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Life.6 Lets Go to Onsen[edit]

Part 1[edit]

On the afternoon on a certain day. This is the first thing Azazel-sensei says right after he comes back from the staff meeting.

“Alright guys, we are going to Izu. This will be the recreational trip for the monster crisis from the incident earlier.”

This is nothing new since this person says things out of whim, but I never expected him to come up with a recreational trip…… And this is the recreational trip for the monster crisis?

W-Well, all of us have battered minds and bodies from that incident, after all…… I also lost my body as well.

Rias says it while looking at the documents she is holding onto.

“That sounds good. A recreational trip. So when are we going?”

“Eh? Rias, you are alright with the sudden suggestion Sensei made?”

I say it to Rias, who gives her answer right away. Usually she would have normally replied by saying “Don’t say something like that all of a sudden. We also have plans, you know?”, while making a sigh. The truth is she makes our job as a devil as first priority.

“Yes, it’s not like we can completely recover from it, but I was also making a plan for us. After all we have been encountering big incidents continuously, so I thought all of you have been building lots of stress. I also think it’s a good idea so we can get some refreshment from it.”

Says Rias.

That……may be true. We have encountered unbelievable kind of incidents continuously since entering the second semester, such as the terrorism of the Old-Maou faction, the attack of the Evil-God Loki, the assault of the Hero-faction at the school trip and the promotion test, and also the crisis of the gigantic monsters which involved the whole Underworld.

But just like what Rias said, it’s true that all of us are worn in our mind and souls.

Sensei nods his head and says it to us.

“Yeah, that’s right. You guys were involved in unbelievable kinds of incidents. It won’t be weird for young ones like all of you to suffer mentally and physically by going through all those life and death situations. –And that’s where the recreation trip comes in! Rias, how about we go for the trip on the weekend? We have to do things like this right away! Don’t worry, preparations can be done easily. What I need now is all of you agreeing to it.”

All of us just stood there watching Rias and Sensei talking. Then Rias nods.

“Yes, I get your point. Then let’s go to Izu next Saturday and Sunday.”

Like this, it was decided for the members of the Occult Research club to have a recreational trip for 2 days and 1 night at Izu.

Now the time flies to next Saturday.

The weather is good from morning. Looks like we’ll have good weather for our trip. We finished the preparations for the trip last night and everyone gathered at the Hyoudou residence at 10am(The truth is everyone was really excited for the trip and that includes me).

“I wanted to go to Izu at least once before.”

The one who has her eyes shining is Ravel. Maybe it’s because she has been studying about Japan lately, so she has strong interest in touring sites across Japan.

“……I’m looking forward to it because the fish in Izu are delicious.”

It looks like Koneko-chan has her attention taken by the food at our destination.

Kiba and Gasper arrive, and the only ones who’s still not here are Sensei and Rossweisse-san.

Putting Sensei who doesn’t live in the Hyoudou residence aside, I wonder why Rossweisse-san isn’t here on time when she lives with us…… Don’t tell me she went to a 100 yen shop to buy something? No. There’s no way that Rossweisse-san, who is so very strict about time, would be late for a reason like that.

When I tilt my head, I heard the conversation of the Church-trio from behind me.

“……I thought we would be going there by magic-circle, but we are going there by car now?”

Says Xenovia.

……Eh? For real? So we are going by car today?

“Are we going to Izu by car?”

I enter the Church-trio’s conversation and Irina nods to my question.

“Yup, that’s what I heard. It seems like Azazel-sensei will also be coming here by car.”

Sensei is coming here by car?

“That’s right. We are going there by car today. There was a sudden change to our plan. This was Azazel’s suggestion.”

Rias explains to me. That certainly sounds like Sensei. Oh well, maybe travelling to Izu by car might be good at times.

While I am thinking like that, I start to hear the sound of a car approaching us. A blue coloured car turns at the corner and stops in front of the gates of Hyoudou residence by doing a circular drift!

The thing which stops in front of us at a fast speed is a blue coloured sports car.

The door opens and the one who appears is Azazel-sensei who is wearing a flashy jacket and trouser. He’s wearing sunglasses, so I want to ask, “Which host club in Kabuki district are you from?”.

“Fufufuu, today we will be having a drive on the bay shore with my beloved car.”

Sensei is trying to say something cool by leaning on his car.

…….The sports car is as flashy as Sensei.

“……Wow, it looks fast. Maybe I should buy a car like this when I save up money from doing a job of a devil.”

Xenovia looks at the car with keen eyes while Asia tilts her head.

