Chapter 2 part 2

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Chapter 2 part 2

Postby ShadowZeroHeart » Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:54 am

around the middle of chapter 2 part 2...

As they wait for the upcoming report, they directly head towards Kazuma’s direction. Of course, they have absolutely no desire to persuade him. At least they didn’t have this kind of desire, but what they never expected was that they would be the ones assaulted.

more of...

According to the report, Kazuma is headed towards this direction, without knowing that he is stepping into a trap. Or at least, they thought they were the hunter.

“This is worrying, Fuuga clan might even be connected to this situation.”

It should be more like

"Don't worry, the Fuuga clan does this type of job very well."

and later on...

At that instance, to connect your recollection and present needs time. But, Takeya is waiting for that instance.

more of

Kazuma needed a moment to recollect his memories. But Takeya took it as an act of surprise after realizing that he was ambushed. His increasing(some word with a meaning to something like uproar? poor vocab, sorry) arrogant mentality was slowing weakening his attention.

Chapter 2 part 2 has the ending as

Already forgetting to hide the body, stood dumbly staring at Kazuma, then Kazuma turns to leave. The guarding practitioner was fearful. The one that was lured was himself? The prey we were hunting is this frightening thing——?

the actual text was more of

With his back facing the practitioner who was standing behind the sliced tree dumbfolded, Kazuma marches off once more. The practitioner finally realised as he was shivering. We are, in fact, the predator's prey.
You need not forgive me.
For those I love,
The violence brought about by sinful men
Shall now be used once more.
If you were created to save this world,
If there is a single shred of hope left for the future of mankind,
I am very sorry, but, please begone!
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