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Preview Script(s) Guidelines

Post by onizuka-gto »

There has always been an un-written Baka-Tsuki procedure to help speed up progress for projects, however it had never really been codified...So here it is, please note this applies to all novel projects (Interactive novel not included) which are completely under the jurisdiction of Baka-Tsuki.

"Preview Scripts" are used in Baka-Tsuki for chapter/sections where the intended registered translator has been inactive for a reasonably long period of time, and is delaying the overall progress of the project.

Any free translator who has the time resources, and is willing to assist the progress of the project, should remember to follow the folling guidelines:

1. Message the Registered Translator, of your intended assistance.
You should always send a Private Message via the Forum and if possible via e-mail

2. You must forward a copy of this message to a Baka-Tsuki Administrator(s) or to any active Baka-Tsuki staff member available who can verify you on the forum.

3. You should only attempt this if you can post the complete script.

4. This script should be created on a new page and labelled as "Preview".
It should be linked next to chapter/section name/link on the project page.

5. You should add your name (next to the original translator) for that chapter/section in the registration page.

6. The script will be subjected to the wishes of the registered translator, and they may allow to keep it, or replace it with there own script.

7. Long period of absent registered translator contact regarding the "Preview" Script, the B-T Staff will have the final decision to replace or remove it.
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Re: "Preview" Script Guidelines [Speed-Up]

Post by Darknemo2000 »

I would like to make anotyher note for Machione translators, ot actually an advice.

Avoid using online translation sites like Babel Fish. Why? Not because I think so, but because Babel Fish cannot translate Kana. It actually translates Kana as Kanji which of course brings a lot of confusion as normally Kana is used for tenses, grammar, names and etc.

Thats why name like Asuka, in babel fish becomes Ground Mosquito because it regards the kana that makes the name as a separate Kanji characters.

JWPCE (JWPCE is a free program) or ATLAS are much better options in this regard.

Even if machine translations would never be highly regarded, one could still try to make them at least close as possible to original text, and for that online translators like Babel Fish are completely useless as it changes the sentence meaning by regarding Kana as Kanji...
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Re: "Preview" Script Guidelines [Speed-Up]

Post by Fushichou »

None of our translators are going to be using machine translators...
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Re: Preview Script(s) Guidelines

Post by magref »

:X I'm using google translate to see the other vocabulary that I can use for that same word... >.< but I think that it still works out fine in the long run as long as I use it as suggestions only :oops:
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Re: Preview Script(s) Guidelines

Post by Mystes » is a good tool in English. If it's for other languages, a dictionary should do the trick.

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