“But if we are going there by car, this car won’t be enough to take all of us……”

Asia says something logical.

This car is a unique 5-seater sports car, but there are more than 10 of us here so there will be some of us being left behind.

If we count the number of people going, it will include; me, Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba, Xenovia, Gasper, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Sensei, and Ophis. Since we can’t let Ophis stay behind at home, we decided to take her. So there will be thirteen of us going.

Don’t tell me he’s going to say something reckless that the ones who lose in rock, paper, and scissor have to fly there!?

When I was thinking like that…… Another car stops in front of the Hyoudou residence.

It’s a red coloured wagon. The one who comes out from the wagon is…….Rossweisse-san!

“I had Rias-san prepare me a wagon. This one is a 8 seater.”

I was wondering why she wasn’t here! So she went to get the car!

“Rossweisse-san, I never knew you had a car license.”

When I said that, Rossweisse-san replies normally by saying, “Of course. Even if I’m like this, I was a former escort of the Norse Chief-God”. If I think about it, that’s true. She’s a genius girl who attained many licenses and certificates even before becoming Odin-no-jiisan’s bodyguard. ……When I think like that, I feel even more unfortunate about her because of her hobby and living style.

Well, I will leave that for now. I then say the thing I wanted to say since before by rasing my hand.

“I want to ride in Rossweisse-san’s car!”

It’s not like I saw her drive properly, but when she stopped the car in front of the house it was quieter than how Sensei stopped!

No matter how I think about it, it will be safer to ride on Rossweisse-san’s car!

“Oi, do you have a problem with my driving technique?”

Sensei is unpleasant.

“Of course I do! It seems like you definitely won’t drive safely! This will be a road trip of death!”

I said it honestly! Obviously! You are always a troublemaker so I basically have no trust in you! Actually, I can’t trust you at all!

“I don’t mind riding in Azazel-sensei’s car. Having a thrilling ride won’t be bad.”

Xenovia opens the door of Sensei’s car, and she’s ready to get in!

“You sure know the thing, Xenovia.”

Sensei pats Xenovia’s head.

“You didn’t deny your thrilling driving-style!? Uwaaaaaan! Like I thought, you have no intention of driving safely!”

Xenovia won’t have a problem riding in Sensei’s car since she is reckless, but I definitely don’t want to!

“Human’s safety speed doesn’t mean a thing to Fallen Angels!”

You are planning to go full throttle after all!

I don’t like this! Can someone please defeat this evil Last Boss Fallen Angel!?

Everyone around me is quiet and there wasn’t anyone else wanting to ride on Sensei’s car so everyone gathered around Rossweisse-san’s car! But if we don’t include the driver, only seven people can enter the wagon! So mathematically four of us will be sacrificed!

I don’t want to be the sacrifice! I don’t plan on going inside this coffin! B-But, if any of Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and Ravel are picked……I will sacrifice myself to take their place! Xenovia, Irina, and Ophis are out of the question since it seems like they can endure it! I don’t give a shit about other two bastards!

If I think like that, the chance of me being picked is quite high……!

When I was having hard time thinking about it, Rias took a breath and tells us her idea.

“Then let’s do rock, paper, and scissor to pick fairly.”

The time of destiny has come —

Part 2[edit]

……I ended up going in Azazel-sensei’s car after losing in rock, paper, and scissor……

The ones to ride in Sensei’s car are members which isn’t even exaggerating to say that it consists of those with different colours which includes me, Gasper, Xenovia, and Ophis.

“Sorry about that, Ise-kun.”

The one who went inside the wagon while apologising to me is Kiba!

The ones to ride in the other car are members with beauty such as the driver Rossweisse-san, Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Irina, and Ravel! And Kiba is riding with them……!

I haven’t build a jealously towards that good-looking guy for a while! And the reason I was picked to ride in this car wasn’t because I sacrificed myself, but I naturally lost in rock, paper, and scissor! I didn’t have any luck! My bad luck started even before the trip began!

My fist is shaking with dissatisfaction. And the front passenger seat’s door opens by itself as if it is welcoming me. Sensei made a fearless smile from the other side.

“Fufufu, welcome to my beloved car. Ise, you take the front passenger seat.”

It feels like the door to Hell opened by itself…… It feels like an evil aura is coming out from the car……!

All of us enter the car timidly. While my heart was beating fast, Rossweisse-san’s wagon goes off. From the back seats of the wagon, Koneko-chan, Ravel, and Akeno-san wave their hands at me. Aaagh, I wanted to get on with them……!

