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Tapatalk Plugin for Mobile Forum Suport

Postby Sephaq » Thu May 16, 2013 7:23 am

Well... well...

I'm not that active on the forum, since i'm more of a luker, but i walk around here and there checking posts and reading.
I'm also an active mobile user, be it to chat on with friends(reads Moon-channel here), read novel through our BakaReader EX and access forums through it. I use Tapatalk to do so and was questioning if our dear forum had support for it, found out it doesn't. I was reading over at Tapatalk about what we need to make our forum go mobile on iOS and Android platforms, it's very simple since our forum system is already supported, here you can see that it's just dowload install (with or withouth push notifications) and register the forum there.

This is my suggestion, hope you guys like it and gets supported
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