Altina the Sword Princess

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Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Code-Zero » Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:37 am

One of the LN Im quite fond off. So I did a teaser for it.
Japanese Title: 覇剣の皇姫アルティーナ
English Title: Altina the Sword Princess
Author: Yukiya Murasaki
Illustrator: himesuz


Story Synopsis

Regis, an incapable soldier, who is bad at both sword and archery that only reads books. He meets a girl at the remote region where he was transferred to. Red hair crimson eyes princess Altina who wields the supreme ruler’s sword. She was appointed to become the commander of the army of the remote region despite being fourteen years old, simply for being the illegitimate child of the Emperor. However, she is holding onto her big dream without being depressed in the environment she is in. “I trust you”. Regis who was sought from her as a tactician stands up to the obstacles together with her. The military fantasy interweaved by the bibliophagic boy and the princess with the supreme ruler’s sword.

--Story Synopsis taken from Volume 1 cover.

Teaser: Volume 1 Chapter 1(Full Translation)
Spoiler! :
==Chapter 1: The Girl with Red Hair and Crimson Eyes==

===Part 1===

Lead coloured clouds broods over the sky.

It also had a sky like this on the day I was given an order to be sent here. —Regis remembers as such.

When he moved his gaze back to the ground, the town looked completely different to that of the imperial capital despite sharing the same sky.

It’s not like he is yearning for the bricks, marbles, and street lights, however, houses and stores that are all made up of mud walls and stone walls somehow makes it seem like a prison.

The remote regional town, Tuonvell.

It’s 100 Li (444 km) away from the imperial capital, and it takes five days to get here by a cargo.

It’s dim even though it’s still noon, and the wind breeze is so cold that it hurts. It isn’t because it’s in a remote region but because it’s cloudy and is located in a Northern country during winter, so it seems like it is a metaphor of the future waiting ahead.

I must have failed—is what came to Regis’s mind.

He lost his master, he lost his standing, he lost his future, and he was sent to the northern frontline like here.

“Well, it should be okay……climbing up the ranks isn’t everything about life. Instead, I can spare more time to read.”

When the caravan arrives to the town, it was exactly the moment where the Church rings the bell to signify that its noon.

While the people that were with him scatters to seek for place to eat, the place Regis heads towards is probably somewhere that isn’t related to lunch. There are books lined up in the show window.

When he pushes the wooden door to step inside the building made from stones, there are bookshelves lined up and the place is filled with the smell of inks and papers.

“—Aaah, if there are books, I am free, and that place itself will become my home.”

Source from “Bourgogne’s Travel Journey” written by Cuers Romeros—he adds that line inside his mind.

Regis proclaims to be an avid reader; however, he is in fact a bibliophagic (le rat de bibliothèque).

He stares toward the shelves which has the new releases (c’est nouvelle) with enthusiastic eyes.

His lips shiver.

“W-What’s the meaning of this……!?”

“Hmm? Is something wrong, officer?”

From behind the counter at the far end of the shop, the shopkeeper with a beard talks to him. The scar from a sword on his cheek, his remarkable muscular body, and his body physique makes him appear to look like an instructor from the military school rather than a bookshop worker.

Regis asks him even though he is overwhelmed by him.

“I can’t find the new book by Cuers. Nor the books written by count Ludocel and professor Iluni...... Don’t tell me they are sold out? That will be too cruel even if they are really popular.”

“Officer, did you perhaps come from the central?”

“Yeah, I arrived from the imperial capital just before……”

“Then it can’t be helped if you didn’t know about it. Those kind of books don’t sell well in this town so we barely order them.”


Regis releases a sound like those victims lost in the desert craving for water.

His throat gets dried up instantly.

The shopkeeper shrugs. It seems like he isn’t joking.

“This is a warzone. The only ones that people buys are heroic tales and porno. Oh, this one here is our best sellers.”

What he points at is a book called “How to write your will that you won’t regret”.

I don’t want to! Regis holds down his head thinking like that.

“H-Hold on a sec……you are telling me the new book written by that great author won’t be sold here? Is this place really within the Belgallia Empire’s region? You are sure that I didn’t wander into the village of barbarians by mistake, right?”

“Well, this place did belong to the neighbour country till fifty years ago.”

“Sob…..on top of that, what’s with this price? It’s ten times the price at capital……”

Regis finally finds the book he wants to read and takes it into his hand, however he already looks like he is about to cry.

The bearded face shopkeeper explains it plainly.

“Well, books are heavy after all. Lately there has been bandits appearing at the main road, so even bringing the books takes a lot of effort. On top of that there are only few customers that will buy them… in a remote region like here, books are still considered as luxury items for upper-class folks.”

“That’s absurd!”

“I’m sorry about that……”

The shopkeepers hand reaches out towards the book Regis is holding onto.

He brings the book towards him in panic.

“H-Hold on, I didn’t say that I won’t buy it……!!”

“Huh!? Are you serious about buying it? You seem like a young officer. It will be weird for me to say this since I put the price……and please pardon myself, but won’t your weekly salary disappear in an instance?”

“Guuuu……this place is hell……”

Regis squirms.

Then the shopkeeper yells out a weird shout that went “Uo!?”, and stares in wonder.

Regis turns around by looking towards where he is staring at.

In front of the door of this shop, there is a girl standing there while having lights from outside the shop shine from behind her.

She is a beautiful girl who has a burning-like red hair and ruby-like crimson eyes. She appears to be the age of thirteen or fourteen years old. Despite still having childish features in her face, you can’t look away from her once you catch her within your sight. You may end up staring at her with fascination.

She has her index finger front of her lips.

—Is she telling me to be quiet? Why? What purpose does it hold?

It’s not weird or rare for other customers to come into a bookstore. Even so, Regis is agitated more than he should.

The girl puts down her fingers and moves her light crimson coloured lips.

“There has been many new recruits that has been sent to the frontline and cries by saying that its hell at the warzone, but I’m sure you are the first one to say that in a bookstore.”

She has a clear voice.

She then puts on a cheerful smile.

“We finally meet! You must be the fifth rank civil officer, Regis Auric, right?”

“Huh? Ah, me?”

“You are not him!?”

“Oh no, that is me! I am……Regis.”

“I’m relived~. I was wondering what I should do if you were a different person.”

Her relieved smile still carries her innocence fitting her age.

Regis’s cheeks get hotter.

Because the girl front of him is beautiful—, that is not the reason. It really isn’t. It’s clearly due to the embarrassment for how he miserable he thinks of himself for panicking by having a girl younger than him call out his name.