Xenovia who is sitting behind me is calm. Ophis is emotionless like always. Gasper who is siting between them……

“……Sob. ……Aau…aau……”

He is holding desperately onto the seatbelt with a pale face. His whole body is shivering. His face is messy because of his tears and dripping nose even before the car takes off.

It’s scary right!? Me too! I have high regards for you when you lost in rock, paper, and scissor and said “It’s okay” when Koneko-chan offered to swap seats by saying “……Gya-kun, I can ride in that car instead you know?”. You are truly a man at critical times!

“Alright, the car navigator is on. It’s a special navigation for Fallen Angels.”

Sensei is trying to activate the navigation system while not caring about me and Gasper.

It happens the moment when Sensei pushes the button. The bonnet of the car opens, and a circular shape antenna appears.

A voice echoes inside the car.

[Satellite Downfall Cannon System activated. The allied troops must evacuate from 1km radius--]

……Eh? W-What’s going on!? We got surprised at the sudden alert! Sensei stops the sound by pushing a button while laughing.

“Oops, this was the wrong button. My mistake.”

“Did I just hear some dangerous words like cannon and evacuate!? And something actually popped out from the bonnet, you know!?

That’s what I say to him! What kind of things did this teacher equip into this car!? If I think about it, this car belongs to this person so it won’t be weird if something happens!

Even I started to have a pale face, but Sensei continues to control the monitor normally.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be using Satellite weapon here. You know these kind of things come out a lot in Hollywood movie? Umm, I think it was this button. Because I did too much things to it, it can do things like flying in the sky, riding on top of the water, diving into the Dimensional Gap and even the creator which is me doesn’t remember everything it can do. Oh, was it this one?”

When he touches the button—

[Please choose your target. It will launch the Dragon Destroy Missile immediately.]

The bonnet reopens and a mini missile appears! What is this!?

“Oh this is the Dragon-slayer missile that I made just in case Ise gets into [Juggernaut Drive]. Sorry about that.”

Sensei apologises with a happy face as if this isn’t a big issue!

This car also has a missile on top of having a Satellite weapon!? What kind of things is this sports car equipped with!?

Rather, you were going to stop me with this sports car when I go berserk!? So I’m riding on something crazy then!

“I would rather see that.”

Fuck you Xenovia! Instead of this car going to the destination, the missile will be launched instead!

“Then I will drive normally today! Power boost, switch on!”

The moment Sensei pushed the mysterious button next to the driving handle—


The blue sports car takes off while making a loud rocket like noise!

I then shout while holding the seatbelt while feeling the G force!

“Let me offffffffff!”

I was shown after this, but this car had a small rocket engine equipped to it. So it wasn’t a matter of safety speed anymore……

Two hours and thirty minutes has passed since departing from Hyoudou residence.

Both Gasper and I are laying down dead inside the car. The one who are acting normal is Xenovia and Sensei who is driving.

He did drive normally in dangerous roads……but other than that he was driving around crazy.

“Look, guys. We can see the sea now.”

Sensei got a high tension when the sea became visible.


Replying weakly to him was the only thing I can do. When we entered the drive-in before, other members in the wagon were worried about me. Looks like others can tell that Sensei’s driving is bad.

“……The way to defeat……Great Red and fry him……”

The one who mutters that in her dream is Ophis. ……What kind of dream are you seeing? Rather, I’m surprised that she can sleep under that awful driving…… To be expected from the Dragon God.


Gasper has his eyes spinning. I pity you, Gasper.

“Man, you sure have a low tension, Ise. Let’s get more heated up, kay?”

“That’s right, Ise. Sea is good. Hmm, this sure is the smell of the sea.”

Sensei and Xenovia are enjoying the drive by opening their window. ……No, I’m okay as long as we arrive in the destination without any trouble. I can only hope but to wish that we arrive safely.

The car continues to drive through the roads by driving uphill towards the mountain.

By going up towards the mountain, the road gets smaller as we enter deep into the mountain.

After one hour has passed since entering the mountain of Izu, the Onsen Inn which is our destination became visible. There are only mountains and forests around the place. The atmosphere of an inn is that of old traditional Japanese building made from woods. But it isn’t that old and has no damages to it, and it has and old-traditional atmosphere which makes me feel comfortable to it.

“This is a good inn. Today……it seems like it will be a wonderful night today.”

Rias is looking at the inn with a fairly red cheek. And she is holding my hand. ……H-How am I supposed to react to this? So there is something wonderful to happen in this trip for Rias……?

