Miss updates on this novel? Heres chapter 3 part 1, and 2

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Miss updates on this novel? Heres chapter 3 part 1, and 2

Postby ShadowZeroHeart » Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:06 am

Chapter 3 part 1 updated, needs editting, and part 2 almost done, just give me a while!
(not like anyone is gonna even see this post until part 2 is posted i believe...)

I only have books one and two, and i think i need a hell long time to translate, so pray hard i can buy the later books from my bookstore (located more than half an hour away... sighz...) and be free enough from school to continue this...
pray hard i cant find good games to play too =X

P.S. whoever reads this novel, please try to inform the rest that it is (hopefully) gonna revive, and any help would be appreciated ^^ on the reader's end or editting, or translating even!
E-mail me or PM for more details or if you wanna ask anything.
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