Chapter 5 completed!

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Re: Chapter 5 completed!

Postby Krikit » Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:40 am

@Vaelis Thank you, sorry I couldn't makes me happy =)

It means theres actually more, and that's getting me interested in the story again. I look forward to Shadows 2 volumes, and after that....have to find a japanese raw and a t-lator...but until then, yay Shadow!

Thanks again for the good news Vaelis. If it would have ended where the anime ended, I would have dropped it.

EDIT: I just went back and re-read the post, and I feel like an imbecil to not have realized what that was pretty straight forward when you said Volume 6 wasn't in the anime...sorry
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Re: Chapter 5 completed!

Postby ShadowZeroHeart » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:46 am

Vaelis wrote:
ShadowZeroHeart wrote:What i am more interested to know is... is the main story still continuing? its been an awfully long time since the last main story volume... Vaelis, any idea?

The author is recovering from Leukemia since 2005.
The short stories in the ignition volumes published afterwards were already more or less written.

Thanks for the info!! really glad for that, how did you get so much information? though i believe i read about something about his Leukemia something i believe... anyways, the next thing i pray for is that the publishers continue to sell the series in chinese... or else i really might have to learn japanese to read novels!! >"<

Krikit wrote:I know I shouldn't bump [email protected] Shadow =)

Is the main storyline still continuing? or does the light novel continue it beyond where the anime ends, in other words, beyond the RPG arc?

Krikit, did you get to play the RPG arc? i know there is such a game, but i never got a chance to play it, nor understand it, if possible, mind telling me how was it like? and the story if possible?
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Re: Chapter 5 completed!

Postby Vaelis » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:55 am

ShadowZeroHeart wrote:Thanks for the info!! really glad for that, how did you get so much information?

I've taken a look at the japanese wikipedia (with an online translation tool).
And then use google to check the info in english ( ... ost1609555 or ... te-kazuma/ )
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