“……Onsen. Trip…… And the two pillow on one single bed……”

Akeno-san is holding onto my other hand. She also has the same expression as Rias and her eyes are soggy. The Onee-samas seems to be expecting something from this trip. It seems like I have to live up to their expectation, but I didn’t have any confidence for that because of Sensei’s driving, so I felt like resting for even a second in my room. ……I’m thinking of puking in the toilet afterwards. I feel sick……

Everyone moves into the inn after unloading their bags from the vehicles. Gasper and I walk through the entrance with our weak legs. ……I’m envious of Xenovia and Ophis who are acting as if nothing happened.

The truth is, if Rias didn’t pull my hand, I wouldn’t be able to walk normally.

“Welcome back. Ihehehehe.”

The one who welcomes us with a creepy voice is……a wrinkly granny wearing a kimono. At first glance, she has a scary face which makes her look like a Youkai.

“Oh, landlady! We will be under your care today! After all, we rented this whole place!”

Sensei greets the granny. Ah, so this Youkai look-alike granny is the landlady. Wait, are you serious that you rented the whole place!?

“Ihehe, thank you for coming all the way into the mountain of Izu. This is a secret place being favoured by the Devils and Fallen-Angels. I’m a mountain-girl who is current popular trend.”

Mountain girl!? No, you look like a yamanba(Youkai of an old-woman living in mountains)!

So this place is for Devils and Fallen-Angels only? So it’s a secret onsen, huh.

“The truth is we passed through several barriers which can’t be passed through by common people.”

Sensei explains. Ah, so that dense mist we passed through while coming here was a barrier or something?

“We will be under your care—”

Rias greets the mountain-girl landlady, but freezes her smiley face there.

When I looked at the same direction she is looking at……a silver haired woman approaches us!

“How are you all doing, everyone? I have been waiting here before all of you arrived.”


I made a hysteric scream! Of course! I never imagined seeing Grayfia-san here! And she isn’t wearing her maid outfit! She’s wearing casual clothes! That means, today Grayfia-san is—

“I took a day off. It will be dangerous with only students here, so I have come here as your guardian.”

Grayfia-san says it plainly.

Grayfia-san walks in front of Rias who is all frozen, and says one thing.

“Rias, don’t tell me you thought you can have fun and do anything you like in this trip?”

Grayfia-san says it to Rias with her eyes half closed. Rias’s body shakes. ……So that was a bullseye huh. Akeno-san also shrugged her shoulder as if she gave up.

Grayfia-san says it to Rias directly.

“It’s hundred years too early for a high school student to declare her feeling and to satisfy her desires in an onsen trip. Haven’t I always told you this? First you have to have a satisfying relationship with a man in your normal lifestyle. It’s not late to enjoy your time with a man in a trip after that.”

Azazel-sensei rests his hand on Grayfia-san’s shoulder.

“Now now. Let them have fun for today with no rules. You should also relax in the onsen and get rid of your daily stress.”

Grayfia-san takes Sensei’s hand and is trying to drag him somewhere!

“This is a good opportunity. There are mountains of things I need to discuss with you. Let’s reflect on your mistakes today and discuss about your future actions.”

“H-Hey! Seriously!? I had plans to have a drink in the onsen, go to the stone sauna, playing table tennis, and to use the massage machine you know!?”

“It’s a bad influence to Sirzechs, so I will pluck out all the bad things in you now since I have this opportunity.”

“I’m going to be plucked!? Hey, save me, all of youuuu!”

Sensei asks us for help. We send him off while waving our hands with a smile.

Oh man, there is nothing more wonderful than to have Grayfia-san fix Sensei!

“Damn all of you! You are all heartleeeeeeeess!”

Like this, the evil Fallen-Angel was taken away by the silver haired Queen to the deep part of the inn. Seriously, you have to reflect on your mistakes!

We are heading towards our room.

We are walking towards the big room for guys only. The members are four of me, Kiba, Gya-suke, and Sensei. It seems like the girls are split into 3 rooms where 3 girls shares a room.

The big room is spacious and has several rooms in it, where it is a mixture of a Japanese-style room and Western-style room. There are two beds. Looks like two people will use the bed and the other two will use a mattress in a Japanese-style room.

Woah! This big room comes with a onsen and a massage machine! The television is also big and each room has them!

“The bathroom also comes with a television as well.”

Kiba says that after checking out the western-style room.

“Normally I would get shocked by the structure of this room, but I wonder why I’m not that surprised.”

I said that sarcastically. After all I do know a mansion which is more gorgeous than this. The room I used in the Gremory castle is several times spacious than this and the furniture which came with it were even more expensive and gorgeous.

