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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby Kemm » Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:51 am

I re-read your post and found that my misinterpretation stems from punctuation:

Please note: this translation is from Chinese -->British English and the Translator is MIA for this reason, most of the Heavy-Edits will be added as a note in the translation (So, when a TLC/translator is available to help, he/she will check it with the raws and decide what is the best version from the noted Edits).

the Translator is MIA for this reason
this reason = this translation is from Chinese -->British English

I supposse, given your reply, that you meant to say:
Please note: this translation is from Chinese -->British English and the Translator is MIA; for this reason, most of the Heavy-Edits will be added as a note in the translation (So, when a TLC/translator is available to help, he/she will check it with the raws and decide what is the best version from the noted Edits).

for this reason, most of the Heavy-Edits will be added as a note in the translation
this reason = this translation is from Chinese -->British English and the Translator is MIA

I understood it as I noted first the first time.
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby Nscorz » Fri Oct 30, 2015 10:30 pm

Hello. My apologies for the brief absence.

These are the changes I made to parts 1-3 of chapter 1. However, some odd formatting and webcode issues arise when the text is pasted in the forum.

There are still some sections with which I'm dissatisfied. I've been going through the text again and again for the entire week.

Spoiler! :
Chapter 1 - Eco the Dragon Girl
Part 1
Ash's body shuddered. He felt the presence of someone sneaking into his room and crawling onto the bed.

You're not letting me off tonight either...?
The girl's hair and skin had a piercingly cold radiance in the pitch-black darkness.
The full moon overhung the horizon outside his window. Ash clearly remembered he had closed the curtains before sleeping.

"Fufu... it's a beautiful night, don't you think so?"
With the eyes of a conqueror, the girl looked disdainfully at Ash. Her lips curved into a bewitching smile.
Ash, who was lying on his bed, suddenly could not move.
The girl had sat on Ash's abdomen with her legs spread out. Instead of an oppressive weight, Ash felt warmth from where the lower half of the girl’s body made contact with his.

A faint aroma permeated the room.
What a bewitchingly beautiful girl.
She had pink, waist-length hair that shone silver, snow-white skin, and ruby-coloured eyes.
She was only wearing the bare minimum of clothing and was almost naked.
The two big bulges on her chest in front of Ash's face shook slightly.
On each side of her head grew a horn that was no different from a dragon's.
"Who are you? Why are you always – uuuuu!"
Ash's question was forcefully interrupted. The upper half of the girl's body slowly approached and hugged Ash tightly.
Her smooth white skin came into direct contact with Ash's body.
Her luscious lips whispered into Ash's ear.
"I will also dote on you well tonight."
After letting out a hot breath of air, the girl nibbled Ash's earlobe. *Kaa—* The sound was similar to that of biting the ear's cartilage.
“N-no...... Don't do that......!"
Ash's body shook as though struck by lightning.
The girl greedily devoured Ash's body. Neck, chest, waist, arms…… the numbness from her tender tongue and sparkling teeth sliding across his skin almost made Ash lose his mind.
As usual, the girl shifted her body as she pleased. It was like a dance.
It had been seven days since the appearance of the mysterious girl – the girl who appeared at Ash's bedside every night, and spent every moment teasing him playfully.
Who on earth was she? What motive did she have? Why were there two horns growing on her head?
The girl never answered questions.
She always danced on Ash's body and left taking slow, light steps.

The girl's teasing was in full force. Ash would always end up lying on the bed, exhausted after the ordeal. Currently sitting by the window, the girl lifted her slender and beautiful legs with a composed expression.

According to his experiences from the past six days, the girl was now going to disappear before Ash's eyes.
After all, this is only a dream...
When he opened his eyes, he would see the usual morning.
At least, it had been so for the past six days.
"My name is Navi."
Ash was shocked from suddenly hearing a name he did not recognise.
This was the first time he heard the girl say her own name.

Ash gathered the last bit of his strength, barely managing to raise the upper part of his body.
"Navi...... Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
"To entrust my unborn self to you... consider it a form of ritual."
"I don't get what you mean."
"See you – until next time, when we meet in real life!"
Navi's figure became countless silver particles and disappeared in the bright moonlight.

