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BlackBerry PlayBook App

Postby Haxton Fale » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:43 am

My name is Haxton and I'm a CompSci student. I managed to register for Marmalade PlayBook offer, which gives me the opportunity to develop an app for said device with Marmalade SDK for free.
I have been using Baka-Reader on my Android device for a while now. While it certainly is one of the most comfortable readers, the screen is quite small, so I wanted to move on to my PlayBook, but sadly I didn't find any BlackBerry (or at least PlayBook) versions of Baka-Reader.
Some of your PDFs are not exactly the best in terms of formatting, not to mention availability for even completed volumes. PlayBook's Adobe Reader could also use at least several improvements, which would make reading e-books in PDF format much easier. The best way to read your translations seems to be to open browser window, navigate to chapter/volume of choice and open it in Reader mode. But what if I don't have any Wi-Fi coverage or would like to use the browser while reading? It's simply impossible.
Hence I would like to develop Baka-Reader for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, similar in functionality to current (or future) Baka-Reader, while taking advantages of being on such device, with your consent and cooperation.

Best regards,
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Re: BlackBerry PlayBook App

Postby dalek » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:06 am

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (walks away with Konata)
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