“I-I’m fine with the onsen in this room~……because it will be embarrassing to go to the big onsen……”

The one who said that while laying down on the bed is Gasper. Both his mind and soul must be torn due to Sensei’s driving.

“Well, since there is no one besides us, you can go during night.”

I said that to Gya-suke. Let’s enjoy it as much as we can since we rented this whole place.

Though I’m also down on the ground in a Japanese-style room! Uggh, I feel sick……

I know that there is a mixed-bath in this inn. Mixed-bath! It’s a place where someone perverted like myself has to go……but since we are renting this whole place……huh? If I think about it, there are no other female guests here!

There’s no guarantee that Rias and the other girls will go to the mixed-bath, and it’s embarrassing to say “Let’s have a bath in the mixed-bath together” to their face!

……Well, I have to do something about my body first if I want to get inside the onsen……

So I decided to rest until dinner.

……Huh? I came here to get rid of my stress by going inside the onsen, but why am I already torn with the driving……? Sensei, in worst case I will return home by using a train…… I lay down on the floor after making a decision like that.

Before dinner—

“I won’t lose to a self-proclaiming Angel!”

“How dare you say that! I will show you the Heaven-style table tennis!”

The ones who are having a table-tennis match at the game corner is Xenovia and Irina who are wearing a yukata. They are doing an intense rally.

“Both of you please do your best!”

The one who is giving cheers while watching is Asia.

“……Ravel, this tastes good so try it.”

“Oh my, thank you.”

Koneko-chan and Ravel are eating an onsen-manjuu while sitting on the sofa located in the game corner. The two first year girls are getting along despite usually having quarrels.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah……feels good……”

The one who was feeling good while making a shaking voice using the massage machine is Rossweisse-san. Did you know you sounded a bit like an old woman just now?

Looks like everyone is enjoying this trip.

Kiba is in the onsen. Rias and Akeno-san are enjoying their time using the stone-sauna.

……So there is no sign of people using the mixed-bath.

……Does this mean I will have to peek at this rate?

……Well, I don’t feel sick anymore so I’m planning to go to the mixed bath after dinner!

While building up my perverted feelings, I decided to have fun.

Part 3[edit]

Late at night.

By using my perverted instinct, I left the room thinking “One of the girls will definitely use the mixed-bath around this time!”. Sensei is drinking now after being released by Grayfia-san before dinner. Gasper is feeling better now and is having a bath which comes with our room. Kiba is using the stone sauna.

I checked it before dinner, but the men’s open bath and the woman’s open bath is actually connected and a single wall separates the two. In other words, it’s a paradise once I climb over the wall.

I’m also feeling quite better now. I ate delicious food for dinner. I also got some sleep.

Of course there is only erotic stuff left if I have satisfied my sleep and hunger……! A perv came to the onsen, so of course I will go and peep……!

Now, to the onsen! I have my spirit high, and the board which is written “Mixed Bath” appears.

……It’s the onsen with low chances of encountering the girls. If I want to see the girls naked body, then I can definitely see it by peeping into the women’s bath through the men’s bath.

But I don’t know how to explain this heart of a man which makes a bell inside my heart due to the word “Mixed Bath”! There is probably no one there even if I go. The worst scenario is for the mountain-girl landlady and the mountain monkeys to be in the onsen!

But this is the heart of a perv who needs to confirm it at least once!

To all the men, can you understand my feelings?

I stepped into the changing room for the mixed bath thinking that it’s not too late to go to the men’s bath after this.

……Like I thought, I don’t sense anyone being in the mixed bath. I will check inside, just in case.

I opened the door and check inside. Yeah, there is a single large onsen. And there is an outdoor bath at the far back. Of course there is no one inside, and you can only hear the sound of the water steaming.

“Well, of course it will turn like this. No one will enter the mixed-bath…..so I should peep from the men’s bath then.”

I sighed while saying that. When I turned around to exit, someone enters the changing room!

……A woman with long silver hair. It’s not Rossweisse-san.

—It’s Grayfia-san who has her hair down!

Grayfia-san and I encountered each other in the mixed-bath changing room!


“Ara, Ise-san. I didn’t know that a man was in here……I was careless for not checking inside here before entering.”

This is bad! It seems like she will lecture me if I don’t leave!

“I-I’m sorry! I will be leaving then!”

When I was about to rush out.

—Grayfia-san grabs my hand.

I became suspicious and Grayfia-san says this to me.

“Shall we go inside together?”

