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25(Twenty Five) at the Clubroom with Rias-buchou![edit]

On a certain day at the clubroom after school.

“Hey, Ise. It’s quite sudden, but can we say 25 good things about each other?”

“W-What happened to you, all of a sudden?”

“Just listen to me, and say 25 good things about me. I will start first. Well, you are a hard worker, Ise. It’s your turn, Ise. Do I……have any good parts?”

“T-That’s not fair since you are asking me with such sad face! Rias, you are a beauty with so much talent!”

“Then it’s my turn. Ise, you are a man with courage.”

“Rias, you are kind, but strict at times. But you are kind after all!”

“You are a passionate man who I can depend on.”

“Your sweet and noble atmosphere is wonderful!”

“Ise, your manly attitude certainly is starting to suit you.”

“Rias, you have a motherly instinct which make all of our group and I want to be spoiled by you!”

“Oh yes, Ise certainly is good at looking after people.”

“Same goes to you, Rias. Ah, your cooking is also good!”

“Your other good point is where you eat my cooking deliciously.”

“Is that even a good part? That’s just me eating……”

“Ufufu, for me it is something which pleases me. Ah, and your other good part is that you have passionate eyes.”

“Rias, you also have a beautiful blue eyes!”

“I also love your black hair, Ise.”

“Rias, your crimson hair is beautiful!”

“I also love the sensation of your palm. It makes me feel calm when I’m touching it.”

“Ah, I also feel calm when I have my cheek patted by your hands!”

“……Geez, you have been paying attention to my breasts since the start, haven’t you? Ufufu, silly Ise.”

“I-I’m sorry! I also wanted to point that out, but I didn’t know how to say it……”

“It’s okay. If you think that my breasts are my good point, then I am satisfied.”

“Yes! Rias’s oppai are the best!”

“Then it’s my turn. Ise, your chest which is getting thicker as days passes sure makes me feel safe.”

“Oh yeah! Rias’s fingers! I think your are slim and flexible fingers are beautiful till the tip of your nails!”

“Ise’s fingers……ufufu, it sure does many things to me.”

“Y-Yeah. I do feel that my fingers does many things…… I reached Balance Breaker by poking your breast, and even made you reach the second phase…… Such amazing fingers!”

[……Haa haa……are you trying to do something with those fingers again……?]


[……Are you trying to do something to me again by poking Rias Gremory’s……breast……? I beg you……let me sleep quietly……!]

“I have no intention of doing anything!” Umm……Ddraig is a Heavenly-Dragon and is strong! I beg you Rias! Let’s continue from before but point out at the good points of Ddraig!”

“You are right! Ise became strong thanks to Ddraig and even has his life saved!”

“Ddraig is my saviour who saved my life!”

“If you weren’t with us, Gremory group would have been annihilated from the intense battles!”


“H-His response is weak! The power of doubling and transferring are thanks to you, Ddraig-sama!”

“Sekiryuutei’s power up……involves with my breast and……no, I don’t mean that!”


“The response from the signal is lost!? Ddraaaaaaig! Cheers to Dragons!”

“Get a hold of yourself! Aren’t you one of the Two Heavenly Dragons that even God feared!?”

“You also have a part where you are kind, cute, and act like a human!”

“Yes, having a Dragon who is understandable in the Devil’s side is a strong support!”

When both of us continue to say this and that towards the jewel—

“……D-Did something happen?”

The members of Occult Research Club, Kiba and the rest, enters the clubroom!

“Good timing Kiba, everyone! Ddraig isn’t breathing! He turned out like this while I was talking to Rias! Say something to him which will give life to him!”

Xenovia then says it while finding it impressive.

“So for Ise and Buchou, they only need words to defeat a legendary Dragon huh.”

Uwaaan! That’s not it! Ddraig! Come baaack!

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