Part 2
At dawn, Ash was abruptly awoken by the sound of a large cannon being fired.
A few seconds later, he realised the huge sound was actually fireworks released using Oracles.
Ash was in Apollo House, the dormitory where male students of the Advanced Course lived[1].
A few months earlier, after successfully completing three years of basic courses, Ash had become a first-year student of the Advanced Course, and was therefore qualified to live in Apollo House.
The biggest difference between Apollo House and other dormitories was the one person, one room system. Compared to the past, where three people had to squeeze into one small room, life in Apollo House was like heaven.
"'s cold!"
Ash's shoulders shivered the moment he got out of bed.
Dawn in early spring still carried a deep chill. Resisting the impulse to rush back into bed, Ash pulled open the curtains.
Ash's room was on the third floor. One could see the whole field from his window.
There were many students in the field carrying out preparations for the "celebration". There were also a lot of riders on their dragons.
Teams of Stradas[2] swept across the horizon, also in preparation for the celebration that was about to start.
Asias[3], giant lizards, were running back and forth on the field.
"It’s about to start."
The large field was shrouded in a mysterious and unusual atmosphere. Ash started to get nervous.
"Yo, Ash! Time to get up!"
At that moment, Ash heard his friend's voice accompanied by the sound of knocking.
"Raymond? Give me a moment!"
Ash frantically took out bandages from a first-aid box.
He wrapped the bandages around his left hand to cover up the «Seikoku»[4] on his arm.
The pattern on his arm was the proof of a Breeder.
At the age of seven, Ash took part in the «Orphan Ceremony» held in Albion Forest and had a dragon larva put into his body.
Unfortunately, Ash's memories of that time were foggy with many parts missing.
Since he obtained the «Seikoku», by logic he should have seen the Mother Dragon within the deep parts of the forest. However, Ash did not have even the slightest impression of having any memories of that scene.
I really messed up, Ash thought in self-mockery.
Compared to other students, the «Seikoku» pattern on Ash's arm was especially large.
Similar to a tattoo of a unique design, it extended from his elbow to his wrist like a jet-black snake.
"......Sorry to keep you waiting."
Finished with wrapping up, Ash opened the door to his room.
His good friend, Raymond Kirkland, was standing outside with a hearty smile.
"The bandage again? Why don't you try something new?"
"Hmph, a normal person like you won't understand my feelings at all."
Ash was displeased. Raymond could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile.
"Sorry, it's my fault...... Hnn? Your face is red. Do you have a fever?"
"No. Actually,......I’ve been having weird dreams for the past week."
"Weird dreams? What kind of weird dreams?"
"A beautiful girl crawled into my bed, then......she did a lot of things......"
It was really embarrassing to speak about this sort of thing. Ash blushed while recounting what had happened.
Raymond could not resist laughing.
"Are you that desperate for a girl? That’s too exaggerated!"
"Are you any better? We’re in the same situation!"
"Nonono, I’m different from you. It's not that I'm unpopular with the ladies; it's just that I have yet to find someone suitable."
Raymond took out a small mirror and started admiring himself.
Almost all the students of Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy knew that Raymond had severe narcissism. To be fair, everyone acknowledged that Raymond was a handsome young man. However, people did not dare get close to him because his personality destroyed his appearance’s great impression. It was like ruining your own image the moment you spoke.[5]
"......What are you visiting me for so early in the morning?"
Ash said unhappily. Raymond walked into the room, unconcerned.
"Did you forget? The competition that we were looking forward to for so long starts today. Speaking of the competition, you must not forget about flirting with girls!"
"What has flirting got to do with the competition? You should also get out there and enter!"
Though Ash raised the volume of his voice, Raymond wore an evil smile.