…………Eh? I was taken back by her unexpected words which sounded so unreal.

……I was confused by the current situation which I never expected to happen.

At the mixed-bath. Me and……Grayfia-san are sitting at the washing place!

Grayfia-san is sitting two seats next to me! While naked!

……Atmosphere I can’t describe in words! It’s a situation where I can’t tell whether it’s good or bad! When I take a glance to the side, I can see oppai and a glamorous body of a woman. A body in the same league as Rias…..no, the reality where a body which surpasses her is right next to me!

But rather than having my perverted feelings coming in, my heart is beating so fast that I’m nervous!

She’s the ultimate Queen, you know? There’s no way I can do something wrong to her……! She is a woman even that Maou Sirzechs-sama fears! There’s no doubt that she will obliterate me soon as I have weird feelings!

But I can’t understand! Why did a strict Grayfia-san decided to have a bath with me? There is definitely something behind this! Maybe something like being too lecherous is not allowed! —Or maybe there is something she wants to say to me about my relationship with Rias!

There is no limit to the possible things she might say coming up to my mind.

“……U-Umm, is this okay?”

I ask her timidly. Is it really okay for her to have a bath with me?

“What is?”

She asks me while washing her body with the water inside the basket.

…………N-No, even if you reply back to me like that.

I couldn’t resist this situation, and stood up to leave!

“……N-No, I’m leaving!”

I tried to leave immediately, but Grayfia-san takes my hand once again and urges me to sit besides her!

“Hold on. You haven’t washed your body yet, have you? You also haven’t gone inside the bath.”

“Y-Yes, I haven’t. But it will be rude to stay here any longer so I will be leaving!”

There’s no way I can go inside the bath! I’m so nervous that I won’t have time for that!

I was forced to sit besides Grayfia-san! What kind of situation is this?

When I take a glance next to me, there is an ultra-level body of a Onee-san! She isn’t even hiding her body with a towel!

Shit! Her skin is so white that it’s bright! I can’t even see a single wrinkle!

Her breasts are big, both her nipples and areola are beautiful, and its shape is also perfect! Her thighs is also the right size for me, and her hip has a curve which makes it seem impossible for her to have given birth before! Did you really give birth to a single child!? –Her body is so magnificent that I want to say that! More than that, I can sense eroticism from her……wet sparkling silver hair which is glued to her skin……!

Rather, it means I’m quite a perv for checking out her body in a situation like this!

“I will wash your back for you.”

Saying that, Grayfia-san starts to wash my back!

I have my back grinded by a towel. ……I don’t know how to react to this! Except I can see Grayfia-san’s oppai bounce as she washes my back from the reflection of the mirror!

Grayfia washing Issei's back.jpg

“Issei-san’s back is so huge.”

“T-Thank you!”

I replied back with all my might to Grayfia-san’s praise at me! Grayfia-san smiles as if she finds it funny.

“Ufufu, why are you acting so formal? I just said my honest feelings, you know? Like I thought, even if you are a high school student, you are still a man. You have a very muscular back. No, it might be rude for me to say this to you who has defeated many strong foes for the Underworld.”

“N-No, it’s not rude at all! I’m very grateful for having you to praise me!”

She washes my back while we were having a discussion like that. She washes my back with a towel very gently.

“Yes, your back is clean with this.”

“Thank you very much!”

Y-Yeah! Can I leave now?

I’m so lucky that I was able to see Grayfia-san’s naked body, so please let me off the hook for today! I’m so nervous that I can’t think straight!

But Grayfia-san turns around, and shows her back to me. She says it while bringing her long hair to the front.

“Now—I will be happy if you wash my back for me.”

—! S-So it will turn out like this……!

I say it while drinking down my spit.

“N-No, someone like myself possibly can’t do that……!”

I’m too terrified to do it! Maou’s wife! I can’t wash the back of the First lady!

“You won’t?”

Grayfia-san sounds sad! I-If you make a voice like that, then even I……!

“N-No! Hyoudou Issei of the Gremory group! I will greatly accept your wish!”

There’s no way that I can decline!

“Ufufu, Issei-san sure is a weird person.”

Aaah, this person’s smile is insanely cute! Like I thought, older woman are the ultimate!

While feeling timid, I started to wash her back! I’m making sure to make bubbles without being rude.

Then this is what I thought when I was washing her back.

……A woman's back sure is small. Grayfia-san seems smaller than I thought. ……This is the back of the strongest woman. She must be carrying so many things on her back……

Something comes to my mind when I was washing her back. ……Maybe this is a good opportunity to ask her about that.

