Baka-Tsuki Executive Council 2017-18

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Baka-Tsuki Executive Council 2017-18

Postby KLSymph » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:20 pm

Greetings, Baka-Tsuki users. After a general vote and a tiebreaker second round vote by the community's contributors, the new Baka-Tsuki Executive Council has been formally impaneled. They are the following five community members:

  • hobogunner (since 2015)
  • KLSymph (since 2016)
  • Lunar Vitae (new)
  • R~S (new)
  • zzhk (since 2015)
Please join me in thanking former council members cloudii and Cthaeh, both having served since 2015, for their time and work. We will all continue to strive for a successful Baka-Tsuki community.
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