“Huh? My name……why do you know about me?”

“Obviously, I would at least remember the name of the person I came to pick up. Don’t look down on me by thinking that I’m a child.”

“Oh no, that wasn’t my intention……but I see, so you came to pick me up.”

Regis looks at the girl once again.

She’s wearing a brown robe, and she’s wearing a leather trousers and boots underneath it. It’s those typical fashions worn by cargo drivers.

“Since you came from the fortress, does that make you a soldier?”

“Oh, do I look like one?”

“No……you can’t be. You are still underage, right?”

“Yes, I just turned fourteen.”

You are seen as an adult when you turn fifteen in Belgallia Empire. Underage can’t become a soldier unless there is a really special reason.

“I get it now, you must be a cargo driver that is employed daily……but I was planning to take a stagecoach to get to the fortress. I sure am receiving a special treatment since you came to pick me up.”

“Does it make you happy?”

“......I feel depressed because it feels like I’m being asked to work quickly as I can.”

“Fufu, you are more modest than I expected.”

“I hate lies.”

“You do? But aren’t you supposed to be a tactician?”

The girl’s crimson eyes gaze at him.

Regis is feeling pressure he can’t describe in words by a girl four years younger than him.

“……Well, there are those who call me as such……but I wanted to become a librarian at the military’s library.”

“That sounds like an interesting story. Maybe I should listen to the rest of it on the cargo.”


Regis for some reason feels like he’s suffocating, so he uses his finger to put some air between his collars.

The girl urges to leave.

“Now, let’s get going quickly. The cloud is dense, so snow may fall.”

“You are right......oh, I almost forgot!”

Regis was about to leave the shop but returns back to the shopkeeper after he remembers about it. He puts the cash on the counter for the book.

“I will be buying this……huh? What’s wrong? You don’t look well.”

“No, I’m alright. Thanks for shopping, officer.”

For some reason the bearded face shopkeeper nods his head while putting both has hand on his mouth. He seems to be enduring against something.

The girl approaches Regis with a strict expression.

“Are you perhaps an idiot!?”

“W-What’s up with you, all of a sudden……?”

“Books are entertainment that is too luxurious in remote regions like this place. You must be really rich or an idiot to pay that amount of money!”

“Well, I have never once thought that I was smart……however craving to build up more knowledge makes human more of a human and is something we should all be proud of, and to fulfil my desire by reading books is the way I live. No matter what obstacle lies ahead in front of me, giving up on reading books will be the same as giving up on living, that’s how I think.”

Having said that, Regis is embarrassed for being childish against a child and closes his mouth.

The girl puts on a serious looks than he expected.

She then makes a big nod.

“The same as giving up on your life……yes, you are right. If you put it that way than I can come to understand what you are trying to say. Even I……”

“Even you……?”

“It’s nothing! Let’s get going!”


Regis puts the book he just bought under his arm, and left the bookstore by grabbing his luggage as if he is chasing the girl.

There is a single cargo parked front of the shop.

A brown skinny horse is looking towards them.

The girl leaps onto the driver’s seat that is above the ground till the height of the horses waist.

“Hurry, get on quickly!”

“Yeah……oh, by the way, what is your name?”

Regis asks the girl by looking up towards her.

The girl’s eyes get sharper. The girl lowers her tone and says each word by breaking her sentence apart.

“Do. You. Want. To. Get. Left. Behind?”

Regis panicky gets onto the driver’s seat.

It seems like he asked at a bad time.

===Part 2===

The wooden wheels rolls onto of the road while making a squeaking noise.

The cargo passes through the stone walls that surround the town of the remote region from the north gate.

On the driver’s seat is a girl that is holding onto the rein.

Sitting to her right is Regis who is holding his luggage.

Behind them are luggage that are covered by cloth, and it apparently contains lumbers and bricks.

“—So, you wanted to know my name?”

“Yeah. How should I call you?”

“Let me think……”

The girl starts to think while putting her hand wrapped with rough gloves to her well-shaped chin.

Is there even a need for her to think? That’s how Regis doubtfully thought.

The girl loosens her lips that are shaped horizontally.

“Yeah. You can call me Altina.”

“Is that perhaps a made-up name?”

He asked because it made him think that way due to the time needed for her to answer, however it seems like he failed. The girl that called herself Altina twitches her eyebrows.

“……How rude……isn’t it a wonderful nickname? I thought I should allow you to call me that way specially, but maybe I should reconsider it.”

“I’m sorry. Please let me call you Altina!”

“Well, if you really want to call me that way, then I will allow you to call me that way.”

“I really do.”

“Phew……you really don’t seem like a soldier.”

“Haha, I know that myself.”

When Regis smiles, Altina also smiles to it.

There are wheat field spread both to the right and left. Since it’s still winter, it looks like the seeds that are yet to grow are all lined up.

The scenery of this world is split into the bicolour of ash colour of the sky, and the ashen colour of the earth.

Altina asks while looking ahead.

“Hey, you didn’t come here voluntarily, right?”

What I desired is to become the librarian of the military’s library, even before becoming a soldier. To begin with, I became a soldier because I was having hard time to make money to support myself and to buy books……by the way, is there a library in Siècle Fortress?”

“Soon enough, your room would be called that way.”

“Oh my, is there no god in this world?”

“……Are you trying to replace the word “paper” with the word “god”? It’s boring.”

“I-I-I-I wasn’t trying to do that.”

“What were you doing in the previous echelon?”

“What is it? Are you trying to question me for being a soldier?”

“That’s not what I meant. I wanted to know what you did in order to be sent to a remote region like here.”

“Apparently it’s my responsibility for losing the battle.”

“And you have come to agree with that? You are still a young non-commissioned officer. It’s weird for you to take responsibility when you don’t even the right to give orders. What happened?”

Regis looks afar.

He looks towards the wheat field where there are seeds planted in line.

Mountains with bumps appear within the horizon.

“……He was a good person.”

“Who was?”

“My previous master was. I wasn’t good with sword and horse riding, and I wasn’t doing well at military academy. And the person who picked up a dropout student such as me was marquis Tenez.”

“Drop out? I heard rumours that haven’t lost tactics at military academy.”

“You know quite a lot than I thought. I wonder who the one that told you was…… Well, rumours do come together with a price…… I did gather points for tactics only, but that was similar to chess.”

“But didn’t marquis Tenez hire you as a tactician and not someone who he can play chess with?”

