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This short story is bundled with Vol. 23 (or 24/DX3?).

Exclusive Short Story for Melon Books

Gremory of the DeviTube[1][edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was on a certain day.

At the beginning of my spring break, Rias asked me to gather the peerage in the Hyoudou residence.

Accordingly, she said something unexpected.

“Video streaming[2]!!?”

I replied in a loud, hysterical tone as Rias nodded to confirm this.

“Eeeh, yes, the Gremory Household called me to participate in spring break and sent a request.”

Ravel continued as well.

“So unfortunate that even in Rias-sama and Issei-sama’s spring break, we are needed for such occasions.”

Simply put, in the Underworld there also exists video streaming and distribution services like Nico Nico Douga in the human world, and the Gremory household told us to participate in our spring break (including mine.)

“But we also watch video streams.”

I turned my head to Koneko-chan.

“Nowadays, it is quite a popular for the citizens of the Underworld to upload videos to the video streaming site ‘DeviTube’.”

Indeed, it is similar to the human world. Nay, it can be said that the human world influenced them.

Kiba sat next to Koneko-chan. “Koneko-chan, you watch food reviews and game videos, don’t you?”

“Yes, it’s best for killing time.”

Matsuda and Motohama often commented “That video is interesting”, or “This video is hot!” all the time, but who am I to judge. Besides, they also helped me to find my favorite video streaming sites.

Rias then said, “Gasper also records and uploads under a pseudonym, am I right?”

“Seriously, that Gya-suke does…?”

I was surprised to hear that from Gasper, his timid persona and shyness notwithstanding.

“Y, yes, I like to make anime and game review videos and upload them.”

Well, since I’m also good with computers, I might as well enjoy myself in making and editing videos.

“So, what should I specifically do for this in terms of our target material and audience?”

Anyway, I just couldn’t refuse the request from the Gremory household. I asked Rias and Ravel on that instant.

“Well, for starters, you can simply make reviews for Gremory house’s ‘Oppai Dragon’-related specialty products, among other things.” Rias answered like that.

Ravel followed, “To begin with, you can introduce the ‘Oppai Dragon’ goods to the children fans in the review, but try to refrain from explaining your ecchi hobbies and focus more on the viewer’s, Issei-sama.”

As such, the manager suggested. I could not show the kids my ero-hobby yeah… Kiba asked Rias.

“As with us… are we doing the same as Ise-kun?”

“The particular request is for Issei only. We can do anything we want but keep it like usual, although I must admit, it would be nice to do something similar in things we like.”

Well, that can be said as free to some extent.

Surprisingly, Rossweisse grinned in excitement.

“Sounds interesting. May I make some videos too?”

Asia and Xenovia raised their hands.

“I, I’m not good with computers myself…”

“Ditto with me. While I am able to blog[3]… Video editing is leaps and bounds for me.”

Rias said, “No need to worry, though, as special crew will be sent to do the shooting and editing. You just need to give your idea and concept for the shot. Of course, if you can edit it by yourself like Gasper, then we don’t have to call them. Therefore, I am proud if you can make them as you like and see fit.”

Like that, we were ordered to participate in the video shoot.

Part 2[edit]

With Ravel’s support, I reviewed the goods while acting as the “Oppai Dragon” myself, with the number of views soared as it became available to watch on DeviTube. The merchandises’ sales went through the roof, production couldn’t keep up with demand, and it became some sort of a premium among the fans. I received lots of praises from the house of Gremory, and was asked “please do this too,” in order to introduce more merchandises.

In the same vein, Rias was doing her own introduction of her “Switch Princess goods”, everyday thinking and talking by herself about her own ideas to present on her videos, yet she won more popularity in addition to being the Princess of Gremory territory. The accessories she wore on her videos secretly became popular as a compelling fashion choice.

Kiba did videos of his cooking hobby. “Handsome Bloke Does Cooking” was the vlog’s name. This, again, was extraordinarily received, especially among young girls.

Koneko did game live streams. Her deadpan delivery when playing became a hot topic, and was warmly received. By the way, Gasper did the editing on Koneko-chan’s videos, the camaraderie between the two prominently shown.

Akeno-san uploaded videos introducing Japanese traditional performing arts, gaining deep impression among her viewers.

Asia and Xenovia set up as a duo, giving expository about Japan’s daily school life from a foreigner’s perspective on their videos. On certain occasions, the Angel Irina was called in as a guest, giving a unique feel, thus they became a popular streaming group.

Wherein, the number one, beating all of us in terms of viewing number that kept increasing was… Rossweisse-san!

Everyone watched Rossweisse-san’s video in the living room.

“This time, I’ll introduce an item from the human world’s 100-yen shop! A silicon wrap! The common Saran Wrap[4] can only be used once, but! This silicon wrap can be washed many times for yet as many use as you want! A fine gem for eco lifestyle!”

It was a presentation video about a 100-yen shop merchandise! This was the big hit among the underworld citizens!? Rossweisse-san’s unusual curiousity in the presentation of each merchandise, making all of them becoming a completely hot topic, is giving the Underworld’s suppliers and importers the effort and capability to bring them in, forcing people to manufacture copies or something similar and Underworld’s businesses to wake up and innovate on their daily-life products, or else they would shut down! My focus were neither of the Underworld, nor being able to grasp the Japanese’s creative way of thinking, but how she caught the hearts of the general Devil population of the underworld.

“I wonder if Rossweisse-san’s the winner. That is to say, the general viewer’s opinions seem to receive her, don’t they?”

I was impressed by it, but… as for the other members, it was…

Rias stood up and declared,

“I won’t be defeated! If this is the case, then I will gain more number of viewers by uploading videos of my sightseeing around my Japanese favorite destinations!”

“Ara ara, ufufu. Understood.”

Kiba also said with his serious expression.

“I wonder if I can broaden the spectrum of the cuisine. I do want to introduce the representative dishes from each of human world’s countries as well as cooking them.”

Koneko-chan and Gya-suke were also on fire!

“Gya-kun, let’s challenge that game’s fastest clear time by making a new world record.”

“Got it! Now that we’ve come this far, Koneko-chan’s gonna become a legend!”

Xenovia, Asia, and Irina were also forming a circle.

“… We have no choice but to borrow Heaven’s power.”

“I wonder if the Underworld people will accept Lady Gabriel’s appearance…”

“uhhh… what is the goal?”

… Damn. This way, everyone got excited and increased their motivation because of Rosseweisse-san’s video.

Well shit, it seemed like Rias and the others got drown in gaining more viewers of their videos.

Ravel strangely laughed in amusement.

“Peaceful, isn’t it? By the way, the White One, Sitri, and Bael teams’ spring break were also issued with video streaming challenge.”

Seriously!? The making of Sona-senpai’s hellishly-taste sweets and Seekvaira-san’s Dumgam[5] review videos may be released to the public!?

Aaaa, I guess it’s gonna be some kind of a video showdown among the DxD team members for the time being.

Well, as Ravel said however, let’s hope it’s gonna be peaceful…

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. A pun to YouTube
  2. Literal is video distribution/transmission, which is fine by itself (though it can bring different connotations like DVD sales), but since this is mostly about YouTube parody, streaming is more appropriate
  3. literally write on the Internet
  4. A single-use plastic (actually polyethylene) food wrapping, usually used for microwave heating.
  5. A pun to Gundam, check Seekvaira's related short story (or the relevant DX part, Maniac's Sanctuary) for details
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