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How do you find reading Golden Time Indonesia? (Pendapatmu setelah membaca Golden Time Indonesia?)

It was good, please do more (Ini bagus, tolong kerjakan lagi)
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It was interesting (Ini menarik)
Not as good as I though (Tidak sebagus yang saya kira)
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Boring. Not touching it again (Membosankan. Saya tidak mau melihatnya lagi)
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Golden Time Bahasa Indonesia

Postby Akishima » Thu May 22, 2014 4:22 am

Hello everyone...

I wanted to start (or already started) a project to translate Golden Time from English to Bahasa Indonesia
I have read the Baka-Tsuki:New Project Startup Guideline

and there is what I have done for this Golden Time Bahasa Indonesia project :
  • Fill out all the required information related to the series.
  • Create a Registration Page for the new project.
  • Make a Feedback Thread (This thread)
  • Make a Polling in this thread (with the Bahasa Indonesia translation)
  • Starting the volume 1 translation (at least I have translated the prologue) :D

But unfortunately, I haven't done the requirement of the 'Approval to Full Project'
I will notice the admin, if I have done the requirement :)
And last, I will try my best to translate this Golden Time light novel :D
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Re: Golden Time Bahasa Indonesia

Postby Misogi » Thu May 22, 2014 5:38 am

(Old topic deleted.)

The rules have changed, the project is approved once one volume is done.

But it doesn't forbid you from working on the series, it'll just mean that until then, your project will appear among the teasers. So don't mind it for now, just focus on your work.
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