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Rias in Wonderland[edit]

—This may be a punishment given to me.

Part 1[edit]

This is an incident that happened to me, Rias Gremory, and Hyoudou Issei.

“That is the only thing……I won’t be able to accept so modestly.”

Ise, who usually will say “Yes” to my commands, didn’t agree to my order.

The Devil’s job that is done late at night—.

The leaflets with magic-circle on them, that we either post into people's mailboxes or hand them out at the streets. The humans that receive them summon us Devils by making a wish to the leaflet. We then receive an equivalent price by listening to and granting their wish.

This rule also applies to us, the High-class Devils, the Gremorys.

The job of Devils should have ended as usual for today. However Hyoudou Issei, also known as Ise, who happens to be my servant Devil as well as my beloved speaks out his opinion.

“Umm, it’s about the job Asia has to accomplish soon…… May I help her?”

He gave his opinion regarding the job scheduled for Asia with her regular customer planned very soon.

The job Asia must complete is to help her client move houses who lives in a splendid mansion. He must have thought that it will be uneasy for only Asia and her client to do the task.

I would usually have accepted Ise’s opinion right away.

However, back then I disapproved it.

“I won’t allow it. If Asia can’t accomplish at least this much, then it won’t be for her own good in the future.”

“B-But we are talking about moving the belongings of a rich person here, you know? I heard that the helpers won’t be there because they took a day off, so I think it will be too much for only Asia and the client for such a task……”

What Ise said was plausible.

However, until this day, I was filled with dissatisfaction.

Lately, I can’t help but think there are differences between how Ise treats me and those around us.

During dinner, Ise would praise Akeno’s cooking more than mine.

During shopping, Ise would support Asia, Xenovia, and Ravel, who are even more unfamiliar with Japan than me. I also want him to tag along with my shopping, even for a short time—.

During weekends, he would always pay attention to Ophis and Koneko in the living room.

Ise also talks to Irina about their childhood. I......don’t know about his childhood.

Those are some of the dissatisfactions I have. Each one of them are things I won’t be that much bothered with—.

I know that he is kind to everyone. I know that everyone loves him. I am in a position where I have to accept those girls’ feelings.

Even so, the wish of having him treat me more importantly is getting stronger. ……Truly, even I think I am a selfish woman.

Even though I lost him once already, I….. I don’t want to go through that experience ever again, and I want to forget about it—. I want him to fawn on me, and I also want to fawn on him.

Everyone also feels the same, so I can’t be the only one to have such enjoyment. But……but……

Back then, I gave a “No” to him, that even I didn’t think I would.

Even though I’m a [King] as well as the next heiress of House of Gremory, I acted due to my fury.

And possibly due to my nature and my personality, I wasn’t able to change what I decided on, so I—.

“I think this will be too hard for Asia alone, after all!”

I reply back to him with a violent tone to him, who wasn’t trying to back down.

“No! We can’t allow only Asia to go through special treatment. If you keep on being overprotective over Asia, then she would never be able to accomplish her work!”

“……The usual Buchou…..no, the usual Rias would have said yes……but why? You are acting strange tonight!”


Strange? Me? My usual self……?

Yes, I may not be my usual self. I may be acting strange. But, I can’t hold back my emotion once I release it—.

“……Strange? ……What can you possibly understand about me? I am a [King]! I’m your Master, you know!? Don’t give me your opinion!”

I hit the table and release my anger at Ise.

He had a shocked expression, and he also had sad looking eyes. My servants around us are also watching our conversation with a complicated expression.

“……I just wanted to……”

He tried to say something, but became quiet after that.

…………I just wanted him to realise it. That I wanted him to look at me even more. That’s the only thing I wanted—.

……No, this is all my fault for not controlling myself. I’m such a pathetic woman. For me, the next heiress of House of Gremory to act like this over such a thing……

For throwing my crooked feelings against Ise and Asia……!

……But, I……

The room becomes silent. Then a single communication-type magic-circle appears to my ear.

What I receive from there is—.

Hearing the information, I took a breath and cleared my head.

“—The mission to hunt a Stray Devil has been given to us.”

After receiving the order from the House of the Arch-Duke Agares, we went to the town three towns away, and started our hunt for the Stray Devil at the abandoned building.

Unless it’s a severe case, the degree of difficulty for hunting isn’t that high for us who are continuing to increase our power. Even so, we can’t let our guard down……but for this day, we also accomplished our mission without difficulty.

We have already eliminated the Stray Devil that has been damaging the human world, and the only thing left is to dispose of the body.

