Integrating Pediapress

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Integrating Pediapress

Postby Kurizu_wilde » Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:03 am

Hello all,

I realize we are toeing a very thin line here and by all means tell me if I am on the wrong side (with your reasoning of course).

I read the Haruhi series off of this site several years ago by printing the "printable versions" it was effective but far from a pleasurable reading experience. I later purchased the few books that were released in Canada.

Now I am interested in the Sword Art Online series and their are much better options available for reading: namely Pediapress. Having used the system before to collect physics articles on Wikipedia it would be a great way to enjoy the SWO light novels until their release in north america. As I understand it all that is required is to install the open source Collection-Extension. Adding this extension would enable cheap, effective printing while supporting an excellent business and contributing to Wikimedia.

Would installing this extension be possible?
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