Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume1 Author's Notes

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Author's Notes[edit]

To the readers who bought this book, nice to meet you. I am Kenji Inoue, who won the 8th ENTAME prize using this novel, and started my writer journey.

Since this was my first novel, it was obvious that I had no experience in publishing novels before. From the celebrating party for winning the prize, to the meeting before publishing the book, everything was so new for me, so I am always panicking. Among all these experiences, the one that I was panicking the most was being informed that I won the prize, and need to meet with the editor. Please allow me to use some space to explain what happened.

On the day we first met, I went to the meeting place 20 minutes early. At the time I prepared the answers to questions that I might be asked later. Such as what type of novel I would like to write in the future, what I would do if there is a second volume, and what kind of environment I liked when I was writing. As an adult who was working in society, I already prepared the standard answers in my brain that wouldn't disappoint him.

After thinking for about fifteen minutes, the editor finally arrived.

No problem, no worries. I was well prepared and I had practiced in my brain several times. The questions ranged from interest, specialty to local famous product without missing anything. No matter how he attacked, I won't be defeated! Then, the first question the editor asked me was --

Mr. M (Editor) : "Inoue prefer big breast or flat chest?"

I was shocked.

Ah, he really was someone who works in the field of creativity, even the question he asked was so creative. Even if the question he asked was out of my expectation, if I couldn't reply with a satisfying answer, it would humiliate myself as an adult working in this society. Although I was a bit shy, I still expressed my preference like this: "Big is better...... ". After that the editor nodded and asked the next question.

Mr M: "Are you siscon or prefer more mature women? "

The professional was too scary. I never imagined that he was more interested in my personal liking than the plan for future. If I had planned for questions like this, I might be able to say mature answers such as "I forgot I had a cousin sisters around my age.". I could only answer this question like a normal person, "I would like to have a pretty and gentle elder sister who won't bully the brother". Now that I look back, if I could answer the question calmly, I might not have such a weak position in the publishing company isn't it? If someone among the readers would like to be a novelist, for the sake of your future position in the publishing company, you must prepare the answers for the two questions above.

If I stopped writing here, people might think of me as a normal idiot right? Please allow me to explain myself. Although the content in the authors note was a bit stupid, the novel was not a boring story. Since it could be published, it must have something that was at least as good as other novels. This might sound a bit arrogant, I was full of confidence with one part of this novel. What is it? I bet all readers already know it right? That's right! It was the illustrations of this novel!

I would like to use the space left to thank some people again. First of all to the judges, I was really grateful and I would take 'The way this novel was written had some problem' as compliment. Also to the editor section and people who make this novel successfully published, and also the senpai who gave me lots of advice in the celebrating party. Last but not least, to the readers who bought this book, I present my most sincere thanks, and hope I have the chance to see everyone again.