After finishing the hunt, I released my strain, and my head got filled with the quarrel I had with Ise before.

I can tell from their expression and attitude that Ise and my servants are paying attention so I won’t get upset.

It’s a thing which can end if I simply say, “I’m sorry”. However, if I say that, then it means that I will acknowledge Ise’s denseness……and I don’t want that.

No, I love everything about him, including his denseness.

But, during this time, I was really stubborn. I start to hate the fact that I am more childish than I thought.

Asia takes a step towards me and speaks.


She’s probably trying to apologise. She probably wants me to forgive Ise.

She’s such a kind girl. She’s like a little sister to me. My lovely Asia.

It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault for having Asia put on such a painful expression. I stroke Asia’s cheek, and then turn around--.

“I’m sorry…… I will be heading home first.”

I--just ran away. I don’t know why. I just didn’t want to stay here any longer. I wanted to be alone as soon as possible. I wanted time to cool myself.

After I calm myself, I will definitely apologise. To Ise. To Asia. To everyone—.

I activate the magic-circle to return to the room.

The moment the light enveloped me and flashed—.

The place I teleported to is—.

Part 2[edit]

……the town during the morning.

……Morning? No, it was still supposed to be night. There’s still time left until the morning.

And the location I was supposed to teleport to is Kuou Academy’s Occult Research Clubroom.

……It’s basically near impossible for even a Maou to teleport along with speeding time, and even if it was possible for pureblood Devils to accomplish it, only Mephisto Pheles-sama who is researching about the further possibility of demonic-power and Ajuka Beelzebub are the only ones capable of doing it.

I don’t think it’s something I can accomplish by luck. If that’s the case……then what is going on here……?

When I look around, I don’t sense or see anyone.

……Have I been attacked? Have I been teleported while the time changed by force? Did Gasper’s power go out of control? No, I didn’t have the mysterious feeling I get when the time stopped.

While being cautious, I activated the magic-circle once again, and went inside the light.

The scenery within the light is—a forest.

……Even if I take a look around, the only scenery appearing to my eyes is the forest.

I was supposed to be in the place which is within my memory, but there is no sign of the old school building, and even if I went to the location where the new school building is built, there wasn’t even a sign of a building being built there.

……This is the town where I live in, right? If that’s the case, Kuou academy should be here……

I activated the communication-type magic-circle to call Sona and my comrades.

However, no one answered my call, and the magic-circle is just being activated within the air without doing anything.

“……Akeno! Sona! Grayfia! Okaa-sama! Otou-sama! Please answer me! Please!”

There’s no sign that the magic-circle will connect to those close to me, no matter I call out to them——.

I draw a magic-circle in order to teleport to the Underworld, but when I went inside it——.

The magic-circle didn’t respond, and the teleportation didn’t succeed.

……What does this mean? Is this place……different to the town I know?

I got even more suspicious, and I went towards this certain place.

——The Hyoudou residence.

My home in Japan. The place I love that I live with those important to me.

When I arrived there, I was in for a shock.

The Hyoudou residence is there. But what’s there is——.

The Hyoudou residence became a luxury six storey house before summer holiday. However, what’s in front of me is……a two storey house.

I looked at the name plate. There is a sign, “Hyoudou”, so it means that someone who carries the Hyoudou name lives here. Then the entrance door opened. The ones who appear from there is—Ise and Asia!

They do exist. But I feel they are a bit different—.

“Sorry, I over slept. I’m sorry to have you always coming to get me.”

“Geez, Ise-kun, you played games till late at night, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I was in the stage where you fight the boss in the RPG game I brought the other day, so I didn’t find the right time to stop playing it.”

While having such conversation, they bow towards me, and tried to leave without being concerned about me. ……Did they ignore me? No, it’s more like they don’t know me.


I called out his name like how I always do. He turned around, and look right at me.

I approached him, and put on a shocked expression at their appearance.

“Those clothes…..what happened? Even Asia is wearing the same clothes…… Is it a request from your client?”

Yes, both of them aren’t in Kuou academy’s uniform. They are wearing the specific uniform of a school located at the next town.

Hearing my words, both of them got puzzled.



……It seems like they don’t know me at all.

Ise says it while scratching his cheek with a troubled expression.

“U-Umm, who may you be? Umm, even I would be shocked if a red hair beauty suddenly talked to me……”

——! ……I got speechless. He doesn’t know me? It doesn’t seem like he’s acting either. It really seems like this Ise doesn’t know me.

Asia then says it to Ise.

“……Ise-kun, I think you have met her somewhere. Please try to remember her. I don’t think she’s lying.”

