Any interest with these as an Audio book?

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Any interest with these as an Audio book?

Post by molitar »

I been working on converting them into audio book on MP3 with Ivona voice.. doesn't sound too bad but I do not have the time to listen to the whole thing to find words that I have to correct pronunciation on like. I believe I got most of the names sounding pretty good as well as words like neesama. Been learning how to use IPA for correcting pronunciations.

I have uploaded a couple of the mp3 files so you can sample them yourself.!bYwhUbbA!j-bTQpYBo ... CY0XBcm8jw!mcRFmbYR!9xWxsBOqp ... SRHiKmMyJY

If you are interested and willing to help find pronunciation errors than contact me and I will start with uploading of book 1. I just need someone willing to listen to the books and point out errors in pronunciations of words and names that need pronunciation corrections.

Do to real life I do not have the time to read much anymore so I put these on a CDRW and listen to them when I am going to work and such.
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