“As a lowest rank among his many other star officers. I was still fifteen years old when I graduated from the academy, so you can say I was more of an apprentice.”

“Whether you were the lowest among them or an apprentice, I think being a star office when you aren’t even a noble and was young in age is impressive……weren’t you satisfied with it?”

“Of course I am! Marquis may have hired me on a whim……even if that was the case; I have a strong obligation towards him. Even now.”

That’s why the corner of his eyes starts to get hot when he remembers about his parting with him.

Regis grips tightly onto his bag that he is carrying.

His bag gets crushed.

“……Marquis said he needed me. Even so……I basically let him die without helping him.”

He emitted a low-pitch voice with high tone where he couldn’t believe it was his voice.

Altina makes a serious expression.

“If I memory is right, in the battle during summer, marquis Tenez—”


For a daily employee, she sure does know a lot. That is Regis’s impression. Is she interested in war because she’s in a war zone, or is it because Altina is strange? Or is there other reason behind it?

“Let him die without helping? What do you mean?”

“If I tell you, it will be from my perspective……”

“I want to hear from your perspective. I don’t want to hear rumours but the actual story told from your words, for that reason I…… Hey, can please speak to me about it?”

He starts to think for a while.

The journey is still far ahead. It’s nothing to hide about, and it was something I spoke about at council of war, and it was also put on the newspaper article at the capital.

That day back in summer—.

Words that were thrown at me, the expression on people’s faces, none of them leaves my mind, but I don’t know where to start from if I was suddenly asked to speak about it.

I needed some time to clear my mind.

“……During that battle……marquis Tenez used the plan suggested by the chief of staff. Well, the small matters aren’t important. To take on 500 barbarians, the Empire had a large fleet consisting of 3000 men. The war was in a situation where our victory was certain, but the conference we had inside the stronghold was more mainly about what we were whine will taste good for the duck meat we would be eating for dinner rather than about the plan……”

“So all of you were feeling like you on the battle even before you fought?”

“It happens quite often since the Empire’s army is powerful……but the problem with it was the fact that they never thought about a plan if the barbarians were to attack from our rear.”

“The enemies were the barbarians, right? I don’t think they would use such a tricky method like that.”

“Certainly, barbarians that don’t have proper regulation won’t succeed if they use such tricks, so they prefer to attack from the front. However, if you look back into the past record, the Empire received a surprise attack from them if there were a huge difference in man powers. I proposed to them twice……that we need to be more alert. But the chief of staff laughed at me calling me a coward, and marquis Tenez told me to stay at the rear and watch how war looks like……”

“So you were chased out of the stronghold?”


There was a similar discussion at the war conference as well. Regis feels as if he is having an interview.

Back then, I should have proposed to them for the third time even if they were to yell at me. That’s how I feel right now.

Just having guards keep their attention could have stopped the surprise attack.

Altina mutters.

“Are you blaming yourself?”

“……I was scared to receive a punishment that was more serious than being positioned to the rear……so I didn’t give propose to them for the third time.”

“Was that chief of staff a noble?”

“Yeah, he was……”

“If he was, then he wouldn’t have accepted the proposal from a commoner, no matter how many times you tell him. Marquis Tenez probably couldn’t take an action that would harm the appearance of a noble with a high post.”


For Regis who is a commoner and who doesn’t know the society of nobles couldn’t see through about the fact where marquis Tenez was paying attention to how it would affect the chief of staff.

If I thought about it more seriously, I would have known since I have knowledge about the standing and relations between nobles.

Altina then cheers him up.

“So you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

“No, if I think about it now, there was a vibe where he was acting that way……but it was my mistake where I couldn’t see through the situation between nobles….. If I proposed to it to the marquis not at the stronghold but somewhere else……then……!!”

Regis bites his teeth hard.

He feels as if his stomach got heavy. And the corner of his eyes gets hot.

Altina releases a dignified voice.

“Regis Auric!”


Rather being called out his name all of a sudden, he is more shocked at her voice that carried intensity. It was so intense that he can’t believe she is a simple girl who is a driver.

“It’s all in the past. You gave everything you had. Right?”

“……Yeah, you are right. However, I don’t want to believe that marquis died because he was worried about worthless thing as a noble’s reputation…… I was thoughtless.”

I do know that it’s too late for that. —Regis adds.

Altina nods.

Small white substance falls on her face.

She looks up to the sky.

There is countless number of small shadows that are falling down.

“It’s snowing……”

She mutters.

Regis shrugs his shoulder.

“I sure am welcomed……since it starts to snow on my first day here……hahaha.”

“You won’t be able to laugh if it turns into a blizzard.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You lived in a northern country before?”

“It was mentioned in a book.”

“……Is that right? ……We are in a hurry, so hold on tight and make sure you don’t fall!”

Altina makes a voice that sounds both angry and dumbfounded while she speeds up the horse.

===Part 3===

Wolf howls from afar.

Ahwoooo! Such cries of beasts as what travellers fear. It seems like it goes the same for the horse that is pulling the cargo.

It suddenly swings its head around and goes off course.

“Go back!”

Altina pulls the reins.

Regis becomes stiff.

The wagon that was crossing the road where it started snowing slides of the ground that is frozen. It tilts to the side.

Lumbers and bricks that are packed in the wagon that is covered starts to make loud noises, and it’s making nasty noises like a tree that is being bent.

Having the impact as if he got kicked in the buttocks, Regis’s body flies up in the air.


“Endure it!”

The one that screamed is Regis, and the one that supported him by putting her hands on his shoulder is Altina.

He somehow avoided falling from the driver’s seat.

The horse stops its movement and then neighs. Eventually, it gets calm again and looks towards the driver.

I’ve done it this time. –It seems the horse also realise what it has done. It seems like a child that is being nervous at being yelled at.

When Altina gets off the driver’s seat, she approaches the horse and strokes its neck.

“Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself somewhere?”

The horse responds by neighing.

Regis can’t understand what it said, but he realises Altina is concerned about its back right leg.

“Is it injured?”

“……It seems like it will continue walking if he force him……but he would get disposed if he injuries its legs beyond healing.”

She sighs while stoking its neck.

She gives it a rest by taking of the harness from the cargo. Though she does keep he rein connected to prevent it from being lost.

Regis observes the horizon that is being piled with snow.

“Is it quite far from Siècle Fortress?”

“I guess it’s about 5 Li (22 km) from here……though it would be impossible to walk from here.”