“What are you saying, Asia? I also know you——”

Even though I said that to her, her reaction is—.


—that of someone who can’t remember me. The way she talks is different to the Asia that I know of.

Ise crossed his arm, and started to think while tilting his head.

Yes, I can’t sense the aura of those with special powers coming from him. The wave of a Devil, and the wave of a Dragon. I can’t sense any of those coming from him.

My suspicions got even stronger inside me.

Then a new person came running to talk to them.

“Ah! Ise-kun! You are so mean to leave me, your childhood friend, behind and go to school with Asia-san since morning!”

It’s Irina-san. It’s Shidou Irina-san who is wearing the same uniform as Ise who is in front of me. She came from the house next door.

Irina-san appeared, but Ise puts on an annoyed face.

“Looks like I got caught by the noisy one from morning!”

“What was that!? You are so mean to leave me behind, just because you became Asia-san’s lover! You meanie!”

Irina spoke with dissatisfaction. ……Lovers? Ise and……Asia?

They leave me behind and continue their conversation.

“Who cares!? I was finally able to date Asia! Simply walking to school in the morning with her should be allowed! Actually, walking to school with her is something we always do!”

“Boo Boo! Oh, who is this person with red hair? She’s super beautiful! Don’t tell me it’s someone Ise-kun is having an affair with!?”

Irina-san moves her gaze at me. Her expression is that of someone who doesn’t know me.

Ise panics after Irina-san says that.

“W-What are you talking about!? Don’t say things like that! Asia is pure, so she would belie—”

“……Are you having an affair?”

Asia’s eyes gets filled with tears. Ise continues while panicking.

“As if! I-I just confessed to you recently that I always liked you since middle school!”

Hearing that, Irina-san puts on a lewd face and Asia blushes.

“Woah. Thank you for that.”

“……What on earth am I saying since morning……! Damn you, Irina!”

It seems like Ise can’t endure the embarrassment so his face got red.

Asia says it timidly.

“Y-Yeah. I also liked you since middle school as well, Ise-kun.”


“Oh my! You guys sure are being lovely-dovely since morning! I have to inform this to Kiryuu-san as well!”

Irina-san starts to tease them. If I remember correctly, Kiryuu-san is Asia’s friend, isn’t she? I see, so Kiryuu-san is also here.

When I was observing the three of them having their conversation, Ise puts his hands together and apologises.

“Ah, umm……I can’t remember about you after all, so I think you got the wrong person. I’m sorry, we have school now, so we will be taking our leave.”

Ise goes while taking Asia’s hand. Irina-san also follows them.

Irina-san puts on a lewd face again and questions Ise.

“……Are you really really sure that you are not having an affair?”

“You are being persistent, Irina!”

“By the way, I still haven’t given up yet, Asia-san. So I might steal him away, you know?”

“Hau! ……So I still can’t let my guard down! But, I won’t lose!”

“Hey, hey, what are you two talking about—”

……The three of them left me while having such a conversation.

……Their reaction. My comrades whom I can’t get in contact with. And the Kuou academy that doesn’t exist.

“……This isn’t the place that I’m familiar with……?”

It happens when I said that.

[To be expected from Rias Gremory. You didn’t panic like I thought you would.]


Suddenly, a voice belonging to a mysterious man echoes within my head. The man continues.

[Hyoudou Issei and others of this world doesn’t know a thing about you.]

“……What do you mean?”

[The Three Great Powers—. This is a world where God, Angels, Fallen-Angels, and Devils don’t exist.]

The world where Devils don’t exist.

The man introduces himself to me, and i get shocked on who he is.

[How do you do, Rias Gremory. I’m a man who was affiliated in the Hero faction. Right now I’m a remnant.]

……A remnant from the Hero faction. The Hero-faction of Khaos Brigade has stopped operating due to having their leader, Cao Cao, and the core members’ fall. Though there are cases where the remnants are causing small destruction in various areas……

“……Is this your doing?”

The man makes a lively laugh at my question.

[My Sacred Gear [Dreamlike Curse]’s Balance Breaker’s ability, [Palaselene Utopia]—. I have sent you to a parallel world.]

Sacred Gear’s Balance Breaker—.

He……sent me to the parallel world? I never thought a Sacred Gear with such a powerful ability existed…… No, Balance Breaker is said to be capable of collapsing the balance of the world. And if it’s a sub-species, then the ability will differ, so it will become a totally different story.

After all, the Sacred Gear will use the feelings of the possessor to go through any sort of change and evolution.

The man speaks happily.

