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Testing Split

Post by Naeko »

In case you are interested in how SAO stood relative to its LN competitors in terms of 2011 light novel sales:

Top selling LNs of 2011:
*1位 435,124部 Haruhi
*2位 253,748部 BakaTest 9
*3位 251,287部 Index new testament 2
*4位 238,712部 Haganai 5
*5位 234,510部 Index new testament
*6位 233,595部 OreImo 8
*7位 208,502部 OreImo 9
*8位 207,104部 Haganai 6
*9位 201,658部 BakaTest 9.5
10位 190,900部 IS 7
11位 190,411部 IS 6
12位 189,712部 Haganai
13位 187,496部 Haganai 7
14位 185,084部 Durarara!!×9
15位 171,789部 IS
16位 168,013部 Saiunkoku Monogatari 上
17位 167,391部 Haganai 2
18位 167,009部 Saiunkoku Monogatari 下
19位 164,222部 IS 2
20位 159,365部 IS 3
21位 159,002部 Durarara!!×10
22位 155,542部 Haganai 3
23位 154,828部 IS 4
24位 151,593部 IS 5
25位 147,382部 Haganai 4
26位 138,310部 GOSICK
27位 114,970部 Hidan no Aria Ⅸ
28位 114,194部 Hidan no Aria Ⅷ
29位 110,582部 Sword Art Online 6
30位 110,110部 Sword Art Online 7
31位 108,959部 Sword Art Online 8
32位 106,503部 Hidan no Aria Ⅹ
33位 105,697部 Seitokai no mizugiwa 4
34位 101,720部 Seitokai no mizugiwa 5
35位 *99,291部 Full metal panic マジで危ない九死に一生?
36位 *99,047部 mahouka koukou no rettousei 1
37位 *95,217部Hidan no Aria
38位 *94,643部 GOSICK Ⅱ
39位 *93,587部 Full metal panic アナザー 1
40位 *90,996部 OreImo 7
41位 *89,561部 Kino no Tabi ⅩⅤ -the Beautiful World-
42位 *88,743部 mahouka koukou no rettousei 2
43位 *84,077部 Hidan no Aria Ⅱ
44位 *82,960部 OreImo
45位 *82,356部 Haganai 7 with DVD
46位 *80,814部 Shana XXII
47位 *80,448部 GOSICK Ⅶ
48位 *80,356部 Mayo Chiki! 7
49位 *79,231部 ZnT 20
50位 *78,450部 Mayo Chiki! 6

Because sales are grouped so closely together for the related issues, it may be assumed that purchases are primarily made by dedicated fans and not by causual consumers. I also wonder if that means there isn't many new customers to the franchise because all the people that would buy such a light novel already know of that its existence by the time several novels have been released.
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SAO and Hidan no Aria 2011 sales ranking

Post by Darklor »

Is that good or more like so-so?
Please don't mind my bad english since I'm german.


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Re: SAO and Hidan no Aria 2011 sales ranking

Post by Mystes »

Take out the IS and Haganais domination, and it'd be pretty good, I think.

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Re: SAO and Hidan no Aria 2011 sales ranking

Post by BeginnerXP »

We also have to consider everything above SAO already had anime adaptations while SAO anime will start airing later half and continue until end of this year.

What impressed me and brought me to read SAO was the latest issue of Kono Light Novel ga Sukoi! 2012 edition. In which SAO had been jumped from 4th rank in last year to 1st place in this year, as well as Kirito being top male lead & Asuna as 2nd female lead (lose to Misaka Mikoto of Index series). I wonder what happened in vol.7/8 that caused popularity to raise so quicky.

If anime adaptation team doesn't mess up, I think sale number of SAO volumes after anime finished should be able to see substantial boost.
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Re: SAO and Hidan no Aria 2011 sales ranking

Post by Teh_ping »

I think it's also more like they don't want to see the same LN dominate the polls as well. Considering that Baka Test vol 9 sold more than SAO 6 and 7 combined (and Haruhi was selling at Haruhisque-levels), it's more likely to me. Then again, the power of anime does come into effect here and there, and by my logic, Haganai would be a contender for top place. it seems that Kono Sugoi's general rule is that no top placed LN will be top for another year again (though Id from Zaregoto, Hideyoshi Kinoshita (and they list him as a guy. What blasphemy.) and Misaka Mikoto break that trend for characters). I see it more as a promotion of LNs instead of a poll, like once you're a champion, you don't need to make a statement.

And slight OT: Even with the SAO anime, I don't think Asuna will beat Misaka Mikoto in a popularity contest.
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Re: SAO and Hidan no Aria 2011 sales ranking

Post by MineRiko »

Yup, Mikoto's too powerful.

Baka and Test's sales is kind of obvious, it's still one of the top comedies in Japan after all. It's going to end sometime about 2013-2014.

Also, I never knew that Hidan no Aria had better sales than SAO; I originally thought that SAO would be the top.
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