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Forum to-do list

Post by hobogunner »

I've decided this is easier than letting people comment on my announcement. :roll:

So far it's just my stuff:
* Reorganize Alt Languages
* Figure out what else to archive
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Re: Forum to-do list

Post by Teh_ping »

Sort out the Discord channels
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Re: Forum to-do list

Post by supersimz »

im sorry for the trouble, but regarding this emm ´lock´ thing: If i want to, say, put in some LN based pdfs(which i would like to do once im done working with them), in the specific forum made for it, how exactly do i bypass the lock?
Im not entirely sure what was meant by "copying the link to the thread"? D:
im pretty confused, but to be fair, i havnt logged in for quite a while as well.
I appreciate any future help :)

ive still no idea how to bypass that lock, so ive just posted out the pdfs in the regular "talk" forum for the LN series.
(the mentioned work was for Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance btw :D )
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