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Re: Mahouka Web Novel: Future Spoilers and Comparisons

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NewAgeOfPower wrote:
Breakers wrote:Phalanx is a very complex Multi Layers magic.

the more complex the magic, it will be more difficult to dispel. it's not that easy to nullify.

if it's easy to Nullify then i don't understand why they are the Top 3 after Yotsuba and Saegusa if it's not a Plot Hole.

remember, Juumonji best magic is Phalanx. and they are Top 3 because of Phalanx. and they are beyond Ichijou Rupture.

Ichijou's Rupture is a PowerHouse ( they can boil enemies Blood ) and actually i think they are stonger, but nope. Juumonji still above them.

You are partially correct. Phalanx is difficult to nullify.

Gram Demolition is not a dispel magic. It does not try to nullify the enemy's magic.

It isn't trying to counter the spell, its just blowing apart the structure of the spell apart with a cannonball of Psions. You aren't unweaving the opponent's magic, you are just going to crush it with a tidal wave of your Psions. It is true dispersal and highly impractical for anyone without extremely high Psion counts due to it's Psion draw.

Gram Demolition would not be enough to destroy Phalanx, the barriers will appear again just after. It was explained in Vol 04

Spoiler! :
Since there's no actual physical effect, physical obstructions can do nothing.

This way, the magic that your opponent is casting is forcibly blown away by the psions.

In order to halt that kind of furious charge, a multi-layered defensive wall of psions might barely hold up.

This is pretty much like the MD Vs Phalanx debate.
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