It’s something I have to discuss with Rias’s family in the near future, so this might be a good time.

I drank down my spit once again, and then say it after making up my mind.

“U-Umm, Grayfia-san.”

“Yes. What is it?”

”I-It might be weird for me to ask this……”

……You need more courage than I thought. It’s about my relationship with Rias. But I have to say it. As a man, I personally think I have to tell her family!

“Me and Bu…..I mean Rias, confessed our feelings to each other.”

”Yes, I have heard. You are also famous in the Underworld for it as being the “Lover of the Next Heiress of the House of Gremory”. So what is your reason for formally telling me this?”

“……Will you a-allow it? The relation between me and Rias……with your sister-in-law……”

……I don’t know what to do if she says she won’t allow it…… But, that is that! I have to do my best until they allow it!

Grayfia-san then asks me.

“Are you confirming it with me because I’m her sister-in-law? Or is it because I’m a maid from the House of Gremory?”


Grayfia-san became quiet for a bit after hearing my straight answer. This silence is making me think of many possible outcomes! It’s scary!

After a while, she says this.

“Yes. Then I will allow it if you fulfil a certain condition.”

“C-Condition!? W-What kind of condition is it……?”

Grayfia-san looks at me and shows her smile.

“From now on, call me “Ane(Elder sister)” at private times. That’s the condition.”


……T-That is something…..hard to do, and something which makes me feel timid……

I never thought she would come up with that. Rather, doesn’t that basically mean that she is allowing it? I don’t know her true thought.

I finished rubbing her back and washed it away with hot water.

“Thank you for washing my back.”

Grayfia-san says her gratitude.

Now, what should I do from here? Our conversation will probably continue. But we finished washing our back.

Things which made my head confused has been going on since we entered the mixed bath! The mixed-bath really has so much depth to it!

“Now, lets get in. After all, we came all the way to have a onsen.”

I go inside the onsen after Grayfia-san says that.

“……It’s a good onsen. Japanese onsen are the best……”

After getting inside the onsen, Grayfia-san says that while feeling good.

It certainly does feel good. I don’t know what kind of effect this onsen has, but the onsen spreads throughout my whole body.

“Y-Yes, you are right.”

……I replied like that because a silver haird Onee-san is next to me…… I’m more concerned about her than the onsen.

“Thank you for looking after Millicas the other day.”

“You don’t have to be so formal. I also had fun.”

This is my honest feeling. The time I spent with Millicas was something valuable.

“Yes, that child was also very happy. ……Since that child was born in a special environment, he doesn’t have as much freedom as other children……”

The son of Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. The adult looks at him with special eyes with the only reason for being the son of a Maou. What’s waiting for Millicas in the future must be something greater than he can imagine. I want him to grow strong that he won’t get pushed back by the pressure, and I also want to support him so he would grow strong.

When I was thinking like that, Grayfia-san……approaches me!

She brings her body closer to me, and reaches for my cheek!

“Both my husband and son spent time to enjoy with Issei-san. So don’t you think no one will complain if I spent some time to enjoy with Issei-san?”

I-Is that so……? Unlike the usual Grayfia-san, she has such sexy eyes, so even I……started to skip a beat……! Is this because I’m feeling nervous? Or is it because of a naked beauty is approaching me inside the onsen!? Or maybe it’s both!

“……So I’m going to have a younger brother……”

“……Grayfia-san, do you have a family……?”

I didn’t know how to react, so I asked her like that. Then Grayfia-san put on a bit of a dark expression.

“They either died or their current status is unknown. After all, I’m basically the only one left from the House of Lucifuge from the war between the old-government and the anti-government……”

“I’m sorry……it seems like I asked you something improper……”

“There’s no reason for you to worry about it. It’s something which ended a very long time ago. And I have a new family after all…… Sirzechs, Millicas, Rias, Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, Lucifer-group……and-”

Grayfia-san strokes my cheek. She was stroking my cheek in the similar manner as Rias.

“And I have a little brother. I’m really happy right now, you know?”

—! What a wonderful smile. It’s my first time seeing Grayfia-san like this. And I can’t help that my eyes are glued towards her oppai in a situation like this!

It seems like Grayfia-san realised where I was looking! I apologised right away!

“I-I’m sorry! It seems like my eyes are being taken away by it!”

Grayfia-san chuckles.

“I don’t mind. Since you are a young man, don’t you think that it would be an obvious reaction?”

Somehow, she is more grand than usual! It’s scaring me!

“But, yes. The only men to have seen me naked are Sirzechs and you.”

