OLN: Goddess' Landing

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OLN: Goddess' Landing

Postby LeWLWuT » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:39 pm

Hello. Greetings, and all that moolah. Hopefully there aren't any ghosts roaming around these halls, and I sure do hope they notice this.

So yeah. I wrote this thing here called Goddess' Landing, and it's my take on a world full of magic a few hundred years after it was discovered. You know how most fantasy settings have a magical system, however complex some might be, but what exactly is its origin? Was it part of the universe's creation, or was it introduced by something powerful? Well, this story aims to tackle that. Hopefully. When I get deeper into it.

Anyway, links are posted below, and hopefully a kind soul will take notice and share their thoughts, because I'm in dire need of feedback.

So far, it's hosted on Fictionpress and Royalroad.

And here's a really short synopsis. I can't come up with a bigger one.

Once, a goddess descended from a star and gave birth to magic, but it sparked a long-lasting war between two fronts. Only a hundred years had passed since her disappearance, and a young smith holds the key to unlocking its cause.
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