Interest in iBooks 'binder' of SAO wiki?

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Interest in iBooks 'binder' of SAO wiki?

Post by PearlBlueSoul »

Hello all,

First time poster here...はじめました! (in the midst of learning the language...please pardon if the expression isn't 100%!)

I've been eagerly (more like greedily) reading the SAO volumes over and over these last few weeks and it occurred to me when I went out of wifi range on my iPad, "how can I look at this offline?" I could print a PDF and load it but that would e cumbersome to sync each time in iTunes...and brought me to this idea:

Would it be possible, and if so, desired to make an iBook out of the SAO wiki? In doing so it could be loaded onto iOS devices more easily and contain the same info as the site. There is great flexibility within the authoring program for many kinds of media.

Please let me know if this is something readers would like to see. In the mean time ill be working on compiling the volumes as a dry run.

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Re: Interest in iBooks 'binder' of SAO wiki?

Post by ben1234 »

May I direct you to a certain thread with PDFs and ebook links

Unless you're telling me the iPad can't read PDFs and ebooks...
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Re: Interest in iBooks 'binder' of SAO wiki?

Post by wasabi »

If you’re on iPad, consider getting the app Instapaper. It’s a great way to read online novels.
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Re: Interest in iBooks 'binder' of SAO wiki?

Post by swiftelf »

You can read the .PDF's using iBooks, you just have to switch into PDF viewing mode.
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