[I can’t take on all of you, the Gremory group, by myself. However, if it’s a single person, then I can send that person to the parallel world. Then, if I were to do that, which one of you among your group should I send to the parallel world to be effected and give the feeling of despair.]

After the hunt for the Stray Devil, I was the only one who used the teleportation magic-circle. He must have targeted me then. It looks like this man was hiding near the crime scene and was waiting for the chance.

No, the hunt for the Stray Devil may also be this man’s doing. Looks like we were outwitted by him. …...If Koneko’s and Akeno’s searching ability wasn’t able to capture him, then it means he is a either an experienced fighter who can shut down his presence or someone who knows how far we can notice enemy’s presence. It’s certain that he’s quite experienced since he has reached Balance Breaker.

The man continues on and then says it.

[The most effective target. ——The answer for that would be you, the leader of the group.]

“So it isn’t Ise.”

[I’ve thought about it, but that man’s existence itself is abnormal. He won’t die with Samael’s poison, and I also heard that he returned from the dimensional gap by himself. Even if I were to use this ability on someone like that who’s existence is abnormal, then he might return by his own power again. After all, Hyoudou Issei is a man who defeated Shalba who was the leader of the Old-Maou faction, and Cao Cao who was the leader of our Hero-faction.]

It’s frustrating, but he’s right. If it’s him, then he won’t back down no matter what and overcome it.

“You are right, he does indeed create many miracles. For you and your people, you can say there is no one more frightening than him.”

[For that reason, you were chosen. Among the Gremory group, the one who has an equal important role is you, Rias Gremory. If I send you to this world, the Gremory group in the other world will collapse.]

“Why did you decide on doing this? Well, that’s obvious. To all of you, we are like your arch enemy.”

[That’s right. I continue to live in order to give despair to you and the Gremory group. Revenge for my comrades—that is part of it, but more than that, I wanted to continue with our ambition even further.]

The members of the Hero-faction that gathered under Cao Cao, in other words the Sacred Gear possessors mainly consists of those who were persecuted and exiled due to the powers within them. Cao Cao taught the actual ways of those powers and the way to use it to them. And he also made them embrace a dream and ambition.

——To challenge the supreme existence with their Sacred Gears.

For the possessors that were despised and alienated, it must have been sweet and sounded good to them.

Having a special power and becoming an existence that surpasses human has a bewitching sound for the humans.

……Even for Devils, if they are capable of becoming something special compared to others, then they will also be fascinated by such things, just like humans.

This man also embraced such ambition within him due to Cao Cao’s words, and is one of the people who followed behind him——.

Their dream and ambition is still remaining within them strongly, so it must still be swirling inside them.

The man called Cao Cao. The organisation called Hero-faction. The things they sprouted inside the Sacred Gear possessors is strong.

The man laughs, and then leaves his last words to me.

[In this world, the only Devil here is you. For a while, I will have you enjoy this slowly.]

“——! Hold on! There’s still things I need to ask—.”

I can’t hear the man’s words after that.

…...The world I know, but don’t know.

The world without Devils and Angels. However, it’s also the world where those I know of live.

For a short while, I end up wandering in this world——.

Part 3[edit]

On the evening after two days had passed.

I have spent two days in this town since then, and it was quite peaceful. Two peaceful days where nothing happened. Of course. If the Three Great Powers aren’t in this world, then the Khaos Brigade also won’t exist. So there won’t be any terrorism by them.

But, like I thought, it’s hard. The world without my comrades and that person……is very lonely, and it was days where it felt damp and dry.

Having being sent here, the things I found out after thoroughly investigating is that the mythology of the “Holy Bible” that contains us, the Devils, and the Angels is merely legends and a religion, and existence which are related to them don’t exist. However, I found out that superior existence such as Norse mythology, Buddhism, and other mythology do exists.

In other words, it’s not like abnormal powers and beings do not exist. But what does it mean that I can’t use my demonic-powers that well…… Is it that the influence of Devils and the Underworld do not exist? Though I can do a small teleportation through the magic-circle……

However, since the “God from the Bible” do not exist, Sacred Gears probably do not exist as well. In regards to the Two-Heavenly Dragons, it seems like the other factions have sealed them, and there are minor differences to my world.

The Two-Heavenly Dragons aren’t sealed into Sacred Gears. That means that the Ise in this world doesn’t possess the [Boosted Gear].

……In this world, he fulfills a lifestyle where he isn’t involved with abnormal powers. The same must apply to Asia and Irina-san.

The café in the town which I often visited during the weekend in the original world. Right now I am thinking of what to do from now there.

