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Four Divine Beasts/Himejima Suzaku[edit]

Having been honored by the order from the suzerain at the main shrine, Himejima Suzaku was walking through the grounds.


Raising a cry, there was a boy in spectacles who appeared to be about the same age as her. Possessing long slender limbs, he was a handsome boy. The strange aura surrounding his body was equivalent to that of Suzaku’s, or perhaps even…….

“What’s your business here, Seiryuu-chan of the Kushihashi family?”

Suzaku inquired as such. The boy——Kushihashi Seiryuu shrugged.

“Inquiring if it will become a three way fight with the gang of fallen angels and the magicians from the picture book.”

Suzaku resumed walking as she spoke.

“Well, I guess it gets busy around here. It’s not as though you won’t be working hard as well.”

While following behind her, Seiryuu replied.

“Since that would also be the decision of the family as well, though we will have no other than to comply as well. ……Other than that I had to come flying over when I heard that the Himejima had produced the ‘Dog God’. Amazing isn’t it, that it would be one of the Longinus?”

Suzaku stopped walking and spoke without turning around.

“Isn’t it ironic? That such a dark blade would be born from the Himejima who govern Shintoism?”

Sensing Suzaku’s atmosphere, Seiryuu put on a bitter smile.

“Scary scary.”

Seiryuu changed the topic as he continued.

“Are you aware of even that, Suzaku? That its mere presence would gather the Four Fiends?”

“——The matter of the ‘Four Fiends’ and the ‘Dog God’. For the old man-sama of the Himejima however, he has more than had his fury aroused.”

“The Himejima are interesting huh. Coming from here, there’s a high frequency of irregularities. From the misconduct involving the fallen angel, up to giving birth to the Dog God. And only you are its salvation huh?”

“No, even I was originally from the dark side. It’s merely that I could only be pardoned for those days. ——Seiryuu, although it’s a sin, I would like you to prepare a meeting place for the other members from the Four Divine Beasts and the Ouryou-dono.”

At these words of Suzaku, Seiryuu smiled cheerfully.

“——That’s your move huh? This ought to be fun. However, aside from Genbu-chan and that rambunctious Byakko, are you really going to go as far as to summon Ouryuu? That person is far harder to please than you can guess.”

Suzaku gathered together all of her long hair in the back——forming it into a ponytail.

“To make sure, I have to see this personally. Not only the ‘Four Fiends', Ikuse Tobio——. For myself, eventually, even that child Tobio, even that matter of the ‘lightning, I will have them recognized as part of this family. ——I will accept even the family’s darkness.”

The <<Dog>> and the ‘Four Fiends’, as well as the ‘Four Divine Beasts’ and the ‘Yellow Dragon’, they were each about to meet the other——.

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