“Because it seems like there would be a blizzard. I didn’t bring lanthanum, so it would get dark at night. If we get off course and enter the wheat field, we won’t reach the fortress by morning. We may fall down into a ditch.”

“Oh well, I don’t want to walk for 5 Li carrying these luggage in the first place.”

“Are you sure you are a soldier!?”

“Haha……my drills inside the mountains were bad. Instead of being a practice for marching, that was more of a practice for when you get stranded.”

Sigh~. Altina covers her eyes.

Regis tilts his head.

“What should we do?”

“Isn’t it the duty of tactician to think of an idea in a situation like this?”

“Well, I was praised sometimes in terms of making troops move……but situation like this are expertise of soldiers, peddlers, and adventurers.”

“You are a soldier as well, you know!?”

“Opps, that’s right.”

“You sure do astonish me.”

“Oh well, let’s keep moving ahead while being calm, Altina. Humans are able to pull it off when times come.”

“You are right……you can say that freezing from death is also part of “when times come”.”

“You sure are strict.”

“Hey, do you really have nothing in mind?”

“Hmm, yeah…..I will just read this then.”

Regis takes out a book he bought in town.

“Oh, you have a book that is useful in a situation like this? You can do it after all!”

“I wonder about that. This book—is a fictional book about a fairy that suddenly appears front of a boy, and he makes six beautiful girls from books into reality—.”

“Are you an idiot!? This isn’t the time for reading such nonsense!”

“You are rude for calling it nonsense. You should apologise to the author.”

“At this rate, you would freeze by morning and you won’t be able to read books ever again! Though a priest would read the holy bible for you instead.”

“For that reason……I want to read the last book I bought.”

“You give up too quickly!”

“I’m joking. But panicking under this situation isn’t good. We must think up of a plan while being calm. Let’s get on the cargo first. It should be okay since there’s some cloth back in there.”

“……You are right.”

On Altina’s shoulder and face that got onto the cargo, there are some snows on her already.

The reason why lumbers and bricks that is packed is towards the side is because the cargo slipt just before.

Regis sits down on the place with some space.

She sits near him.

“Thank god there isn’t any wind breezing inside here.”

“It’s still cold though.”

“It can’t be helped. I’m going to take a hot bath when we arrive at the fortress. I definitely will!”

“You sure do get treated with luxury for a driver…… Are you perhaps an acquaintance of someone that has a high post in the fortress?”


For some reason, Altina can’t say a word back to that.

Am I wrong but close to the answer?

“Well, it’s something I would find out when we arrive at the fortress.”

“That’s if we can arrive there safely……”

The wind and snow gets stronger, and its turning into a blizzard.

Since it’s even coming into the cargo, Altina has her shoulder shivering.


Regis then looks through the book he has recorded in his head.

“As I thought, the best choice is to stay here without moving……”

“It is?”

“Rather than wasting your stamina by moving around, it would be better to wait for other wagons to pass by. How worried do you think the people in the fortress are for your well-being? Do they remember about a wagon driver that is employed daily? Or do they wait for you as if they are waiting for that friend to arrive?”

“I-I’m not really sure…..they haven’t forgotten about me, I think. They are worried about me……well, they should be. Probably.”

“Then there is a high chance that they would come and look for you before night. There’s only a single road between the fortress and the town. If they know that they can meet with you if they head towards the town, they won’t be bringing that many things with them.”

“I see…..your brain sure does function quite fast.”

“I just know it.”

I have read a story which involved similar situation. —For Regis, that’s what it simply was.

“The remaining problem is that we need to use something which will help us avoid the coldness.”

Altina stands up.

“There is one in fact!”


“There is a cloth inside the luggage carrier. Though it’s a single small cloth.”

Saying that, Altina pulls out a rough cloth from under the lumbers.

“It sure is small.”

“But it should be warm since its thick, so use it.”

“Thanks……but you use that, Altina.”


“Despite how I look, I am a soldier. Isn’t it the duty of soldiers to look after the civilians?”

“On the official stance, yes.”

“I’m serious about it.”

“Hmm, you sure are an interesting person……then let’s use it this way?”

Altina brings the cloth and sits next to Regis. She then brings her body close to him.

Her right arm tangles around his left arm.

“W-What is it!?”

“If we do it like this, both of us will be warm with a single cloth, right?”

“Yeah……I see, I think it is, is it?”

The girl’s warmth is warmer than a cloth.

He is in a state where his heartbeat is beating faster. To the extent where he is sweating from his back.

Regis then tells himself in his mind—. Calm down. She’s a child who is still fourteen. She’s still underage and is younger than me. It’s true that she’s beautiful, but being panicking because we are tangling our arms is something I should be ashamed off as an older person.

Altina brings her face closer.

“Are you okay? You seem red……”

“I-It’s nothing.”


She becomes quiet.

What Regis can hear is the sound of the wind and Altina’s breathing.


Eh? W-What is it?”

“I think you are an interesting person.”

“Haha……I hear that often.”

“Soldiers have to protect a civilian, that’s just words. There are many of those that think soldiers are more important and valuable.”

“That may be true……however, ones with strength must protect ones without strength. That itself is the reason for humanity to shape society. Just like how adults protect the children, it’s natural for the strong to protect the weak……so I think it’s a must for soldiers to protect the civilians.”

“You are saying nobles must protect the commoners, and that Emperor must protect the people?”

“That’s how it should be. The current nobles are continuing to have useless war and are using up the life and fiancés of the people.”

“Are the battle with barbarians useless? We can’t make peace with them, and everyone gets massacred if you lose to them, right?”

“……Certainly the barbarians are terrifying. However, if you really want to protect the patriots and the citizen, you would need to pull back to the region where it’s more fitting to protect them so they can build big and long protective walls.”

“Won’t they be able to climb over big and long walls?”

“The cavaliers and wagons won’t be able to go past it. In order to stop a big-scale invasion, that will be enough.”

“Oh, you are right……but why aren’t the generals taking those measures? Maybe they can’t come up with that idea?”

“What I just said has been spread across the world by being written in books. The reason why the people of upper echelons of society aren’t stopping doing war is because it’s business to them. If they fend against barbarians as a soldier, their fame will rise. And weapons and foods used in war will be sold for a high price. Military academy is a source of income for the nobles. Even if the people have to pay for it, a group of those with authority will make profit from it……”

“I can’t forgive such acts!”

Altina approaches her face as if she took the bait.

Regis backs down feeling pressured.

Though he can’t escape since their arms are tangled.

