August 30, 2009 : Election in Japan

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August 30, 2009 : Election in Japan

Post by Krikit »

Okay, so the results aren't in, but I just wanted to let everyone out there know that Japan is voting right now.

After World War II ended, and Japan was forced to accept the conditions given by America dealing with surrender, a new government was formed. That government has been continuing in Japan for 53 of the last 54 years.

And today, August 30, 2009, it looks like it will change. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will most likely be replaced by the Democratic Party of Japan, (DPJ). The LDP has 53 years of experience, so will the DPJ be able to face up to the mountainous task ahead of them? Time will tell...

Anyway, pretty much this election, today will change the course of Japanese History. It will be an election remembered in history books and on the back of quarte...10 yen coins. I hope they don't try to kick out all foreigners to "give jobs back to the Japanese," that would hurt me...>.< lol (they won't.)

But seriously, it's the biggest political event in Japan in the past 54 years since the end of World War 2, and I'm surprised there's been no other posts about it yet....O_o.
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Re: August 30, 2009 : Election in Japan

Post by Kinny Riddle »

About time the LDP get the stuffing they so deserve, it has been long overdue for over 50 years now.

Actually the LDP has lost an election before, once in 1993, but back then the opposition comprised of a rag-tag alliance of small parties who only had one thing in common: their hatred of the LDP. Needless to say, internal bickering amongst themselves meant the LDP were back in 9 months time.

This time, the DPJ has grown well into a credible force to take on the LDP on its own. I hear there's a landslide and a new PM in the house - Hatoyama, who looks like a geeky but well-likable chap. There goes Rozen Aso (so named because the self-confessed otaku PM was seen reading Rozen Maiden in an airport lounge).

Though a chunk of the DPJ itself is formed from disgruntled ex-LDP members, including Hatoyama himself, so time will tell if these ex-LDP guys have the backbone to stick with their new party and not give in to seductions too soon.

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