground. People don't do that, but Magical Shoujos are a different species I guess...?]

After making her decision, Yurika's mobility is amazing. She swiftly picks up the fragments off the ground, and placed them all into the plastic bag.

And so, Yurika is late today, of course. She didn't even make it for the second period. Judging from the situation, her attendance rate might be the fatal wound that would affect whether she can go to the second year peacefully.

"This is the duty of a Magical Shoujo, and it is a nobel duty! I can only accept it readily, facing it bravely!"

P.S. She did not eat the fragments in the end. She was scolded by the teacher, causing her to return home later than the others, and one of the members threw the rubbish away.

For those who are concerned with her eventual fate, she got to eat proper meals for the two days, as Kotaro pitied her.

From Vol 3:

Yurika:"If an enemy really appears...... If everyone sees me valiantly fighting against the enemy...... Maybe then they will believe me...... Come on, hurry up and attack us, everyone in the Black Rainbow...... Come and destroy the peace of the world, and wash away my grief...... *weep*"

Errr... Maybe someone really should believe shes a Magical Shoujo?

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by Darklor
Hm, arent those snippets not enough to create a teaser project?

Would be great if the little snippets could be connected together... :twisted:

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by ShadowZeroHeart
Darklor wrote:Hm, arent those snippets not enough to create a teaser project?

Would be great if the little snippets could be connected together... :twisted:

The little snippets are extracted out from various volumes of the series... Its really hard to connect them in this case...

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by Darklor
Ah, k thought some of those were connected...

Maybe someone could expanse those... :twisted: ;)