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Date A Live Annoucements/Status/FAQ

Postby Mystes » Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:20 pm

This post is to be edited by translators and editors who want to address some of the recurring questions, or who wish to post updates/ETAs on the current translation status so that the DAL general thread doesn't get flooded by pointless questions.

Q. What's going on with volume 7?
A. Volume 7's translation is still ongoing and being done by Tsuchiura.

Q. When will the e-Pubs/PDFs be updated/posted?
A. A few people will share their PDFs when they finish them. Simon's website has e-pubs continuously updated.

Q. When is the translation for X chapter due?
A. Translators work at their own pace. Just estimate the progression by checking the amount of work a translator uploads on a regular basis and check their status.

Q. I think there's a problem with this line, what should I do?
A. If it's a grammar or syntax mistake, correct it by yourself on the wiki. If it's confusing and you don't know what it means, feel free to ask the translators.
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