"If I remember correctly, you should be the first Advanced Course student since the founding of Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy to still have a larva in his body?"
Even if he did not wish for it to be so, Ash could’dnt deny that fact. That's right – Ash's dragon companion was still sleeping in his body without any sign of waking up.
Since the year he had been chosen to be a Breeder, at the age of seven, there hadn’t been a single change.
To the students of Ansarivan, rousing the dragon in their bodies from slumber was the most basic mission.
Other students had obtained their pals in the first year of basic lessons. All except Ash.
This word was very sacred, representing "the dragon nurtured by the Breeder himself". A larva still sleeping within the Breeder's body could not be addressed as a pal.
"Ash, to participate in today's competition, you seem to need something."
"Yeah, I need a dragon."
"That's right. So, do you want to borrow my pal?"
Raymond's pal was called Brigid.
Borrowing Brigid was, of course, one of the options Ash was considering. Actually, Ash already knew that Raymond was planning to skip the competition this time.
However, just accepting Raymond's suggestion like that wounded Ash's dignity, so Ash decided to refuse tactfully.
"I can also borrow Arianrhod[6] from Max. He's a member of the Student Council and thus cannot take part in the competition."
Student Council members made up the executive committee of the competition and were unable to participate. Max also clearly stated his intention to abstain from the competition.
"You're too naive, Ash. Do you think Max will lend you his pal?"
"What is it about me?"
Raymond jumped in surprise. Turning around, Max was there leaning on the side of the door in perfectly good condition.
"Good morning, Max."
Ignoring Ash's greeting, Max silently adjusted the position of his glasses with his hand.
Maximillian Russell: Ash's classmate, an honour student bestowed the title of Dragner by the Paladin, and also the Student Council's treasurer.
"You two being so noisy early in the morning, what happened?"
"Ash was crying and begging me to lend him Brigid for the competition."
"Who's crying and begging you?! Max, can you lend me your Arianrhod? It's just for today."
Yes, for a particular reason, Ash had to participate in today's competition no matter what.
"You want to borrow my pal? In your next life."[7]
"There's no need to be so ruthless, right?"
"Let's not discuss this matter right now......"
Max inspected Ash with his sharp eyes.
"You should see the state of this room yourself! Didn't I remind you again and again to keep your own room clean?"
The overbearing Max strode into the room and immediately started cleaning. Ever since he had moved into Apollo House, there had never been a day when Ash's room was clean and neat.
"This scene sure brings back memories."
Raymond could not help but shake his head with a wistful smile as he gazed at Max working hard at cleaning.
—Ash, Raymond, Max.
When they were still Basic Course students, they had gone through sentimental times together at Merk[8] House. At that time, having a room to yourself was still a faraway dream and the three of them had to squeeze into a small room. Ash and Raymond had a hard time dealing with Max, who was a neat freak almost to the point of it being an illness.
"......I have always wondered."
Done cleaning, Max turned around and looked at Ash.
"Why can you ride other people's pals?"
" should I say this......"
"By logic, dragons only allow their own masters to ride them. There have been many Breeders in the past who tried riding other people's dragons, but they all failed."
"That is indeed true, but I’ve obtained consent from the teacher, so it should be all right?"
"Why are you still so indecisive when doing things, just like in the past?” He sighed. “If you really intend to participate in the competition, just borrow Brigid. I'll inform the Student Council president."
Ending with an authoritative tone, Max left without turning back.
"I wonder who's the one who hasn't changed at all."
Again, Raymond shook his head with a wistful smile.
Ash suddenly drew close to Raymond.
"You will lend me Brigid, right?"
Raymond nodded his head. His eyes had a peculiar glow.
"Of course, you must make that princess change her impression of you!"
Hearing that, Ash's expression instantly became serious.
"That was my intention."