“C-Calm down, Altina…… I didn’t say that everyone living in upper echelons of society is like that. In fact, marquis Tenez was different.”

“……He was?”

“Yeah, he even went far to propose to the Emperor that they should stop expanding the Empire’s region, and instead put their effort into the safety of the country. He even came suggested to make a plan to make protective walls at the noble’s conference.”

“That is wonderful. If war stops, the number of people living in poverty and casualties will reduce dramastically!”

Altina has her eyes sparkling with lights at Regis’s words—.

She then becomes silent.

For a moment, she showed a serious expression.

“……Don’t tell me that was the reason for it?”

“Huh? Something wrong, Altina?”

“No, I just started thinking of other matters. Is that so? So there are different sorts of people among the nobles, I see.”

“Yeah, that’s why it’s a problem if the Emperor doesn’t act more sufficiently.”

Regis says that with disgust.

Twitch. Altina twitches her body, and it’s something he can feel because they have their body touching each other.

“……Do you think……the current Emperor……is bad?”

“It will be an l èse-majesté if I say he was bad……”

Even what I’m saying right now is going too far. Even so, we are under this blizzard. The only one listening are Altina and the horse.

Regis is being talkative.

“The current Emperor has been reigning for too long. He’s so old that he can’t maintain the political matters. Naturally, he should have passed his title to the first prince five years ago. But since the first prince was physically sick, the second prince is showing his talent in both politics and military affairs. Even in terms of support, the second prince has more support than the first prince.”

“That sure is troublesome……”

The first prince that was born first is the son born with the second queen that is the Emperor’s concubine.

The second prince that was born after him is the son born between the Emperor and his legal wife who is the Empress. And in terms of monarch, the Empress stands in higher position. This became the successor problem within the Empire.

“The fight for the succession between two princes…..well, it’s more of a fight between their supporters. Due to the result of that dragging on, the aging Emperor’s regaining continued where the nobles did things as they liked, and this country is collapsing.”

“There are other imperial family besides them.”

“Yeah, the third prince. He’s still a student and is fifteen years old, so he can’t even compete with his two older brothers.”

“G-Geez, there’s one more left……you know?”

“Huh? Oh……if I remember now, the commander of Siècle Fortress is also part of the imperial family.”

“That’s it! W-What have you heard about her!?”

Altina approaches him once again, so he moves to the right. He’s about to fall off the wagon.

“Hmm, the Arrowed Sparrow Princess, huh……”

“What is that?”

“That’s the nickname for the fourth princess Marie Quatre said at the imperial capital. Her actual name is so long that no one can remember it.”

“It certainly is a long name……”

“Marie Quatre Aljeantina de Belgallia, was it……? I do remember stories, but memorising such a long name like this is hard.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to remember it. By the way, what is this Arrowed Sparrow Princess that you spoke of?”

“I would be troubled if someone that would be taking caring of me takes this the wrong way……but this is her nickname that is known at the capital.”

“That’s why I’m asking you, what does it mean?”

“What I’m going to tell you now is rumours I have heard……oh well, we have plenty of time. This is the story of a poor princess that was sent to the remote region—”

===Part 4===

Fifteen years ago—

It will be about what happens before that, but let me tell you about Marie Quatre’s mother.

At Imperial capital Versailles, a party which was celebrating his highness, the Emperor’s birthday party was being held.

The orchestra starts to play the waltz.

Luxurious food are put on the tables, and the generals starts to speak about their victory for their battles when they saw the right timing, and use it to celebrate the party.

It was a big scale party where not only the powerful nobles and wealthy people were invited, but even the lowest rank nobles and their families were also there.

Among the lowest seats of the commoners, there was a beauty that made everyone around her gasp.

Her hair colour that has the same colour as the sky of the night, and her black jewel eyes made her white skin even more apparent.

The one who spoke that sixteen years old girl is—none other than the Emperor who climbed down from his throne and came into the hall while walking between people.

“If it’s okay with you, will you please dance with me, Mademoiselle?”

At this time, it was recorded in the official record of the Empire’s ceremony rites that after Lady Claudette Barthélemy gave her polite bow, she gave her reply like this.

“Yes, I would be delighted, Monsieur. Would you please give me your name?”

There are several possible theories of why she asked Emperor for his name. “She didn’t realise it was him” would be too much of an insult. The popular theories are that “She knew it was him, but she said as a party manner” or “She was a woman who was able to say a joke to the Emperor”.

Either way, the only person who knows the truth would be herself.

When the girl with beautiful black hair gave her hand, the Emperor who took her had a smile.

“How rude of me. I am Lien Fernandi de Belgallia. Everyone calls me Lian the Fifteenth.”

“Then please call me Claudette.”

The chef d'orchestre that is said to be the best in the Empire moves his baguette and urges the members of orchestra to play the music.

This was later called Claudette Case.

Half a year later—.

Lady Claudette that turned 17 years old became the Emperor’s fourth queen.

Her name changed to “Mary Claudette de Belgallia”. On top of that, by the time of her wedding, it was said that she was bearing the Emperor’s child.

Before the Emperor turned 51 years old, the queen gave birth to the princess that would become the fourth succession to the throne. Her name is Marie Quatre Aljeantina de Belgallia.

She is officially the true daughter of the Emperor, however in the society she is called as his illegitimate child.

Lein the Fifteenth that heard about the birth of his fourth child asked grand chamberlain,

“Does it have a red hair?”

The first Emperor of Belgallia Empire was a huge man with red hair and crimson eyes who had the nick name 《Empereur Flamme》. He defeated the barbarians that lives in the neighbouring country, and founded the Empire.

Lein the Fifteenth despite being skinny was tall where he also had red hair and crimson eyes.

However, the three older prince of the newborn child did have red eyes, but they inherited the hair colour of their mother where they had a blond or brown hair, and they possibly couldn’t be called huge.

Grand chamberlain greets him respectfully and then gives her answer to him.

“Your majesty, the child has a red hair. However, the child is a girl.”

It seemed like the Emperor lost his interest towards the fourth princess then.

For a commoner to become a concubine and being blessed with the Emperor’s child was something disgraceful to the nobles.

However, if Claudette’s child was a boy, then the child would have possibly been assassinated right away. That’s because there’s also a plausible rumour flying around that “The reason why the first prince is weak is because he was poisoned”.

Thankfully, since Marie Quatre was a girl, so she was raised safely till she was thirteen years old.

