Dictionary translation of GOTH chapter names

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Dictionary translation of GOTH chapter names

Post by Felin »

暗黒系 GOTH
リストカット事件 Wristcut
犬 Dog
記憶 Twins
土 Grave
声 Voice

according to my dic program :


type of person/system/lineage/group

(this could be very GOTH though, Im not sure)
wrist cutting

event, affair, incident, case, plot, trouble,
(give a little different meaning..)

(this is ok)
memory, recollection, remembrance

earth, soil (although the shape look like grave to me..)
声 Voice
(this is ok)

I don't want to bash or anything...just trying to help here.

the program called : nihongo benkyo btw.

not sure where to post GOTH related stuff.

Edit: dunno why but I couldn't put a space between some kanji characters.
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Post by HolyCow »

Nah, those english names were the official english names the author gave them... Not too sure why he named the chapter 'Twins' when the kanji is Remembrance, but that's apparently how the title's spelled in English (in his novel anyway)...

EDIT: Moved this to Future Project Suggestion subforum, since it's kinda related to GOTH, which doesn't have a proper place of its own...
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Re: Dictionary translation of GOTH chapter names

Post by kingbudz »

i got some copy of GOTH chapter names actually..

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