Part 3
The grand fireworks were dazzling.
The academy’s tense atmosphere was filled with excitement.
The "race" Raymond spoke of was one of the names by which it was commonly known. The official name was "Aries Dragon Riding Festival", a grand annual event held in the month of Aries (fourth month).[9]
It was also a springtime activity held by Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy.
Ash, having changed into a Dragsuit,[10] arrived at the academy's sports field.
It was a cloudless and sunny day; weather suitable for a race.
Many students on dragons had already gathered on the sports field.
By a rough estimate, there should have been around fifty plus people.
Ash was riding on Brigid, which he borrowed from Raymond, and used the reins in his hands to guide Brigid toward the middle of the field.
"You're in a good mood today, Brigid."
Brigid replied to Ash's greeting with a low cry like a spoiled child.
Brigid was an Asia fancied by Ash. Having four greatly developed legs and no wings, Brigid did not look like a dragon, but more like a large type of lizard.
Cheers suddenly arose from the students on the field.
"A good morning to all students."
The radiant Student Council president appeared at the centre of the makeshift stage.
The Student Council president did not have a loud voice, but her words had a penetrating power full of confidence.
Fiery red hair, elongated eyes, her beautiful body emitted the cold radiance of a marble statue and terrifying killing intent. Even the petals dancing in the wind paled in comparison.
Rebecca Randall.
The «Scarlet Empress».
Her red hair, bold personality, and unparalleled strength established her as the school idol of Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy.
Even the academy's combat skills instructors could not beat Rebecca and her Maestro Cú Chulainn.[11] If asked about Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy’s strongest student, 99 percent of the students would immediately think of Rebecca.
"The weather is great today— sorry, I don't want to talk about such nonsense."
The students on the field lowered their heads and snickered. "The weather is great today" was the principal's pet phrase, but the festival was an event held by the Student Council, thus the principal did not have to go on stage to deliver a speech.
"Students of Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy, not only is the Aries Dragon Riding Festival a sports competition, it is also Ansarivan's fine tradition with the results of the race included in the official records. Since you all have decided to participate in the race, you should aim to stand on the victory podium.[12] However, I'm aware that fine tradition and official records are not enough as reasons to motivate you to achieve victory."
The students started snickering again, but fell into silence quickly.
"So I decided to award the winner a day-long date ticket as a prize. As for the person you are dating, that will be me, Rebecca Randall."
The moment Rebecca finished speaking, cheers immediately arose from the students.
Rebecca roared. Instantly, the students were quiet like before.
"Next will be a speech by the representative of the participants. Advanced Course first-year, Princess Silvia Lautreamont."
At Rebecca's signal, a female student's figure appeared at the other side of the stage.
Ash subconsciously clenched his fists.
"The princess is actually the representative of the participants......!"
Silvia's dazzling golden hair was tied up at the back of her head. Wearing a Dragsuit with the royal coat of arms sewn on it, she leapt off her pal— Maestro Lancelot[13]and slowly walked up the stage.
The Lautreamont Knights royal family's fourth princess Silvia.
The «Ice Blue Princess».
She was the daughter of the ruler of Lautreamont Knight Country, who held the title of Paladin.
Ash, whose pal still had not been born after such a long time, had always borrowed the pals of other students during practical examinations.
Otherwise, he would have been retained for the year.
To other students, riding other people's pals was suicide; but to Ash, not only was it not dangerous, it was something natural to him.
No matter how short-tempered the dragon was, it would obediently allow Ash to ride on its back. Whether it was a Strada, Asia, or Hydra,[14] he could control it with ease.
Unknowingly, the "Genius Dragon Tamer" Ash's reputation increased, and he became a famous figure of the academy.
That accident happened a few days ago.
Ash borrowed Raymond's pal, Brigid, to participate in mounted combat training. Being skilled in combat, Ash defeated his classmates one-by-one in a short time.
It would be a lie to say that he did not feel proud of that.
Concentrated on combat training, Ash did not notice Lancelot walking behind him at that moment.
Not only was physical contact between dragons very dangerous, it was a situation the academy did its best to avoid.
Every time before class, the instructor would always patiently remind them.
Fortunately, Brigid's rear only gently bumped into Lancelot's left leg. Neither dragon nor rider suffered any injuries. However, Ash's presumptuous actions infuriated Silvia.
"What do you take combat training for? If you come to lessons thinking they’re just games, you will get into trouble sooner or later!"
Other than her special status, Silvia's strict and hardline way of dealing with things was one of the reasons she was one of the academy's famous people.
Her serious attitude in class and her feat of letting Lancelot grow into a Maestro in only a short time undoubtedly gained her the admiration of many. Her unreasonable demeanour, on the other hand, was widely criticised.
Everyone acknowledged that Silvia was a born beauty, but not a single student was willing to be friends with her.
"Urk......sorry, it’s my fault."
Ash jumped down from Brigid's back and bowed his head respectfully, apologizing.
If this was the usual Silvia, she would have calmed down. Facing an opponent who had admitted his mistakes, Silvia had always been forgiving. It was said to be one of the knight family's precepts.[15]
However, it was not the same this time.
Silvia, still angry, examined Ash from head to toe, not intending to let him off yet.
"You should think with that pea-sized brain of yours! Who exactly is paying the fees for your schooling, uniform, food, accommodation, and teaching materials?"
"......Are you talking about the palace?"
"Of course not. Though the one paying is the palace, the money used comes from the people's taxes. If you continue to have that mindset that this is just a game, then you should just quit school as soon as possible so that you will not continue to waste the hard-earned money of the people!"
"What? Quit school? Are you serious?"
"There is no free lunch in this world. That is one of the Lautreamont family's precepts!"
There was contempt in her ice blue coloured eyes. At that moment, Ash realized why Silvia was called the «Ice Blue Princess». Ash’s and Silvia’s path had never intersected during the Basic Course phase. This meeting was the first between both of them.
Even if she was a princess, Ash's pride did not permit him to give in.
"The Lautreamont family's precepts don’t concern me! I already apologised. What else do you want me to do?"
"This isn’t a problem that can be solved by just an apology! You still do not have your own pal, right?"
Ash was rendered speechless when this sensitive issue was mentioned. It seemed Silvia also knew some things about Ash.
"Hmph, like master, like dragon: maybe it died long ago!"
Hearing that, rage burned in Ash's heart.
"What do you mean by that?"
"Let it be, Ash. She’s the princess, you can’t win against her."
Behind him, Raymond tried to stop him but Ash ignored him.
This was not the first time he suffered such humiliation. It was no wonder that Ash was targeted by everyone; he still did not have his pal.
Ash could bear the insults directed toward him.
However, if it was an insult was directed toward his pal, he would not let it go easily.
Ash would fight back with all his strength till the other party apologised.
After similar situations occurred continuously, Ash, who should have been the victim, slowly became the problem child in everyone’s eyes.
If asked about the most troublesome student in the academy, ninety-nine percent of the students would think of Advanced Course first-year Ash Blake.
"Take back what you said, immediately."
Even if she was the princess of the kingdom, she should not humiliate others as she pleased.
So Ash took a step forward, with no intention to hide his anger.
The lesson was interrupted. Everyone's attention was on Ash's confrontation with the princess.