She stood out for learning how to use sword and studying about politics, however, it was laughed as a joke within the imperial court.

However, when she became the age where she was to appear in the high society, trouble arose.

Marie Quatre had a beauty where it was beyond that of her mother.

At that time, there was a young troubadour that gathered the attention within the high society with his honey face and singing voice that was like a baritone. The empress invited that man to the imperial court—.

The moment the troubadour walks past Marie Quatre, he started to sing a song where he praised her beauty.

“Oh my, it’s such a wonderful day today! For being able to meet an angel that is magnificent as the sun. The burning flame melts my heart and your shining crimson eyes stole words out from my mouth.”

Obviously the empress was enraged. She kicks out the troubadour from the imperial court immediately and also exiled him from the high society.

However, that wasn’t the end of it.

The empress’s child, the second prince Allen de Latreille Belgallia, is a man that is sharp like a knife.

He’s simply the commander of the first division army as a soldier; however, in behalf of the aging emperor and the sick first prince, he practically had the power of the Imperial army at the age of 23.

Latreille proposes to the emperor.

“If the beautiful princess takes the command, it’s certain the officers will have their fighting spirit rise. I believe we should entrust her with the northern region where it’s in stalemate situation.”

“I will be waiting for a good report.”

At this time, it can be said that the love Lein the Fifteenth had lost his love towards the queen Claudette completely.

The Imperial year 850—.

While the old emperor sits on his throne, the ones standing on both sides of the red carpet are the nobles that are putting on cold smiles.

Though her mother was nowhere to be seen.

Marie Quatre bows her head down while wavering her red hair.

“Your majesty, it has been a while.”


Lein the Fifteenth simply nodded his head.

Grand chamberlain opens the appointing notice and reads out the imperial command in the name of the emperor.

Despite being a princess and underage, she was appointed to become the commander of remote region of Beilschmidt troop.

Small laugh arose within the nobles.

There wasn’t a single person within the imperial court that understood what was going through the princess’s mind.

After the grand chamberlain steps back, the emperor mutters it with a small voice.

“……Is there anything you desire as a parting gift?”

This is a custom that is done when the kin of the emperor leaves the imperial capital, and it’s the tradition to say “Your words alone is the most supporting gift, your majesty”……

However, while putting her chest forward Marie Quatre,

“I desire the sword of Empereur Flamme!”

—says that.

Panic arose.

She had the nobles glare at her with disgust bluntly, and they even said “Doesn’t this beggar know what manner is?” behind her.

After a while, the emperor gave his thought.

“……There are seven swords belonging to the first emperor, and you are my fourth child. So I shall lend you the fourth sword. When the day comes where you return to this capital, you may return it back inside treasure’s storehouse.”

The fourth treasured sword—.

The object knights’ cladded in armour carried was a double-edged sword that was too gigantic.

It’s the 《Grandneil Quatre》.

This gigantic sword was made by using the first emperor’s height, and it has the total length of 26 Pa (192 cm).

Marie Quatre is tall for a girl, however, the treasured sword was very thick and long that people would laugh between her tall height won’t matter to it.

The nobles gave their vulgar laughs at her. The princess won’t be able to carry the sword, and she would leave so miserably from here.—That’s how majority of people thought.

The girl gave her bow, she then grips on to the handle of the large sword, and supports the blade that is inside the sheath with her left hand.

“I will give you my thanks……and take this with pleasure……!!”

Marie Quatre put all her strength into it.

The marble makes a creak to the floor.

She lifted the large sword.

Laughter disappeared within the nobles, and changed into being shocked.

The princess made a stance with the large sword that is bigger than her.

“……I hereby accept this crucial responsibility.”

She bows her head to the old emperor.

She then looked at the second prince who had a cold expression and the empress who looked at her with hatred.

There are only speculations to what was going through Marie Quatre back then.

She turned around and left the audience room that had quieted down.

===Part 5===

“—And so, that’s how the rumour went.”

The blizzard bangs onto the wagon.

When Regis tries to end the story, Altina bites at him.

“Hold on a second.”


“So where does the Arrowed Sparrow Princess comes into that story!?”

“Oh, that? I mentioned about the princess who placed the large sword on her hips, right?”

“What’s wrong with that? That’s the only place to keep a large sword like that. I would end up dragging it if I were to place it on my back.”

“You saw her, Altina? So the princess is also doing that at Siècle Fortress huh.”

“Eh? Ah, y-yeah……I did saw her.”

“Didn’t you think the same? Apparently the civilians and soldiers that saw the little Marie Quatre making a stance with her large sword said, “She looked like a sparrow that was pierced with an arrow”.


Altina opens her eyes wide.

She freezes.

“Even if she was rumoured to a beautiful until then, she barely showed herself front of the people and there wasn’t any big matters regarding her. That’s why it seems like her “Arrowed Sparrow Princess” nickname stuck to her. I didn’t see her since I was in the battlefield.”


“What’s wrong? Why are you shaking your shoulders……are you cold that much?”

“That’s not it! I don’t have the right to complain to you, however, I feel unpleasant!”

“I ask you to keep this as a secret from her. If she hates me from the beginning, it will be hard to do things.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. She isn’t foolish enough to hate the person who told her about the rumour just from listening to his story.”

Regis shrugs his shoulder.

“I hope so……oh yeah, are you hungry? You didn’t eat anything for lunch, right?”

“Do you have something?”

“I left some bread because I was thinking of eating it while reading some books.”

He opened his bag and put his long sword to the side.

Hard-baked bread is inside.

“Though I would have liked hot milk with this.”

“You would share it with me?”

“I told you about my principle, right? I won’t force you if you don’t want it.”

“……I do want it.”

Regis puts on a smile. He breaks the hard-baked bread in half and gives one of them to Altina.

“Take this.”

“Thanks……even if it’s a smile, it sure is different.”

Altina mutters while staring at half of the bread she has.

“What’s this about?”

“……I have seen even more cold smile so many times.”

“Hmm, where?”

“At imperial court.”

Altina bites into the hard-baked bread.

Then, the horse cries.

It was a cry that sounded pressured and sounded like a scream that is seeking for help.

Both of them move to the driver’s seat.

“W-What’s wrong……?”


Altina points with her finger. In front of the wagon and on the other side of the horse that is clattering its front legs.

There is a shadow within the blizzard.

A golden iris glows within the darkness.

There are five jaws that have the colour of blood.

Regis feels as if a devil grabbed his heart.

“......It’s wolves.”

“It’s the loup gris.”