……Only me and the Maou……? T-That is something I feel very honoured, but also very rude……

While bathing with Grayfia-san starts to get fun while I was having mixed feelings, the door suddenly opens.

When I looked that way—my crimson haired beloved is thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, and Ophis! All of the girls enter the mixed-bath while nakeeeed!

Rias sees me and—Grayfia-san close to each other!

“Ise. ……And Onee-sama!?”

Rias shakes her whole body after seeing the situation me and Grayfia-san are in. Grayfia-san looks at me and Rias, and then says it while making a provoking smile.

“Ara, Rias. You shouldn’t make such a loud noise in the onsen.”

“……I went to the room prepared for the boys to invite Ise to go to the mixed-bath with everyone, but he wasn’t there……and I came here thinking that perhaps he might be here…… But w-what is this……?”

Rias asks us while shaking. It seems like her expression is getting darker……! I tried to make an excuse, but—

I felt a soft sensation of woman’s body! That’s because G-Grayfia-san is hugging onto meeeeee!

For real!? There is an unbelievable situation going on here! I’m being hugged by a naked Grayfia-san! The sensation of an amazing oppai spreading through my whole back!

I can feel very soft sensation from my back, and this is……something I feel very grateful for! It seems like it can get rid of all my stress more than the onsen does!

“What will you do if I say that I’m making connection with my little brother?”

Grayfia-san says it teasingly to Rias!

Hearing that, Rias drops her towel shaking her head!

“……Stolen……my Ise……by Onee-sama……stolen……”

Rias says something what a child would say with a teary eyes!

“……There’s not a single chance for us to win if it’s Grayfia-san……!”

Asia also has a gloomy face!

“So this is the real affair……just to be expected from Grayfia-sama……”

Akeno-san drops on the floor! She has hollow eyes!

“Ise steals Maou’s wife! No, in this case did Maou’s wife steal Ise from Buchou? Either way, this is amazing.”

“Yup, yup! Now, this really is a big case!”

The ones who are watching while feeling amazed is Xenovia and Irina!

“……The path to get Ise-senpai sure is hard.”

“……Lately, I started to feel that Ise-sama is somewhere very far.”

Koneko-chan and Ravel have distant look!

“I just have witnessed an amazing scene. No wonder there are things called affair vacation.”

What are you saying, Rossweisse-san!?

“I, shall swim.”

Ophis also known as the Dragon-God is already swimming! Good children shouldn’t swim in the onsen!

Rias puts on a determined eyes, and walks to us while walking weakly.

“……I’m going to defeat Onee-sama and get Ise back! We will go at her risking our lives, Akeno!”

Rias says something that troops meeting their doom would say, and has crimson aura gathered to her hand!

“You are right. Even if our opponent is Grayfia-sama, we can’t draw back from here! Rias, lets take him back!”

Akeno-san also has lightning passing through her hand!

“Interesting. Fufufu.”

Grayfia-san envelops herself with her aura while hugging onto me while putting on a smile!

“W-Wait! Just hear me out—”

I ended up getting caught in the catfight between the woman at the mixed bath without saying any excuses—

During then, it seems like Azazel-sensei was enjoying drinking at the men’s onsen, not knowing what was going on.

With so many things happening, it seems like that evil driver Fallen-Angel enjoyed the recreational trip the most.

Next day, I find out that Grayfia-san became drunk after she drank some alcohol last evening.

“Grayfia seemed weird? It seems like she was drinking a bit last evening. I heard from Sirzechs, but it seems like she becomes a bit of a troublemaker when she consumes a bit of alcohol.”

Azazel-sensei says that. ……You call that “a bit of a troublemaker”? Even if she consumed alcohol, I don’t know how much of that was being her serious…… All of it? Or just a bit?

But it was my first time talking to Grayfia-san that much, so it’s certain that I had a new and fun experience.

Grayfia-san went home immediately when the sun rose.

B-But it was certainly a wonderful experience.

Especially that oppai……gufufu!


When I was thinking back like that, including Rias, most of the girls had an unpleasant face. I ask them timidly.

“U-Umm, everyone……? Why are all of you feeling unpleasant……?”

[We don’t know.]

They replied to me like that at the same time! Kiba makes a bitter smile while resting his hand on my shoulder.

“Maybe you have to make them feel pleasant for a while?”

Seriously!? Like I thought, was it bad for me to go inside the mixed-bath with Grayfia-san!? Of course it is! ……Like the time with Grayfia-san, it seems I am still naïve at handling women.

The road to become the Harem-King sure is hard……!

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