……Anyway, I must return to the original world. I will definitely get close to that goal if I get in contact with the special powers and abnormal beings of this world. Even though the magical formula that was born from researching demonic-power doesn’t exist in this world, fortunately the magical formula that is taught by the Norse mythology and other factions do exist.

I will definitely return. To my world, where the ones I love are at—.

When refreshing my feelings, I started to hear the conversation between a young man and woman.

Those are voices that I’m very familiar with. When I looked that way—. It’s Ise, Asia, and Irina-san, of this world. ……I certainly do feel a sense of weird fate even though it happened by a chance.

—! Seeing another person with them, I got shocked.

It’s because Xenovia is there——. Ise then says it to Xenovia.

“Hmm, so Xenovia-san, you took Japanese in Italy?”

“Yeah. I have been fascinated by the Japanese kendo, — the samurais, since I was a child. I studied about Japan by myself. Why did you come to Japan, Asia Argento?”

“I was an orphan, and I was adopted by my Japanese parents and came here.”

“I see, so that’s why you are so natural in speaking Japanese.”

Xenovia nods her head as if she got her answer.

……So Xenovia also exists in this world. It seems like she is fulfilling a life where she isn’t involved with the “God from the Bible” and the Church.

And Asia. It seems like she was able to fulfill a better life as a human than the one she had in my world. I got relief knowing that.

Irina-san then praises Xenovia.

“You are also quite good in speaking Japanese yourself, Xenovia-san.”

“Thank you, Shidou Irina.”

“Geez, you can just call me Irina.”

Irina says that while laughing amusingly. Her smile is the same as the one she has in the world I came from.

“Then you can just call me Xenovia.”

Xenovia who replied back to her has the same smile as the one she shows in my world.

……If Devils don’t exist, I haven’t originally existed in this world. Likewise, the pure Devils such as Sona, Ravel, Raiser, and Sairaorg don’t exist either.

Koneko and Yuuto…… It seems Youkai do exist, and Yuuto won’t be experimented on by the Church either. So I think both of them do exist somewhere in this world. Except, they haven’t met Ise of this world.

Akeno…… If Angels don’t exist, then it will mean that Fallen Angels don’t exist either so her mother would not have met with Barakiel. In other words, Akeno doesn’t exist in this world.

It seems like Rossweisse exist. Unexpectedly, she may be escorting Odin.

I shook my head and left the scene. In order to not be found by Ise and others of this world.

Gasper…… As long as Vampires exist in this world, he will as well.

——Let’s go back to my world.

It’s not like I can escape this situation if I think about unnecessary things.

I then search for the ways to return. Ise and others in my world will definitely realise about me and will take action.

Being determined, I start to hear that man’s voice again after two days.

[Why have Hyoudou Issei and Asia Argento met when you don’t exist in this world? Don’t you find that weird?]

He says it with a lecherous tone.

[Even though this world is different, it seems like those four were fated to meet. Especially, Hyoudou Issei and Asia Argento who share a strong bond. Even in the world without Devils, even without having special powers, they were fated to meet naturally like this and be connected.]

……So Ise and Asia have met normally like this in this world as well.

This man may be trying to stir my feeling of being jealous, but what I felt is completely the opposite. I actually became touched by the deep connection both of them share.

If that is the case, than the Asia of this world will be having a happy life. I can’t stop but think that it is a wonderful thing since I got to know that much.

The man’s laughter continues.

[However, you—were fated not to meet with him due to the setting of this world.]

I didn’t get a shock by his words and instead put on a smile.

“I see. It’s unfortunate, but that Ise isn’t the same Ise I am in love with.”

There isn’t a difference with that Ise. But they are different. They are really different.

My Ise is the one who said that promise to me.

“I think it’s good that the Ise and Asia of this world are deeply connected. No, this is how it should supposed to be. —But the Ise in my world is the biggest love of my world.”

The one who sworn to continue walking beside me is the Ise I know of—.

“I will definitely return to that world. The world where he is in, the world where he exists in is the place I belong to. That won’t change forever.”

[Are you able to continue saying that even if won’t be returning to that world for thousand or even ten thousand years? You are telling me you can bet everything on that man who you haven’t even spend a year with?]

"—Yes, even if it takes a thousand or ten thousand years, I will definitely go back to that world. Even if the time I spent with Ise hasn’t even reached a year, I can put everything on it. I love him after all. I have gone through a romance which was that serious in that world!"

Hearing my words, the man’s words became a bit unpleasant.

He must have started to get irritated by the fact that he can’t agitate me like he thought.