“F-Fire……we need to throw the torch at them. Do you have tinderbox!?”

“Calm down, Regis! There’s no way I have it.”

“Ugh……that’s right.”

“The horse will be in danger at this rate.”

“After that, it will be our turn to be eaten......uggggh……!!”

Regis draws back to the luggage that is covered by cloth.

He picks up the sword that is on the floor, and jumps out from behind the wagon.

Altina shuts her eyes.

She then sighs.

“Well, even if he said he would protect civilians……”

No matter what kind of nice words he says, it’s different if his life is in danger. That’s how Altina takes it.

—She he’s the same. That’s how she thinks.

Except, Regis came around to the front of the wagon.

He didn’t escape.

At front of the wagon, he makes a stance while pointing his sword at the biggest loup gris among the five loup gris.


“What do you think you are dong!? Loup gris are vicious beasts that even knights struggles in taking on!”

“I know! That’s why this is the only option left.”

The reason why Regis’s hand that is carrying the sword is shaking isn’t only because of the coldness.

Judging from his stance, he’s an amateur.

No, he’s even worse.

He’s bending his back like a cat; he doesn’t have any strength in his hips, and he’s about to fall backwards anytime soon.

Even children that are playing with swords can make a better stance while being proud.

Altina is holding down her head.

“Can you even win like that!?”

“Haha……I’m not trying to brag, but I have never once won against anyone in a sword practice.”

“It really isn’t something you can brag about!”

“Altina, run……and force the horse to push itself. At this rate, it would become the wolves food……”

“Are you seriously saying that!? You would get killed, you know!?”

Her shout sounds like a scream.

Regis smiles.

It is not a smile to make her feel safe nor is it because he’s confidence. His smile appeared naturally on its own.

He doesn’t know the reason himself.

“Even so……I’m sure bending your principal in life is more harsh than dying.”


Altina gasps.

Regis himself feels strange as well. Why did I smile? Did I smile at myself for being a fool? No, that’s a negative way of thinking. I’m going to say that this is a song of praise at me for being able to live up to my principal even under this situation which is like despair.

“Even I……should be able to buy some time, since wolves don’t attack recklessly at a target that doesn’t escape and stays in front of them. They would first check the threat of its target, and approach them if they are certain that they can win……h-huh? Wait, it started to approach us!?”

“Yes. Because no matter how I look at your stance, you simply look weak.”

For some reason, Altina’s voice is bright. Did she also laugh just now?

The biggest loup gris approaches them.

Its jaws that has fangs all lined-up opens.

It howls.

Even though he knows that it’s far away from him, Regis swings his sword to make a threat.


His body wanders due to the weight of the sword.

The tip of the sword hits the ground.

At the same time a big sound is emitted. The metallic guard of the sword hits his left knee.


“Thank you, Regis……you certainly did protect a civilian. Altina that was a driver, that is.”


He turns around at the voice that sounded happy.

Altina’s deep crimson iris glitters.

From the luggage within the wagon, she draws out something that has a silver colour. That thing looked like it shinned so brightly under this dark blizzard.

By pushing back the lumbers and bricks, the girl’s slim arm pulls out an object that is hidden underneath them.

Discorded sound echoes.

Something unbelievable is happening. Something that isn’t explainable is happening.

It is heavy, thick, long, and huge.

That is so gigantic that Regis needed some time to in understand what it is.

Its overall length is so long that it can just fit within the wagon. Masses of metal that will be too heavy for humans to carry.

Despite being gigantic, the blade that has been polished doesn’t have a single on dust on it.

Blade that looks like a mirror.

Regis’s lips shivers.

“……Grandneil Quatre.”

The object Altina is putting up with her right hand is the sword of the supreme ruler.

Her robe that is being pushed back by the wind looks like a king’s cape that is being wavered. She puts her burning-like red hair with her left hand.

“It’s about time for me to protect you, Regis. Stay there and look carefully.”


“Check whether this is a sword that is too big, or a sparrow that had been pierced by an arrow, or a sword that is being swung by a supreme ruler!!”

Altina’s feet that she used to step forward sinks into the snow.

She goes ahead while kicking the pile of snows.

The large sword that is positioned upwards makes a sound while cutting through the wind.


She swings it down.

It tears through the ground.

The snows that has been piled up on the soil scatters/

This is more like an cannon, rather than a slash. Regis thinks.

He feels as if the ground below his feet shook.

Even if it’s the loup gris, they won’t have a flesh left on them.

—But that’s only if it was actually hit by it.

What was blown away were only snows that were piled up, and the loup gris that avoided it took its distance by going afar.

Altina takes out the hard-baked bread she hid inside her chest. She throws it towards the wo;ves.


While being lifted up by the wind, the bread drops front of the wolves.

“I will give that to you! Leave now!”

While being alert, the loup gris sniffed the bread that was thrown at them three times. It grasps it with its mouth and turns around immediately.

It then disappears within the dark, white, blizzard.

Regis lost all strength in him and sits on the ground.

===Part 6===

Altina impales her large sword into the ground and turns towards Regis.

“Are you hurt?”

“Haha……my left knee hurts.”

“Did you hit yourself with your won sword?”

“I can’t remember because I was desperate.”

She puts on a bitter smile.

Regis scratches his head.

“Oh my……so you were……no, your majesty is the fourth princess Marie Quatre Aljeantina de Belgallia…….right, your highness?”

“Isn’t it a bit late?”

“Haa……you sure are mean.”

He can’t help but to sigh.

Altina puts on a big smile as if her plan worked.

“You really didn’t realise it?”

“I obviously was concerned about your red hair and crimson eyes. Though I do feel the nickname Altina is long for the abbreviation of Aljeantina……”

“That’s how my mother called me.”

“The name Aljeantina came from the homeland of Lady Claudette Barthélemy where she was born in. And apparently the abbreviation of that land was Altina……”

“You still didn’t realise it when you knew that much?”

“It was something beyond sanity that I discarded that possibility from my mind right away. She is the commander of the fortress where I am being sent to, and also part of the imperial family who is the fourth princess. I can’t imagine someone like that welcoming a low rank officer while being dressed as a driver, after all.”

“My heart was beating so fast because I thought you would find out at the bookshop.”

“I understood the reason why the bookshop owner acted so suspiciously. Do you always do something like this?”

“I do not! If I did, there will be rumours about me being a foolish princess.”

“……Though I do feel that such rumours are floating around that town right now……being a Wagon Princess that is.”

