Recently Homeless Translators

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Recently Homeless Translators

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Although one can't tell from my nick, I am BarateGites from #lililicious. My friend Sukoshi and I had been working together for the past couple years translating the marimite novels for Erica's Okazu blog. What we had finished thus far had been added to your marimite projects page, since the work we were doing wasn't overlapping. As of this week, Erica has reversed herself and decided to no longer support fan translations of any kind. Our translations have been removed, even though we still have two more that were set to go up soon. My question is, is Baka Tsuki still interested in hosting those translations on your page now that Erica has stepped down? If so, can you put me in touch with the project coordinator? I guess I'm defacto editor for our scripts now.

On a wholly unrelated, but coincidentally equally embarrassing note, I tried to register the hasekura_rei nick on the forums and I accidentally clicked "younger than 13" without meaning to. I only wish I was that young. ^^;; Who should I contact about fixing this?
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Re: Recently Homeless Translators

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Hello, hello!

My handle is Leviticus on the wiki and Discord, and I am the current project manager for Marimite~

I need to collect a few more details, but absolutely rest assured I am working on it! Our forums have mostly gone quiet; you can find us all on Discord, or of course, through the wiki itself.

Looking forward to working with you!
Feel free to contact me here, on Discord (#7760), or on the wiki (Leviticus)!

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