I won’t let it go like how this man wants it to go.

[……Such a brave lady you are. A Devil that has the lifespan that is basically for eternity. —Especially a princess like yourself can actually put everything on the line for a man who you have only known for half a year……]

Of course. He is the first man I loved. Standing next to him is the place where I belong.

If I can return to that place, then I can put everything on the line.

The man speaks in the same manner as before and then says this.

[—Then, how is this?]

That instant, the scenery around me got distorted, and then starts to go through a change.


The scenery which appears front of me who is in shock——is a place where everything is destroyed.

……The scenery where it feels like there is no sign of life due to the public buildings have collapsed and everything is destroyed. The roads have been slashed in many layers, and it is either lifted or destroyed, the flowers and grasses are also dead.

The sky is dim, and the sunlight hasn’t come down to the earth. I am standing in a place where everything is destroyed. ……Have I been sent to a different world again?

When I got depressed at the same phenomenon that occurred, this time, I hear that man’s voice coming directly from the sky.

[This is the world where all civilisation was destroyed by war. No one is here. There is nothing here. Even the forces of the mythologies have vanished. The world with only despair where everything is destroyed. What can you, who has been sent to this world, do? There is no longer any clue left for you to return to your world. Can you still say that you are going to your original world even now? Are you saying you have the resolution to return to the place where the man you love is at?]

……In other words, I have been sent to a world of nothingness where there are no mythologies and magic……

I bite my lips, and continue to tell him without breaking my smile.

“……If it isn’t zero, then I won’t give up. I will definitely return.”

——Yes, I will return. However—.

“I am Rias Gremory. The next heiress of the House of Gremory. I am the Master of Akeno, Koneko, Yuuto, Asia, Gasper, Xenovia, Rossweisse, and Ise. Since I am the club president of Kuou academy’s Occult Research Club, then that makes me in charge of Irina-san and Ravel.”

—I’m scared.

Maybe I won’t be able to go home? That feeling got stronger.

Is this a punishment? A punishment to me who said horrible things to Ise and Asia——.

But I don’t want to show my weak state to this man.

That’s why I continue to say strong words while hiding my uneasiness. Just acting is fine. I don’t want to show him my weakness.

If this attitude of my mine even breaks a bit, it feels like it will also break everything inside me right away——.

“I will return. And right about now, everyone is working hard to get me back.”

[Are you believing that your comrades will be able to breakthrough my ability?]

Believe in them. My comrades.

……But what will I do if their power won’t reach here……?

Will their power reach here in this world where there is no special powers or anything?

That feeling got a bit stronger inside me and it starts to make me a small feeling of doubt towards my trust in him.

Don’t doubt! Believe it! In myself! In my comrades! ……And in him……!

“Yes, that’s right. Those children are my pride that have overcome any sort of life and death situation, and hardship together with me. They won’t lose to merely a level of your technique. We will definitely blow you away!”

——Ise! Everyone! I’m here!

I will return to the place where everyone is! I will defeat this man no matter what!

While making my feelings get stronger, the scenery changes.

The space gets distorted again.

……Is it the third teleportation? Where is he going to teleport me this time?

I feel uneasy as well as despair, but there is a change in the man’s tone.


The man mutters out a voice that isn’t a word as if he is in shock.

Then he suddenly shouts.

[W-What is this……! Impossible! You are telling me he can come in!? You are telling me that he broke through my technique!? T-This power—!]

Something is attacking this man?

Around me who is in doubt, a crack appears within the scenery around me.

A crack in space? W-What does this mean—?

In the section of a sky. In the ash-coloured sky, a hole appears in the sky while making a sound of a glass being shattered.

The wave of aura that I dearly missed comes from it.


The one who comes into this world while shouting is—.

I replayed those words he said to me back then.

By defeating Raiser, the words he said to me when he rescued me for the first time.

——I will keep on coming to rescue Buchou.

……Yes, I know.

——That’s the only thing I am capable of.

……That isn’t true. You have taught me many things.

——But, I will definitely come to rescue you.

Yes, you are right. You are always like that—.

——I am Rias Gremory’s [Pawn].

“Rias! I came to rescue you!”

The one who appears from the hole is that man clad in red armour—.


Hearing my voice, he turns this way. He descends while flapping his Dragon’s wings. I open my arms to embrace him.

Ise’s warmth that can be felt through the armour while he is embracing me.

Yes, it is this person. The dearly missed warmth of the man I fell in love with—.

“I’m so glad! Looks like you are safe! Rias, I have come for you.”

“Ise……it’s you, right?”