“I wonder which one is better between that or the Arrowed Sparrow Princess.”

She starts to think seriously about it.

Regis tilts his head.

“You said you don’t do this all the time…..but why did you do this to me only? Do you have some kind of grudge against me?”

“A grudge?”

“No matter how you see it while being nice about it, it’s l èse-majesté. Apart from my manner of speech at you who was giving false identity, criticising the emperor is a heavy crime.”

“Why did you say it when you know about it?”

“Among commoners, it’s like a greeting.”

Altina crosses her arms and twitches her eyebrows.

Even if they became calm, the situation simply got worse. –The blizzard is still going on like before, and it has gotten colder than before since the sun is gone.

“……I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I don’t hold a grudge against you nor am I willing you to accuse you for l èse-majesté.”

“Then, why?”

“I heard a rumour about how there is a capable tactician.”

“Is that perhaps about me? I’m sure it’s exaggerated.”

“There is a chance that it is……however; I am in need of the cooperation of someone wise like that……but it can’t be someone who is simply capable, so I needed to understand how you think and what you value in.

“So you acted as a driver for that reason?”

“There are things you can’t sat front of imperial family, right? I wanted to know your true feelings, Regis Auric.”

“I’m sure what you found out today was about how my passion towards military affairs is close to none.”

“And also how the same applies to your sword skills.”

Altina laughs jokingly, and Regis scratches his head.

She then moves her sights afar.

“Ah……it seems like your prediction came true.”

“What is it?”

Altina tries to listen to the sound.
Regis does the same.

After a while—.

The sound of the horse kicking through the piled up snow on this road starts to approach them.

She heard it while talking to me, so she must have good hearing. Regis starts to admire her.

“……Ah, don’t tell me that they are bandits or barbarians?”

“It isn’t them since I can hear the sound of metals.”

“Y-You can even tell that far?”

Like how she said, five knights riding a horse appears from the other side of the blizzard.

Knights cladded in light armour climbs of the horse front of Altina.

They then knee down to her.

“Are you alright, princess!?”

It’s a middle-aged man with bald head and black beard.

Altina nods.

“Thank you for coming for me. I’m alright…..though I ended up injuring the horse.”

“Very well! Let’s pull the wagon using my horse.”

“Yes, please do.”

By changing the horse, the wagon returns to how it was before.

They will also be carrying the injured horse with them.

Two knights carries Altina’s large sword into the luggage carrier.

While Regis was observing the soldiers swift movements, Altina approaches him.

She gives her white hand to Regis who is still sitting on the ground.

“Now, let’s get going.”


“Don’t. It’s weird if you started calling me that now.”

“No, that’s because I thought you were a driver……”

“I would feel bad. I did say you can call me by my nickname once already. Are you telling me to become a liar?”

Weren’t you acting as a driver? He can’t possibly say that to her.

Chilling sweat falls down from Regis’s back.

I already thought it was bad enough for being sent to the frontline, but I may have come to a place that is more outrageous than I anticipated.

He looks up once.

Regis puts his hand over the hand that was given to him.

“……I’m sure I can read the vibe of the atmosphere……but is it really okay, Altina?”

Of course! She says that loudly.

“Welcome to the remote region troop of mine. I will have you work your butt off, Regis Auric!”

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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby obsidian pegasus » Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:23 pm

Yes, please.

Go for it, sounds fun, also, it looks like a ready made teaser project ready to go. Do you think you'll finish the 1st book?

Also, I'd love to help TL it if I didn't have 44 other LN's I need to finish off... ouch, counting them like that Give me 10 years or so, (unless someone wants to help me knock out papakiki/FMP/Hagure-Yuusha?)
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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Yeah, there's 4 chapters for volume 1. So the teaser has 25% of volume 1 translated. I got too carried away. :lol:
Though you would need a French person or someone who excels in French for this LN. French words and names keep on appearing.
This would be put in the same genre as Madan no Ou, except it doesnt have harem nor ecchi scenes. It also touches greatly on politics. The whole volume 3 was about interior issues of the empire.
Anyways, I just wanted to do something which isnt ecchi, and an LN regardless of age and gender can read.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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Code-Zero wrote:Anyways, I just wanted to do something which isnt ecchi, and an LN regardless of age and gender can read.

Lets see, I'm working on papakiki-echi, FMP-echi, Plan to work on Hagure Yuusha-very echi, help with Asobi ni-echi...... Yep, I should find an all ages one like that too.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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Yes, I may want to translate this.

And another trap. Minefield! We're on minefield! :P

Code-Zero wrote:Anyways, I just wanted to do something which isnt ecchi, and an LN regardless of age and gender can read.

Kinda want.

Anyway, since 1 chapter is completed, we need only story synopsis to create teaser page... Right?
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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You can create it with out a synopsis and add it later. :wink:
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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Done. Now this need only story synopsis and series overview.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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Oops. Sorry, I forgot to add the story synopsis so I just added it now.

By the way, this is site:
And this is the promotional(Image) video.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

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Ok, I added it to teaser page. Now this needs series overview but I don't know how create it.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Code-Zero » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:04 am

Oh awesome. Thanks.
Oh yeah. If a project gets 1 chapter translated, then it gets becomes an actual "Project" that will be shown in the sidebar :)
But man. I sure love that video. I wish there was a way to make it appear on the wiki page for this series.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Nurin » Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:29 am

There's no way to do that, right? What you can do is link the vídeo....
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Rohan123 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:40 am

Nura rihan wrote:There's no way to do that, right? What you can do is link the vídeo....

You can request a B-T administrator to install the EmbedVideo extension into the wiki.
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Nurin » Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:42 am

As far as I know only TLG can do that(Even Oni don't have that Godly powers), you can add the video link bellow the FeedBack thread link, as will be too much to bother TLG for installing that extension...
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Sacredus » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:03 am

I don't think that adding video to wiki is good idea... Anyway, can I translate this into Polish if Polish SAO translation will be dropped?
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Re: Altina the Sword Princess

Postby Code-Zero » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:30 am

Sacredus wrote:I don't think that adding video to wiki is good idea... Anyway, can I translate this into Polish if Polish SAO translation will be dropped?

Sure. Of course you can.
For this series you'll also need someone who's good at fixing, editing, and modifying images. I'm bad with such things after all....
Oh, and someone who's good in French.

Btw, I used British English + Present Tense for this series as well. Well, BE fits with Middle-age France theme after all :D

I also need to finish DxD vol15 soon before doing anything else.
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