Edit: Sending over a word document may be...more suitable.
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby Sanc2ary » Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:33 pm

Just discovered the wonderful world of LN's. I first read HS DxD and then followed it up with Dragonar Academy. I really love DxD but actually enjoyed DA more. (Eco may be the most adorable character ever!!!) When I started Volume 6 I did not realize that only Ch 1 had been finished...*sob*. I just wanted to cast my vote and repeat what others have already said. I'm sure it must be a large commitment to undertake translating a LN, but it would be super awesome if someone could revive this project. I think it is really great that so many people donate their time and resources to help bring these works to everyone possible. Thanks for all your hard work!!! I sure appreciate it!!! By the way, is there a place where finances can be donated to help support projects? Is that even OK?
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby WakuKun » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:23 am

Sanc2ary wrote:Just discovered the wonderful world of LN's. I first read HS DxD and then followed it up with Dragonar Academy. I really love DxD but actually enjoyed DA more. (Eco may be the most adorable character ever!!!) When I started Volume 6 I did not realize that only Ch 1 had been finished...*sob*. I just wanted to cast my vote and repeat what others have already said. I'm sure it must be a large commitment to undertake translating a LN, but it would be super awesome if someone could revive this project. I think it is really great that so many people donate their time and resources to help bring these works to everyone possible. Thanks for all your hard work!!! I sure appreciate it!!! By the way, is there a place where finances can be donated to help support projects? Is that even OK?

To answer your question: According to the BT rules it is not allowed to offer money to BT translators:

* You are not allowed to offer translators on Baka Tsuki money to translate novels at a faster rate. [...]
Members breaking this rule will be banned without warning.

Please wait patiently for a translator to pick this up again.
Just watch, I'll do it!
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby Guthen83 » Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:10 am

Today i read seikoku no ryuu kishi for the third time (first time about 10 month ago) and i enjoyed it. Then today i found updates for vol 6 chapter 2 and i really happy the project is revived :lol: :lol:

Sorry for my bad english, i just want to show appreciation (first time post in baka-tsuki)

Thanks translator
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby BStormlance » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:31 am

YES! It's finally back! Can't wait to continue reading!! :D :) :o 8) :mrgreen: :P
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby elpsychris » Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:54 am

BStormlance wrote:YES! It's finally back! Can't wait to continue reading!! :D :) :o 8) :mrgreen: :P

Yeah, I also happy about this news but hope they will have more translators because we still have a long journey ahead and I really really want to enjoy all of this series. But anyway, thanks Mr.TripleZerox for reviving this Dragon World. :)
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Re: Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Postby jordan24640 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:38 pm

I love reading Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi and would really want to continue reading it until the end. I would appreciate it if the translators don't drop this light novel
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