I ask him to confirm. He opens his mask and shows me his usual smile.

“Yes, it’s me. ……Is something wrong?”

I reach my hand to his cheek and ask him again. I already know. That this person is Ise. The Ise that I know. But please, answer me again so I can confirm it—.

“……The Ise that I fell in love with. You are the Ise that loves me, right……?”

He looks into my eyes and nods.

“What are you saying!? Of course I love you! I am your [Pawn], and you are the person who I confessed to! You are that person, Rias Gremory!”

—Yes, I was able to meet him.

A single drop of tear runs down my cheek.


He gets puzzled, so I show him my smile.

“I believed that we were going to meet again……”

“……So you were crying. It’s alright, I’m right here.”

Yes, you did come for me. I’m alright now. I can fight now more than ever!

My attitude changes with his appearance, and the space front of us gets distorted.

The distorted space forms into a shape of a person. A man who is really panicked appears.

“……Impossible! My technique……my Sacred Gear’s ability……are you telling me you overcame it!?”

The man who is wearing a suit gets deeply shocked at Ise’s entrance.

Ise points at the man.

“Yo, remnant from the Hero faction. The ability of your Sacred Gear is already known. You send the target to the barrier space you created, and I hear that you use all sorts of illusions to crumble their mentality. Even if it doesn’t have direct attack power, Azazel-sensei did say that your power is something to be frightened of by the way how you use it, you know?”


The man bites his teeth hard at Ise’s words.

It looks like this man’s ability has already been cracked by Azazel, and the countermeasure has already been planned.

Illusion—. So that’s how it is. So this space is a little garden that this man created. He then shows the illusion of the parallel world, and makes it seem as if the person was really teleported.

……If that is the case, then this really makes me miserable. It means I was sent to this barrier space, and on top of having an illusion cast on me, I wandered around for two days.

The man makes a stance and prepares to activate his ability.

“Then I will show both of you an illusion that will make you fall in despair!”

“I won’t let you! I won’t fall for the same trick easily like that! ……Even though I said that, I can’t use my demonic-power that well.”

Ise says it to me who can’t clad the power of destruction to my hand.

“Within this space, you can’t use your power to a certain degree. Sensei did predict to some degree that it would be an ability like that.”

So that’s why I wasn’t able to use offensive demonic-power as well as mid-range teleportation magic-circle within this space. It sure is a troublesome Sacred Gear ability. It means that you will be within this man’s hands once you step foot inside here.

However, Ise didn’t break his smile.

“But an attack from the outside will be a different story. Unexpectedly, it seems like it is weak from an attack from the outside. That’s why I was able to enter. –And everyone are on standby outside.”

Ise who just said that looks at the hole that is in this space.

From there, I can sense Akeno and Rossweisse’s aura. They are attacking from the outside!

“What……! Shit!”

The man who realised that puts his hands towards the hole, but——.

Shortly, overwhelming demonic-power of holy-lightning and an attack with all sorts of different attributes starts to fall down on this man like rain.

When the illusion the man created gets dissolved, I find myself in the abandoned school’s ground of the deserted town located in Prefecture C. It means that he covered this whole deserted town with his barrier and made that illusional world.

It seems like he casted some spell so people won’t come near this deserted town, so I can tell that he lured me here while being well prepared.

He sent me flying here from the location we hunted the Stray Devil. Even though he targeted me while I had my guard down, it also proves he is quite a formidable opponent.

On top of that, it seems like only several hours have passed during the two days I spent inside it. So he even paralysed my sense of time. So it means everything I experienced was an illusion.

It’s an ability you can’t make light of. A few hours is equivalent to several days—. It’s hard escaping from inside it. Depending on how you use it, you can easily destroy your opponent’s spirits, just like Ise said earlier.

……The truth is, even my soul was about to be crushed. Even if I didn’t crumble back then, I would have eventually.

On top of having the requirement where it can only activate its ability within the barrier, it also doesn’t have direct attack power, however it is still a terrifying ability. Like I thought, the power of Sacred Gears is truly terrifying.


Asia who jumps into my chest. Her face is covered with tears. It seems like her eyes have swollen because she was worried about me.

“Asia, I’m back. It looks like I made you get worried.”

“Yes……welcome back.”

The adorable Asia that I know of. I hugged her and then pat her head. I apologised for what I said when Ise argued against me.

“……I’m sorry about back then, Asia. I said horrible things to you.”

“It’s okay. I understand how you feel, Onee-sama…… You were also filled with many painful and uneasy feelings, weren’t you, Onee-sama……? I’m sorry for not realising it.”

