Who is the "real" enemy?

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Re: Who is the "real" enemy?

Post by Hatsunekai »

Minru wrote:Shiba Tatsurou while vp and majority shareholder is no threat. in volume 3 chapter 2 "This was done to avoid irritating the main house and to protect himself.
This corporation was secretly funded by the Yotsuba Family, so even though he was the majority shareholder thanks to the stocks from his deceased wife, the actual power of attorney still remained in the hands of the Yotsuba Family, hence it wasn't surprising for him to speak softly around them, but...... ".
as long as the Yotsuba family has power of attorney over the shares he inherited from his first wife his power to threaten either his children or the yotsuba is minimal. Miyuki or tatsuya will inherit those shares even if tatsurou has other kids and he cannot sell them either.

Besides he isn't stupid enough to anger the Yatsuba!

I think the Yotsuba put him there to keep watch on him. The true identities of Miyuki and Tatsuya must be kept secret no matter what, after all. But there is a part in the novels where Tatsuya said that 'Shiba Tatsuya' was only supposed to be revealed post-graduation, which can be interpreted as a foreshadowing that after graduation, 'Shiba Tatsuya' will be recognised, and after graduation 'Shiba Miyuki' will become 'Yotsuba Miyuki' after the Yotsuba officially announce the next Yotsuba head after their family meeting in the Yotsuba Inheritance Arc.
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Re: Who is the "real" enemy?

Post by ergoGnomik »

Hatsunekai wrote:... 'Shiba Tatsuya' was only supposed to be revealed post-graduation...

It is not about him being a Yotsuba or something, but him being 'Taurus Silver' should be revealed only after graduation.
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Re: Who is the "real" enemy?

Post by shiaira »

Guest wrote:What if she lets Miyuki get abducted by some organization/country and the same thing happens to Miyuki as what happened to Maya. Tatsuya wouldn't just sit by idly. He would find his sister by nuking (Material Burst) the country she is at. Probably destroying the whole country. Thus making Tatsuya one the most dangerous terrorist in the world and all the countries leaders would want him killed.

somehow i feel like tatsuya can be an even worse terrorist not using material burst? let's say he idly sits around watching some magic high school or institution far away using his eyes (perhaps using something like third eye as an aid?)... and then uses gram dispersal (dunno if this has a range) on any young magician performing magic. having all the young magicians experience continual failure at magic would undoubtedly cause trauma and ruin their lives as magicians. :)
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