TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

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TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

Post by sterling01 »

TOKYOPOP has acquired distribution rights to Otsu-ichi's mystery novel Goth and its one-volume manga adaptation created by Kendi Ohishi. Fox Atomic has hired video game writer J.T. Petty to adapt and direct an American live action film adaptation of the Goth novel about two "goth" teens that partner to solve six murders in their hometown.

The Goth manga adaptation will hit shelves in September with an 18+ age rating and a $10.99 retail price. The original novel will retail at $12.99 beginning in October.

Source: ICv2

Just thought I'd let everyone know
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Re: TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

Post by Dan »

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Re: TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

Post by Moe_Ronn »

manga adaption? oh wait, I see it now. nevermind
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ......wait what was I doing again?
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Re: TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

Post by TheGiftedMonkey »

So... Are we going to label this project as on-hold, suspended, dead?
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Re: TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

Post by onizuka-gto »

has this been confirmed?

if it is true, so be it.

I think it's more or less an unwritten rule to just let the project stand, possibly label this as "stalled".

When the first volume is publish i considering locking the related scripts, to prevent people from blatantly copying the published translation over ours.
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Re: TOKYOPOP Acquires Goth

Post by HolyCow »

The novel has been published, therefore all content on the wiki, save the 1st chapter which I will leave as a teaser, will be purged.

For more info, see here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2392

/me claws out throat and dies

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