OLN: Lost Legacy

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OLN: Lost Legacy

Postby xrick » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:42 am

Greetings. I'm a portuguese amateur writer who has been working on an original story for more than years already.
I've been trying to get my story published in my country, Portugal, but so far it seems nobody is interested in this kind of stories.
Last week, I decided to translate my story to english myself so as to present it to an audience I know reads LNs and the like.

So far I have Chapter 01 finished, it may serve as a Preview of sorts.

I'd be glad if people could take a good look at it and provide feedback and opinions.
Thanks in advance.

Story Synopsis:
The Legacy. A mystical and mysterious power existing since time immemorial. It chooses it's carriers and gives them special powers, capable of changing a world or incite a revolution.
In this case, four youngsters were chosen to carry it, despite not knowing it.
There are those who want to prevent them from awakening those powers, and those who want to protect them. Many threats do show up, either to them and to the world itself.
When two of said youngsters go missing, it falls upon the portuguese youngsters Henrique "Rick" Dimas and Aria Palma to survive the ordeals and find their missing companions.
So begins a journey crossing time & space, inspired by Anime and written in a LN-style.
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Re: OLN: Lost Legacy

Postby mvandii » Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:46 pm

Your synopsis sounds interesting, your link is dead though. I would suggest using blogspot to write on. If you reup it I'd give it a read, sounds like something I'd like. :D
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