Nareru SE (teaser included)

Novel Series that has ceased translation

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Re: Nareru SE (teaser included)

Postby rpapo » Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:44 am

I have my Word files for this one, but apart from the fact that I haven't done anything with them in years, there's the DMCA.

Just why they are issuing a DMCA direct from Japan, for materials they don't seem to have any intention of translating into English, is anybody's guess...
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Re: Nareru SE (teaser included)

Postby oldpier » Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:13 pm

Cthaeh wrote:
oldpier wrote:> Abandoned, last reply 2 years ago

I recently picked up this LN series and am interested in starting on TL. Is anyone actually still working on this?

I'd like to say go ahead, but unfortunately this was one of the series hit by the recent DMCAs (related one). BT is still in the process of cleaning up from that, and I don't think the policy has been spelled out entirely, but in cases like this one where the entire series was deleted, I think the rule is that they can't be restarted on BT (that's why it's in the "abandoned" subforum).

I see. Didn't realize since the page wasn't updated (now it is). Well that sucks. I know someone who wanted TLs for this LN that's why I decided to start on TL-ing but I guess now it's just that I can't upload it here to BT.
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