……She truly is a kind girl. I really am a……foolish “sister”.

“I want to apologise to all of you as well. I’m sorry.”

I apologised to everyone. Everyone replies back at me with a smile saying, “No worries!”.

I’m really grateful. I’m supported by such wonderful comrades.

The man from the Hero-faction who is tied up by Akeno’s demonic-power at the school ground. Yuuto then says it to the man.

“It seems like there is something Sensei wants to ask you. Since he gave us an order to take you alive, we will be sending you to the Underworld now.”

Xenovia then glares at the man.

“You are lucky you didn’t end up being slashed by me.”

Unlike Yuuto who is showing his smile, Xenovia’s aura didn’t carry any sign of humour. The man continues to laugh at himself even under this situation.

“So there was no way for me to beat the ones who defeated Cao Cao and Siegfried, huh……fufufu…… Even among our members, I was weak in terms of attacking……”

The man shakes his head to the sides.

“No, like Ise said, your power is frightening. Even I…… The truth is, I was in fear when you showed me that world.”

Yes, this man showed an ability which doesn’t even hinder against the core members of the Hero-faction.

“Azazel-sensei was also shocked about you who pulled this off all by yourself. Even we thought we were done by you.”

The man shows his smile after hearing the praises from Ise and I.

“……I see, I’m really glad. ……So I was able to pay you back.”

The man loses his ambition instantly.

……Maybe the fight ended inside him since he was able to retaliate against us.

I then ask him several questions since I became curious.

“Answer me two things. That world……was that your illusion? Or did you really made the view from another world show up for real?”

“……If I said it’s the latter, how would you respond?”

I showed a fearless smile at the man’s question.

“That’s a foolish question. –I’m right here, and Ise is also here. That will be enough for me.”

The man laughs bitterly at my answer.

“……Fufufu, it seems like choosing you was a correct decision as well as the wrong one. Even if I actually did possess the power to send you to a parallel world—Sekiryuutei would definitely have come to rescue you. I sensed that when he broke through my technique. I thought, “Ah, I won’t be able to beat this man and woman”.”

I then ask another question.

“One more thing. Did you show that illusion to Cao Cao?”

The vision of the parallel world—. If he did see world with Devils and Angels, and the ruined world without any special powers and special beings, how did that man—Cao Cao, feel? I got curious about that.

The man looks afar.

“……Yeah, I did show it to him. His response was simply one word, “Boring”. ……It means that person sought for a world where he can test his strength rather than a peaceful world without any special beings. –He wanted to become more special than everyone. It’s not an unusual dream to have if you are a human.”

Leaving those words behind, the man didn’t resist being sent to the Underworld—.

This is what I found out afterwards, the man lost his Balance Breaker ability by the time when he got sent to the Underworld, maybe because he felt satisfied since he was able to retaliate against us—.

After everything ended, the only ones who are left at the school grounds are Ise and I.

……Maybe everyone considered my feelings, so they left it to Ise to take me home.

Seriously, only at times like this, they scheme something like this and become thoughtful for me. It sure does make me feel weird.

He then says it while feeling a bit shy since we are alone.

“I had everyone warn me. ……That I should take care of you even more.”

……Everyone. They must have realised why I got angry back then. They must have sensed that as fellow girls. I shake my head to the side.

“No. It was my fault. I really am selfish, aren’t I…… Ise, about Asia’s job, I will approve it. Let’s help her with all of us.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

He shows his usual smile, and then gives his hand to me.

“So, shall we go home then?”


I activate the magic-circle while holding his hand.

While the light wraps around me and Ise, I ask him one question.

“Hey, Ise. If I really did get sent to another world—”

He says it to me with his usual smile.

“I will definitely come for you. Even if it takes forever, I will definitely rescue you.”

—! I know. I know that you will definitely rescue me.

That’s because, Ise is my most important—.

“Yeah, I love you, my lovely Ise.”

“I love you too, Rias.”

I put my lips above his, while we are enveloped by the light at the centre of the magic-circle—.

—Yes, Ise and I, will be together forever.

Except, what I didn’t expect, is somehow the location we are being teleported to is my real house, the Gremory castle.

It must have been a mistake to get teleported while having my emotions high, by the kiss.

Okaa-sama who witness me and Ise appear while kissing, says:

“Suddenly appearing here and showing off to your parent…… Shameless. Rias, Ise-san. Come over here.”

She got into her preach-mode, and the time we got back to the Hyoudou residence is around noon.

From now on, I’m thinking of being a little more cautious when I am being teleported via the magic-circle.

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