Request for Weekly Argo screen cap J-E translation

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Request for Weekly Argo screen cap J-E translation

Postby Catsy » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:36 pm

I took this from SAO anime episode three:
Spoiler! :
My Japanese is good enough to understand most of the larger, clearer print. For example, the top bit about clearing the 28th floor with no casualties, the ad at the bottom for the 22nd floor cabin for sale (heh), and the LFG and item-sale BB's. What I can barely follow is the smaller print. I was hoping to glean some useful extra details to flesh out the world, like the names of the items being sold, the locations people want to go farming, or the text of the article written about the clearing of the 28th floor. Someone far more fluent than me might have an easier time understanding the blurrier kanji from context.

Any help that such a person might be kind enough to provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Request for Weekly Argo screen cap J-E translation

Postby Tap » Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:09 am

Went for the smart route and searched for a transcript.
Here's a translation.

Weekly Argo

Clearing group breaks through the 28th floor! -No casualties this time either-

We're one step closer to the clearing of the game. The clearing of 28th floor was carried out over approximately 1 week. It was likely a floor that could be cleared without a hitch, but it seemed to have been greatly influenced the unavoidable mental wariness of our players, no thanks to how the might of the Force has been substantially reduced on the 25th floor.

There was much difficulty involved in clearing the game at the beginning, but we've managed to steadily advance through the floors until the advent of the 25th floor. It should still remain fresh in your memories as well, but that two-headed giant-type monster had annihilated close to all of the elites within the Force. Due to that case, the might of the Force ended up sharply declined.

Affecting not only the essential (can't read this part), (can't read this part) due to the pressure caused by that, it ended up imposing a mental burden upon those who participate in the battles, along with those who aid them. However, at the present moment, all casualties have been avoided since the 26th floor. One could claim it to be the result of our cautious clearing, but in actual fact, it seems to be due to the boss monster of the 25th floor being of a significantly higher degree of difficulty when compared to those from other floors.

We do not know when will another such floor, with that difficulty in clearing, appear among those yet to come. However, if the clearing group, that had the Force leading it, were to stop, the game will never be cleared, regardless of how much time passes. I wish to continue looking forward to their activities from now on as well.

We have not gotten our hands on information of the new floor, the 29th, but for the sake of running some sort of information or spectacular images tomorrow, the data collecting party will begin their operations.

A monster in the 22th floor's lake?

Perhaps due to the tragedy that occurred on the 25th floor as well, concerning the mostly overlooked 22th floor, we have received some intriguing news.

It's a story about how a (can't be read) monster might be living there. If we were to discuss about the 22th floor, it happens to be one of the floors with the lowest population in Aincrad. Although the area is spacious, a large part of that comprises of evergreen forests and countless lakes dotting the landscape, with a main town that could be said to be nothing more than a very tiny village.

Monsters do not appear in the fields and the labyrinth was easy; it was a floor taken down in a mere three days.

One of those lakes was what was called "Lord" among the inhabitants. It appears that a fish that struggles with a strength practically comparable to that of monsters lives there. With its shadow being gigantic as well, there were rumours of it actually being a monster.

There haven't been anyone who reeled it in yet, neither has the method to do so been found out. However, it's been said that it had no influence in fishing in that lake normally, day to day.

It is an important established fact that we must always advance towards to the upper floors to clear this game, faster by even a single day, but how about taking a load off your shoulders with a life somewhere like the 22th floor every now and then, a hint towards clearing the game might just be hiding in such a floor, surprisingly enough.

Won't you want to manage a farm together?
Master ID - Farm Location - Notes for Applying
(this part is mostly unreadable and pointless, anyway)

Item Item Bulletin Board
Applicant ID - Exchange Location - Item Details
(I won't be doing applicant ID)
5th Floor Central - Food Bag -> Hod Candy
Butterfly Inn - Unrefined Water Materials -> Unrefined Fire Materials
Further Notice - Clothing (Detailed list included)
Further Notice - Recovery Candy -> Dragon's Fang
Blue Shop - Charm -> Aircon
Further Notice - Boots -> Sandals
Further Notice
15th Floor - Hod Candy -> Unrefined Fire Materials

Don't you want to live in a log-house on the 22th floor?

Spend a pleasant SAO life safe with no monsters around, surrounded by the woods and lakes.
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Re: Request for Weekly Argo screen cap J-E translation

Postby Catsy » Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:58 am

Thank you very much, Tap! That's incredibly helpful, particularly the item names. It's too bad the names of farming locations are illegible; more data on locations that exist on a given floor is always useful. But although the writeup on the clearing of the 28th floor is all info from the LNs anyway, it's really nice to have here. The attention to detail they gave to something that was only visible on-screen for a few moments is really impressive.
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Re: Request for Weekly Argo screen cap J-E translation

Postby gn_x00 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:01 pm

so the anime actually give spoiler for the next episode which is fishing, eh?
and the house in 22nd floor
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