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Convictor/Budding Sword Enthusiast[edit]

A certain place in Italy——

There was a rural town's high school in an outlying province. At that old school building, an exorcist was taking decisive action.

Using that high school's old school building as a stronghold, a devil and its household would gather night after night. They would invite the surrounding residents with sweet words, grant their desires, and would then acquire compensation.

Having detected the aforementioned things of that sort in proximity to Christianity——the Vatican that was Catholic headquarters, it wasn't something that the followers who had been cutting down devils and fallen angels for years could just overlook.

The vatican had immediately sent in an agent——a warrior, who then performed an exorcism ceremony on the devils.

The ceremony——in other words, to destroy the devil.

The interior of the old school building that had become the devil's stronghold, its entirety was soaking with blood. Whether it was the corridor, the walls, the chairs, the desk, just about everything was covered with blood.

As for the cause, a sword releasing holy waves, held in the hand of a male catholic priest, had accomplished the salvation of the devils.

The ancient longsword that was releasing strong holy aura from the blade, without difficulty it had cleared away the household of the devil that had made the old school building its stronghold, and had annihilated them.

As for the devils that were slain by the specialized weapon that converted holiness into divine protection, since it was not any sort of high ranked being, it had been reduced to rubbish before vanishing. Especially for the legendary armaments known as 'Holy Swords', the powerful aura was capable of vanquishing even such high ranked beings.

The sword wielded by the male Catholic priest also belonged among those legendary 'Holy Swords'.

For that reason, even though the devil that was in this old school building was High Class, they couldn't avoid a fatal wound once struck.

The male Catholic priest was a mid-thirty-year-old of Italian lineage. While stroking the stubble on his left hand, he had cornered the chief of the devils inside of a room on  the second floor of the old school building.

The devil who had been employing household——was a female devil. By appearance she appeared to be about a girl of about eighteen years of age, but since devils could change even their appearance, you couldn't acertain their age from a glance.

The Catholic priest spoke.

"It's regrettable, but your entire household has been destroyed. What's left……is only you huh."

The the girl that was a devil glared at the Catholic priest and shrieked.

"How dare you murder my household, you annoying divine messenger!!"

The eyes of the girl devil released a perilous brilliance, and a blue colored aura gathered around her hand. Aiming her hand towards him, she fired the the power of the devils——demonic power.  If it was to score a direct hit, even the Catholic priest wouldn't come away from it safely.

……But, the Catholic priest easily evaded it, and quickly sneaking into the girl devil's bosom, performed a sweeping swing with the holy sword.

An instant later, the girl devil raised a cry of deadly agony. With smoke rising from her whole body, her figure crumbled little by little, until finally it vanished.

Having completely slaughtered the devils of the old school building, the male Catholic priest gave the holy sword a single swing before he returned it to its scabbard.

Having completed the devil salvation, the Catholic priest exited the old school building.

Waiting for him in front of the gate was the one serving as his assistant, a white haired boy who was also his disciple. The boy of thirteen was making a mischievous face. As for his garb, it was a priest's clothing for boys.

The boy, before the figure of his teacher who had finished his work essentially uninjured, was in high spirits.

"Hey there, if it isn't Teach David! Even with fiendish heinous devils as opponents you altogether beautifully invincibly smashed them completely! I also placed a barrier around the old school building just as instructed."

Before his merry pupil. the male Catholic priest——David Serro, rapidly confirmed the contents of the next job from a note in his pocket. His orders had been written on it.

……On that note, there was information on suspicious activity in Japan involving fallen angels and a group of magicians, and the order to head there had been written on it.

The young boy who was his disciple inquired as he peered at the note.

Teach David, Teach David! As 'spected, it turns out we're going there right?"

David confirmed the orders and placed the note in his pocket.

The male Catholic priest David Serro was a vatican agent——a church warrior. Thus far, not only fiendish devils and fallen angels, he had also completely slaughtered evil monsters. The 'Holy Sword' that he possessed, that power that he wielded, that was his only strength.

"Yeah, on top of that we're to investigate the location of a conflict between the Grigori and the witches of Oz. ——Let us prepare. For the moment, we'll head back to the subdivision, and then immediately leave this country."

At David's statement the boy raised a clamor.

"Hyahahaah! A foreign country! Let's go beat down the heretics of a foreign country! I should give praise to the archangel Gabriel-sama's breasts for once again slowly raising my faith!"

"——See here, Freed. Our goal is only to investigate the fallen angels and witches hanging out in Japan, and exterminate them depending on the situation. Based on intelligence, those guys appear to be carrying out a dangerous plot doing as they please in that country."

"I undastand I undastand, well then, that is to say that depending on the circumstances we should execute judgement with that 'Galatine' of yours huh Teach."

The boy——Freed Sellzen, directed his gaze at what was hanging from his teacher's waist——the 'Holy Sword Galatine'.

"You should also remember that judgement is done under the justification of compassion, Freed."

At his teacher's words Freed made a salute pose.

"Yessir, Teach. We shall beat them down with restraint☆"

From a place that was unknown to Ikuse Tobio and the others, every major power was starting to move——.

Translator's Notes[edit]

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