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How did you find reading Absolute Duo?

It was good! Please do more!
It was interesting.
Not as good as I thought.
Boring. Not touching it again.
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Re: Absolute Duo

Post by Kemm »

I simply went to his user page:
https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/inde ... ikiNutcase
And saw that Absolute Duo is under "Dropped" (not "in stock" or "sub", like D·A·L,). Seeing that, I'd say that he's dropped it.
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Re: Absolute Duo

Post by Botan »

abeasle1993 wrote:Does anyone know if "Riki" is going to pick his series back up when Noucome is finished or is it dropped for good?
According to his comments on Animesuki, it's permanent, he have enough of main protagonist.
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Re: Absolute Duo

Post by nash_makineta »

Hi! Thanks a lot for your work in this project. I am translating the first volume of your version to Spanish, and I am finding that some parts maybe do not make so much sense... like some things could be literal translations or sth like that. Unfortunatelly, my Engish might not be good enough to be corrector :? . Anyway, I understand the cultural gap between Japanese and English can be huge. In any case I wanted to leave notice of this issue I came across, some English corrector might be needed. And of course thanks a million for this story, it is good. Just that these silly Spanish translators readily start moaning if the original is not perfect... :P I don't know if maybe it could be possible to obtain the original Japanese source, I am not good at reading kanji though. But art deserves to be treated alike.
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Re: Absolute Duo

Post by yoyoyo5678 »


Due to a bug I can't delete Volume 6 Prologue, so, please insert your translation there when you finish it.

Edit: I took care of it.
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Re: Absolute Duo

Post by LarrCarter1231 »

I only watched. Can it be considered an absolute duo?There is a parody of it!
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